Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

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blade 4 wesley snipes Wesley Snipes In For Blade 4 If Script is Right

In the age of reboots, remakes and an insurmountable number of sequels to established franchises, we may yet have another.

According to the Arrow in the Head section of JoBlo, Wesley Snipes is interested in doing Blade 4 and I want him to do it. Underworld is getting a fourth movie, the Twilight Saga is getting two fourth movies, why not the most bad-ass (half) vampire as well?

Snipes specified that he was interested but would only do it if the script was right. What that translates to, is no more side-kick characters like the Nightstalkers of Blade: Trinity, played by Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. That was a problem behind-the-scenes as they stole some of the precious spotlight away from the title character of the film, at least, according to Snipes.

Last year we heard some interesting news regarding the Blade franchise and it seemed that the plan was to go ahead with another trilogy, a set of spinoff prequels based on the character of Deacon Frost. Frost, played by Stephen Dorff, was the feature villain of the first Blade movie where he met his end. While Frost was a cool character, we need Blade.

Stephen Norrington, director of the first Blade, confirmed this to be the case and said he’d be returning to the franchise once he was done working on his remake of The Crow.

Not long after that news, David Goyer revealed that there was some talk behind the scenes about possibly doing another Blade movie. He didn’t specify any details and with his other major work lined up with bigger movies like Batman 3, I don’t know if he’d be involved with the writing of a fourth Blade even though he wrote all three, the television series pilot and even directed Trinity.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a return to form like the first movie where Blade is the sole lead character, Norrington is back directing and Goyer again writing. However, with the villains he’s faced so far in the series, I don’t know what direction he’d go in next unless they introduced the long-speculated Morbius storyline. It’s not like Sam Raimi will be using the character in Spider-Man anytime soon…

So, if there’s a chance of another Wesley Snipes-starring Blade movie, does that replace the Deacon Frost project that Norrington was developing?

Would you be up for a fourth Blade and what would it be about?

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  1. “a problem behind-the-scenes as they stole some of the precious spotlight away from the title character of the film, at least, according to Snipes.” -awwwwww, poor Wesley Snipes. Bless his little heart. lmao

    • Concern from the star or any other interested party that the “spot light” is taken away from the star too much is a legitimate concern, especially since the audience are paying to see the starring character(s). The name of the franchise is after all,
      “Blade”. Marvel Comics Group always has an excellent history of managing several stars in one feature presentation; they’ve always done it in the comics (marvel team ups), the cartoons, and they managed it superbly in the recent “AVENGERS” movie. I don’t see a problem bringing another star such as “Spiderman” in with “Blade”, so long as they’re given equal footing to showcase their respective talents, abilities and character. However, Wesley Snipes is correct: a starring character whether it’s Wesley Snipes as “Blade” or Andrew Garfield as “Spiderman” should not be upstaged by supporting actors, even if the supporting actor/actress are first rate like Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. While the audience appreciates good performances in all the roles, it’s the story the audience pays to see. Nobody would pay to see a James Bond movie with “M” as the star. The same applies to “Blade”.

  2. I would like to see on the fourth blade movie, the original evil, the one who created the first vampire Dagon or dracula, the one blade killed in “trinity” . And what was the gift that blade received from dagon? What about if this “original evil” as I like to call it would be guarded by werewolfes . I mean you gotta have some werewolfes too…thats my point of view. Well I truly hope that I will hear good news about Blade 4.

    • The gift was making himself look like blade to make them think he was dead unless I miss something. I know eventually he turned back but it was to allow blade time to escape but correct me if I’m wrong

  3. I want Wesley Snipes to play in the next Blade 4 movie and to fight Morbius in the movie and to make action figure and vehicle toys.

    • It’s about time Goyer writes another Blade movie, Mobius would be cool but that more Spider-Man unless a team up. Would like to see more of the vampire hunters, we know they get money through donations, how about a story they take small amounts of money on a regular basis from illegal and legit business, to maintain there war on vampires.

      The movie will need a big opening as the first Blade movie, also have blade in another city, also the FBI are still looking for Eric a prequel movie would be really good how he met Whistler it is mentioned in the sequel on DVD extras check the credits of Blade 2.

      A spin off movie would be great, and yes show Werewolves and how there is turmoil with lycans turned and vampire’s turned rather than those born. There will need to be more tension and show the various ranks of vampire’s, also how do we know some vampire’s turned away from evil, they may have had there hand in training Eric and Whistler.

      Bring back Stephen Norrington!!

  4. wesley snipes is the one and only acter that they can play blade in. he is the whole reason i liked the movie and it was a good movie. they cant replace wesley snipes in blade. only wesley can pull off blade.

  5. Why doesn’t blade have a video game on the newer consoles? They should make blade like assasin’s creed but 100x better. Blade 4 + New Villians = Success for Wesley Snipes

  6. i hopp wesly shipes das 4th blade if so grat

  7. listen…… if u cast any1 else 2 play blade other than snipes I WILL EXPLODE, all u need is sum makeup & sum workouts for crying out loud its not like hes THAT old enough to do it.

  8. I would love to see another Blade movie. Sadly 2 and 3 were not nearly as good as the first…and I thought Stephen Dorff and Donal Logue helped make the first move as great as it was, not to mention the fabulous soundtrack, esp the New Order tune! That opening club sequence really set the stage for the movie while the dance club scene in the 2nd was just sad by comparison. I would love to see a Deacon Frost movie, but is dorff too old now? what other young actor could pull that kind of sexy arrogance off believably today?

  9. Yeah blade 4 would be awesome. The only unfortunate thing is that no body knows about blade, only (cough) twilight. It truly is sad. But at least we all know how twilight ends. I like to think it ended with blade trinity

  10. Another Blade would be cool. I did enjoy Trinity quite a bit more than Blade 2 and would like to see a Hannibal King or Legion of Monsters movie.

  11. Blade 4 has to feature Wesley Snipes as the main character, no side plots with other actors. Seriously Blade is the only guy for the role and if he has the screen time it will be a movie worth watching, hell even get some new sound tracks from the music artists in the original. Fans + Snipes = Great classic movie.

    P.s… Also don’t introduce Spiderman or any other children’s comic book characters like that guy suggested above in the comments lol…

    • Even doe i completely agree with you in the comics spiderman and blade where in a kinda wolverine/spiderman partner ship haunting magiesto or whatever and it was good but only toby mcguire’s spiderman would fit the part as in averngers and the spiderman/xmen crossover like the new Spider-Man isnt cut of to be with hugh jack man or rodney downy jr but for now I second to only let blade ne the star of blade 4

  12. I thought he was in prison?

  13. I would love to see another blade movie I think it would be awsome and if yall did make a 4th blade I hope it could bring back the villains from the 1st and 3rd blade movies.

  14. I hope the new Blade film will feature a white actor. Oh wait, they only blackwash white charactors.

  15. i like blade movies and i would be happy if there is going to be Blade 4

  16. i almost forgot only with Wesley Snipes is good Blade with other actor as Blade is going to be very big mistake. Blade (tv series) with sticky fingaz was a big mistake


  18. Maybe they should use someone else to be blade and go for the early years when whistler first finds blade feeding on the homeless

  19. I think that Blade_4 should be something completely different than anything mentioned. Something like Deacon Frost somehow is resurrected and saves Blade from something terrible because something in the DNA and also something in him changed … wanting to right some wrongs. Thus Deacon and Blade team up to finish off that terrible thing which was the original Vampire that had conspired to ruin the Vampire nation and turn it into something else. In this movie Deacon also gets the “Daywalker” serum by a bite from Blade – Blade having discovered the serum when an old CIA friend od Whistler took over the files and hired a Russian hematologist.

    Basically you now have two of the most badass Vampired ever known, both Daywalkers ready to take out the Real Dracula and his own small army.