What Do You Guys Think: Indiana Jones 5?

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Buddy of mine and I were chatting last week when Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was brought up. We both liked it despite its many flaws and what not. Then, he quips, “Yeah, they’ll definitely do another one…”

That remark threw me back a bit. “Really? You think?” I replied. He went on to say that “it’s all about money, Jamie!” Well…he’s not wrong.

Indy IV has made well over $215 million domestically and just under $500 million worldwide in its first two weeks in theatres.

When everything’s said and done, whether you loved or hated it, the film stands to earn around $600-$700 million worldwide give or take.

The question is, “Do people want to see more Indy?”

You can’t answer that solely on box-office because frankly there are films that audiences hated that were nonetheless box-office blockbusters (i.e. Spider-Man 3, The Da Vinci Code, The Matrix sequels, etc.)

I can tell you from my own personal experience seeing Indy IV on its opening Thursday night screening. All I heard from people as I left the theatre was how much they enjoyed the film and “would totally see it again.”

Of course a few weeks back, George Lucas was already talking about the possibility of another installment saying:

“I haven’t even told Steven [Spielberg] or Harrison this but I have an idea to make Shia LaBeouf [who plays Mutt] the lead character next time and have Harrison come back like Sean Connery did in the last movie [Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade]. I can see it working out.”

I was under the impression that this was going to be Indy’s last hurrah on the silver screen. I mean Spielberg, Lucas and Ford have said multiple times they were doing Crystal Skull for the fans and not the money.

Wouldn’t audiences feel jerked around to suddenly see Mutt Williams (aka Henry Jones III aka Spielberg’s golden boy Shia LaBeouf) wearing the fedora and leather jacket instead of Indy again? I know I would. No offense, Shia.

So, what do you guys think? Will we see an Indiana Jones 5, a Mutt spin-off film or will Spielberg and Lucas leave the character alone?

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  1. Indy 4 has made over 500 million worldwide and deserves it because of the first 3. I doubt it would have done as well if the other 3 never existed.

    Something happened with Speilburg in the late 80′s that he forgot how to have fun. His movies aren’t bad and some of his best work came out of the past 15 or so years, but they have all been really dark (which is fine because I love dark movies—don’t get me wrong) I’m simply saying it seems he doesn’t know how to have fun anymore—not the way he used to. I guess it called growing up. People change and their views change. I get all that.

    But getting something and wanting something are little like trying to be at two different places at the same time.

    These are the films I want to have fun with. The ones that have lines like “Do you have anything besides Mexican food?” from the Three Amigos.

    or “”Why don’t you make like a tree…and get outta here!” from Back to the Future.
    To be honest, maybe none of us knows how to have fun anymore. I think movies that were pure pop-corn fun ended with Indy 3.

    The last three “Star Wars” films weren’t much fun. They were good. Probably even “better” films than the first three, but they just didn’t have what swashbuckling zest of those unabashed blockbuster movies of the ’70s and 80s had.

    The word might be “Pizazz.” I don’t know. I don’t know honestly what the word would be. But its definition is something that captures why a 10 year old kid would spend all Saturday morning gathering soda cans to turn in for the buck fifty matinée ticket.

    Perhaps I’m getting old and then just ignore what I have to say, but I haven’t walked out of a film feeling more alive, more like I just had the “greatest time.” At least not sense “Die Hard” perhaps “Terminator 2″ Those moves were pure shove the popcorn in you mouth and forget to breath kind of fun. You know?

    I think if you’re old enough to remember what it was like to walk out of Ghostbusters and wanting nothing more than to turn right around and watch it again, you might know what I talking about here.

    Indy 4 didn’t do that for me.

    As far as master film making goes, shot for shot, camera movement for camera movement, etc. etc. this film is by far the best one. I just wish the story had been as good.

    Like a man being kissed by his wife of sixty years, we enjoy the old films, we watch them over and over again. But it’s not like the first time. The first kiss.

  2. if Indy 5 is to be made (and i’m assuming they’ll make indy 6 just to make it an even 3- and probably have mutt become mutt-i-ana jones with the jacket and hat) my one request is this. have Indy do one more film without any younger man helping him out. indy can never be the sidekick. no matter how old he gets. Why not set the next film in 1956- maybe the main story could be set in the exotic tibet. have him battle out chinese communists and save a local tibetan object. maybe give jones the line “communists- I hate these guys”. I don’t know. By having it set a year before the events of the crystal skull, it also gives indy the chance to have another meaningless heartless romance. have some fun. Heck- why not get indy to start his adventure in Scotland or Scandanvia then have the main adventure take in place africa or Haiti. Bring some fresh locations. I understand harrison cant do all the stunts that he could in the 80s’. fine. no problems. but at least give him one last adventure that includes a more archeologoical, traditional sort of object to chase (no aliens related storyline please. no elvis hounddog soundtrack, either. thanks guys.) Mutt can the sixth adventure. but give Ford one last traditional indy film. please for all our sakes. anyone agree?

  3. As much as the idea of a sequal thrills me, I agree that Mutt can’t take the torch from Indy right away. Maybe after one or two more films with Harrison as the star role. Maybe. Even then, it’d be a tough transission. As of now, there’s a lot of things they could do with Indy as the principle role and Mutt as the sidekick. If they’re going to have Mutt take over, then at least have a movie to slowly ease him into that role.

  4. I loved the new movie and really would like to see another one and I think Shia would be fine as the lead role

  5. Indiana Jones 5?? ABSOLUTELY!!! I mean, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was down right AMAZING (that is my opinion,i know everyone else has different views than mine)…i’d love to see another Indiana Jones movie. I mean, Indiana Jones is the best. I really hope they make another one. And if they do…i know ill be as excited for it as I was for Indy 4.

  6. Guess what, Readers? I have a finished IJ5 script. It’s a prequel like many people want. No wife…no kid and a macguffin that should please all. It even includes Henry Sr. and Sallah.
    I have been trying for weeks to get it read. Anybody…ANYBODY out there got any connections for me. If so, please leave a message for me here. Thanks!