Welcome to Thursday’s Weekly TV Wrap Up. Today we have a chunk of news to chat about.

I want to touch a bit on the television broadcast digital conversion and how well it went, or maybe not so well for some.  Then we’ll touch on some True Blood ratings news, Heroes casting info, Bones renewal info and some Lie To Me news.  We’ll then toss in some info on Patrick Swayze’s The Beast, My Name Is Earl and some Law And Order: SVU cast news.

Of course, I wrap it up with TV and cable ratings from last week.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Digital Transition Not So Smooth

As the television world went digital last Friday, for many it was a flawless event.  For some, not so flawless.

One experience noted was that of a consumer who bought a digital TV, and later, a “digital” antenna to prepare for the transition – yet when the switch happened, they lost their local ABC and CBS stations.

They had issues because when the digital switch happened, stations went from the UHF to the VHF band and the antenna this consumer bought was designed only for digital UHF stations.  So much for the digital sales pitch on the product.  Hence, consumer beware.

There are digital receivers on the market that receive both bands.  Be aware of that.

Nearly all stations that changed were using the UHF band until the change last Friday and now they’re almost all on VHF.

cc image11 Weekly TV Wrap Up   June 18, 2009

If perchance you or someone you know are still having problems, try this:

Force the converter box or digital TV to rescan for channels that moved to the new frequencies on Friday.

If that doesn’t work, try a technique called double rescanning.

What that entails is disconnecting the antenna from your TV or digital converter box.  Then rescan again.  Turn off your TV or box.  Then turn it / them back on.  Connect the antenna and scan one more time.

This procedure helps clear saved channels from your TV or box memory.

Source:  DTV.gov, DTV.gov

True Blood Explodes On Cable

With the 2nd season premiere of True Blood kicking in at HBO, the ratings reflected viewers approval of the show.

The episode averaged 3.7 million viewers, which made it the most watched episode in two years for HBO, since The Sopranos.

source:  EW

Heroes Might Be Adding A Cylon

rick worthy Weekly TV Wrap Up   June 18, 2009

Rick Worthy, who played the Simon model Cylon from Battlestar Galactica, is in negotiations to join the cast of Heroes.

The role will be a recurring role as Matt Parkman’s (Greg Grunberg) new partner.

Worthy brings a wealth of experience with him.  He’s been in various shows prior to BSG like CSI, Fallen and  Enterprise just to name a few.

They’re talking about this as if it’s a done deal but they did note they are still in negotiations.  Do you think he’ll be added to the list of new Heroes cast, along with Robert Knepper and Madelina Zima?

Source:  Superhero Hype

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Lie To Me on Fox

We were asked by readers to dig up some news if we can on Fox’s Lie To Me. I did mention this back in my May 14th issue of the TV Wrap Up, but what the heck.  We aim to please.

Joining season 2 of Lie To Me is The Shield’s creator, Shawn Ryan, bringing his own special angle to the show as executive producer and showrunner.  This will be a first time in a while that Shawn is working on a series he didn’t create.

If Lie To Me wasn’t intense enough, do you think it’s going to get even more intense?

Source:  IGN TV

Bones Gets 2 Seasons

This is not the freshest news, (Proof how deep my RSS feeds go sometimes) but just in case any Bones fans out there didn’t know, it was renewed not for 1, but 2 new seasons.

Source:  EW

The Beast Canceled

patrick swayze Weekly TV Wrap Up   June 18, 2009

Sadly, the A&E series The Beast has not been renewed for a 2nd season.

A&E’s official line is that “the uncertainty about Swayze’s battle with pancreatic cancer — coupled with low ratings — made it unfeasible for the show to go on.”

Bummer.  I found myself getting caught up in the few episodes I did catch.

Source: TV Guide

My Name Is Earl Was Not Picked Up

It was being reported that My Name Is Earl was possibly going to be picked up by TBS.  You can scratch that idea of your list of hopefuls.

The cost of production did not add up for TBS and they declined to pick it up.

You have to wonder at what point do you dig in for what you think you’re worth or look around at the economy and the fans, and eat some humble pie?

Source: Variety

Law And Order: SVU Cast News

stephanie march Weekly TV Wrap Up   June 18, 2009

News on cast renewals:  While contract negotiations for Meloni and Hargity are making the news, Stephanie March quietly signed on to Law And Order:SVU, looking to appear in at least 10 episodes in the upcoming season.

When she reprised her role of ADA Alex Cabot last season, it was one of the most watched episodes of the season.  I’m thinking that Meloni and Hargity might take note of that and not dig in so hard.

Source:  EW

Ratings for June 8th to 14th

Sports was the big winner last week.  NBA finals dominated the top 4 spots in the top 10, while scripted repeats took 5 of the last 6 spots.  That helped ABC win-out over the usually dominating presence of CBS.

The Mentalist and others helped keep CBS in ranks 5 through 10 in the ratings.

The 7th game of the Stanley Cup finals only came in at 17th in the ratings.  This was NBC’s best performing show for the week.  I’m bummed.  I thought there were more hockey fans out there losing their voices with me while the Red Wings lost.

Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance was their number 1 hit, coming in at 11th.  One of Fox’s newest shows, Mental, isn’t doing so well in this summer time frame and that is not good.  It ranked 43rd with 4.7 million viewers.

This week I’ve started including the animated Sunday Fox shows because some of our readers pointed out that these shows are what they like watching.  We here at Screen Rant are always listening to our readers.

the closer Weekly TV Wrap Up   June 18, 2009

As far as cable TV goes, The Closer definitely closed the doors on the other shows while WWE was 2nd in the cable ratings.  Burn Notice was surrounded in its 5th spot by NASCAR telecasts.

Rank – Show (Network) -Viewers In The Millions JUNE 8-14, 2009
1 – NBA Finals Game 4 (ABC # 1) – 15.957
2 – NBA Finals Game 3 (ABC) – 14.196
3 – NBA Finals Game 5 (ABC) – 14.171
4 – NBA Trophy Presentation (ABC) – 13.475
5 – The Mentalist [tues] R (CBS # 1) – 11.621
6 – NCIS R (CBS) – 11.052
7 – Two And A Half Men R (CBS) – 9.517
8 – The Mentalist R (CBS) – 8.944
9 – 48 Hours Mystery Tuesday R (CBS) – 8.846
10 – CSI R (CBS) – 8.74
11 – So You Think Can Dance – Wed (FOX # 1) – 8.687
12 – So You Think Can Dance – Thu (FOX) – 8.648
13 – Wipeout (ABC) – 8.486
14 – Criminal Minds R (CBS) – 8.341
15 – CSI: Miami R (CBS) – 8.206
16 – CSI: NY R (CBS) – 8.019
17 – NHL Stanley Cup Game #7 (NBC # 1) – 7.992
23 – Cold Case R (CBS) – 6.504
25 – Without A Trace R (CBS) – 6.488
26 – House R (FOX) – 5.934
29 – Bones R (FOX) – 5.655
30 – Flashpoint R (CBS) – 5.584
31 – Numbers R (CBS) – 5.55
33 – Ghost Whisperer R (CBS) – 5.392
39 – Law And Order R (NBC) – 4.85
43 – Mental (FOX) – 4.7
45 – Listener (NBC) – 4.443
46 – The Unusuals (ABC) – 4.403
47 – Law & Order:SVU – Sat R (NBC) – 4.358
48 – Family Guy R (FOX) – 4.219
51 – Simpsons R (FOX) – 3.915
57 – King Of The Hill R (FOX) – 3.769
60 – Office R (NBC) – 3.494
61 – American Dad R (FOX) – 3.453
62 – Law And Order – Sat R (NBC) – 3.444
63 – Cops R (FOX) – 3.341
65 – 30 Rock R (NBC) – 3.101
68 – Mental – Fri R (FOX) – 2.451
70 – Pushing Daisies (ABC) – 2.183
71 – The CW Sunday Movie (CW # 1) – 2.176
72 – King Of Hill-Sun 7P R (FOX) – 2.075
77 – Kings (NBC) – 1.336
78 – Smallville R (CW) – 1.249
79 – Supernatural R (CW) – 1.242
80 – 90210 P (CW) – 1.119
82 – Gossip Girl R (CW) – 0.983
86 – Privileged R (CW) – 0.88
87 – One Tree Hill R (CW) – 0.852
88 – Jericho R (CW) – 0.564
Cable Shows
1 – The Closer (TNT) – 7.139
2 – WWE Entertainment (USA) – 5.935
3 – Royal Pains (USA) – 5.59
4 – NASCAR Post Race Show (TNT) – 5.531
5 – Burn Notice (USA) – 5.242
6 – NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing – Michigan (TNT) – 5.118
8 – In Plain Sight (USA) – 4.271
10 – Deadliest Catch (DISC) – 4.189
11 – Law & Order: CI (Orig) (USA) – 4.141
12 – The Parent Trap (1998) (DSNY) – 4.119
13 – NCIS (USA) – 3.812
15 – Lonesome Dove Parts 3 & 4 (AMC) – 3.745
18 – True Blood (HBO) – 3.7

Source:  TV By The Numbers

That’s all for this week.  Let us know if you want to know about any particular show and we’ll see what we can do.  Thanks for coming by and don’t forget to pitch in and leave your thoughts here!