When is The District 9 Sequel Coming?

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district 9 sequel When is The District 9 Sequel Coming?

With the help of Peter Jackson and his Weta Workshop, African director Neill Blomkmap came out of nowhere and brought with him a unique and original, Oscar-nominated feature film. That movie of course was District 9 and since its highly talked about release, its critical and financial success, folks have been clamoring for details on when we’ll see District 9 2 (District 10?).

According MarketSaw, it could be as early as this Fall when production begins on District 10. And that’s not all; The report continues to detail that both Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson will be back to direct and produce, respectively.

Neill Blomkamp was the man chosen by Peter Jackson to helm the big budget adaptation of the popular Halo video game franchise and after that was scrapped, they went on to make District 9 instead, based on the Blomkamp short, Alive in Joburg. It went on to bank over $200 million at the worldwide box office and launched the careers of both he and its star Sharlto Copley.

While District 9 worked very well on its own, so many of us are dying to know what happens next. [Spoiler] Will Wikus Van De Merwe get his human form back again? Will Christopher Johnson return seeking vengeance? Will there be a war between the humans and Prawns? Will we see the Prawn homeworld and other species?

District 10 movie poster 279x430 When is The District 9 Sequel Coming?

District 10 - They're coming back...

There’s so much to explore in the District 9 world and now that it’s a recognizable brand, it’s an opportunity the studio won’t pass up. It’s only a matter of when, and as soon as we find out more, we’ll let you know.

At this point however, we can only take this is as a rumor for two reasons. First, Blomkamp acquired funding and was set to being work on his next project, an untitled sci-fi affair which would again allow him the creative freedom to do with it what he wishes. Secondly, and this may mean nothing, but Sony is denying this report, labeling it as untrue.

Could the other project Blomkamp is working on be what MarketSaw is referring to, and not actually a sequel/prequel to District 9? Either way, I’m excited to see what Blomkamp does next.

What would you like to see from District 10?

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Sources: MarketSaw

Poster from Reel Guyz

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  1. Same here. Cannot wait the a sequel

    • We need to get it to come back by popular demand district 10 would be a great movie that I think all sci first people would love to see and in my eyes needs to be seen!!???

  2. I meant “cannot wait for a sequel”

  3. The sequel – District 10 won’t be made. If they wanted to make it, they would already done it. It’s been 5 years.

  4. Come on!!! bring us the sequel!!! :)

  5. I’ve read a lot of comments on the sequel of district 9 I mi self want them to make a sequel. I have the first and I do like it. I am a movie collector I mostly collect what i’m interested in and i’m interested in this movie a lot so please make a sequel and take your time on it.

  6. In the movie, he said he would be back in six years. So maybe six years from the release date we may have a sequel. My question is why the F#$% would it be called District 10? Anyway…

    • probably becous in the movie the prawns got relocated to a new area “district 10″

    • he said 3 years dude not six come on!

      • 3 years to reach their homeworld, another 3 to return to earth, do the math.

        • yeah really!! 3 year to go home 1 year for making a plan of invasion of Earth then at last 3 to came back
          thats 3+1+3=7

        • He said he would RETURN in 3 years. There AND back, planning the attack while coming back. 3 years TOTAL. Wikus sarcastically tells Christopher, yeah sure, i’ll see you in 3 years then. Then he knocks him out. As Christopher is making his final break he says- 3 years, I promise. I loved this movie-WHERE IS THE SEQUEL ALREADY!

    • because at the end of the movie it says that every last one of the aliens ( forgot there names prwans i think) were moved to district 10 therefore it is a sequel

  7. It needs to be done right, no bullsh*t! 1: prawns are slaves now, free labor for MNU some people like it some don’t 2: wikus is a slave too but is seen as a leader to the prawns 3: MNU now manufactures alien weapons 4: chistopher returns with his people and demands his people to be realised 5: MNU refuses and starts a war 6: big booms and cool CGI 7: wikus stops the war and leaves with the prawns and gets to see the home world

    • this is perfect except maybe wikus can be transformed back to his human form and go back to his home with his wife.

  8. The sequel will probably be out in a couple years, as Peter Jackson is currently busy with the Hobbit’s trilogy. Once he will finish it, I really hope he will hop on to work on District 9-2..

  9. Neill Blomkamp is South African, not African.
    Can’t wait for this sequel, go Saffas!

  10. They are not being very smart… it would be awsome if the film was released 3 years after district 9… oh well.. still waiting…


  12. i want to see the sequel to district 9 but instead he’s been busy doing Elysium, wich looks almost as good but no aliens involved, just a social-political thriller with sci-fi element/background involving a colossal space station as home for the super rich while the unfortunate peasents scramble on a dieing/warn torn earth.

  13. Back to the movie once again they said six years. Right?

  14. I will be pretty pissed if they don’t make a sequel i I know it’s been 5 years but the first movie still left behind some unknown answers as to what happens next I would be happy to see a sequel n if its good enough they will make more than the first

  15. great movie, waited to long for District 10

  16. District was a great movie, can’t wait to see district 10!!!!

  17. I really hope he makes a sequel and if he does i hope its as good as the first one and a lot of u people dont know what the f$&k ur talking about sometimes actually listen to the story like and the things that people say in the movie

  18. I just watched District 9 for the 7th time yesterday. It’s a great movie! I think they should only do a sequel if it’s going to be better than the first one. Otherwise they will ruin District 9 charm.

  19. I watch this movie now and then, I have to admit it is one of my favorites and it never gets old. I can’t wait for the sequel to come out, it would be ridiculous not to make a second one, the movie was just too good.

    • even though they are making sequel of alien, universal solider … i would strongly wanna to see sequel of District 9 more than that of sequel of Prometheus

  20. Would love to c the sequel. But u r right, don’t do a rotten, cheap sequel. Make it 10x better!

  21. Wud luv to c the sequel..
    Hop dey wil make the sequel 10x better than 9 . I dont know why is it taking too much time to start the sequel even its a super hit before they start shooting.

  22. Will they notify us when this is coming out.. Like really i watched District 9, 10 times and still love it. But its been taking a lot of time. Miss it…..

  23. Well according to

    Whom wrote a Message 3 years ago:

    I thoght District 9 was great but I dont think that it shoudl have a ssequel because it really is a stand alone film. Much like Avatar some great films just should be left alone because they cannot be topped and because the story ended in such a great way that it is better to leave certain things to the imagination. Nevertheless its hollywood so I know the sequel is coming…hopefully it wont doom the first film as the matrix sequels did to the first matrix film.

    My fact is look at Fast Furius, it could have ended on the first Movie, but it continued to 6…Well it could have continued to 7. Since the great actor died Paul Walker. Rest in Peace, we’ll always remember you.

  24. Can’t wait for district 10! Hope its soon

  25. Come on your going to make a lot of money on district 10. Please hurry up and start it already

  26. Nah i don’t think they will make it..

  27. Look it was posted three years ago. I don’t think there will be another district 10.

  28. Yes – He said he would come back in three years to save him. Get on with it!!!

    • Yes, 3 years…. Maybe their ship broke down along the way? :) Either way it’s total B.S. They cant leave a movie like that hanging for this long. It’s completely ridiculous, they are just ticking us all off and not doing justice to their work.

  29. Popular demand that’s how we get the sequel to come out

    • Yes. lets make a facebook page? we want distric 10!!

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