‘Weird Science’ Remake in the Works

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weird science remake Weird Science Remake in the Works

So far, the Hollywood remake machine has begun to reboot (technically speaking, continue) the Vacation movie franchise, but has otherwise stayed away from any other films written and/or directed by the late John Hughes back in the 1980s. That changes today, with the announcement that Universal Pictures and producer Joel Silver are remaking the cult comedy Weird Science for a new generation.

Hughes wrote and directed the original film (which featured Silver as a producer) and it reached theaters seven months after Hughes released The Breakfast Club in February of 1985. The off-beat coming of age story/fantasy revolves around two nerdy teens (Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith) who use their computer – and the power of SCIENCE! – to generate the perfect woman (Kelly LeBrock).

Deadline, which has the exclusive on this story, says that Universal has entrusted Michael Bacall with the responsibility of scripting the remake, which is going to be “an edgier R-rated comedy in line with 21 Jump Street and The Hangover.” For those who don’t recognize the name: Bacall wrote the story and script for Project X, in addition to co-writing the scripts for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 21 Jump Street and next year’s 21 Jump Street sequel.

Needless to say, an “edgier R-rated” spin on Weird Science falls within Bacall’s jurisdiction; though, I can guarantee there’s one thing the remake won’t have that the original offered – this ’80s-tastic Oingo Boingo music video!

Jokes aside, though, I get that Hughes’ original Weird Science movie is pretty dated nowadays – between the old-school computer graphics, LeBrock’s wild ’80s hairdo and a baby-faced Robert Downey Jr. hamming it up as a high school bully – and it teaches life lessons that remain as important as ever for young people, who are the target audience for this 21st-century makeover edition (much like The Karate Kid or the gestating WarGames remake).

That said, Hughes (during his ’80s heyday, anyway) was a master filmmaker in the art of combining broad comedy with earnest drama and sympathy for the plight of adolescents. Bacall’s helped give Scott Pilgrim and 21 Jump Street a healthy mix of humor and heart, but with only Project X (read Screen Rant‘s review) to recommend him as a solo writer in this genre, well… I need to know who’s directing this thing, before I can throw my support behind it.


How do you feel about Weird Science getting a remake?

Source: Deadline

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  1. *facepalm* of course it is…

    Might as well re-make Fast Times at Ridgemont and the Breakfast Club too while we are at it. And Back to the Future is being re-made to right? Good. Last thing we want out of Hollywood is original ideas…

    • Don’t you have a cool Cobra weapon to stop all of these remakes? Put that brilliant mind to good use already.

      • Well, I attempted to make the original Joe re-make terrible by casting myself as Joseph Gordon Levitt and then explaining that I actually become Cobra Commander…

        As it turns out, the movie was indeed terrible but it hasn’t stopped a thing.

        They never even called me for the sequel…

    • Having original ideas in Hollywood is not an original idea, they’ve already done it.

  2. No.


  4. “Sigh ” more pointless and unnecessary remakes. Just as long as they don’t mess with the Breakfast club and don’t even think about trying a jaws reboot. That’s one of those movies that it should be a cardinal sin to even think about rebooting.

    • SHHHH!!! Don’t let Hollywierd hear you. :-D

  5. I bet John Hughes is rolling over in his grave right now.

  6. Stop it with the f****ng remakes already! Weird Science worked because it was made in a very specific time and because the people who watched it lived in that time. The concept of Weird Science doesn’t work anymore today, unless you watch the original with the appropriate nostalgia. Anything that they make out of it today will be nothing but terrible. Trust me on this.

    • That’s pretty much the down fall of most of the remakes. The originals worked for their place in time and for the mind set of those times. I doubt many people involved with these remakes were even around or aware of the originals when they came out. There’s a long list of remakes that have fallen so flat, yet they keep tossing money down the pit of remakes

  7. and this is the crap that makes me wanna go the independent movie route.

  8. This is a mistake. The only remotely interesting thing that will come out of this will be the media attempts to do a “Weird Science Reunion” article/interview. Good luck getting Tony Stark for that.

  9. Starring Jonah Hill

    • …and Seth Rogen and Dave Franco a the slew of other young actors we always see and I personally can’t stand.

      • Grr. That didn’t come out right. Whatevs.

  10. I wanted to hate project x. Turns out I really enjoyed it. But I like everything so who knows whether it’s good or not? This doesn’t need re-making

    • I watched Project X just to see if it was going to be as bad as it looked.

      I was right. It was terrible and reminiscent of the lame “teen comedy” movies we’ve had since American Pie where the humour comes from people having sex and people drinking to oblivion with some drugs thrown in there too.

      I can guarantee we;ll be seeing some “hilarious” scene involving the female lead nude until they (awkwardly) purchase women’s clothing for her, with “unintentionally hilarious consequences!”

      I’ll pass on this.

      I’ll also pass on the inevitable attempt to remake Planes, Trains & Automobiles that will (probably) star Channing Tatum as the young guy trying to get home to his fiance in time for an important family dinner with his future in-laws while he’s stuck having to catch a ride home with foul mouthed but “lovable” slob Seth Rogen, who acts like a d-bag but it turns out he’s only that way because he lost contact with the girl of his dreams in college and he’s been bitter about the love thing ever since.

      Until he realises she lives next door to Tatum’s fiance’s family.

      Oh and please Hollywood, don’t let any of the above happen.

      • They kind of almost remade it. It was called Due Date, and it was a pretty enjoyable/funny movie in my opinion.

        I think they should go that route more – take the premise but change some things around so that people won’t be upset that it’s a “remake”. Ruby Sparks was another interesting take on the “create your own dream girl” premise, but it was original enough that no one would have called it a remake.

        • Due Date was the road movie starring RDJ and Zach Beardy wasn’t it?

          If so then yeah, that looked like it sucked too so I passed on that.

  11. This is a loser. I am sick of hearing ‘edgy’ as a descriptive. It means “by including graphic scenes we can use the word ‘mature and re-imagined’ to describe our movie while letting a 13-year-old wtite it”. As another poster wrote, this movie existed in a particular time and had a charm that would be impossible to replicate in 201x.

    Let Silver give me a call, I will “‘splain it to him”.

    • Explain it with a back hand slap to the face and a stern “No!”, hopefully that will work.

      • Well first I would have to call him on the telephone. “What he talkin’ ’bout on the telephone? Man!”

  12. Why?

  13. I’ve been saying for years this is really the only Hughes film that could be remade and it work better if it was the same story just with a couple of new out-casts who unwittingly make/summon a sexy genie… but really that’s were Hughes stole the idea from in the first place that and MS Frankenstein.

  14. Danny Elfman should at least do an update of his classic “Weird Science”.

    • It’ll end up being Skrillex to help make it more modern for today’s kids. Him or whatever fad hip hop star is popular right now, I dunno, I haven’t listened to radio since I left college 10 years ago.

    • I would be cool. I was also thinking this band called The Killers. If you hear some of their songs, I don’t know, I feel like they can do it. :)

      • That*

  15. Why do people find John Hughes movies so great? Weird Science, Breakfast Club, etc…I don’t see the appeal at all. They’re average in my opinion.

    • The dude made Ferris Bueller, Planes Trains and Automobiles, he wrote Christmas Vacation, he did the first 2 Home Alone movies which were really slap-sticky but they’re total classics. The dude was involved in way too many super memorable to be labeled as “average” mi amigo.

      • super memorable *movies

  16. Every so often we get a “weird science”.

    From BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN in the 1930s to FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN in the 1960s to WEIRD SCIENCE in the 1980s to S1M0NE (2002)…at times this iteration works, but honestly it depends. So it comes with little surprise, this remake — and the point is clear: “development hell” will turns any planned makeover (e.g., WARGAMES) into “a rumor” yet one the studios seem to wear well.

    In a way, we trust the writer will do a good job (if they are really determined to make this thing) but film is a director’s medium; and not knowing who that director might be will keep the whole enterprise in suspense.

    An (edgy) R-rating implies more drama than comedy, but put in the wrong hands might play like a contender punching above his weight.

  17. Oh for the Love of God! NO! Make an ORIGINAL Idea, Hollywood. Maybe a Space Ghost Movie or Heck even the Herculoids, But NO, Have to do remakes. What’s next? A remake of The Wraith? Christine? Leave Weird Science Alone!

    • I’d like to see an herculoids movie made — if done right and not made into some silly cheap comedy like they do most of these cartoon movies.

  18. kate upton needs to be the girl they create

  19. I’d take the series over the movie. Loved watching that when I was a teenager.

  20. Weird Science is one of my most favourite 80s movies EVER, so at first I’m quite apprehensive of them remaking it – especially of they want to make it “edgier”, which basically means more swearing, more sex/nudity, and probably less charm. The original didn’t really need that stuff to be loved by many.

    I did think 21 Jump Street was amusing, and I loved Scott Pilgrim, so there is some hope for the writer. Project X causes some concern though. It wasn’t even worth taking a look at so I can’t comment on it directly, but from the trailer and some people’s comments I’m pretty sure what it is about and that it sucked.

    At the end of the day I think if they go the 21 Jump Street route, where it’s not a direct remake but uses the premise and also has cameos from the original stars, then that would be a better route – especially if they call it something else.

  21. This could be alright, I always can just re-watch the original if they destroy it.
    Here is who I would cast:
    Gary- Charlie Mcdermott (The Middle)
    Wyatt- Tyler James Williams (Go On)
    Lisa- Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls)
    Chet- Seth Rogan (Pineapple Express)
    Deb- Jane Levy (Surbugatory)
    Hilly- Ariana Grande (Victorious)
    Ian- Parker Young (Surburgatory)
    Max- Angus T Jones (2 1/2 Men)
    Gary’s dad- Anthony Michael Hall
    Gang Leader- Robert Downey Jr

  22. They should charge 80′s ticket prices for all of these remakes…..


    For the love of God.

    I love this movie. The awkward shower scene after they create the girl of their dreams cracks me up every time. Screw Hollywood. I mean , yeah a few re-makes here and there are fine if they need it. Evil Dead I completely understood only because I wasn’t that big of a fan of the old ones.

    Carrie yeah same thing. But come on , Why not re-make Bill and Ted while your at it or Little Monsters. Ass hats.

    - B

    • smh.. heck remake it every 80`s film I give up

  24. They should charge 80′s ticket prices for all of these remakes…..

  25. I really love this movie; however some remakes are just not the same. The only request that I would like to make is please make Lisa british to keep her the same as she was in the previous movie. I am not talking about fake british accents like Angelina Jolie. I swear she could really ruin a wet dream. Some actress I think would fit the part like Karen, Gillian (Doctor Who), Jaime Murray (Warehouse 13), Rhona Mitra (Doomsday) or Kate Beckinsale (Underworld). I think these actresses really do fit the part but I mostly am going for Jaime Murray though because I am a fan of her. I just hope that being a R rated movie I hope they can atleast do what the original Lisa couldn’t do because it was PG-13.

    • 1980′s PG=13 =/= Today’s PG=13.

      • 1980′s R = Today’s PG-13

        • I think you have that backwards sir…

          Movie ratings were much more lax back in the dizzy.

          No way in hell Raiders of the Lost Ark gets a “PG” rating by today’s standards.

  26. Why not remake Revenge of the Nerds while they’re at it? Oh wait… they tried that and look how it turned out…

    Hollywood does need original ideas instead of making these forgettable, disposable remakes…

  27. “an edgier R-rated comedy”… so,..
    Automatic flop of a pathetic attempt to modernize past cinema.
    safe to say anyway, so may as well just say it.
    I see this being like the hangover movies. Tripe, unfunny, trying to hard on dishing out comedy it either does not have or wasn’t even mediocre with in presentation, and just plain boring from start to finish.
    I’m willing to bet that it’s also going to over-emphasis on its poorly-thought-up jokes & gags to, isn’t it? Oh yeah, I can see it now… |:-\

  28. If they do make a remake of the original, of which I am a fan of, they should cast Christopher Mintz Plasse and Michael Cera as the two nerds, and make Scarlett Johansson their “perfect woman”. They should have Robert Downey Jr. make a cameo as the principle of their highschool or something

    • Even though I have doubts about a remake, I like those casting choices. Part of me also wouldn’t mind if Jason Biggs gets a shot too.

      • Jason Biggs!?!?!?!?

        Ummm…yeah, so Pyronaut… 1999 called…

        • Haha yeah true. He’s still a high schooler in my eyes. I guess he’s to old to play the part now.

    • Not sure I really care to see a “Weird Science” remake. Then again, I always thought it was overrated. Sue me. If they do. I like your casting choices.

      • Meant for Rebanks.

  29. If one good thing comes out of this, it might be that we finally get the original Weird Science on Blu Ray.