Kevin Smith Says The Weinstein Company Has Passed on ‘Clerks 3′ 

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kevin smith1 Kevin Smith Says The Weinstein Company Has Passed on Clerks 3 

Kevin Smith has come a long way since 1994 when he appeared for the first time as the tight-lipped character Silent Bob. Over the past 20 years, the screenwriter, actor, producer, and director has released a number of cult classics, all featuring that same stoic character. And while Mallrats, Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back each have their fans, it probably wouldn’t be wrong to say that none of them have made as much of an impact as his first film, Clerks.

Filmed after hours in the convenience store where Smith worked, Clerks cost only $30,000 to make but went on to earn $3 million in very limited release, winning two awards at the Sundance Film Festival as well as nominations for three more at the Independent Spirit Awards. Needless to say, Smith’s low-budget film was a surprise success, paving the way for a sequel. Clerks 2 in 2006 upped the ante budget-wise, costing $5 million to make and grossing $24 million in wide release.

And yet eight years later, it appears that The Weinstein Company, who owns to the rights to the series, is no longer interested in attempting to repeat history. Smith had hoped to continue his story and shoot Clerks 3 this May, even bringing actress Rosario Dawson back from Clerks 2, but according to the director, those plans have stalled now that the film studio has passed on the project for budgetary reasons.

Smith recently told ScreenDaily the news, saying:

“[The Weinsteins] passed. I went in with a $6 million budget and they were like, ‘Oh no, Kevin. This is too high.’ Bob offered us distribution, but they weren’t going to finance it.”

Clerks 570x294 Kevin Smith Says The Weinstein Company Has Passed on Clerks 3 

It’s unclear now what will become of the long-awaited and highly anticipated third film in the Clerks franchise. Earlier this year, Smith had told fans on Reddit that “CLERKS III is still coming. I love the script so much, I’ll make it happen, I promise.” Whether this is still the case or if it’s even possible for him to lower the budget or raise the money himself, we’ll have to wait and see. One thing’s for sure, Smith has proven over time that he is nothing if not resourceful.

For now, though, Smith remains busy promoting his upcoming horror film, Tusk. Due in theaters later this year, the writer-director is already working on a spinoff called Yoga-Hosers, based on “two characters in a convenience store in ‘Tusk’ that you see for five minutes, very much Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.” So with a seemingly endless amount of projects around him, like Comes the Krampus, it could be a while before we hear more about Clerks 3.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you disappointed that Clerks 3 has stalled? Let us know in the comments.

Stay tuned for more Clerks 3news as it becomes available.

Source: ScreenDaily (via Variety)

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  1. KICK-STARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not going to happen. He doesn’t believe it’s right for him as a established filmmaker to ask fans to fund a film. He has plenty of options anyway. He actually prefers The Weinsteins not giving him money. It was just a legal formality to ask.

      • When was this a thing? He always regretted not doing the KickStarter thing first. Listen to his Clerks 3 podcast, there you’ll hear that he actually wanted Weinstein company to pass and he will be funding off of KickStarter.

          • Yeah he basically goes up and down on the idea… but he invented a form of kickstarter and was about to fund red state with it but got cold feet when a blogger said he was begging..

  2. Wow. What have you done for me lately?

    When I read the first few paragraphs I figured a bloated budget was to blame. But $6 million? Even Smith’s dwindling fan base should be able to rally to cover those costs. Plus, Smith is a shrewd marketer and could probably whip up a goofy controversy around the time of the film’s release.

    Methinks I smell a Kickstarter campaign. Or, maybe Smith could reclaim his indie chops and do it for … $30,000. Now that would get some publicity.

    • I found all but Dogma to be crap but he has been busy with an alleged fake script commissioned by WB so that any Batman V Superman leaks get out, they can claim it was from the fake script Smith wrote for them. Which is clever and keeps him from making any of his own films.

      • I won’t defend K smith’s films here, even though i’m a fan and i’d love to. that debate has been voiced upon the interwebs for many moons now.

        but i do take issue with the statement:
        “keeps him from making any of his own films”

        He has still been making his own films. Tusk. Made. What are you talking about? Unless i have misinterpreted your words.

        Also, that fake script crap is pure conspiracy man. There are no legitimate sources that confirm that rumor.

        • Yep, hence “alleged”.

          Honestly, the last film I remember him making before I started to tune him out completely was that awful Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back film, ever since then, I’ve gladly ignored the guy and his output. Just never understood the appeal of his films.

          • So why do you need to throw your opinion in on a subject you’re not interested in or knowledgable about? Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is pretty much all fan service… If you’re not a fan you were never going to get it.

            • Because he is a troll. Take a look around this site and you’ll see that time and time again.

          • If you think J&SB:SB is awful, you are obviously not the person I want to read critiques from, because it what it is and if you can’t see that you have your nose to high in the air.

            Coalition for Liberation of Itinerant Tree-dwellers

            • Oh, what a lovely tea party.

              -Liberating apes before imprisoning apes

            • Oh, what a lovely tea party

              =Liberating apes before imprisoning apes-


              I am in no way putting pressure on the c.l.i.t.

          • @dazz you pretty much ignored the issue i had with what you said. Let’s try again:

            [but i do take issue with the statement:
            “keeps him from making any of his own films”

            He has still been making his own films. Tusk. Made. What are you talking about? Unless i have misinterpreted your words.]

            You know you don’t have to comment on every article, especially if its concerning a topic you don’t like. ESPECIALLY when you do not have the knowledge to debate said topic. And i know someone has already said what i’m saying in the subsequent replies, but……. Just felt it needed to be said again.

          • Sheeeeit Dazz. The Villagers haven’t chased you from under the bridge yet?
            Shoo troll shoo.

      • He recently made Red State, which was okay but lacked a proper ending, then he made Tusk, which is coming out this year. Then he’s making that Krampus movie “Anti-Claus” and he’s also in the process of writing the parody “Moosejaws”, basically “Jaws” with a moose in the woods of Canada.

        And to be honest: he’s better off without the Weinsteins. They allegedly screwed him over with the money so many times that it’s not funny anymore. I don’t get why he’s going back to these guys. He must be a glutton for punishment (among other things).

    • He could do it on an iPhone and look better than Clerks, but i think the script does call for a bigger budget this time….

    • Thank you very much for that link!

      Cheers dude pic, great capture! lol 😉

  3. It’s about time, how many crap films are they supposed to give him only for them to offer very little return. Smith lost his way as a filmmaker and is now just pathetic. Take off the stupid hockey jersey, lose some weight and re discover what made you want to make movies.

    • You have no idea what your talking about.

    • He didn’t lose his way as filmmaker, he just lost interest in making films. He feels that he told the stories that he had to tell and that it’s time to make room for other aspiring filmmakers. He believes that his podcasts are a better medium for him now to tell his stories, a medium that simply didn’t exist back when he started out making movies. While he still hasn’t retired as a filmmaker – Red State, Tusk, Anti-Claus and Moosejaws being proof of that – he only makes movies now that he REALLY wants to do and that nobody else would make, all of which spring from ideas raised in discussions on his successful podcasts that regularly sell out rooms when he’s on tour.

  4. @badronald.

    Hollywood babble-on
    Fatman on Batman
    Jay and Silent Bob get old
    Comic-Book Men
    Batman 66 meets the Green Hornet
    Constant touring, consistant projects produced in print, tv, film and radio.

    One of the hardest working men in hollywood who is humble enough to recognise his own faults and enable and encourage others to make art of their own.

    Pathetic? What have you done lately?

    • +1000!

      Rock on Babylon of Sanity, Defensor of Kevin Smith, the Smiter of Hollywood BS!


    • Kevin Smith is someone any aspiring filmmaker can learn something from.

      He’s also a terrific raconteur, bon-vivant, jokester & strikes an almost genius balance between admirable self respect & taking the very piss out of his own self-respecting self.

      And he makes me LMAOROTFMAME

    • Amen.

  5. he’ll probably spent the money on Scooby snacks

    • @mr obvious. Triple-fail. The spelling in your comment was wrong, It didn’t make any sense and it wasn’t funny. Good job!

      • I was buzzed while typing :)
        P.s. I’m currently @ friend’s BBQ

        • Cheers Leonard!

          I’m still hungover btw. The BBQ was decent, but the after-after parties was so good I can’t remember who I shagged. (Need her facebook )
          Good summer so far

  6. Gimme mallrats 2.

    Mallrats is still my favourite k.smith movie.

    Absolute underrated classic.

  7. I have faith that we’ll see Clerks III. Maybe it’ll be like we saw Red State, with Kevin touring with the movie, but his fans will see it. That’s as it should be anyway.

    Kevin Smith has always respected his fans, and treated them with love and respect. That has been reciprocated year after year after year. Dwindling fan base? Go see a KS Q&A sometime. Take a look at a lot of the faces. You’ll see a hell of a lot of people that weren’t around for even J&SBSB.

    The jealousy that seeps through in some of these comments is the same jealousy that always seeps through in interwebz comments on KS. It’s the same jealousy many Hollywood people feel for him. It comes from the fact that these people know that his fans REALLY love the guy. Not just as a celebrity, but truly love the guy. As he would probably say, Love him a lot…all over his face, neck, and chest!

  8. not surprising the weinsteins are very money hungry

  9. How does this guy not have the money to fund his own film? I swear he’s a Hollywood film maker/writer/producer etc.etc… Hey Smith, just get your “good buddy” Ben Affleck to pay for it, it’s the least he can do after all the lip service you’ve been whoring out for him.

    • Because went without or with little pay on several of his movies, at least once because Weinstein just didn’t pay the whole crew for a long while. Again, allegedly…

  10. Did he tweet that to ScreenDaily, or was it an actual quote?

  11. Six Million? Are you kidding me? That’s Harvey breaking up with Smith, pure and simple. The money will be made back and then some, that’s not the issue. Smith is a headache that’s not worth it anymore.

    I’ve never been a big fan of his films, but I actually liked Clerks 2 much more than the first. That said, I think it ended exactly where it needed to, and I’m not exactly looking forward to J&SB baby sitting Dante’s kid.

  12. Although I liked Clerks and Clerks 2, I think a 3rd installment might be a little too much. It ended the way it should have and I don’t want it to fall into that “American Pie” trap in which they kept making them over and over again with each installment loosing it’s appeal of what made the first film great

  13. I loved Kevin Smith… Saw all his movies, read some of his books, I even recently got to visit Secrete Stash in N.J. But he lost me with Cop Out and I never finished Red State. In my opinion… I feel he has lost some of his originality when it comes to making movies. His older movies had a clear voice and message of what he was trying to say. The newer stuff I’m just not getting all to well.

    Either way I’ll always try and watch what he does… But I hope he finds his muse again.

    • To be fair, Cop Out was just a directorial commission, because he wanted to work with Bruce Willis (which he regreted later on). He didn’t write that movie.

    • I hope he finds his Salma Hayek again, also.

  14. Love his style of comedy so I’m disappointed. Here’s hoping things will turn out. 6 million is too much. That one made me LMAO.

  15. He’s got money, he should pull a George Lucas and self-finance the film. He’s already got the Weinsteins for distribution. If the screenplay is so good he’ll make bank and it’ll almost all be his.