Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

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blade 4 wesley snipes Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

In the age of reboots, remakes and an insurmountable number of sequels to established franchises, we may yet have another.

According to the Arrow in the Head section of JoBlo, Wesley Snipes is interested in doing Blade 4 and I want him to do it. Underworld is getting a fourth movie, the Twilight Saga is getting two fourth movies, why not the most bad-ass (half) vampire as well?

Snipes specified that he was interested but would only do it if the script was right. What that translates to, is no more side-kick characters like the Nightstalkers of Blade: Trinity, played by Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. That was a problem behind-the-scenes as they stole some of the precious spotlight away from the title character of the film, at least, according to Snipes.

Last year we heard some interesting news regarding the Blade franchise and it seemed that the plan was to go ahead with another trilogy, a set of spinoff prequels based on the character of Deacon Frost. Frost, played by Stephen Dorff, was the feature villain of the first Blade movie where he met his end. While Frost was a cool character, we need Blade.

Stephen Norrington, director of the first Blade, confirmed this to be the case and said he’d be returning to the franchise once he was done working on his remake of The Crow.

Not long after that news, David Goyer revealed that there was some talk behind the scenes about possibly doing another Blade movie. He didn’t specify any details and with his other major work lined up with bigger movies like Batman 3, I don’t know if he’d be involved with the writing of a fourth Blade even though he wrote all three, the television series pilot and even directed Trinity.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a return to form like the first movie where Blade is the sole lead character, Norrington is back directing and Goyer again writing. However, with the villains he’s faced so far in the series, I don’t know what direction he’d go in next unless they introduced the long-speculated Morbius storyline. It’s not like Sam Raimi will be using the character in Spider-Man anytime soon…

So, if there’s a chance of another Wesley Snipes-starring Blade movie, does that replace the Deacon Frost project that Norrington was developing?

Would you be up for a fourth Blade and what would it be about?

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  1. I would love to see a fourth Blade film, if for no other reason than to give the franchise a better note to end on. “Blade: Trinity” was a big disappointment for me after the first two films did so many things right. The entire plot was a mess that desperately needed a rewrite. Ryan Reynolds was funny as Hell, though. I don't doubt the behind-the-scenes egos were a conflict, but I don't think it hurt the on-camera chemistry between Blade and Hannibal King. Jessica Biel's character just didn't work, though. That was unfortunate, because she had a lot of potential.

    To me, the obvious direction for the third film should have been the more fanatical vampire hunters coming after Blade. No reason a fourth film couldn't still do that.

  2. Deacon Frost was an awesome villain in Blade, but I don't think that character could really be the basis of a prequel trilogy. I like the idea of bringing Morbius into Blade's world. I'd really like to see a Blade and Ghost Rider crossover.

  3. I'm all for Wesley getting back to the series that made a bigger badass then most. I'm not familiar with the Morbius storyline, can some fill me in?

  4. I'd be in for another Blade movie, but only if it has Wesley Snipes as the main character. Does this mean he doesn't have to go to jail then?

  5. what's blade: trinity ?


  7. “If the script is right?”
    Right! With his IRS debt he has to take anything that comes along just to keep the judge from throwing his butt in the slammer. He Is Owned.

  8. This is Marvel's opportunity to get this character in MARVEL STUDIOS hands and do some REAL (short)cameos with Blade. The problem with Blade 3 was that here we have the return of “THE” VAMPIRE,DRACULA himself and Dracula is beaten so fast and easily and mostly all he did was give orders. Hannibal King, and Jessica Biel's characters both should have died in battle against Dracula and Blade should have just barely survived the battle but to only be able to defeat Dracula by becoming the prophesied BLOOD GOD. That would have made the most sense. And maybe Whistler or someone else could have helped Blade turn back normal just in time before he would go on a murderous rampage as THE BLOOD GOD. If they would have had Blade bite Dracula and turn into the BLOOD GOD before Blade almost died at the hands of Dracula that would have been so badass!

  9. Actually I think MoonKnight would be the best character to intro here. I could picture Blade asking him “I guess the element of surprise don't mean sh*t to you huh, with you wearing all white in the at night?” MoonKnight “Just like the Moon is seen and unseen but always there, so is the might and power of the Moonknight”.

  10. michael jai white could be blade…

    love snipes but i think it is time for a reboot…

    getting the punisher and morbius involved would be awesome, with punisher trying to hunt blade to begin with and ending with them teaming up…

  11. If you want to see more Blade, Marvel can't have him back. Marvel Studios wants nothing to do with R-rated films and characters like Blade and Punisher are R-rated material so in these cases, it's almost a good thing that other studios have these characters.

  12. I think another studio handling Marvel's “horror” comics is a great idea. Blood, violence, sex and sin… that's what's needed.

    What else is needed?

    Blade 4 should be a connector film to a future series of Horror hero movies. A'la Avengers, and next should be:
    Ghost Rider 2
    Doctor Strange

    Then the fourth, where Nic Cage (Ghost Rider), Wesley Snipes (Blade) and Timothy Olyphant (Morbius) and David Duchovny (Dr Strange) unite to form the Spirits of Vengence. (named after the “rise of the midnight sons” storyline crossover done by Marvel in the early 90's. ) and the main Villain could be Mephisto!!! Played by Simon Baker (his smile is unusually wide, kind of Joker-like eh?).

  13. I could go for another Blade film as long as Wesley played the character and they got back to some real fighting like the first film.

  14. Anyone remember 'Blade Trinity' or hasve you all forgot how lame that was. Blade 1 & 2 was good, very good as they made it to my dvd collection. Sounds to me that good ole Mr Snipes is a bit short of the reddies…. I'll watch it, but I'm not expecting much.

  15. Dr Strange would be awesome.. good thinking.

  16. There was a tv series?

  17. Yeah, “Sticky Fingas” from the 90's rap group “Onyx” played as a “young” Blade.

  18. Yeah I did read about that too Rob, well Marvel Studios “Creative Team” can still be involved while the movies are under the umbrella of a different studio. The Punisher movies weren't bad because they were R rated, they were just bad cause other studios handled the character. The Punisher failed 3 times!!! So what does that say, no studio will get it right unless Marvel Studios do it themselves. All they have to do is have a subsidiary “Marvel Knights” type studio “name” that handles their R rated or horror movies. There still are a lot of great characters and stories that are R rated material that only MARVEL themselves would be able to get right. So there is a way to do it. Marvel Studios could sort of be like “ghost writers” while giving the screen credit mainly to some other studio, but having all the real credits on paper.

  19. Holy crap I just thought of something. Remember when Miramax was being sold?I joked about Marvel buying them but they really should have done it, this way Marvel would have their own other studio to handle their more “adult” material but under a different banner.

  20. As long as they get Goyer to pen the script…but keep him away from the camera lol. And bring in a good director. I absolutely LOVED what Del Torro did with the 2nd film. They need someone like that, a talented up and coming director. Please no “music video” directors for this one.

  21. Blade deserves a 4trh installment if for no other reason than its success (thanks to Snipes portrayal of Blade and Goyers writing) dispelled the myth that only BATMAN and SUPERMAN made profitable comic book movie heroes. Blade , Blade II and even Blade III were all successfully at the financial level if not at other levels and this provides solid proof that when done right you can use a comic book character for a film besides BATMAN and SUPERMAN.

    This is not to say that movies like X-Men would not have eventually been made only that they probably would have been many years later in the coming.

    Wesley Snipes is the definitive Blade and trying to replace him before he is truly to old to do the role would be a sin.

  22. your trippin bro snipes IS blade this does not need a reboot there nothing wrong with the franchise and especially where the story could go. so what if hes faced the toughest vampirestheres always a story espicially if the director and writer of the first one are back.

  23. and somone needs to get a new spawn and replace micheal jai white they need to do a movie with jim downing(the New spawn) instead of all simmons his characters story was done and didnt adapt into film that well

  24. retard they already said the director if the firs blade is coming back the direct THIS ONE read the whole article before you voice an inaccurate opinion

  25. hahaha WOW

    First of all, I'll assume you wrote “director OF the FIRST blade is coming back TO (the) direct…” Work on your grammar and spelling buddy.

    Second, it said Norrington is INTERESTED in coming back. It is not confirmed.

    Third, “inaccurate opinion”? Do you understand that that makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. How can someone's opinion be inaccurate.

    Fourth, who's the retard now.


  26. I woujld be down for Blade 4 for sure, as long as Snipes is Blade not only that, NO sidekicks like in Blade:Trinity, nothing against Ryan Reynolds but he is better suited as Deadpool than Hanibal King. Anything with Blade is better than that Twilight hoo hah.

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