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This week, we take a look at some noise about Chuck, news about some Dexter casting, the premiere date for Eureka on Sci-Fi (SyFy) and why Eleventh Hour got dumped.

While we’re at it, I also chat about TNT ordering it’s own version of V, Doctor Who guest starring in The Sarah Jane Adventures, and if there are any Gigantor fans out there, I’ve got a bit of news for you.

And of course, at the end of the article, I entice you with a ratings chart showing how our favored shows did last week.

Curious Tidbit About Chuck

Despite the lengthy wait from NBC to actually commit to Chuck, NBC entertainment president Ben Silverman is being noted in saying that if the ratings for Chuck do well enough, they may deliver more than the 13 episodes that the network originally committed to.

He then mentioned that extending the episode count would pair it up with Friday Night Lights in the summer.  Hmm, historically, FNL has aired on Friday nights.  Are they looking to air Chuck on Friday nights or move FNL to another night?  Curious.

He then notes how they want to keep Chuck on the air for years to come.

This, about a show they couldn’t commit to until the near last minute before the upfronts, and then after some cost concessions.  Why weren’t they saying that before the upfronts?  I don’t know about you, but I’m putting my knee high boots on because I can’t stand lip-service.

Source:  TV Guide

Dexter’s New Bad Guy

Sources are reporting that John Lithgow is joining the season 4 cast of Dexter as Walter Simmons.  Hmm.  Mr. Simmons is an unassuming suburbanite who lives a dual life as one of America’s most prolific and deadliest serial killers.

When Simmons moves to Miami, Dexter becomes obsessed with his efficient killing methods and the fact that he’s escaped capture for close to 30 years.

Season 4 of Dexter starts on Sept. 27.

Source:  Entertainment Weekly

Eureka Premiere Date

The Sci-Fi Channel will be premiering Eureka on July 10th.

A small death knell in the background can be heard because it’s only going to have 10 episodes aired.

What’s up with that Sci-Fi?

Why Was Eleventh Hour dumped?

eleventh hour cbs Weekly TV Wrap Up   May 28th, 2009

Despite decent ratings, Eleventh Hour was dumped by CBS, as we discovered at the CBS upfronts.

Yet decent ratings isn’t good enough when they have other shows in their lineup doing much better.  At least that’s the spin that the CBS Sr. VP of prime time, Kelly Kahl, is saying.  And to some extent, that’s true since they’ve nailed down 5th through 12th place in the ratings chart from last week.

Eleventh Hour was a casualty to make room for new shows… they say.

Me, I say that since I reported back in August of 2008 that Eleventh Hour was one of the most expensive shows to hit any network, coming in at a rumored $2 million per episode price tag is what killed it.

Source:  TV Guide

TNT Keeping Up With V

It looks like the TNT network is playing catch up now that ABC has V coming down the pipe.

TNT has ordered a pilot for a yet to be named alien-invasion TV series.  They’re looking to DreamWorks TV and executive producers Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank and Robert Rodat to bring it in a big way.

The story is reported to be set six months after Earth is invaded by aliens.

I hate carbon copy catch up shows, no matter who helms them.  At least the premise of idea.  Now they may hit it out of the park, but I remember Spielberg’s last sci-fi on TV effort, Taken, and I wasn’t thrilled by it.

Source:  Sci-Fi Wire


David Tennant Guest Stars On The Sarah Jane Adventures

Though David Tennant’s reign as Doctor Who is coming to a close, he is still wielding that sonic screwdriver to the best of his ability.  Tennant is going to guest star as the good Doctor in the Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Tennant will be appearing in two episodes of a new 12-part series of the show which will start airing in September.

This isn’t a cameo kids.  It’s a full on appearance!

Source:  BBC News

Gigantor 4-DVD Set On Sale

gigantor Weekly TV Wrap Up   May 28th, 2009

If you remember Gigantor, don’t worry, I won’t give up your age.  Gigantor originated back in 1964 and I do remember this show… somehow.  If you have fond memories from that era and that show, well you just might be in luck.

Early May saw Gigantor hit the shelves in a 4 DVD set, returning to save the world from evil criminals, enemy robots and hostile aliens.

This influential cartoon series about a giant heroic robot and the young boy that controls him blazed a new trail for Japanese animation in America.  It’s been available on home video, but now E1 Entertainment presents this true classic cartoon in a new 4-DVD collection.

The package includes 26 uncut episodes in their original air-date order, bonus interviews and commentary, six complete Gigantor comics on DVD-ROM, and a brand new collectible 16-page booklet.

If you remember, in 1964, the setting for this futuristic scenario was in the year 2000!  Though it originated in 1964, it didn’t hit U.S. televisions until 1966 for a 52 episode run.

Too cool.

The Ratings From Last Week

Here’s the rundown on shows and how well they did last week.

Finales ruled the week for reality TV but scripted shows took 5th through 14th.  Most of those scripted shows came from CBS.

kris allen suprised Weekly TV Wrap Up   May 28th, 2009

As we all know, Kris Allen won American Idol beating out Adam Lambert and shocking everyone, including himself.  Yet if anyone has seen / heard Adam sing, he’s got something that I haven’t seen in any other AI contestant.  In fact the group Queen is inquiring if he wants to be their new front man.  That would be satisfying since it seemed Adam was somehow cheated of his guaranteed win on the singing contest where America’s votes decides the winner.  Phfft.

If you remember from another article, I was quoting CW’s spin saying that if Smallville beat Everybody Hates Chris and The Game in ratings, it would be do OK on Friday nights?  The week before, just over 3 million viewers suffered during Smallville’s ill fated and generally disappointing finale.  If you cut that in half for a Friday night, add in a group of vocally unhappy fans, well, I think you can do that math.

Now we get to see what shows work out during the upcoming summer season.

Rank – Show (Network) -Viewers In The Millions
1 – American Idol – Wed (FOX #1) – 28.838
2 – American Idol – Tue (FOX) – 23.822
3 – Dancing W/ The Stars Results (ABC #1) – 20.311
4 – Dancing With The Stars (ABC) – 19.166
5 – The Mentalist (CBS #1) – 16.82
6 – NCIS (CBS) – 16.505
7 – Two And A Half Men (CBS) – 16.183
8 – CSI: Miami (CBS) – 14.197
9 – Criminal Minds (CBS) – 13.986
10 – Rules Of Engagement (CBS) – 12.871
11 – Without A Trace (CBS) – 11.209
12 – CSI R (CBS) – 9.881
13 – 24 (FOX) – 9.645
14 – Glee Preview (FOX) – 9.619
15 – So You Think Can Dance P (FOX) – 8.846
16 – How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – 8.733
17 – NBA Playoffs Sat S (ABC) – 8.731
18 – The Bachelorette P (ABC) – 8.69
19 – 60 Minutes R (CBS) – 8.14
24 – Cold Case R (CBS) – 7.007
25 – Law And Order:SVU (NBC #1) – 6.925
26 – Law And Order (NBC) – 6.666
27 – Medium (NBC) – 6.564
28 – Flashpoint R (CBS) – 6.504
29 – Southland (NBC) – 6.452
30 – Numbers R (CBS) – 6.394
31 – Ugly Betty (ABC) – 6.268
32 – Ghost Whisperer R (CBS) – 5.909
37 – Law & Order:CI – (NBC) – 5.042
42 – Law And Order – Sat R (NBC) – 4.42
51 – Grey’s Anatomy SR (ABC) – 3.459
53 – Office R (NBC) – 3.347
55 – 30 Rock R (NBC) – 3.294
56 – Simpsons R (FOX) – 3.258
57 – My Name Is Earl R (NBC) – 3.224
59 – Law & Order:Ci-Sat R (NBC) – 3.132
60 – House R (FOX) – 3.067
69 – One Tree Hill-Mon (CW # 1) – 2.677
70 – Family Guy R (FOX) – 2.546
72 – Gossip Girl – (CW) – 2.228
73 – 90210 (CW) – 2
74 – Reaper (CW) – 1.714
75 – Smallville R (CW) – 1.373
76 – Supernatural R (CW) – 1.281
78 – Everybody Hates Chris R (CW) – 1.105
79 – The Game R (CW) – 1.073

(The letters that sometimes follow the show titles represent P: Premiered, R: Repeat, S: Special.  If there’s a “#1” after the network reference, that’s the #1 show for that network. Ratings info comes from the awesome diligent work of TV By The Numbers.)

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