Network Ratings

The networks are primarily in summer mode.  That means repeats of everything good or a lot of reality TV programming like So You Think You Can Dance and the upcoming premiere of Big Brother…  ooh.  I can’t wait.

Because of summer mode, my source is only covering the top 20 shows on network and it’s nothing exciting to talk about.  I tried signing up with Nielsen to I could get everyone the top 100 shows table, but the Nielsen system doesn’t like me enough yet to grant me an account.  Maybe I’ve bashed the antiquated, drabble minded, reality TV show ratings system too much!  Who knows.  (Oh, did I just do that again?)

If I were to at least look at the top 20 rated network shows, you’d see that the best rated drama among all viewers is

  • 3rd – NCIS at 10.8 mil viewers
  • 4th – The Mentalist, 10.5 mil
  • 8th – CSI, 8.2 mil
  • 10th – CSI:NY, 8.2 mil
  • 11th – Criminal Minds, 8 mil
  • 18th – Law and Order:SVU, 7.3 mil
  • 20th – Cold Case, 7 mil.

Notice I said all viewers for the above short table?  I’m not going to go into depth on this, but if you break out the desirable demographic of viewers between the ages of 18-49 who spend money on advertisers’ products, NCIS drops to 12th.  You can guess what fills the top 11 spots from there.

I’ve also included some cable ratings below.  In case you wonder what shows are in the missing spots like 4th, 7th, 9th, etc., a lot of shows take multiple spots on the table, like in the example where Hannah Montana is in 1st and 13th.  Spongebob and WWE pretty much filled up the rest of the empty slots.

Cable Shows

1 – Hannah Montana (DSNY) – 6.901
2 – The Closer (TNT) – 6.295
3 – WWE Entertainment (USA) – 6.241
5 – NASCAR Post Race Show (TNT) – 5.475
6 – NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing/Daytona (TNT) – 5.277
8 – NCIS (USA) – 4.406
10 – Jonas (DSNY) – 4.034
11 – Spongebob (NICK) – 3.669
13 – Hannah Montana (DSNY) – 3.636
16 – Army Wives (LIFE) – 3.622

That’s it for the week.

As always, Screen Rant reader comments or suggestions are welcomed and always appreciated.

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