Lie To Me on Fox

We were asked by readers to dig up some news if we can on Fox’s Lie To Me. I did mention this back in my May 14th issue of the TV Wrap Up, but what the heck.  We aim to please.

Joining season 2 of Lie To Me is The Shield’s creator, Shawn Ryan, bringing his own special angle to the show as executive producer and showrunner.  This will be a first time in a while that Shawn is working on a series he didn’t create.

If Lie To Me wasn’t intense enough, do you think it’s going to get even more intense?

Source:  IGN TV

Bones Gets 2 Seasons

This is not the freshest news, (Proof how deep my RSS feeds go sometimes) but just in case any Bones fans out there didn’t know, it was renewed not for 1, but 2 new seasons.

Source:  EW

The Beast Canceled

Sadly, the A&E series The Beast has not been renewed for a 2nd season.

A&E’s official line is that “the uncertainty about Swayze’s battle with pancreatic cancer — coupled with low ratings — made it unfeasible for the show to go on.”

Bummer.  I found myself getting caught up in the few episodes I did catch.

Source: TV Guide

My Name Is Earl Was Not Picked Up

It was being reported that My Name Is Earl was possibly going to be picked up by TBS.  You can scratch that idea of your list of hopefuls.

The cost of production did not add up for TBS and they declined to pick it up.

You have to wonder at what point do you dig in for what you think you’re worth or look around at the economy and the fans, and eat some humble pie?

Source: Variety

Law And Order: SVU Cast News

News on cast renewals:  While contract negotiations for Meloni and Hargity are making the news, Stephanie March quietly signed on to Law And Order:SVU, looking to appear in at least 10 episodes in the upcoming season.

When she reprised her role of ADA Alex Cabot last season, it was one of the most watched episodes of the season.  I’m thinking that Meloni and Hargity might take note of that and not dig in so hard.

Source:  EW

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