Today’s Weekly TV Wrap Up covers information about ABC on Hulu, a new developing tidbit on Smallville, NCIS casting bits, CSI Miami does time travel and some Lie To Me & The Mentalist casting news.

We also have a trailer for season 2 of Sons Of Anarchy, a bit about David Tennant’s next acting role and some information on 2 new shows coming at us, The Forgotten and Gravity.

There’s also a bit of a change up to the Ratings table this week.  I apologize ahead of time.

ABC on Hulu

Now that Walt Disney has become an equity partner with, we are going to start to see ABC projects showing up on the online video site.

Grey’s Anatomy was the first and will be followed by Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, Ugly Betty, I Survived a Japanese Game Show and Superstars.

I thought I didn’t care about the first bunch, but that last one… WHY!?

Source: Variety

The “S” Symbol on Smallville

smallville movie metropolis Weekly TV Wrap Up   July 9th, 2009

According to Ausielllo on, well… I’ll just quote this one sentence:  “The iconic “S” symbol will be all over the show (Smallville) in season 9. Including on Clark’s chest.”

He also pointed out that there is no discussion at the CW at this time about a Smallville spin-off taking place.

Sorry gang.

Source:  EW


NCIS Needs A New Agent

News on the street is that the producers of NCIS are looking for an actor to play a male agent in his 30’s.  The role has potential to be a recurring role.

I presume if the character/actor hit it off in their popularity scales, he’ll become a recurring role.

Source: EW


CSI Miami Flash Back

csi miami Weekly TV Wrap Up   July 9th, 2009

“But why a flash back??”

Season 8 premiere of CSI Miami is going to take place in 1997.  It will be an origins type episode showing the early days of the team.

Rumor has it that the flash back narration will be done by a comatose Delko.  I’m guessing a dream state of such.

I’m betting the makeup and CGI people were working hard on this one!

Source: EW

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Lie To Me adds Cast

After having successful guest roles, Fox has decided to bring back Mekhi Phifer as a series regular as FBI agent Reynold, and Jennifer Beals is coming back in a recurring capacity as Assistant U.S. Attorney Landau.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


The Mentalist Adds To Cast

Former Oz actor Terry Kinney is joining the cast of The Mentalist as Sam Bosco, a by-the-book California Bureau of Investigations agent.  He will be leading the division charged with the Red John case.

Source:  EW


Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Preview

In season 1, we watched the ever growing rift between Jax and Clay. I suspect that this rift will be a central focus in the upcoming 2nd season.

Why do I think that?  Check out this preview of Sons of Anarchy titled Clay Vs. Jax

Source:  Aceshowbiz


David Tennant’s Next Role

David Tennant and Sarah Harding have jumped on board their new project called St. Trinian’s II: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold.

It’s reportedly a comedy… if that’s what a “laffer” is.



The Forgotten

the forgotten Weekly TV Wrap Up   July 9th, 2009

The Forgotten is an ABC show that will premiere on September 22nd.  It’s about amateur detectives who try to solve cases with unidentified victims.

Christian Slater fans will be happy, being as he’s been cast as Alex Donovan who leads the network of volunteers.

Source: TV Guide


Does ABC’s Gravity Have A Chance?

ABC has picked up a Fox TV Studios produced adventure drama titled Gravity.

Gravity is about eight astronauts from five different countries who go on a mysterious six-year mission through the solar system.

It stars Ron Livingston, Laura Harris, Christina Cox, Malik Yoba and Florentine Lahme.

It’s going to be produced by Canada’s CTV, Germany’s ProSieben and the BBC.  Just like the show, it’s an international effort.

I know it’s not the same, but it started to remind me of Virtuality a bit…  just a bit.  At least it sounds like ABC will at least give it a chance to flounder rather than cut it’s legs out from under it before it gets going.

Source:  Hollywood Reporter

Next up: Last week’s network ratings.

Network Ratings

The networks are primarily in summer mode.  That means repeats of everything good or a lot of reality TV programming like So You Think You Can Dance and the upcoming premiere of Big Brother…  ooh.  I can’t wait.

Because of summer mode, my source is only covering the top 20 shows on network and it’s nothing exciting to talk about.  I tried signing up with Nielsen to I could get everyone the top 100 shows table, but the Nielsen system doesn’t like me enough yet to grant me an account.  Maybe I’ve bashed the antiquated, drabble minded, reality TV show ratings system too much!  Who knows.  (Oh, did I just do that again?)

If I were to at least look at the top 20 rated network shows, you’d see that the best rated drama among all viewers is

  • 3rd – NCIS at 10.8 mil viewers
  • 4th – The Mentalist, 10.5 mil
  • 8th – CSI, 8.2 mil
  • 10th – CSI:NY, 8.2 mil
  • 11th – Criminal Minds, 8 mil
  • 18th – Law and Order:SVU, 7.3 mil
  • 20th – Cold Case, 7 mil.

Notice I said all viewers for the above short table?  I’m not going to go into depth on this, but if you break out the desirable demographic of viewers between the ages of 18-49 who spend money on advertisers’ products, NCIS drops to 12th.  You can guess what fills the top 11 spots from there.

I’ve also included some cable ratings below.  In case you wonder what shows are in the missing spots like 4th, 7th, 9th, etc., a lot of shows take multiple spots on the table, like in the example where Hannah Montana is in 1st and 13th.  Spongebob and WWE pretty much filled up the rest of the empty slots.

Cable Shows

1 – Hannah Montana (DSNY) – 6.901
2 – The Closer (TNT) – 6.295
3 – WWE Entertainment (USA) – 6.241
5 – NASCAR Post Race Show (TNT) – 5.475
6 – NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing/Daytona (TNT) – 5.277
8 – NCIS (USA) – 4.406
10 – Jonas (DSNY) – 4.034
11 – Spongebob (NICK) – 3.669
13 – Hannah Montana (DSNY) – 3.636
16 – Army Wives (LIFE) – 3.622

That’s it for the week.

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