Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

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blade 4 wesley snipes Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

In the age of reboots, remakes and an insurmountable number of sequels to established franchises, we may yet have another.

According to the Arrow in the Head section of JoBlo, Wesley Snipes is interested in doing Blade 4 and I want him to do it. Underworld is getting a fourth movie, the Twilight Saga is getting two fourth movies, why not the most bad-ass (half) vampire as well?

Snipes specified that he was interested but would only do it if the script was right. What that translates to, is no more side-kick characters like the Nightstalkers of Blade: Trinity, played by Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. That was a problem behind-the-scenes as they stole some of the precious spotlight away from the title character of the film, at least, according to Snipes.

Last year we heard some interesting news regarding the Blade franchise and it seemed that the plan was to go ahead with another trilogy, a set of spinoff prequels based on the character of Deacon Frost. Frost, played by Stephen Dorff, was the feature villain of the first Blade movie where he met his end. While Frost was a cool character, we need Blade.

Stephen Norrington, director of the first Blade, confirmed this to be the case and said he’d be returning to the franchise once he was done working on his remake of The Crow.

Not long after that news, David Goyer revealed that there was some talk behind the scenes about possibly doing another Blade movie. He didn’t specify any details and with his other major work lined up with bigger movies like Batman 3, I don’t know if he’d be involved with the writing of a fourth Blade even though he wrote all three, the television series pilot and even directed Trinity.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a return to form like the first movie where Blade is the sole lead character, Norrington is back directing and Goyer again writing. However, with the villains he’s faced so far in the series, I don’t know what direction he’d go in next unless they introduced the long-speculated Morbius storyline. It’s not like Sam Raimi will be using the character in Spider-Man anytime soon…

So, if there’s a chance of another Wesley Snipes-starring Blade movie, does that replace the Deacon Frost project that Norrington was developing?

Would you be up for a fourth Blade and what would it be about?

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  1. Ok so best blade characters call: deacon frost, whistler, whistler’s daughter, drake the head vamp in 3(the character was just written badly but had lots of potential), the nurse in 1 and the little girl in 3. The last good line she had “and my friends are coming to kill you.”

  2. ViolatorX2


    • if ure saying blade sucks just leave

  3. yes please bring a other one of blade i think the world of wesley snipes and ii love his blade films has i am into vampires i loved all three so please do a other one wesley am your biggest fan i would love to met u in real life with that suit of blade wears

  4. Please do another blade 4 , blade 1 an 2 were awesome n 3 kinda killed the blade franchise! Marvel owes it to the blade fans to do a blade 4, Have blade become the blood God, an go more into morbious! That would be great. Millions of people would love to see blade sequel back in the box office!

    Wesley if you read this push for blade 4

  5. i love all the blade films an would luv to see blade kickin arse like he did in the club at the begingin of blade 1

  6. i whant to see blade 4

  7. Only if Del Toro gets to do the film he wanted to do.

  8. I think they should do a prequel on how blade became blade and how he met whistler a movie before frost that would be cool or one how in the end dracula said he would be the last one and blade struggles against his thurst trying to find a cure and he accidently creates a deadly vampire that is both smart and fast blade than has to try and kill him in the process the vampire cures blade to take away his strengths and blade now has to go after him as a human

  9. I think they should make a Blade 4, only if Blade becomes a full vampire towards the end of the movie =p Dracula said “the thirst always wins” =p so Blade should have to fight somebody epic at the end of the movie woot

    • Man Daniel you tripping… Blade doesn’t need to be turned into a human

  10. well i think he should have a sun by the woman he had sexx with i think its time for him to retire i can play that part check my face book page sherrieff mccrae!!!!

  11. Well, you guys aren’t thinking. You want a 4th movie, a prequel, and Snipes. CAN’T happen. Can’t prequel when the actor is now 7 years older than he was in Blade III. Prequel on Frost: HORRIBLE idea.

    And yes, IF they worked on Morbious for a 4th, then it would be worth the watch for sure. Need something to bring Marvel fans back to make it worth while. Or, you can incorporate Ghost Rider, Punisher, etc that he had ties to in comics.

  12. Wesley Snipes is Blade and its Amazing,you couldent find a BETTER guy more siuted for the part then WESLEY Blade is Brilliant its one of my top 5 favouroute movies lol. You cant cast someone else to play Blade because then it wouldent be Blade,it would be idiot trying to imitate,you have to use Wesley lol. Blade is Awesome I LOVE IT LOL.
    You should cast a great Actress alongside him lol like Gabrielle union ,shes so great. I think you should give Blade a love interest because then we would get to see another side of him,oviously it cant be to gushy or romantic but just somebody he could Respect.

  13. Blade has defeated pretty much all the vampires in the world by 3, and a prequel would mean no Wesley Snipes, who IS the only blade–so why not have Blade take on werewolves?

    • Blade can’t take on the werewolves as the comic book was called Blade the Vampire hunter. Could do a prequal just before 1, or inbetween 1 and 2 or 2 and 3.

    • na, Sticky Fingaz was the other Blade, from the TV Series!!!! LOL

  14. Blade and the midnight Sons with Kyle Schmid as Morbius, that would be awesome indeed, and Ghost rider (Nick Cage) and Liam Neeson as Dr Strange, Ryan reynolds as Hannible King (not green lantern), Kurt Russell as Frank Drake…I can do the entire casting and match the charaters to the perfect actors but you all would not pay me so here is a partial. Doing Vampirella? Holla at a sister and I’ll be glad to hook you up and make us a few million(lololololo)

  15. I just finished watching Blade Trinity for the 8th time. I absolutely love the Blade series! Every single one of them including the 3rd. I can only wish and hope that this comes to fruition!

  16. I think Blade is a good moovie n also the new line must to make Blade 4,5,6… But first I just interested in to continue the plot with Blade 4. Its a good idea that the plot is happening between 1 n 2. Or a new enemy or Drake returns or I dont know. Im just hoping… Oh n sorry 4 my english Im hungarian… :D

  17. Mark Wahlberg should play a new associate of Blade’s, like Whistler, Scud (in II) or Hannibal King.

  18. Okay I love Blade….. The first one was the Best…!!! The other two piece of Crap…. Vampires Eating vampires You could do better than that….. Snipes was right about The third one it took away from his Character….. And how many times they going to bring Whistler back…. I’m sorry but like I said the first one was the best….. I don’t know who Writing this The fourth installment

  19. Oh dear its so good and informative movie site. i am looking long time like this site. thanks for sharing this site. Best of luck.

  20. Damn right I’m up for another Blade! Give us more bone shattering martial arts, killer action, vampiric abilities for Blade, horrific cold-blooded tone, & more Snipes. That defintly is a recipe for a great sequel

  21. Hell yeah I’m good for another Blade! Give us more bone shattering martial arts, horror-style cold blood tone, more action, new vampiric abilities for Blade, & more Snipes. Another thing they need 2 fix is simplicity 2 bring death upon a vampire. It shouldn’t be so easy for them 2 be vanquished this kills the horror aspect, unless Blade just emerged from a pool of blood, this shouldn’t be.

  22. yes i want to see it now!

  23. funny seeing how wesley snipes is in jail

  24. No…… No one should play blad besides ( Wesley Snipes ). It just wouldnt be the same. And all of these ideas for the fourth movie suck ,if they make a fourth i hope they have a hell of a writter and wesley snipes or its gonna be a huge waste of time and money. It will just suck like blade the series.

  25. yo i would love it if they did another blade movie or maybe do like a death dealers type thing wit blade ghost rider and punsher all in one but the movie i have been waiting for is another blade movie but only if wesley snipes stars cause i wouldnt be interested in it if it was anyone else

  26. Just do the movie snipes your making money just follow up on trilogy ..
    . Start where u left off stop trying to change s*** that already happened and keep the flow