Weekly TV Wrap Up – June 25, 2009

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Last Weeks Ratings

With the big sporting events out of the way, scripted dramas dominated the top-10 spots in last week’s ratings.

A repeat of the ever-popular NCIS led the way for CBS and helped the stations claim 9 of the top 10 spots.  The lone intruding network in the top 10 was Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, lodging itself into 6th.

ABC’s best performer last week was the hilarious yet repetitive show Wipeout, sitting just outside the top 10, in 11th.  On a sad note, NBC’s best rated show was Dateline, sitting in 21st.

The CW’s best performer was a repeat of Smallville, putting the ever-dragging network solidly into 79th.

In case you had not taken note, Eli Stone (69th) and Kings (77th) are airing once again in what looks to be the obligatory completion of purchased episodes.  Sadly, I don’t remember seeing any marketing for these shows.  Do you?

On the cable side of things, Royal Pains dominated the cable box followed by The Closer.  I caught a bit of Royal Pains and I found myself being curious about it.  It has potential.

Here’s the chart:

Rank – Show (Network) -Viewers In The Millions JUNE 15-21, 2009
1 – NCIS R(CBS #1) – 10.394
2 – Two And A Half Men R(CBS) – 10.188
3 – The Mentalist – Tue R(CBS) – 10.118
4 – CSI R(CBS) – 9.715
5 – The Mentalist R(CBS) – 8.969
6 – So You Think Can Dance – Wed (FOX #1) – 8.483
7 – The Big Bang Theory R(CBS) – 8.417
8 – 60 Minutes(CBS) – 8.305
9 – CSI: Miami R(CBS) – 8.252
10 – Criminal Minds R(CBS) – 8.037
11 – Wipeout(ABC #1) – 7.995
12 – So You Think Can Dance – Thu(FOX) – 7.984
13 – CSI: NY R(CBS) – 7.797
14 – NCIS Thurs 8pm R(CBS) – 7.596
15 – 48 Hours Mystery Tuesday R(CBS) – 7.199
16 – The Bachelorette(ABC) – 6.761
17 – Cold Case R(CBS) – 6.752
18 – Without A Trace – Sun R(CBS) – 6.7
19 – Million Dollar Password R(CBS) – 6.254
20 – The Big Bang Theory R(CBS) – 6.047
21 – Dateline – Mon(NBC #1) – 5.687
24 – Law And Order:SVU R(NBC) – 5.601
25 – I Surved A Japanese Game Show P(ABC) – 5.345
26 – Merlin 6/21 S(NBC) – 5.338
28 – Merlin P(NBC) – 5.195
31 – Numbers R(CBS) – 5.011
32 – Law And Order R(NBC) – 4.949
33 – House R(FOX) – 4.917
34 – Bones R(FOX) – 4.841
35 – Flashpoint R(CBS) – 4.815
38 – Mental(FOX) – 4.621
39 – Lie To Me – Mon R(FOX) – 4.518
45 – Family Guy R(FOX) – 4.186
51 – Simpsons R(FOX) – 3.843
52 – Listener(NBC) – 3.832
53 – The Unusuals(ABC) – 3.796
56 – American Dad R(FOX) – 3.609
59 – King Of The Hill R(FOX) – 3.295
60 – Office R(NBC) – 3.286
66 – 30 Rock R(NBC) – 2.68
67 – Ugly Betty R(ABC) – 2.564
69 – Eli Stone P(ABC) – 2.536
71 – Castle RP(ABC) – 2.421
72 – Grey’s Anatomy R(ABC) – 2.304
74 – Private Practice R(ABC) – 2.049
77 – Kings(NBC) – 1.747
79 – Smallville R(CW #1) – 1.351
81 – Supernatural R(CW) – 1.119
87 – Gossip Girl – Mon R(CW) – 0.824
88 – One Tree Hill – Mon R(CW) – 0.79
89 – Reaper – Sun R(CW) – 0.7
Cable’s Top Shows
1 – Royal Pains Cable (USA ) – 6.503
2 – The Closer Cable (TNT ) – 6.469
3 – WWE Entertainment Cable (USA ) – 6.091
4 – NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing / Sonoma Cable (TNT ) – 5.788
5 – Burn Notice Cable (USA ) – 5.782
8 – NCIS Cable (USA ) – 5.071

Source:  TV By The Numbers

That’s the wrap-up for the week.  If there’s anything of interest you’d like us to look over, let us know in the comments section.  Or heck, you could even leave comments about anything I spoke to.

Thanks for coming by.

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  1. Oh man, I think I’m going to have to start watching Fringe again! :-)

  2. while i do like alien invasion movies/tv shows i dont want this 1. sounds like a v ripoff. by the way i loved v, both miniseries and even the short lived tv show

  3. I like red …

  4. I didn’t think Fringe needed much tinkering with other than give the Docs son (Joshua Jackson)something to do besides holding back of the hair of Anna Torv (Olivia)when she upchucks or needs a hug. Perhaps they are replacing the character Astrid, too bad I like her character but I admit she is certainly only used for grabbing coffee and feeding the cow. She is quite pretty, but in the chest department she certainly doesn’t match that shot of Meghan Markle/Ms. Headlights. Clearly the show runner think they need more cleavage/eye candy.

    If I were 15 I’d think that was a good thing but at 45 I just hope she can act. Fringe fans look forward to a lot of cleavage and side shots of Ms. Markle.

  5. Cleavage? I didn’t notice any cleavage in that picture? And I am sticking to that story if my wife asks. :-)

  6. LOL, Funny JKT, I was thing the caption to that picture “Fringe Cast Grows” was sort of tongue & cheek.

  7. The year of alien invasions. V, District 9, and now Invasion.

    Whens the real invasion due ???
    What horrible programming these days. That top ten could be used instead of water boarding…

  8. Regarding “Alien Invation show”

    Aren’t you guys being rather close minded. First of all “V” is a tv series…District 9 is a movie. Completely different things. The fact that the Noah Wylie show involves an alien invation plot doesn’t mean it will be anything like other shows. “V” and the “X Files”….both about alien invasions….nothing alike. Lets just wait for it to come out before shooting it down. Who knows? It could turn out to be the best show ever on TV……it could happen!?!

    Oh…and I already watch Fringe, but…….DAMN!

  9. Close minded ? 8-O
    I’m pointing out similarities in themes. I never said V or Invasion would suck. District 9, V and Invasion all share the same theme. Aliens coming to Earth.

    ( “V” and the “X Files”….both about alien invasions….nothing alike.)
    Not true both stories centered around a global alien conspiracy.

  10. wouldn’t that be nice if us earthers were the aliens on a newly discovered world on a new tv series instead? oops, now I have to go and trademark that idea before the networks get it.

  11. @piratedan that show is called Star Trek.


    Nice thought… we move in, we get attacked by the native settlers, we destroy everyone, call it our own… oh wait, that’s how the west was won!


    Winner of making the biggest point with the fewest words. LOL.


    Totally unintentional.. and mind your manners. This is a family oriented site… sort of. Good eye… I didn’t even realize I did that! The words I mean.

    On FRINGE Casting:

    I used to worry about when a show added women to their cast. Back in the day, that meant ratings were dropping. Heck, when “7 of 9″ was added to Voyager, that marked a historic uptick in ratings for the franchise!

    And I’m in a hurry so I have to double check this, but I believe she is replacing Acevedo, who used his Facebook page to say he was done wrong and fired, though the studio says there’s more to that story and he wasn’t fired.

    Eh, whatever… Now if they could just give Joshua Jackson more multi-line scripts and develop that boy, I would be even happier than I am now.

    And red has always been my fave color.

    ‘Nuff said.

  13. @ Piratedan:
    There are two new animated movies out with same general theme, the titles escape me, but they are recent (or soon to be) releases. It seems your idea has already been stolen! Gotta be careful where you post ideas like that!

    @ 790 & Wickamo:
    You guys are missing the point! All these alien themed shows are just a slew of cover ploys to divert our attention from the real threat of the on going invasion from various alien species (rumors are that one species even looks grasshoppers!) on the verge of over-running our planet within the next three years. Which is too bad for them since the world is due to be destroyed shortly after, around December of the year 2012!

    @ Ink:
    Red. The new color of Fringe! I like it, and will keep watching. Maybe a little bit closer now.

  14. @790
    “That show was called Star Trek”

    Stop reading my mind! I thought the same thing when pirate posted that comment.

  15. I’m sorry; I was just looking at that picture of the person in red again and lost my train of thought. 8)

  16. You know after looking at her photo a few times I realized something …

    … she has a beautiful face. :)

  17. @piratedan

    You’re too late on the copyright.

    Look here:

  18. I find it HYSTERICAL that wrestling ratings beat out anything on The CW. I don’t even know how the CW even qualifies as a network anymore. LOL.

    I like Noah Wylie. I stopped watching ER after he left, and I have enjoyed the Librarian films, too. I will have to check out that show.

    I might have to start watching Fringe again…. :P