Weekly TV Wrap Up – April 2nd, 2009

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It’s been an interesting week indeed.  Today I bring some DVD news about Star Trek: TOS, Pushing Daisies, Ugly Betty, Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights.  It’s all good!

I’ve also have a couple of bits of business news about Disney and its slow, creeping take over of the entertainment world!

REMINDER: Don’t forget, Friday night on The Sci-Fi Channel:  Stargate Continuum.  It’s a great movie.  Vic and I saw it last year with the cast of the show.  There was a great time had by all.

Let’s start the show with the numbers from the last week of television viewing:

Since many of you said you were interested in numbers for a lot of shows, well, I slapped in a lot of show! As you can see, American Idol trumped everyone yet again.  The first non-reality show, The Mentalist, was third on the list and then the shows scatter throughout from there!

Rank, Show, Millions of Viewers

1 American Idol 24,096,000
2 Dancing With the Stars 21,643,000
3 The Mentalist 16,920,000
4 NCIS 16,830,000
5 Grey’s Anatomy 16,545,000
6 Two and A Half Men 14,439,000
7 60 Minutes 13,522,000
8 CSI:Miami 13,359,000
9 Dancing With the Stars: Results 13,000,000
10 Without A Trace 12,700,000
11 House 12,186,000
12 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 12,163,000
13 Hell’s Kitchen 12,021,000
14 Amazing Race 14 11,461,000
15 Cold Case 11,457,000
16 24 11,209,000
17 Private Practice 11,147,000
18 Rules of Engagement 10,993,000
19 E.R. 10,568,000
20 Celebrity Apprentice 9,976,000
21 Castle 9,814,000
22 The Big Bang Theory 9,765,000
23 Biggest Loser: Couples 9,560,000
24 Law & Order: SVU 9,340,000
25 Osbournes Reloaded (premiere) 9,330,000
26 How I Met Your Mother 9,228,000
27 The Unit 9,193,000
28 America’s Funniest Home Videos 8,829,000
29 The Office 8,445,000
30 Family Guy 8,198,000
31 20/20 8,050,000
32 Cupid (premiere) 7,560,000
33 Medium 7,260,000
34 30 Rock 7,173,000
35 In the Motherhood (premiere) 6,720,000
36 48 Hours Mystery (first 30 min) 6,660,000
37 Simpsons 6,582,000
38 Samantha Who? 6,531,000
40 Heroes 6,318,000
41 American Dad 5,995,000
42 My Name is Earl 5,870,000
43 America’s Most Wanted 5,830,000
44 Chuck 5,625,000
46 Dateline 5,390,000
47 Kings 4,583,000
48 Castle (repeat) 4,010,000
49 Smallville 3,989,000
50 Friday Night Lights 3,950,000
51 Dollhouse 3,870,000
52 The Sarah Connor Chronicles 3,830,000
54 Cristina 3,430,000
55 Better Off Ted (repeat) 3,360,000
57 Gossip Girl 2,479,000
58 American Dad (repeat) 2,379,000
59 Reaper 2,370,000
60 One Tree Hill 2,288,000
61 90210 2,040,000
64 America’s Next Top Model (R) 1,710,000
65 Jericho (repeat) 812,000

Source:  TV By The Numbers

Star Trek TOS Coming To Blu-ray

The first season of Star Trek: The Original Series comes out on Blu-ray April 28 from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment. It’s a seven-disc set including all 29 first-season episodes and many special features.

It will have both newly enhanced and original special effects.  Also, an enhanced soundtrack and the original one.

Source:  Sci Fi Wire

Speaking of Star Trek

Jeri Ryan, who portrayed 7 of 9 on Star Trek: Voyager, will be playing a lawyer on Law & Order: SVU for a few episodes.

She’ll be playing attorney Patrice Larue on the April 7 episode, and will reprise the role in at least 2 other episodes.

She’s come a long way from her space faring ways!

Source:  TV Guide

Pushing Daisies News

For the fans desiring the fulfillment of seeing the last episodes of Pushing Daisies, well guess what?  Though you won’t get the final unseen episodes on TV, they will be included in the complete second season release on DVD and Blu-ray.  Hey!  The release date is my birthday:  July 21st.

Source:  EW.com

Ugly Betty

The final 3 episodes of Ugly Betty, which you have yet to see, will be returning to air after its surprise spring break.  Expect them to show up starting on May 7th.

Source:  EW.com

Friday Night Lights

NBC and DirecTV have come to terms and Friday Night Lights will be given 2 more seasons!  As you know, the two networks have worked out an agreement to share the costs of production, keeping the show on the air.  DirecTV airs it first, then NBC.

Something you should prepare yourself for is that it’s a show about high school.  Students do move on after graduating.  I just thought you should know.

Source:  E Online

Breaking Bad

A late breaking bit to add to my article here is that Breaking Bad, despite only being 4 episodes into its second season, has been picked up for a third season.

Source:  THR


ABC, ESPN and YouTube

The Leader of the Band, Disney, is eyeballing a deal that will put ABC and ESPN videos on YouTube.  This is all a plan that will help Google make YouTube a more commercial entity for them from the advertising that will ensue.

This means that Disney Media Networks will be able to sell advertising  attached to its content.  Oh lord, that means an ad about a Disney movie every few minutes.  Goody.

Google and Disney will be splitting the ad revenue generated from their partnership.

Starting next month, you’ll start seeing channels for ESPN, ABC Entertainment, ABC News, ABC Family and SOAPnet.

When I watch On Demand, CBS has an ad or two.  NBC, well, I don’t know.  They charge 99 cents on this venue that has mostly free content.  ABC, egads.  The ABC On Demand venue has just as many ads for their upcoming movies as they do ads on the network when it airs live.  The hard part is, it’s the same ad, over and over.  I hope they don’t do that with their online content.

Source:  Hollywood Reporter

Speaking Of Disney: Hulu

Huh?  Not only is Disney looking to spread out to YouTube, they’re also looking to buy an equity stake in Hulu.  Disney will probably look to distribute content to Hulu once this takes place.

The funny angle to this is that this is the cheapest route for Disney to get their content on Hulu, versus a direct licensing deal.

Crumbs… more ads on some Hulu content now.  I’m doomed!

Source:  THR

Guiding Light To End

I know you all probably have secretly scheduled this in your TiVo…  It’s OK, you don’t have to admit it!  All joking aside, the milestone this show represents warrants a little attention.

After 72 years, Guiding Light will be coming to an end.  SEVENTY-TWO years…  that was not a typo.

That comes out to 15,700 episodes that aired on radio and television.  It started out as a 15 minute radio program and just grew from there.

I know this will probably shock you, but the 72-year-old veteran show is getting dumped because of reality shows like Judge Judy and Dr. Phil which crank in better ratings and cost less to produce.  As it stands, the production company is looking at some other options to try and continue the show, like DirecTV or other avenues.

A few alums that ran across the show through the years:  Kevin Bacon, James Earl Jones, one of my favorite vampires – Chris Sarandon*, Christopher Walken and Billy Dee Williams – just to name a few.

Its final episode airs on Friday, September 18th.

I have to go now.  I’m going to go pray to my porcelain container after writing that Judge Judy and Dr. Phil helped destroy a television legacy.

*Does anyone know what I’m referencing when I call Chris Sarandon one of my favorite vampires?

Source:  NY Times

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  1. I’m not sure if it is a reflection of America or of me, but I only watch 6 of the shows listed in those 65. I still have no idea how anyone can watch the crap that is on American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Give me a good episode of Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs any day! MUCH MUCH more interesting AND you might actually LEARN something.

    I already have all 3 seasons of Star Trek: TOS on DVD and there is NO WAY IN HELL that I am ponying up the cash to get it on Blu-Ray. Glad that it is going to be available, and maybe I will rent a disc or 2 from Netflix once I get my Blu-Ray player. I can only imagine how much that set is going to cost.

  2. @Andy
    6? Try 3 for me. And I am totally with you on the so-called “reality” shows. The only time I watched American Idol is in the beginning when Simon ripped on the sorry ones early on. I just don’t see the appeal in these.

  3. Gah, looks like Better Off Ted’s gonna end up canceled.

    Well shucks, what a shame, the show’s awesome! Portia de Rossi is the ultimate incarnation of the evil pointy-haired boss in Dilbert.

    It’s great to hear about that Pushing Daisies 2nd season DVD as well, it’ll be nice to see finally see those last episodes.

  4. Excellant news for Breaking Bad, shea its only 4 episodes in but it is great! The first season only is 7 eps and I would put that against Chuck and/or Heroes! Bruce, jump on the BB Train!

    My moms was really sad when news broke out about Guiding Light! She has been watching that show since she was 16 or so, now she is almost reaching 60. Think about that for a second! That is long time to be heavily devoted to a program! Yes I know it is a soap opera, but this program has a rich history in broadcasting: radio & television! And now, it is being taken off because of that lard ass Dr. Phill and the actor-Judge, get outta here mang! Yes I understand the negative stigma with Soaps and their cheesiness, but still, you gotta give GL it’s respect for being at the start and still going! Sad, yo, you brush off history for a ‘doctor’ giving advice on how to lose weight yet he still remains like a Walrus!

  5. Oh crap, I completely forgot about The Unit, lol. Better get downloading I guess, geez… That shows how downhill the show has gotten…

    I’ve been faithfully watching or downloading House, I even watch TSCC even though I think it sucks now, but forgot about The Unit for at least the last two months. Whoops


    Bingo! Fright Night was rather innovating for its day with the twist ups they did to the vampire mythos… at least for me.

  7. Hey All,

    Initially I was just picking out selected shows for the numbers tally, but some were interested in the other things, so I’m being fair and thinking of others.

    Otherwise, the BOLD shows would have been the only ones in that list… writers prerogative!

    SK47: And he’s not even licensed in the state! dOh!

  8. I only watch/download 2 shows out of those 65. Lol.
    Go go go reality TV… Not.

    Also, I think Chuck is improving it’s ratings. Can someone please confirm that?

  9. Yeah I got Fright Night too.
    One of the scarier vampire movies for me simply because of the fact he lived next door. Yikes!

  10. @David…

    I hope that Chuck’s ratings improve because that is one of my favorite shows. I do think they need to turn down the nerd boy fantasy sequences with strippers, etc, a bit because it is dragging down an otherwise well written show.

  11. @John…

    Thank goodness for cable (although I am learning to despise Time Warner) because it brings me options to the network reality drivel. 9 times out of 10 my tv is either tuned to Discovery, History or the Science channel. Or I’m watching a baseball or hockey game. Network TV has very little interest to me anymore.

  12. @Andy S

    My thoughts exactly. The show is awesome (no pun intended.. well, maybe a little), and could only benefit from having less ‘nerd-strip-thingy’ and more original and somewhat inteligent humour (Casey comes to mind here..).

  13. SK-47, don’t you mean jump on the BB RV,,, :-)

    “Breaking Bad” is a great show, also I hope My Name Is Earl gets renewed!!!

  14. Thanks for the update ROBERT PALMAR.

    When I compile the numbers, I’m not looking specifically for any show, then I go through and highlight the ones I lean towards, so I don’t notice when LOST is missing.

    That’s two weeks in a row, and from two different stats sites that don’t seem to include LOST in their rankings.

    Suspicious… unless LOST in on a ratings sheet somewhen else, like from 1970 or something.

  15. Gang, you know as soon as I hear anything about any of the shows, I’ll let you know!


  16. Sure thing, Bruce.

    I agree Lost not being included on two stat
    sites for two weeks is curious to say the least.
    Lost has been a top show and hard to misplace.

    The ratings have declined steadily and the less
    data available means less news about the decline.

  17. Shows I watch from that list:
    24 (Awesome)
    Family Guy (Funny stuff)

    Cable shows I watch:
    Burn Notice (great show)
    Psych (When I catch it)
    Discovery Channel (It’s all good)
    TBS comedy block (Evenings)

  18. 790–haha, true say, true say.

    Or should it be “get in on the BB LowRidah!”

    Question to all the US folk, I’m in Toronto and what was TBS is now called this ‘Peach Tree TV’ foolishness. Is TBS still there?
    Honestly, TBS truly lived up to the mantle of the ‘superstation’
    -Movies for guys who like movies
    -The comedy blocks like what INK mentioned with Family Matters, Saved By The Bell, etc.
    -Braves baseball
    -WCW Clash Of the Champions PPVs.
    -And WCW’s Saturday Night!

  19. Oh, and I forgot!
    They always had their New Years Eve & Day Comedy Fest with the best comedies:
    Stripes, Meatballs, Spaceballs, Ghostbusters, Back To The Future, Weird Science, Planes Trains & Automobiles, The Jerk, Groundhog Day…ah, Good Times man, Good Times!

  20. Last time I checked, it was still TBS… hmm.. now I have to check when I get home from work. Ya got me worried!

    Then again, companies handle their products a little differently in different regions.

    I’ll double check! Interesting insight SK47.

  21. Did anyone watch the series finale of ER? It started with an hour long retrospective, with commentary by many of the actors, writer and director.

    The episode itself was good, bringing closure to many storylines and bringing back more alumni. There were a few scenes, that if you were a fan from the beginning, were homages to key episodes – the pilot in particular. I will admit to being teary-eyed for a few scenes.

    The replacement show, SouthLand, was heavily promoted throughout. It’s from the same producers and is a cop show. From the previews, it looks intriguing enough to give it a shot.

  22. @TerriO

    I used to watch it religiously but I stopped a few years ago.


  23. That stinks about Guiding Light .
    Damn reality shows.

  24. Chris Sarandon as a Vampire = Fright Night (1980′)

  25. Yep! And back then, I thought a totally cool vamp at that Yvonne!!!

  26. @Vic…

    Same with me. I watched ER religiously up until about 3 or 4 years ago. It just seemed to be going nowhere and I stopped caring about the characters. They should have ended the show after Noah Wylie left the show. I missed the series finale, but it doesn’t really bother me that I did.

    @SK47…it’s still TBS here in the states. I love on Christmas Eve the “A Christmas Story” marathon. Not to mention the Family Guy marathons they have, too.