Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

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blade 4 wesley snipes Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

In the age of reboots, remakes and an insurmountable number of sequels to established franchises, we may yet have another.

According to the Arrow in the Head section of JoBlo, Wesley Snipes is interested in doing Blade 4 and I want him to do it. Underworld is getting a fourth movie, the Twilight Saga is getting two fourth movies, why not the most bad-ass (half) vampire as well?

Snipes specified that he was interested but would only do it if the script was right. What that translates to, is no more side-kick characters like the Nightstalkers of Blade: Trinity, played by Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. That was a problem behind-the-scenes as they stole some of the precious spotlight away from the title character of the film, at least, according to Snipes.

Last year we heard some interesting news regarding the Blade franchise and it seemed that the plan was to go ahead with another trilogy, a set of spinoff prequels based on the character of Deacon Frost. Frost, played by Stephen Dorff, was the feature villain of the first Blade movie where he met his end. While Frost was a cool character, we need Blade.

Stephen Norrington, director of the first Blade, confirmed this to be the case and said he’d be returning to the franchise once he was done working on his remake of The Crow.

Not long after that news, David Goyer revealed that there was some talk behind the scenes about possibly doing another Blade movie. He didn’t specify any details and with his other major work lined up with bigger movies like Batman 3, I don’t know if he’d be involved with the writing of a fourth Blade even though he wrote all three, the television series pilot and even directed Trinity.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a return to form like the first movie where Blade is the sole lead character, Norrington is back directing and Goyer again writing. However, with the villains he’s faced so far in the series, I don’t know what direction he’d go in next unless they introduced the long-speculated Morbius storyline. It’s not like Sam Raimi will be using the character in Spider-Man anytime soon…

So, if there’s a chance of another Wesley Snipes-starring Blade movie, does that replace the Deacon Frost project that Norrington was developing?

Would you be up for a fourth Blade and what would it be about?

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  1. For the past 3 nights we have been watching blade 1st was great, 2nd better 3rd really bad….. now that I see wesley snipes is out of prison please another Blade movie with the same action as the first and second ones. Focus more on Blade and not the side-kicks. Let’s bring BLADE BACK.

    • there was nothing really wrong with blade trinity exept for the whole not focusing on blade thing, the movie would of been like the rest if it wasn’t for the other cast felt like i was watching two different movies at the same time and how can anybody hate the sword fighting seen at the end with Dracula it was mad!!!

      • Your kidding ? Yea , dracula or drake was casted well and when he fought blade it was amazing but the movie was crap the rest of time. I hated the added humour from ryan and the tough roll from jessica. If they had of been left out it would have been better. Terrible end to the trilogy , 1st and 2nd were awesome. Woud love to see a fourth

        • third movie was best

  2. Can I make love to rita ora? PlssSsssssssssssssss

  3. I’d definitely be up for another Blade movie if it didn’t focus on more bs characters but also show blades influence on the Marvel Universe like the rest of the movies they’re doing now. I’d think if they did a movie with him and Morbius it would be awesome.

  4. I have been WAITING and WANTING u guys to HURRY UP and get to making BLADE 4!!!!! I mean…Wesley’s right…the focus should be on him. I liked all of em but trinity seemed like they were in competition durin their fight scenes which made it kinda phony. Wesley Snipes is a martial artist who put this movie on the map…not saying I don’t like Ryan and Jessica bc I love em really…true fan of em both…but not for Blade! Lol…Whistler would be nice tho! So basically…the WORLD is ready for Blade 4! I feel like Wesley Snipes needs this…therefore…it’s gonna be great!

  5. Wesley needs to check his ego and lighten up. Blade 4 will make a boatload more if he does

  6. Soooooooo ready for Blade 4. Starring Wesley Snipes. My favourite movies of all times

  7. Snipes needs to lose the ego….I think Blade Trinity was awesome! The humor from Reynolds and hottness from Beil was a great addition to the movie I thought. If there is a Blade 4, please keep the nightstalkers and still put focus on Blades role.

  8. yeah we really need a blade 4 for wesley snipes. if he does a blade 4 then watch how quickly everybody is going to be asking for a blade 5.

  9. Blade 4 should have Michael Morbius in it as the villian, especially since he was in the alternate ending of blade 1.

    • How about Selene from Underworld & her hybrid daughter with a army of Deathdealers & Lycans perhaps. i talked to the director of underworld Awakening Mans Marlind. Also Wesley Snipes follows me on twitter & facebook. They both like the idea even though it’s up to the studios to see what happens. Blade vs Underworld would be the sickest crossover EVER!

    • Yes, Morbeus is cool but he becomes a hero & joins the Darkstalkers team(not Deathstalkers)so if they made a Darkstalkers movie (add Morrigan) of that later I would be all for it mixing comic, VG & part 3 backstory.
      but after a Blade 4 & even if they did do that movie. I am most interested in eventually getting a BLADE VS UNDERWORLD crossover so badly since UNDERWORLD called out BLADE 3 to not even use their alternate ending bc it had werewolf. I think Blade biggest challenge would be Selene & her hybrid daughter & a army of Lycans.

  10. I hope Wesley snipes does the fourth movie. But like the third one. That one was bad I like 1 and 2 . Hope he does it.

  11. After 4. Blade in Underworld! Would be the best crossover ever with a superhero in a horror franchise like Underworld. After Selene gets her hybrid LYCAN daughter back she vows to protect her even at the cost of not doing the right thing & killing the last of the slayers (she returns to preying on humans). Selene also becomes head of the vampire nation with her daughter by her side & even strikes a deal with the Lycans to control all human opposition. And this leads to the deathdealers & werewolves taking on Blade & the Deathstalkers where the story with a great team like Guillermo del-torro (Blade II) & Mans Marlind (Underworld Awakerning) making a great arc for this story!. Please cast Wesley Snipes (BLADE 4) & Kate Beckinsale (Selene)to make this a great blockbuster truly great vampire vs Werewolf film we can all enjoy.

  12. Yu shld do a 4th blade n it shld b in 3D!

  13. Been waiting for a new blade movie and one that’s just a solo act no sidekicks inless they brought back his real partner who was his mentor like a father to blade. And only snipes is good for blade the only other person I can think of is Michael jai white playing it but no were near the original snipes hands down but I would love to see them go at it one on one .. Crazy fight scene ..

  14. I would love to see a Blade 4 with Selene teaming up to take on the Werewolves!!!!

  15. I wish they would make a blade 4. It has to star Wesley Snipes. This franchise has always had a following. It’s disappointing Hollywood hasn’t got there s*** together. I felt the last blade could have been so much more bad ass if they would have thought of us the fans. They need to get a top director and spend money on the special effects. The last story line was bad ass. It’s execution was poor and disappointing. COME ON SOME ONE PLEASE HELP!!!!! Make it happen!!!

  16. Wesley is out of the prison for a while now and he is doing the expendables..this is a great chance for blade 4 he has all the fans..blade is the most badass vampire movie and we want it to happen!!!

  17. Blade IV would be exceptionally well received because as many acknowledge, Blade has a solid fan base. There is no question Wesley Snipes should star as Blade. Bring Kris Kristofferson back as Whistler: the dynamics between Blade and Whistler “We have an arrangement; he makes the weapons, I use them” is electrifying! Morbius, the living vampire would be a first rate villain. I would love to see Stephen Dorff as Morbius! Top it all off with making the first on screen Marvel Team Up: introduce Andrew Garfield as Spiderman as Spidey and Blade team up to battle Morbius and an army of vampires! It would be the first Marvel Movie to top the $200 million dollar box office receipt threshold !! Oh: and don’t forget to slip Stan “the Man” Lee in a cameo somewhere !!

    • Oh, one more thing about the Blade — Spidey team up: both Spidey and Blade operate as loners in their franchises, so it would not be credible for them either to be completely trusting of the other. A little tension between them would be realistic. Both of them possess superhuman strength; additionally Spidey has spider-sense, superhuman agility, speed, reflexes and webshooters, while Blade has superhuman ability with edged weapons, martial arts training, the ability to heal rapidly, immunity from vampire bites, and ability to leap great distances as well as the other abilities of a vampire with none of their weaknesses except the “thirst”. I would recommend Spidey and Blade operating on separate yet mutually dependent missions before joining up to Battle Morbius and his vampire horde in the climax! There should however be an initial confrontation and battle between Spidey and Blade (ending in a draw of course, ideally with Whistler intervening) to heighten the suspense!

      • Blade and Spider-man have worked together in animated series, comic books, etc…

        It’d work if done correctly, Morbius was how they did it in the animated series.

  18. Even though blade ages like humans. Wesley sn. Needs to do another blade before he gets to old to play the part.. Please make another..just one more…

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  21. Only retards believe Blade Trinity was anything other than a steaming pile of crap. Proof? Green Lanturd.

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  23. Any word yet on Blade 4?

  24. I don’t want David S Goyer to touch a fourth Blade film. We know what the S stands for…

    He seemed to have had a complete mind wipe prior to writing Trinity, where the whole plot of the film was Blade was set up by not being able to tell a human was in fact a human, when he was standing 15 feet away from said human. In the original Blade film, we find out Blade can tell human from vampire from at least 300 yards away “By the way the move. Ergo, Blade Trinity was complete and utter bulldish. And in the opening scene of the film we see campires ;) needing glo-sticks so they can see in the dark. Really!?

    Anybody who knows anything about anything also knows enough to know that Blade II involved heavy script-doctoring, since happiness was not abundant regarding Goyer’s script. Take one look at Trinity’s script and you can see why. It’s ironic that Blade Trinity FEELS like that “Saturday morning cartoon” (+ridiculous amounts of stupid curse words, of course) Blade asks the “Nightstalkers” about.

    I’m pretty sure that Goyer’s script for the original Blade was also heavily doctored too. That *might* explain such heinous screw ups regarding the rules of the series’ world. But, if so, it only goes to show that the guy is a lazy writer, who is as unprofessional as they come. I don’t know why Script Doctors don’t seem to be credited in film credits. Personally, I think they absolutely should be…

    Anyway, I’d LOVE to see a new Blade film starring Wesley Snipes. However, if it happens I just hope they don’t A) Do a “reboot”/”reimagining”, or B) Call it Blade 4. The best way to go (imho) would be to literally call a new Blade film “Blade III”. And in terms of the production and writing, absolutely fail to recognise that ANY of the events in Trinity ever happened. That would show the Blade fans they actually care about them. And would give the series back its integrity. I’m not sure how Kris is, or would figure in things (the guy’s 77). But this is what I think they should do. I don’t think Wes would work with Goyer again anyway tbh. I heard that during the production of Trinity he’d told Goyer he thought that he (Goyer) was detrimental to the series. Ain’t that the truth. Go Wes! ;o)

    • This commentator knows what he’s talking about regarding nixing David S Goyer and re-establishing the integrity of the original story line. I like his thinking on the matter !

  25. Please make Blade 4 with Wesley Snipes. My family and I love all the Blade movies.

  26. Waiting for blade 4 since forever. Cross over to avengers hmmm,

  27. Hey keep Wesley as Blade by all means the blade character was made for him (Wesley) I also think that Blade doesn’t need any sidekicks.

    • Also in the Marvel Comics Blade doesn’t have any sidekicks only Whistler his (Blade) Mentor, and Weapons Inventor stay more to the Comic Book storyline and you will have it I’m a Marvel Fan and too me there is a little bit to much Varying from the comic book/books Marvel should keep it simple but interesting as well there’s enough material in the comics of Marvel that the writers shouldn’t have to add a lot of Garbage to make a great movie a little Spin on the main character is OK but try to stick to the character’s Originality. I like the way that Marvel did the last Spiderman except for Sally Fields playing Aunt Mae they should have kept the Original Actor not only did she look like Aunt Mae in the comic book but she also portrayed the character of Aunt Mae in the way that she spoke her voice, her mannerisms were like the comic character the role fit her Marvel should have kept her it seems as though when they find a good actor for the role they don’t keep them i.e., the last actor that played Bruce Banner he was a very small man in Stature, Frail, Puny if you will just like Bruce Banner in the comic book you see this is what I’m referring to Character Originality imagine a tiny frail little man that weighs maybe 110lbs soaking wet transforming into a Behemoth of man 10 feet tall weighing 1500lbs to start and the angrier he become the taller he gets reaching a maximum of 15 feet in height, weighing 4,000lbs all of that from a man who was 5’6 keeping the right actor can really make a great movie I have all of the Hulk movies and the first actor that they Marvel had to play the Hulk was definitely not the right one but the last actor they should use him in every Hulk movie that they (Marvel) are going to produce Marvel’s casting department need to do a better job when picking and keeping actors for their character roles for real, for real!!! and by the way what happened to Daredevil man I loved me some Daredevil he was Baddddd!!!!.

  28. I WANT BLADE TO FIGHT MORBIUS IN THE BLADE 4 MOVIE AND I want blade 4 movie action figure toys and vehicles toys and morbius action figure toys

  29. I’d like to see Blade vs Werewolves. All the other vampire movies are doing it. It’d be perfect. I wouldn’t want to see a blade movie about Frost. I’d prefer something new. Sticking with the Frost idea sounds lazy.