What’s Up With Justice League?

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justiceleague Whats Up With Justice League?After being shut down due to script issues (and the strike), among other things, Justice League may be coming back to life, but without two major characters. But reports, rumors and more are making it difficult to figure out what really is going on. I hope I can set the record straight. Well, as much as possible.

As we all know, the decision to make JL without Christian Bale as Batman and Brandon Routh as Superman, set off a storm in the fandom world. Plus, Bale and The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan expressed their displeasure with the movie going forward.

Soon enough, director George Miller found his new cast to fill the heroic shoes (or boots), but ran into major script trouble, and with the writers strike still on at the time, no re-writes could take place. Add to that major issue that the start of production rapidly was approaching, Warner Bros. pulled the plug in Australia, where the film was to shoot.

But there may be new life in the project.

The latest reports (or rumors, if that’s what they are) say that both Batman and Superman are out of the film, but Megan Gale and rapper/actor Common are still playing Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, respectively. I’m assuming Adam Brody is still onboard as The Flash.

Now that the strike is over, WB apparently wants to make a Nolan/Bale Batman 3, they’re looking for new writers for Superman: The Man of Steel (with director Bryan Singer still onboard, along with Routh), hence no Supes or Bats in JL. The revamped JL may shoot in the late spring or early summer 2008, barring a potential actors strike when their contract expires in late June (don’t count on it), or more fan outcry.

So, what do I think? Well, as much as I didn’t want to see a Bale-less/Routh-less JL, I really don’t want to see a Batman-less/Superman-less JL. I think WB should move forward with Batman 3 (rumored to be titled Shadow of the Bat) and Superman 2, and then look into a JL movie with Bale and Routh.

At least Marvel is doing it right with its Avengers movie, which Jon Favreau wants to direct. They’ve been rumored to be signing all the major players from the individual movies, like Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) and Edward Norton (Hulk) for the Avengers flick.

Only time will tell if JL moves forward, but I have a feeling we may be seeing individual DC character movies featuring Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, etc. I’m keeping my eye on this! By the way, the movie may not open until 2010, at the earliest.

Source: Justice League On Film

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  1. That’s hollywood.
    Confused, arrogant, childish, and scattered.
    There’s more drama behind the scenes then on film somtimes.

  2. Not to detract from JL, but think what would the budget for an Avengers movie be if it’s flooded with A-list actors? I don’t recall who is up to play Thor, Black Widow or Hank Pym, but if those films are going to compare at all with IM and Hulk, they have to sport some big names (one would think).

    Oh, the whole JL concept is falling apart. Will there be some explaination why Supes and Bats are missing? Maybe have a voice imitating Bale’s on the phone talking with Flash (you know, soap opera style). Can’t wait for that crap fest.

    Maybe if JL was set during the 5 years Supes was investigating Krypton before Superman Returns…

  3. This movie better not be made unless it has Routh and Bale in it. That’s retarded

  4. I read this at some other sites a few days ago and I frankly think it’s BS. No WAY would anyone in their right mind try doing JLA without Superman AND Batman. To quote Brad Meltzer,doing the League without them would be like “throwing a seventies party but saying ‘No crappy clothes’”. It’s impossible to do it without them. They’ve become such of a HUGE focus in the JLA in the past few years that whenever you mention JLA,people are like “oh,yeah,the team Superman AND Batman are on”. It would certainly be a an unwise decision on the studio’s part,are they really going to ignore the box office potential that a movie with Superman AND Batman would bring? I seriously doubt that.

    And as for the casting of Superman and Batman,I too wish it would be Routh and Bale but they aren’t doing that so they’ll have to recast,which is fine with me as long as they’re GOOD choices. Maybe get Welling as Superman…..?

    I think that the rest of the cast,Megan Gale,Common and even Brody are fine. Good choices,especially for GL John Stewart and WW.

    I also hope to see seperate films for Flash and Gl,GL about Hal Jordan. And another Superman of course.

  5. What I don’t understand, is how in the heck do they plan to introduce such a diverse team? People not familiar with GL would be lost on what his power is, and don’t even get started on Martian Manhunter.

    I can live without Bale as Bats, because my impression is that the tone of JL will be much different than the Nolan Batman films and Bale’s Bats will seem out-of-place.

  6. They really should just wait until the independent runs for both Batman and Superman franchises run their course, take a break, and then consider doing a Justice League film – to prevent over-exposing the audience with any one particular character.

    That said, I think Marvel on the whole is doing a better job with their franchises than DC – which really only has the current Nolan/Batman franchise to crow about. Even more so if Edward Norton’s Incredible Hulk and Jon Farveau’s Iron Man turn out as good as expected.

  7. Yeah I’m with you Jerseycajun, the way there going with this mess of casting and writing can only have a bad outcome.
    As bad as some want this film they should really try to do a “good” job with it and not kill it with the first ill-concieved script that comes along.

  8. When I originally heard about this movie, I thought it sounded great! I grew up watching the cartoon and reading the comic. However, without Superman and Batman, I have no interest in watching it and feel it’s going to bomb. If they can’t get Bale and Routh (or Welling) in this it’s not worth doing. BTW Superman Returns sucked, Superman 2 has a lot of redeeming to do. Looking forward to the Dark Knight. Batman Begins was the best Batman movie of the last couple decades.

  9. Heath, I agree with you. I would rather see them add new actors to the movie to play Supes and Batman then not have them in the movie at all, but I’d rather have Bale and Routh (although I like Bale at Batman more than I like Routh as Superman). I would be positively GIDDY if they casted Tom Welling as Superman if they do this movie AFTER the last season of Smallville. AS for Routh, I liked him better as CK than I did as Superman. No one can touch Bale’s Batman and the lack of him in the JLA movie would really be a blow to the franchise. I don’t care if they wait 3-4 years to make this movie, as long as it is done RIGHT and with the RIGHT actors AND characters in the film!!

  10. forget making a JL film,
    just make a film about the behind the scene chaos surrounding the movie!
    It would be entertaining as hell!

  11. Ah…Who the hell is Brandon Routh, and since when does he own Superman? Superman and Batman are characters, and nobody is gonna storm of the theater because Batman and Superman “arn’t the same guys”. However, they won’t storm out if the characters arn’t there at all…because they’re NOT going to go see it!

  12. Got that right, steve adams.
    All the kids are on drugs, and all the adults are on roller skates.

    Frankly, I think they should just kill the project, do seperate films for the characters. This is shaping up to be pretty shabby.

  13. Gale and Common are the ONLY people still talking up a storm about JLA…despite the fact that there is nothing to suggest it’s moving forward. Talk is just that, folks.

    We still don’t even know the status of George Miller (most likely he’s already left the project if not fired!) Nor have we heard anything about those re-writes that WB claimed they’d be doing once the Strike was resolved.

    The latest rumor is that WB is fast-tracking the SUPERMAN sequel for next Summer (something I’ve been saying they’ll do for months now!) We know they’re looking for writers and (supposedly)really happy with the pitches made by “A” list writers.

  14. Panda,WTF? THAT is the LEAST of the problems they’ll have to worry about with JLA. Did you see the JL/JLU cartoons? The show never did an origin for Flash,GL or Hawkgirl or even delved into their vast mythos much and new audiences had no trouble realizing what their powers/abilities were. It doesn’t have to be explained to them in quantum physics,it’s easy! Since when has ANYONE asked for an explanation for any character anyway? People watch Star Wars and don’t need to know what planet Chewie is from and why Jabba the Hutt eats frogs in order to enjoy and understand the movie. So I see your comment as a moot point.

    I hope this film still happens next year but with a decent cast and script. And as long as the Superman and Batman actors are good choices than I’ve NO problem with the recasting.

    So I say bring it on as long as it’s good. Also bring on the other DC films! Make MOS it’s OWN Superman film (that means NO contiinuity from the Reeve films and SR) but with Brandon Routh again. I also wanna see that Michael Green written GL/Hal Jordan film soon and the Flash. :-)

  15. KEL
    Yeah, and the pilot of the JL series was pretty bad too (IMHO). It wasn’t until later in the fist season that the characters really developed, and their weaknesses showed, which for characters like GL means something. I remember watching the show with my gf who said “what can that ring NOT do?”

    My point in the earlier post really relates to script. They can have all great actors but if the script blows, what’s the point. Being a team, introducing each character is part of that.

    Totally agree with you about Routh BTW.

  16. Endri,the Superman:TAS episode’s GL was actually Kyle rayner but in name and job ONLY. Everything else,origin,look,etc was Hal Jordan. They did a hybrid GL which,IMHO,was pretty dumb. Shoulda called him “Kyle Jordan” heh.

    I agree with you on your comment about knowing the U tho,but not EVERYONE does tho. ;-)


    I agree,the plot WAS bad. matter of fact,the whole first season doesn’t have much worth remembering. It wasn’t until season 2 things started to get REALLY good,IMO.

    And regarding your GF’s comments on GL (which I found quite funny),they actually didn’t let GL do much other than fly,make little beams, and make shields with his ring for a while on the show. It wasn’t until JLU they atarted letting him be more…er…creative. But then John was NEVER as creative as Hal or Rayner were with it.

    And I agree with you on your script comments tho. That’s where a lot of whether the film is good or not lies. For instance,I thought Routh was a great Superman but the script in SR had a lot of suckage to it. Now,again,if you have a crappy cast and a good script you’ll still have some problems,but even worse than that is if you have a bad director. A good director can make ANY crappy actor look great. It’s really a collaborative business. I hope they get it right tho. I’ve waited my whole life for a JLA film and I really don’t want to see a dissapointment.

  17. “the whole first season doesn’t have much worth remembering”

    I wanted more episodes with Felix Faust, j/k

    “they actually didn’t let GL do much other than fly,make little beams”

    Yeah, by the second season GL was taking down whole starships with his ring. Impressive. They never once showed the lantern (not that I remember). Remember the old JL TV show from the 70s, GL’s weakness to the color yellow? All you need to take him down is bug light from Home Depot.

    Wasn’t Raynor the GL that was an artist(?) and created more animals, trains, cars, and the like with the ring? That would be much more interesting.

  18. LOL,Panda. :-)

    Yeah,they never even had him do the oath except “In blackest night”.

    Rayner was the artist,but in Superman TAS he is,other name name and artist job,DEFINITELY more Hal Jordan as far as the hybrid goes.

    I’d preffer to see Hal as GL and maybe Barry Allen as Flash (they’re my fave Flash and GL).

    I’ll get my wish tomorrow when the JLA: the New Frontier DVD is released. i can’t wait…. :-D

  19. KEL they actually did do a story about the GL (I think it was Hal jordan)in the old Superman tv show wich is connected to JL/JLU . They olso did an episode with the Fash. Zatana apeard in Batman and some other DC heroes wich I cant think of. As for the others like WW, HG and the rest they did explain theyre backgrounds as they progressed throgh the series.

  20. Plus if you are familiar with the Universe you dont need to know powers or secret identity. You just know that in thise universe there are people that dress up in tights and fight eveldoers.

  21. KEL
    Funny tidbit, about the whole Hal/Kyle from S:TAS, the mugger in that episode was supposed to be Guy Gardner.

    @Everyone making comments about thr ring in JL/U

    I really hated that. Seeing my two favorite characters (Flash and GL, though it was different people in the role) being so cut back in their power always really got to me. They dont call the power ring the most powerful weapon in the universe for nothing!

  22. KEL and Smattboo-
    I only saw that episode of S-TAS once and that was years ago. I’ll have to find it and check it out again, I just remember he was Raynor, don’t remember his personality at all.

    I assume the JL series went with Stewart to counter Flash’s personality (who was Wally West if I remember right). Not a big Flash comics fan so I don’t know if he matched Wally’s personality either.

    I think Raynor as the GL in the movie would work well and audiences would identify with him – just MHO tho.

    Back to script, who would make a good villain? Darkseid? I would hope they will go all out (if this materializes) and have a non-earthly villain. No more Lex as the uber-villain. Billions of $ can’t stand up against GL (unless the money is printed yellow). “Lex made a kryptonite island painted YELLOW! What do we do?!”

  23. “I really hated that. Seeing my two favorite characters (Flash and GL, though it was different people in the role) being so cut back in their power always really got to me. They dont call the power ring the most powerful weapon in the universe for nothing!”

    Yeah! Especially Superman in season one! They had him SO reduced that he was ALWAYS the first to fail in battle,WTF was up with that???!!!! I’m glad they fixed it tho in later episodes,specifically the LAST episode of JLU where he totally schooled Darkseid. Those Superman/Darkseid moments are some of the best moments in the whole series,IMO. :-)

    And yes,they shoulda had John (token as he was) do more things with the ring. And the ring on the show wouldn’t work on anything yellow,like the comix. They got that right. :-)

    They shoulda used Barry Allen as Flash and made Flash not as jokey/self parody. Barry was the best Flash in every sense and had the most villains and story,had the most originallity and identity among other things,using him would’ve allowed them to do SO much more in terms of story with the show and the same goes for Hal Jordan.

    “I assume the JL series went with Stewart to counter Flash’s personality (who was Wally West if I remember right). ”

    Wrong. They went with Stewart because he was black to get some ethnic diversity to the team and the producers said so (nothing wrong with ethnic diversity,IMO,as long as it contributes to the story and isn’t the old “let’s just have this type of person to have this type of person”). Using Hal and Barry would’ve been better,IMO,they would’ve worked well together,they have such great chemistry in the comix (read the Brave and the Bold miniseries by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson),being the same age and all. It would’ve been like the buddy cop movies…. :-D

    Of course Jordan would’ve worked fine with West too,in the comix they always had a uncle/nephew type relationship because Hal and Barry were close friends back when Wally was Kid Flash growing up so he spent a lot of time with his Uncle Barry and Hal Jordan,so they could’ve done it like the early nineties JLA comix did it.

    Even Rayner would’ve worked well with West because they’re BOTH the same age and were taking over for their deceased (at the time) predecessors,so they were both rookies and it would’ve been cool to watch them interact with each other.

    Now,even tho Hal is my fave GL,I have to say that after watching EVERY EPISODE of ALL the DC animated shows (except Batman Beyond) that I rather enjoyed the show’s take on Stewart,I liked that they changed him into a marine hard ass type instead of the stereo typical angry black man of the seventies,I felt that ALL the characters complimented each other and worked great together as a whole team,even Hawkgirl. ;-)

    So hopefully those working on the JLA film will take a hint from the show because they are using Stewart as GL and Barry Allen as Flash,and if done right the movie will be GREAT.

    That said,I think that Common,after seeing him in Smokin’ Aces,is a good choice for GL/John Stewart and that Megan Gale is a PERFECT choice for WW (I’ve watched U Tube vids of her and believe me,she’s WW’s Chris Reeve) and that Adam Brody is a tolerable choice for Flash/Barry Allen. remember,people sh– bricks when Tobey Maguire was cast as Spider-Man and he turned out great,IMO,so give these guys a chance I say. (Those were the confirmed cast members so far,BTW)

    Also,an actor named Hugh Keays-Byrne is rumored to have been cast as Martian Manhunter,we know for sure that he IS in the movie and also that he’s 60 years old. Which shouldn’t be a surprize,because earlier last year it was reported that while all the other heroes on the team are in the third years of their carreers,MM would be played “older and wiser”. I frankly don’t see this casting choice as a problem,no one really knows HOW old MM is anyway,we just know that he’s always been “old in spirit”,I guess. So I think this guy fits the bill. I found some pics of him and I could see him as MM,I just hope he’ll be good. I think he may have been cast as a villain tho. But if he’s cast as MM,I’ll just be glad they didn’t cast some teeny bopper or some short dude (like DJ Cotrona,who hopefully is NOT playing Superman! Cuz Routh won’t be,TOM WELLING should) as him and I won’t start pissing and moaning until AFTER I see some film footage or at LEAST a picture.

    “I think Raynor as the GL in the movie would work well and audiences would identify with him – just MHO tho.”

    I think he’d be a horrible choice for GL in a film,his story depends TOO much on other heroes (same could be said for Stewart and Gardner) and the GL on film needs to be self contained,which is why they should and thankfully are using HAL JORDAN!! =D Of course,Rayner would be a better choice than Guy or John for a solo GL film,I’ll give you that. :-)

    And yes,I noticed the mugger had a resemblance to Guy Gardner in that Superman:TAS episode “In Brightest Day…”. :-)

    Also,the villains that are in the film that have been confirmed so far are:

    Maxwell Lord (Luthor again! damn!)

    the OMACs

    Talia Al Ghul

    ….and a rumored baddie is also DARKSEID!!!! So that’d be SWEET if he were the villain,I LOVE that character! :-)

    And I imagine the OMACs will be pretty cool too….. :-)