‘Welcome to Yesterday’ Trailer: Found Footage Goes Back in Time

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When a film comes out that feels fresh, original and exciting and is a surprise success, the natural response (from Hollywood producers, at least) is to say, “Let’s make it again!” Such was the case with Josh Trank’s found footage superhero movie Chronicle, the low-budget box office hit that inspired producer Michael Bay to go looking for his very own movie with a similar flavor.

What Bay found was a script for a movie called Almanac, penned by Paranormal Activity 5 duo Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan, which told the story of a group of teens who find the disparate parts for a time machine and decide to piece them together. Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes immediately bought the script and began “aggressively and swiftly” getting it into production.

A little over a year later, a trailer for Welcome to Yesterday (the title that came to replace Almanac) has arrived. Starring Jonny Weston (John Dies at the End), Ginny Gardner (Glee), Sam Lerner (Suburgatory) and Allen Evangelista (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) as its band of irresponsible time travelers, Welcome to Yesterday is the feature directorial debut of Dean Israelite, the cousin of Jonathan Liebesman (who’s directing the Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot).

Jonny Weston in Welcome to Yesterday Welcome to Yesterday Trailer: Found Footage Goes Back in Time

It looks like Welcome to Yesterday will tap into the Chronicle vibe of wish fulfilment, with its unimaginative teens using the machine to pass chemistry tests and win the lottery, but it’s hard to tell whether the found footage format actually suited the script or whether it was simply used because it happens to be in vogue right now. It also seems like the actual science of the time travel has been glossed over a little, making the machine a kind of tech equivalent of Chronicle‘s magic space rock.

All in all, this trailer is a little underwhelming, but Welcome to Yesterday could easily turn out to be a watchable Chronicle knock-off. Or if that doesn’t appeal, there’s always Chronicle 2.


Welcome to Yesterday will open in theaters on February 28th, 2014.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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  1. Looks like Chronicles + Back To The Future.

    • More like Chronicles + Primer

    • I thought Chronicle + Butterfly Effect, but I guess you could go that way too.

  2. Found footage Butterfly Effect.

  3. i hope they catch Biff

  4. So, he kills his seven year old self?

    • Why do they have to give everything away in the trailers nowadays?!!!

      If that is the ending, then whoever cut and passed this trailer is stupid. It’s like the industry is sh*t scared of people not going to see a film unless they know exactly what it is about and what is going to happen.

      • They didn’t do that for Chronicle (give away the ending), only hint that one of them would go bad. Unfortunately, all the dark stuff at the end affected my enjoyment of the film, so it’s kind of good that they show it here. I still hope they have a lot of twists that aren’t shown because too much is given away in trailers these days.

        • I agree!!!!!!

        • I wasn’t talking about “Chronicle”. This trailer shows too much IMO. Hopefully there will be some big surprises and maybe the trailer is throwing us of course. Time will tell.

          I liked the ending of “Chronicle”. It reminded me of Tesuo’s power freakout in “Akira”.

          • “Why do they have to give everything away in the trailers nowadays?!!!”

            Since Chronicle was made during “nowadays”, then that statement would apply to it as well.

            But I agree that in recent times many trailers are just plain giving away too much of the story. Even the cinema industry complained about it and wanted to shorten the standard length of trailers.

            • I still didn’t single out “Chronicle” and did not say every movie “nowadays”. It just bugs me when they do. When you feel like you know exactly where a story is going from a trailer when in most cases, you really didn’t need to.

      • people not going to see a film unless they know exactly what it is about and what is going to happen.


        • Excuse but, you can market a movie without revealing all the good stuff.

  5. Looks like a fun watch but I already dislike all the characters. Why does every found footage movie have to be centered around kids?

    • Probably because the current generation seems to be under the impression that no experience is valid unless it’s been poorly recorded from multiple angles.

      • LOL And in my generation, every experience is badly remembered…

  6. wow. stephen king novel 11/22/63. just got thru reading it. maybe shia isnt the only one plagiarizing.

  7. There’s…something off with the main actor. Like…I can tell he’s acting just by the way he’s talking. Which is really off-putting in a found footage movie.

  8. Another movie about teenagers doing “cool” teenager stuff, except now with time travel… No thanks…

    • I agree, the concept of teenagers doing cool stuff never works. Someone please tell that to Howard Overman.

      • I agree with both of you guys. America’s teenage perspective is extremely one -sided and close-minded. Partying, fast cars and money, plus “love”, before something goes wrong and they have to clean it up

        • Well, just to be clear though, I’m not saying that movies like this are not successful, I’m sure there are plenty of people who love to watch a bunch of dumb kids doing dumb things because it’s “cool” or whatever, I’m simply saying, that’s not at all what I like to watch personally…

        • Going all the way back to Risky Business, haha.

  9. If it’s not teenagers doing idiot things it’s over eager scientists. Either way someone has to be stupid to make movies happen apparently.

    • I’d rather watch over eager scientists than a bunch of stupid teenagers “woo”ing every time they do something stupid that they think is cool…

  10. Woow, you couldn’t begin the freakin article without bashing the movie.

  11. I’m seeing a little bit of. Chronicle + Springbreakers + Butterfly Effect

  12. Future self drawing on the back of past self’s neck, causing the same image to suddenly appear on future self, suggests the writers are going with the notion of time as a linear stream in which alterations to the past somehow manifest themselves instantaneously in the present. As opposed to creating an alternate timeline branching off from the moment of alteration. That being the case, it’ll be interesting to see how (or even if) they stick to their own rules and deal with the characters jumping forward into a changed reality each time they alter the past. Or how the characters themselves might be changed in the process.

    For one thing, hopefully they won’t all remain abject tossers throughout…

      • I completely agree – strictly linear time makes no sense unless one’s interventions actually cause or fulfil future events. But that seems to be what’s implied by the neck drawing: interference with the past has immediate effect on a single malleable future, like Marty McFly fading out of his own 1985 photograph because he prevented his parents from meeting. Otherwise the drawing would have no reason to suddenly appear out of nowhere on the guy who drew it, since he and his double are at that point entirely separate people. It’d be an easy corner for the writers to paint themselves into, and a difficult one to explain their way out of if they don’t abide by their own setup.

  13. Another time travel is horrible plot, how original. I guess it’s too much to ask for a group of people to do something positive for humanity with time travel or even just a happy ending, it worked for Marty McFly so I know it’s possible.

    • At its core BttF only has a happy ending for some. A lot of people had their original existence wiped. Just think of everything that was changed and peoples lives, some for the best but im thinking maybe a lot for the worse. Also it was only done for one person…. Marty (and his family).

      Time Travel is a warning not to mess with things you have no knowledge of messing with. Even if you could create a device/way to time travel it would be a travesty.

      I mean its cool and all but the ramifications of branching the time stream or changing it is catastrophic.

      You never know what is going to happen. Think of Ian Malcolm. Time is a force and it will always find a way to correct itself.

      So say you go back in time to prevent something. What is to say that by you preventing that it doesn’t set off something else more devastating?

      I know what you are saying and you could make a funny time travel story (Hot Tub), but when you look at it as a whole time travel (with change) is a real nasty thing.

  14. If Bay is involved, odds are it sucks! I wouldnt see it with a free ticket.

  15. he kills him self at his 7th birthday party right?

  16. Sorry, but didn’t we all saw this movie, Primer. Have to go back in time to fix everything.

    But as this is a Micheal Bay movie, expect less science and more planes burning.

  17. Looks like Butterfly Effect..

  18. Primer via Chronical mixed with The Butterfly Effect and back to Future part 2… Only less so…

  19. Wait. Did platinum dunes just make something that does not look like a crappy movie?

    • Nope.

  20. Cute, Chronicle and Primer had a baby. Why is the film in the cinemascope when it’s supposedly filmed with a consumer camera? Makes no sense.

  21. After having watched Steins;Gate…

    this is just a joke.


  23. Could be good, but Almanac is SUCH a better name than Welcome to Yesterday…

  24. Is there a chance, however small, that Michael Bay will someday make a movie NOT starring whiny “hotty teen chicks and nerdy-cool boys gone wild in a stale sci-fi premise” flick?

  25. Michael Bay’s involvement has me nervous, but I’m glad he’s only producing and not directing. I never know what to expect with Michael Bay movies, I loved Pain & Gain but the Transformers series was terrible and Bad Boys was pretty underwhelming, but as a producer he brings clout and budget without any of his directorial cliches (hopefully)

    Also, I thought it was awesome to hear “Jungle” by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons in the trailer, I hope they continue to collaborate because so far they’ve worked real well together.