Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: June 1, 2008

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Welcome to another Weekend Movie News Wrap Up, This has been a pretty slow week movie news wise, so there hasn’t been a great deal that we’ve missed – even though we haven’t posted a great amount of stories this week. However that said, I’m here to dig up the bones of what we may have missed. Be warned though, it’s a pretty B-list offering!

This week we feature:
Ninja Assassin, Donnie Darko sequel S. Darko …really, Ouija board – the movie and Val Kilmer in The Thaw.

1. Joel Silver’s Ninja Assassin has begun production in Berlin. According to Comingsoon this is the plot of the film:

“Ninja Assassin follows Raizo, one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Taken from the streets as a child, he was transformed into a trained killer by the Ozunu Clan, a secret society whose very existence is considered a myth. But haunted by the merciless execution of his friend by the Clan, Raizo breaks free from them… and vanishes. Now he waits, preparing to exact his revenge.

In Berlin, Europol agent Mika Coretti has stumbled upon a money trail linking several political murders to an underground network of untraceable assassins from the Far East. Defying the orders of her superior, Ryan Maslow, Mika digs into top secret agency files to learn the truth behind the murders. Her investigation makes her a target, and the Ozunu Clan sends a team of killers, led by the lethal Takeshi, to silence her forever. Raizo saves Mika from her attackers, but he knows that the Clan will not rest until they are both eliminated. Now, entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse through the streets of Europe, Raizo and Mika must trust one another if they hope to surviveā€¦and finally bring down the elusive Ozunu Clan.”

This all sounds very generic, and with a B-list cast I’m predicting that anticipation levels for this film are at the far end of the scale from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Ninja Assassin is directed by V for Vendetta helmer and Wachowski protege James McTeigue.

Source: Comingsoon

2. Showgirls star Elizabeth Berkley will star in S.Darko, the unnecessary sequel to Donnie Darko. The film currently shooting in Utah also stars Briana Evigan, Daveigh Chase, Ed Westwick and Justin Chatwin.

Don’t worry – I’ve never heard of those people either.

“The story, set seven years after the first film, follows Donnie Darko’s sister, Samantha, who, in dealing with her broken family, flees town with her best friend when they are plagued by bizarre visions.”

See it soon in a DVD bargain bucket.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

3. Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes will produce Ouija, an adaptation of Hasbro’s supernatural game Ouija Board.

No plot details have been released. I don’t blame them, this sounds like a terrible idea.

I like Michael Bay as a director, but I’m not a big fan of his producing efforts, I don’t think that’s going to change in the near future.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

4. Val Kilmer will star in The Thaw, a horror film about a group of students trying to stop a deadly parasite that has escaped from a defrosted woolly mammoth.

Sounds like a cool little movie, it’s being billed as a eco-horror movie, but director Mark A. Lewis says that the film won’t be too preachy.

Source: Dread Central

That’s it for this week, I hope that I have a more exciting line up next week.

See you at the movies!

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  1. Thaw sounds good .
    kind of like a prehistoric version of the Thing.

  2. Iron Man’s at $276.6 Million domestically now. Guess it just goes to show that you can do magic with second-tier superheroes if you just know what to do.

  3. 790 -
    If I invented a gateway to another dimension where we can communicate with the deceased, I’d sell it for $11.99 at Toys-R-Us

  4. Sorry for going off topic, I thought at first this was open discussion, oops.

    Ninja Assassin is the one that looks the most interesting to me. I’ve always thought they could do more with ninjas and assassins in movies.

  5. (Ouiji board) is a dangerous idea to make into a film.
    Sure some say its a harmless game, I’ve heard others say they have opened doors that can’t be shut and its ruined their lives.
    I think its a huge mistake to promote this as a film… And I expect everyone in and around the set to have massive bad luck on this stupid project…

  6. Rain ?! As a Martial Artist. LOL ROFL. I won’t be seeing this phoney contrived Ninja flick. Why watch phoney Martial Arts, I’d rather wait for Jet Li’s or Jackie Chans next release. Or that new guy from Thailand. There are so many real Martial Artists with skills these phoney Actors can only imagine.

    Where is the next Bruce Lee, or was it already Jet Li ?

  7. Not really any films for me I guess.
    I really don’t like the sequel to Donnie Darkie, why oh why do they want to make a sequel to this wonderful movie? They will just destroy it. Why do they always have to milk out wonderful standalone movies, or old franchises that don’t need revival?


  8. Very irresponsable Panda.
    Seeing little kids playing with this is almost as bad those fake ciggarettes they sell as candy.

    I’ve heard stories from people that have played with this and have had bad luck and supernatural problems ever since.
    Trying to contact the dead is nothing to f with…

  9. Parker Brothers and Hasbro are following Marvel’s strategy:

    Park Place – release Summer 2009
    Clue (reboot) – release Fall 2009
    Risk – release Spring 2010
    Park Place 2 – release Spring 2010, leading up to…
    Monopoly – release Summer 2010

    all directed by Joel Schumacher

  10. Hey,

    I read yesterday that they’re going to make a ‘God of War’ movie based on the hit playstation games. Brett Ratner to Direct.

  11. I haven’t seen a really good ninja movie; Sho Kosugi came close but his movies were just OK. I’ll check Ninja Assassin out just hoping that it’s a good ninja movie.

    God of War? I would be interested in that movie, even though I’ve never played it. But Brett Ratner? He has too much comedy in his films and I don’t see God of War having any comedy.

  12. 790,

    I have to think you’re joking with this stuff abotu Ouiji board,

    Do you watch many movies? Think about the topics of many have that been made, from child rape, to killer drug addictions, to communicating with the dead like in White Noise, to movies about Genocide liek Hotel Rwanda, and thousands of horror movies about mythical and supernatural dark arts and you’re warning about a Ouiji board?! Are you on crack, or is that some retarded joke. You seriously need to re-evaluate what a ‘dangerous idea’ really is, cuz you gots no concept on what’s really happening in this world, heh. Read some world news and see some REAL bad things going on.

  13. What is it with all the personal attacks lately? Does this have anything to do with Obama about to get the Democratic nomination? :o)

    One reason I stopped posting on Classmates Religion board was the personal attacks. Vic and company created this forum to have kindly conversations about movies. We all have our personal opinions and their just that, opinions.

    Now can we all just get along or do I have to release Kahless from his cage? :o)

  14. Yeah things do seem to be getting a bit more heated than usual lately. I’m hoping people will self moderate because I don’t like to step in unless I absolutely have to… but it’s getting close to the point where I’m going to start deleting comments, even if they’re from Screen Rant “regulars.”


  15. Hey,
    Can’t we all just get along?

    We are talking about movies after all. They are entertainment, and let’s be honest we love them, but we don’t have to be rude when discussing them.

    Yes we can be passionate, but a personal attack shows that you can’t argue your point!!

    Be nice folks!


  16. I know I’ll get blasted for this, but so be it.

    The Ouija board is completely evil, it channels satanic/demonic forces, stay the hell away from it and if you have one, get it the hell outa your house NOW. I have family members that have this, and voices come out of it, when it’s in a room the room darkens and gets cold (signs that demonic forces have entered), it’s evil, man. People have even been killed by it, they have killed others and have even killed themselves because the damned thing told them to (it’s online, check it out), the board’s powers are gripping, I kid you not. It is a satanic instrument, there are accounts where preachers have spoken with it and the board has tried to attack them. This is no joke, people, the only reason why this monstosity should be in a movie is if it’s a documentary about it or if it’s what the bad guys in the next Indiana Jones film are after.

    You can think I’m crazy, but STAY AWAY FROM THE OUIJA BOARD!

  17. Kel,
    I don’t think anyone here is looking to use a Ouija Board, they were just talking about a movie where the characters use (I presume) one. I’m not into anything occult (unless you feel Christianity is occult) but I have no problem watching movies like Warlock or Witches of Eastwick.

  18. I understand, John.

    I was just trying to warn some of the readers about it and state my opinion on it. :-)

  19. Opinion???!!! If this were a Klingon ship…I mean, a Klingon site, I would kill you for offering your opinion!!!

    Don’t mind Kahless; he hasn’t had his daily infusion of rak’T’jino yet. :o)