What Is Going On With Terminator 4?

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moon bloodgood What Is Going On With Terminator 4?Last week news made the rounds that the plug had been pulled on McG’s new Terminator film. However we at Screen Rant don’t like to jump to quick and easy conclusions (well…unless they involve werewolves), and now news comes via The Hollywood Reporter that Moon Bloodgood is in final negotiations to star as the female lead in McG’s Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins or Terminator: The Return of the Terminator, whatever it ends up being called!

Moon Bloodgood – yes that is a real name – was most recently in the Screen Rant favorite TV series Journeyman and she is currently filming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (but we don’t want to talk about that).

So what is going on with this Sci-Fi sequel/spin-off/restart/sequel/cash-in (delete where applicable).

So is the film in trouble?

No, I don’t think that the film is trouble.
Warners and Halcyon have spent too much time and money on this film to pull the plug. They couldn’t hope to get a more geek-tastic cast than Christian Bale, Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin – all of whom will be bigger stars a year from now.

Trust me… this isn’t another Justice League!

The shut down rumor came from UGO, which didn’t cite a reliable source… unless you believe this:

“…a crew member was recently overheard discussing his newfound free schedule due to the production shutting down.”

Not exactly a source that you would bet your life on. For all we know the dude could be talking about getting fired!

The Hollywood Reporter is a bit more reliable and let’s face it Terminator 4 was looking very under cast in the female lead department up until this point.

According to the trade:

“Bloodgood will play a no-nonsense and battle-hardened member of the resistance.”

It looks like the film is slowly coming together, but I won’t be excited until they start casting some serious Terminators. I mean that is what the film is called… and Worthington isn’t going to cut the mustard for me.

The film is set to begin shooting on May 5 and will open on May 22, 2009.

Sources: UGO and The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. “She looks battle hardened”

    I thought the exact same thing. Maybe it’s just the pic. I wonder if she will be one of those characters that will have full makeup and Pantene hair, but just a little grease on her cheek to make her look dirty and unbathed. I’m sure the moisturizer of the Skynet future is much more advanced than what we have today

  2. She looks battle hardened.

    I don’t know Niall, this film is ether going to be awesome or its going to really suck.
    The title dosnt have me thinking its going to awesome.

  3. Thinking the same thing, Panda, she’ll have a few dirty marks and that will show how tough she really is.

    Agree with 790 in the film itself too. I’m less than convinced about it, especially with McG (leave Spaced alone!) at the helm, but if it looks cool, hey, that’ll do.

    Oh, and to complete my agreements, that is about the worst bit of ‘reliable sourcing’ I’ve seen outside of British tabloids. Glad ScreenRant act better than that.

  4. There’s probably no movie covered on this site I care less about than terminator 4. I love this site, but the terminator franchise is as good as dead. Well it should be at least

  5. This film has as much of a chance of happening as JLA does.

    WB has sunk $200 MIL + into JLA, it seems even more unlikely to me that WB would pull the plug on that film.

    I’m sure WB would rather have JLA as their summer tentpole than T4 anyway.

  6. According to the reports, 790, bud.

  7. I’ll get you some links if you’re interested.

    They’ve been working on the SFX for the film since late 2006.

  8. Well, supposedly they’ve spent 150 mil + on it so far.

    The budget is 220+ mil.

  9. If they spent 200 million on wasting time on a fricken movie that they never even made a profit from I’m gonna jump………

    Think of the people that could have fed.. Holy cow man this is insane.

  10. I didn’t mean they’ve spent 220 so far, LOL. Should’ve been more specific, sorry, bro.

    Supposedly they’ve spent 150 mil so far on all that stuff and more.

    The budget is (was) 220, making it one of WB’s biggest budgeted films to date.

  11. KEL, your telling me that WB has spent 200 mill on JLA so far?

  12. Geesh, Vic, I won’t be able to pull this site up at work, it steams up the screen.

  13. KEL 200 mil? That’s impossible for them to spend that much on a script and casting even if they built sets it wouldn’t break 10 mil.

    I could see 20 mil on development and casting but 200 no way. Maybe I’m wrong but that just seems way too high.

  14. Jimmy, yeah… I was torn on that pic. I may replace it with something a bit more… demure.

    It’s a bit edgier than we usually have on the site.


  15. Well I didn’t just mean this pic…you’ve been alternating between buff and buxom scantily-clads for a couple weeks. Nothing we won’t see on screen, or even on commercials, but a departure. I think the first time you did that, I asked if you were trolling for more hits. (Maybe I thought better of it and didn’t post it. Apparently hits come from reviews and controversy!)

    Anyway, thanks for drawing the ire of fellow ranters upon me by actually doing something about my comment. (hurl only biodegradable trash please)

  16. Now, now, 790, go easy. Jimmy, I’m actually GLAD you said something because honestly the pic wasn’t settling right with me. The only reason to push it a bit was indeed to attract more (male) visitors, but you know what? I do feel like it cheapens the site and I’ll be selecting pics that wouldn’t embarrass me if my daughter was sitting next to me while I browse the site from here on out.



  17. Yup. It’s official. JLA is dead, unfortunately. Maybe we’ll at least be able to see some cool concept and costume art come out of it at least.

  18. ^ didn’t mean to say at least twice in that last post. sorry.

  19. (Hurling sound)

  20. They should have cast her as Sarah Connor in the Sarah Connor Chronicles. She’s more Linda Hamiltonish…..

  21. Thanks, 790. :-)

  22. Yeah your right Vic sorry.

    As I copy the photo……:-o

  23. KEL don’t feel too bad Iron Man, Batman and Hulk are coming out soon. :-)

  24. Kel, it was never alive as fanboys imagined. (As the Avengers will never be.) Although, it could work if they met as teens or if it was high end animation–how about “300″ style?

  25. Anyway, thanks for drawing the ire of fellow ranters upon me by actually doing something about my comment. (hurl only biodegradable trash please)

    I don’t think you want Kahless hurling anything at you. Live gagh, anyone? LOL

  26. I think JLA could still work in live action, frankly. Just follow the comics closely.

    But I get your point.

  27. 790,
    I really hope that this is good.
    I think McG is the cinematic anti-christ, but with Bale involved – I’m interested.
    I’m holding back judgement (day) until I discover more.

    It just won’t be as good as T1 and T2.

  28. Yeah I’m with you Niall, just that so far it sounds kinda iffy.

    I don’t think there will ever be a Terminator film as good as T2. That film just had it all. And still holds up.

    “Stay here, all be back”.