Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

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blade 4 wesley snipes Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

In the age of reboots, remakes and an insurmountable number of sequels to established franchises, we may yet have another.

According to the Arrow in the Head section of JoBlo, Wesley Snipes is interested in doing Blade 4 and I want him to do it. Underworld is getting a fourth movie, the Twilight Saga is getting two fourth movies, why not the most bad-ass (half) vampire as well?

Snipes specified that he was interested but would only do it if the script was right. What that translates to, is no more side-kick characters like the Nightstalkers of Blade: Trinity, played by Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. That was a problem behind-the-scenes as they stole some of the precious spotlight away from the title character of the film, at least, according to Snipes.

Last year we heard some interesting news regarding the Blade franchise and it seemed that the plan was to go ahead with another trilogy, a set of spinoff prequels based on the character of Deacon Frost. Frost, played by Stephen Dorff, was the feature villain of the first Blade movie where he met his end. While Frost was a cool character, we need Blade.

Stephen Norrington, director of the first Blade, confirmed this to be the case and said he’d be returning to the franchise once he was done working on his remake of The Crow.

Not long after that news, David Goyer revealed that there was some talk behind the scenes about possibly doing another Blade movie. He didn’t specify any details and with his other major work lined up with bigger movies like Batman 3, I don’t know if he’d be involved with the writing of a fourth Blade even though he wrote all three, the television series pilot and even directed Trinity.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a return to form like the first movie where Blade is the sole lead character, Norrington is back directing and Goyer again writing. However, with the villains he’s faced so far in the series, I don’t know what direction he’d go in next unless they introduced the long-speculated Morbius storyline. It’s not like Sam Raimi will be using the character in Spider-Man anytime soon…

So, if there’s a chance of another Wesley Snipes-starring Blade movie, does that replace the Deacon Frost project that Norrington was developing?

Would you be up for a fourth Blade and what would it be about?

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  1. Forget those pathetic excuses for vampires in Twilight. Bring back Blade! At the end of “Trinity”, the virus that was released was supposed to wipe out all vampires. Instead, I think it should turn out that the virus mutated & created a powerful new race of vampires that are even immune to daylight, leaving it open for some awesome outdoor, “middle of the day” battles.

  2. They did come out with a blade four. Wesley Snipe did not play blade the new blade was also not as good a fighter as wesley snipes. They did not follow the storyline

    • They never came out with Blade 4. You’re referring to the TV series which is completely different from Snipes movies

  3. My personal opinion-Blade is NOT Blade without Wesley Snipes. Snipes is the perfect actor for another Blade movie, so give him the perfect script.

    • I think they should make a new movie they have had great success with the last 3 movies they have made so far. if they do make another one i do agree it should be Wesley Snipes for blade though because once u change the main character the movie just is not the same.

  4. Blade fights ninja with wolverine

  5. All Blade villains (all vampires) in Blade 1 and 2 movies were ruthless, badass and at some point hard to beat down with extensive fight time showing their individual resilience and notable toughness. But in Blade: Trinity when the patriarch of these badass vampires shows up he is depicted as not so tough a villain as the previous vampires which was so disappointing because when I heard Dracula was the villain I had high hopes. The final battle was never intense at all.

  6. Would be good if he came up against another day walker .

  7. blade should go up against another day walker who should be played by micheal jai white… or the rock or even me

    • We need a picture of you first in order to decide. I agree on White but can he fight?

      • Are you serious? Micheal jai white has a bunch of black belts. Youtube clips of him fighting. Especially clips of blood and bone.

  8. Yes,I would like to see another blade but, in the third movie daystar killed all the vampires. I think that there should be a familiar who resurrects drake and all of the vampires because he wants to become a vampire and Karen from the first movie awakens blade for help (and they have a sex scene) or a familiar injects himself with a virus that makes him into a “super vampire” and starts feeding on people not because he’s hungry but to spread the virus around and make the vampire race more popular then Karen (from the first movie) awakens blade for help.

  9. The forth film should be in the not to distant future and blade wakes up (from being captured) to a world ruled by vampires who have inslaved humanity as food,and has to rise up against the them to secure the future of the human race!!!! Would be fricking epicly awsome.

    • Their is already a movie out with this plot; it’s called “Daybreakers” with Ethan Hawke as the star.

  10. Screw Blade, sign up for the next Expendables movie!

    • how bout he does both? lol

  11. I think there should a Blake 4 with the Dr Karen from the 1st Blade. Have them going to different countries as the very last scene suggests. Have new serum and new weapons with the Dr’s help. And poossibly curing turned victims that want to be cured with the cure the Dr created in the first Blade. Just a thought.

  12. I think there should a Blake 4 with the Dr Karen from the 1st Blade. Have them going to different countries as the very last scene suggests. Have new serum and new weapons with the Dr’s help.

  13. I think there should be another blade, maybe where the thirst is taking over him and Karen comes with a somewhat cure which backfires and the world finds out that they are living among vampires. Something like that.

  14. I want Wesley Snipes to [lay Blade in Blade 4 movie. I want Vampires, werewolves, and action figure toys for the movie.

  15. Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! I would love to see this.

  16. The Problem is when a film based on a comic character is made, and it comes out great and you get that actor who does justice to the original comic, like Wesley Snipes has done, you cannot hire another guy to take his place it just wont be the same. Mr. Snipes is BLADE period! no one could take his place. If they do get another actor it will be terrible, My Favorite BLADE film was the first, and after that I think the films don’t compare, no fault to Wesley he can’t do a thing about it if the script sucks or Director. I hope they smarten up and get Mr. Snipes to play the role again, he was made for this character. Same thing happened to the Spiderman films after Toby Mcguire left and Sam Rami, For one thing how can you turn Spidey into some smart ass punk. When in the original films Toby got the character of Peter Parker right on. What a Joke. And don’t get me started on the BATMAN franchise I love Tim Burton’s original films with Michael Keaton, but after that come on Cloney,Kilmer, what a disaster than comes Bale I will say for a new BATMAN I liked him as BATMAN, but what I did not like is NOLAN’s vision, come on if BATMAN got beat up so fast thier would not be much of a comic, BANE was a terrible.

  17. hey what ups<hollywood need again a big bang high action in history of action movies please produce a new bang and shake the hollywood with double fight,romance,comedy and twiest made a new part of blade movie and please readers of this site however inform this to producer of blade the movie and force him to do so as soon posible thanks i want to see blade again i miss blade

  18. There is no Blade without Snipes, period! At the end of Trinity, only those vampires in the direct vicinity were taken out not all of them. I think the head of the vampire clans has been gathering everyone together and planning an attack. There is payback needed for the other clan heads who were killed by Frost, the death of Dracula, and the disruption of their way of life. They no longer plan on staying in the shadows and now hold governments in fear of their uprising. The governments turn to Blade, who has been battling somewhere in Europe, to put them back where they belong and then give him his own task force so to speak to keep them there (open for next Blade 5). All without out anyone knowing what’s really happening. Throw in some new mutations,new fighting skills and gadgets with some scary people in charge everywhere like Overlord Damiscinos and you’ve got a movie.

  19. Does anyone even know the true story behind the vampire and Dracula? It seems that all these movies are pulling away from the actual truth on vampires and Dracula. I think if they do make a Blade 4, they should incorporate originality of an actual vampire instead of adding non realistic things; i.e sunblock on Decon Frost ( are you serious) or Overlord Damiscinos from the 2nd film who was weak, I thought the older the vampire the stronger they were. Underworld used this idea and it played well. Further details on the origins of where vampires originated would best fit.

  20. Yes Blade was just that movie you would never forget. Definitely captured the power and fear factor of “the vampire”. I’m 22 now it’s time to obliteratethese cute cuddly
    vampires. 20th centuary vampires
    are soft now.

  21. Snipes is out of prison, so I’m hoping marvel will start some type of planning for fourth installment.

  22. I have good idea for the 4 th blade movie. I could write out the premise if newline was interested. I would start right where blade trinity left off with drake on the F.B.I. Autopsy table and blade speeding off. Let me know.
    I have so many ideas for blockbuster movies. Blade, StreetKings 2. The Ray Liotta sequel didn’t do the first movie justice in the least!

  23. Yes we do need a new BLADE ! Please tell me there is going to be a new BLADE ! Yes it has to star Wesley Snipes or it would just be stupid ! Don’t go low budget either because us vampire lovers are waiting patiently for another great movie !

  24. If BLADE 4 leads to a BLADE IN UNDERWORLD movie I am all for it. And Wesley Snipes & Kate Beckinsale NEED to be casted to reprise they’re roles or it won’t work. BLADE in the UNDERWORLD universe would make sense! And a super-hero like Blade in the UNDERWORLD franchise taking on werewolves & still out to kill Selene & all the vampire death dealers would be amazing.

    • That sounds like a good idea, but I have a better one. Blade needs to team up and fight with the Predator. My companion and I have been talking about this movie for years. The world gets completely over thrown by vampires, to the point that it catches the attention of life forms from another planet. Come to find out it is the Predator. At first meeting the Predator and Blade face off, then while in battle they completely become over run by upgraded vampires. At that moment Predator and Blade form an unspoken alliance and together they fight the Vampire Plague on Earth. The movie should take place in a city with lots of people like New York City. The movie should be title Blade 4 Predator. I hope someone puts my companion and mine’s idea to good use.

      • nahh blade vs the predator’s is better

    • no…….. no……. no!!!

  25. Wow! People like need to wake up. I understand its opinion but are u for real the spiderman with tobey was a joke . The new verzison which the followed the comic book to the letter got it right because was a smart not a punk unlike tobey spiderman and I m sorry did u say chirs nolan batman was with bale buddy thus verison restored the thrill back.

    • the new spider-mans a punk, Tobey Maguire seemed to get smarter as he got older sam was trying to be as realistic as possible, sam’s trilogy was a masterpiece and got ruined by the film company because all they could think about was the money and good old sam raimi was thinking about the script and didnt want to do anything with it until it was perfect for all of us

  26. i think blade is one of those movies/shows like dragon ball z or rocky in each movie he fights someone stronger than him and becomes stronger himself, while on his journey. most of us fans aren’t looking for an award winning script we are looking for Wesley snipes kicking ass as blade and those deadly moments when he get out his sword. and no more side kicks and has to push for a ‘R’ rating :P

  27. Snipes is Blade. I personally think cut the Twighlight crap and make it with Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, and Norris as leading vampires. Blade goes alone and finally rids the world of all night walkers except one problem other storyline monsters seek to destroy the day walker