Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: March 13th, 2011

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This week:

If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise – an alien invasion with Battle: Los Angeles. These aliens might be seeing Red, but they aren’t from Mars; Bruckheimer & Bay are Cowboys;  director Brad Furman has Intricate details; BP are in Deepwater; Vin Diesel and director David Twohy get Riddick-ulous; Tom Petty might be Free Fallin‘ but his daughter Adria won’t Suffocate and Ellen Barkin enters A. Mann’s World.

Box Office

Some say that love is a battlefield, but they just don’t follow the weekly box office. This weekend a  major battle took place at the box office, and like any combat situation, there were some casualties. Three high profile new movies opened, but only one could be the winner. Battle: Los Angeles, Red Riding Hood and Mars Needs Moms all fought it out for the box office crown, but it was Battle: Los Angeles (read our review) that had the firepower to win. The Aaron Eckhart-led science fiction/war film saw an impressive debut of $36 million. The testosterone-fueled action-fest cost a reported $70 million, so it looks like this is going to be very profitable for Sony and producer Neil Moritz.

Battle LA opens at one Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: March 13th, 2011

Johnny Depp’s Rango dropped to second place after grossing an estimated $23 million. The ILM animated film has now amassed $69 million worth of coin, meaning that it’s going to be another $100 million hit for Depp. Who mentioned The Tourist?

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood (read our review) opened third after grossing an estimated $14.1 million. The retelling of the famous fairy tale starring Amanda Seyfried was expected to debut in the $20 million range, so this has to be something of a disappointment for Warner Bros. I wonder if Hollywood is going to rethink the multitude of fairy tale films that it has in development?

The Adjustment Bureau dropped to fourth place after banking $11.4 million. The Matt Damon starring adaptation of the Philip K. Dick tale has now chased up over $38 million.

Disney’s disaster Mars Needs Moms (read our review) had a tear-inducing $6.8 million debut. If you think that’s a bad start for 3D movie, you would be right. Now realize that it cost $150 million to produce. Ouch!

The reimagining of Beauty and the Beast – Beastly, brought in about $5 million for a $17 million total, while Hall Pass grossed the same amount for a healthier total of just under $35 million.

The Adam Sander and Jennifer Aniston comedy Just Go With It has now amassed $94 million worth of green, helped by this weekend’s take of $4 million.

The King’s Speech banked another $3.6 million for a $129 million total haul, while Gnomeo and Juliet should bring in another $3.5 million for a $89 million cume.

Liam Neeson’s Unkown kicked around $3.3 million out of the pockets of moviegoers over the weekend, but dropped out of the top ten. The action thriller has now grossed over $58 million – it’s good, but it has not taken as much as… er… Taken.


1. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Transformers helmer Michael Bay have hired a new writer for their HBO series Cocaine Cowboys. The Pacific screenwriter Michelle Ashford has been brought onboard by the two producers to pen the pilot for the show, which will be loosely based on the 2006 documentary of the same name.

michaelbay cocaine cowboys Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: March 13th, 2011

The Fighter director David O. Russell has a film version of Cocaine Cowboys in development, but he also has a packed slate, including the Uncharted movie that’s set to star Russell favorite Mark Wahlberg. Look for one of these projects to pull out of this audio/visual game of chicken.

Expect Cocaine Cowboys to have less smash, bang and wallop than Bruckheimer and Bay’s previous joint efforts like The Rock, Bad Boys and Pearl Harbor. Hopefully.

Source: Deadline

2. Brad Furman, the director of the forthcoming Matthew McConaughey legal thriller The Lincoln Lawyer is set to direct a new film called Intricate.

According to the LA Times:

“Inspired by a true story, Intricate tells of a highly touted college basketball recruit who gets involved in the drug underworld after his hoops career doesn’t pan out. At the time, the New York narcotics trade is rife with violence and connections to the burgeoning rap industry.”

Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin were both apparently involved in early development, but it doesn’t look like they will be a part of the film.

Source: LA Times

3. Summit Entertainment has joined forces with Participant Media and Imagenation Abu Dhabi to option a New York Times article titled Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hour.

deepwater movie Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: March 13th, 2011

The article (which you can read here) by David Barstow, David Rohde and Stephanie Saul offers a detailed account of the BP oil-rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

I wonder if Kevin Costner will be involved.

Source: Deadline

4. Now, from oil to diesel – Vin Diesel. The gravel voiced actor and director David Twohy have been talking up the third film in their Riddick franchise. The duo have said that the film will be a lot like Pitch Black because of the (lack of) money involved. They have also stated that they are “committed to going R” and that they’ll maintain this rating “at any cost.”

diesel talks riddick Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: March 13th, 2011

Twohy went on to say:

“We’re gonna be lean and we’re going to go quick and it’s going to be a cool movie, I can tell you that.”

Source: Vin Diesel

5. Musician Tom Petty’s daughter, Adria is set to direct the thriller Suffocate.

According to Deadline:

“Suffocate is a thriller about a group of city workers who enter a hoarder’s condemned brownstone and find it loaded with deadly traps, and an unrelenting killer. The group is forced to use their wits–and demolition tools–to stay alive.”

In the past Petty has directed a slew of commercials and the documentary Paris, Not France.

Suffocate was written by Ben Olsen and will be produced by Radar Pictures.

Source: Deadline

6. Ellen Barkin is set to join Don Johnson in the pilot of A. Mann’s World.

Barkin will play Johnson’s ex-wife in the show, a role which could become regular if the Michael Patrick King directed pilot goes to series.

The cast of the Shampoo-esque drama also includes Sex and the City’s Mario Cantone, as well as Kelly Hu, Sandra Vergara, Caitlin Crosby, Amanda Warren and J.R. Bourne.

Source: THR

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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  1. To be honest, I don’t see the problem with the rating. I thought COR was a lot better than PB, and it had nothing to do with the rating, bu the story.

    • Then you’re one of the few. While I didn’t hate COR, PB was a much better movie. I can watch Pitch Black any time, but if I never watch COR again it won’t be any loss to me.

      I bet Anthony is happy that they’re going for the R rating, though!

      • Add me to that list of few too then,because while I liked Pitch Black,I loved Chronicles Of Riddick.

  2. wow MarsNeedsMoms was a total bomb.

  3. Ellen Barkin still looks good!

  4. COR was a sci fi saga, where PB was a horror sci fi.

    I personally enjoy watching COR repeatedly.

    • Totally agree 790. They both were kind of like two types of sci-fi genre’s. You know, each film went for different moods and theme’s.

      One wanted to be an horror film, the other an adventure with only the main character and certain elements that brings the titles together.

      Pitch Black seemed to introduce Riddick. While COR seemed to bring us into his world.

      So I tend rate these films differently. I honestly enjoyed both films. Heck I thought the animation Dark Fury was alright.

  5. I prefer CoR over PB, it’s easier to watch and everything. I hope they will continue that story some day…

  6. wow mars needs moms might go down as the worst disaster ever in money loss. it will be lucky if it ends with 25mill. someone for sure is getting fired at disney for this 125 million dollar loss.

  7. Andy S I’d be happy to never watch either again. Couldn’t stand either and it doesn’t help that Vin is such an awful actor. The guy just barely has more talent than Paul Walker but only barely. How anyone watches his movies I’ll never understand.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if Battle: LA tops the box office next week as well. I believe word-of-mouth is going make this movie fly.

    And I also have watched CoR more than PB.

    • So, you think it will be more of a big sleeper type hit Kahless?

      • There are some big movies coming out this Friday, so it probably won’t happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if B:LA was a surprise hit.

  9. And I liked Pitch Black better..was over all a cooler movie IMO. But I will also admit I was put off by the watered down PG-13 rating of the sequel. But I liked it as well not as much as I liked the first one though.

  10. Anthony, the COR dvd I have is unrated!!!

    I love the film score in Chronicles,,,


    • I just really HATE when they make PG-13 sequels to R rated movies, just bugs the hell outta me lol.

  11. That hardy matters anymore Ants PG-13 films are our generations R rated films.

    Anyone have a problem with Battle LA being PG-13? Anyone think that should have been rated R?

    • The R rated tone wasn’t present to garner an R rating. I mean B:LA compared to a movie like Black Hawk Down, what one deserves more of an R rating…and forget the language of BHD. The R rating tone was present in that film IMO.

  12. @Ant’s take out a few f bombs, and BHD would get a PG 13 if it was released today.

    • No, I beg to differ, there were some pretty extreme bloody/gore scenes in there 790.

      • I have to disagree the “gore” as you put it was minor in fact the worst part was the transport that gets hit by the rpg, BHD , recieved its R rating for language and subject matter , the violence wasnt that bad for a war movie, saving private Ryan is rated R for the Violence and Gore. Battle doesnt recieve the R because of the lack of language, he drops the F bomb only once in the whole movie.

        • Disagree all you want lol. When I watched it in the theaters people all around me were cringing at the scene in question I’m talking about, more so than the scene you’re talking about.

  13. Well who knows. I don’t remember BHD being that tramatic, hmmm?

    Have you seen BLA yet? I’m gonna see it tomorrow.

    • Yep. I can think of one scene in BHD…where they had to clamp that dude up after him being shot up/blown up, I cant rightly recall. But it was a pretty gory scene IMO. Way to gory for a PG-13

  14. Have a beer Ant’s. You and I both know there shouldn’t be a rating system anyway. :)

    • I know!! LoL, youre one of the rare ones here that I can talk to and not get pissed off at hahahaha.

    • Duh, they gave The King’s Speech an “R” rating for language and meanwhile the film “Miral” has a PG-13 rating. The film includes a scene where the main character gets raped and several people get beaten with canes. No idea why they would find violence harmless compared to some cuss words.

    • Thats one thing I will agree on. There shouldn’t be a rating system. At worst all we should have is a small symbol for child friendly and not. Basically something to symbolize it’s G or PG. There should be no PG13 or R. I can’t think of a time when it was common to keep a 14 or 15 year old away from R films unless it’s an over protective family. I can understand not wanting an 11 year old to see an R rated film, but once a kid hits 14 it’s hard to have a logical argument for keeping them away from a few swear words and maybe a boob. The rating system is very pointless. Especially the difference between rated R and NC17. NC17 essentially means – No one will see your movie. It’s a nail in the coffin for your film. A great example is Zach and Miri make a porno that movie was gonna be NC17 and Kevin Smith had to fight for it to be R. That’s sad there is no reason to make that distinction once a film hits R it’s suppose to be for 18 or older and why would you say 18 year olds are only allowed to hear so many curse words and see so much nudity? I can understand the distinction between pure porn and actual film, but when you give an actual movie that rating there really is no excuse. The rating system is horribly flawed and it’s mostly because of update religious people who ruin the world for everyone else who doesn’t live by some made up moral standard. Curse words are nothing more than words and the F word shouldn’t be judged any harsher than the words Hell or Damn which can be said in a PG13 film.

      That was all one big pointless rant because I hate the rating system and BS overly religious people ruining things for everyone else.

      • Totally agree with all of that

      • I STILL see kids in R rated movies to this day. Ratings don’t shelter kids from seeing them. Hell, as a kid I remember getting into seeing Fast Times and Heavy Metal.

      • I do agree with that. I remember there were 6 year olds when I went to see Freddy vs. Jason, and the only scary thing about that movie was how bad it was (lol). However, my problem is that people seem to think that adding a few boob shots, f-bombs, and more blood makes a movie “better”. It litteraly adds nothing to the overall story, and that’s what matters to me most in a film: the story.

        To each their own I guess.

        • Yes, look at some of the greatest movies of all time: Star Wars (Eps 4 & 5), Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET; I don’t remember a single swear word in those films, yet they are considered among the greatest. Of course, realistically, some films should have some swear words, like war films or mobster.

      • Let’s revisit this topic once your daughter is 8-10 years old. 8)


        • No open discussion today Vic?

          • Ack! Thanks, Anthony!


            • Glad to help Bossman. :)

        • Vic I can promise you nothing will change. If you read my post at all which it seems you didn’t. I said I’m fine with G and PG films. I said once a kid turns 14 do we really need to guard them from R films? Not sure what an 8 year old has to do with that at all.

          Not to mention the fact that I’ll be choosing what my daughter sees based on common sense rather than the horrible rating system we have.

          • Of course I read your post. I just find it ironic that someone who says that a simple star rating is more indicative of a reviewer’s opinion of a film doesn’t think that a movie rating is a good system to help parents judge at a glance the appropriateness of a film.


            • Vic the two things are hardly comparable.

              I’m against censorship and I’ve made it clear that I’m also not a Christian so I don’t buy in to most of the made up morals. Sure Murder is wrong, but dropping an F bomb isn’t IMO. I see nothing wrong with what is called ‘foul’ language and at the end of the day saying the F word is no different to me than saying Hell or Damn and the fact that you can say both of those over an over in a PG13 film, but god forbid you say the F word is ridiculous.

              I believe that parents should have the common sense to know that a horror film will probably be scary for their kids and more than likely have gore. Do you really need to see an R to know that? I also think more parents need to educate their children on whats real and whats not. I have no intention of showing my daughter Nightmare on Elm Street when she is 8 years old because I’m not an idiot. When she is 13 or 14 though I have no problem with her seeing it despite it having an R rating. PG13 rating is a joke because at 13 most kids as long as they have decent parents can easily handle a rated R film. Yet Rated R is for 18 year olds as if a 15 year old will see an rated R film and start crying followed by losing their mind. It’s laughable to think that a 15 year old will be scared in anyway by a rated R film.

              I’ve already said I have nothing against a distinction for smaller children like the PG and G ratings. My problem is with the PG13 and R rating films. Anyone who is guarding their 14 year olds from rated R films is being way over protective and will probably do more damage to the child than allowing them to see some one say the F bomb. There are plenty of studies that show over sheltering your child can be just as bad as not sheltering them at all.

              • My issue with PG-13 is that lately I would agree that the distinction is between that and R is shrinking as filmmakers “push” PG-13 to be closer and closer to R.

                As to the language issue, whatever. If you want to hear your teenage daughter dropping F-bombs because her vocabulary is so limited that’s the only way she’ll be able to express herself, then fine. I know the internet is turning people into free-for-all sociopaths where anything goes, but there STILL exists such a thing as civility.

                Do you think this would be as good a forum for discussion here with the foul language that I block? Do you think it would elevate the conversation?

                I don’t.


                • Vic there is a difference between her watching a film where people drop F bombs and her dropping F bombs. I do consider it just words and it really is and it’s people like you and what our overly religious society has punded in to are brains that gives the words any power that’s greater than damn or hell. Those are considered curse words and yet for some reason no where near as impactful as the F word. I have every intention of teaching my daughter what is social acceptable. I plan to teach her that as long as society is the way it is she can’t go around saying these things in open, but I also have no intention of scolding a 16 year old for a slip up once in a blue moon and I have no intention of sheltering from the words.

                  Watching some one say F you doesn’t mean you have to say it. As a child I witnessed some pretty horrifying things that were Real and yet I’m not out here doing them. it’s all about knowing the difference between what your seeing and what you can actually do.

                  • It’s true that a person doesn’t have to say these words, but that doesn’t mean poeple don’t. You’ll be surprised how many people’s actions are influenced by whatever they watch/listen.

                • I don’t think allowing ‘foul’ language would hurt the discussion at all as long as you still didn’t allow insults.

                  Why is it ok for a simple reply like

                  “Wow that’s awesome”

                  but not ok to say

                  “HOlly S*** That’s Awesome”

                  Why is that some how suddenly evil and wrong?

                  • I’ll tell you what. You raise your daughter the way you like and you can run comments and articles the way you like on your tech site and I’ll do the same here.

                    Best regards,


                    • No need to take it personal Vic. You asked me a question and I simply answered it with my honest opinion. I had no intention of telling you to how to run your site. I was simply commenting on the movie rating systems but you asked me about your sites comment system and rather than tell you the answer you want to hear and lie I just gave my honest opinion.

                      I think you runt he site fine and while I don’t agree with the censorship necesarily it’s not a big deal to me. This is a website that you are the owner of it’s your baby and you have every right to run it how you want. I’m sure this was something you would get so bent out of shape about. I’ve made it clear I don’t believe in god so it shouldn’t be a big shock that I’m not gonna hate certain words because a preacher says it’s wrong.

                      I’m sure in your opinion my daughter is gonna end up being an awful person because I don’t have the same belief system as you and I accept that that’s your opinion. I’m not getting bent out of shape about that. I see no reason for you to take me giving an honest answer to a question YOU asked as a personal attack and get upset about it.

                      Lets not forget this entire discussion started because I expressed a dislike for the current film rating system.

                    • The F bomb just sounds so….cheap and foul. I dont understand why someones defending the word honestly.

                  • Ricky and you only think that simply because that’s how you were raised. Because society placed a stigma on it.

                    • Daniel,

                      You’re going to love “Paul” – very anti-Christian, condescending and tons of unnecessary foul language that adds nothing to the humor.


                    • Attack? That’s an attack? Holy cow you’re getting thin-skinned.

                      You don’t like Christianity so I said you’d like the movie because it bashes it. You don’t have an issue with profanity, and Paul has tons, so I figured you’d like it. Nothing even remotely resembling an “attack” in there.

                      You’d probably best not read my review because I’m sure you’ll disagree with it.


                    • That wasn’t getting close to an insult – it was basing my comment on things you’ve stated in the past.

                      And actually believe it or not after reading your thoughts on Paul I actually agree with you (pretty much). I don’t have an issue with R rated comedies if they work, but in Paul it felt like they were trying too hard – and they overused the cursing in ways that I guess they thought was funny, but after a while seemed completely superfluous and didn’t make sense.


                    • Vic that’s getting pretty close to an attack

                      Your making ridiculious assumptions about me and honestly it’s really messed up.

                      I never said I like useless cussing for no reason which is in Paul a lot (I’ve already seen it)I simply said that curse words don’t hurt anything and are ultimately just words. Which is in fact a reason I don’t like them being pointlessly used. It’s like saying a bunch of random words that make no sense in the situation or sentence when they are used the way they are used in paul. For instance the way the girl curses is mostly useless at the beginning it makes sense in a way and is moderately humorous but gets old and pointless fast and is almost just as bad with Paul him self.

                      My point has NEVER and i mean NEVER once been that films should just throw curse words out left and right for the hell of it. I’m always about the story and if cursing makes sense with in the story there is no reason to be against it. They are just words but at the end of the day just like any other word they can get annoying for example a valley girl who says “like totally” way to much. I apologize though Vic for expressing a personal belief that clashes with your moral system. I didn’t realize that you would continue attacking me and flipping out over it. My mistake for respecting you to much.

                    • Vic there is a difference between GETTING CLOSE TO AN ATTACK and an attack. I belive i plainly stated it’s gettin getting close. I really don’t see how you can deny that honestly. Your making assumptions on me and directing a comment at me in a negative why. Just be honest they way you said it was purposely negative toward me. It’s not an insult like I said just very close.

                      As said before I don’t have a problem with cussing but I don’t like useless things in a film that seem with out reason.

                      I’m sure I’ll disagree with your criticisms because I’m sure you’ll complain that it offended your ears. The cursing annoyed me because it got carried away and used it pointlessly but didn’t offend me and I’m sure it made you uncomfortable and possibly offended you.

                      I did not love Paul but I did enjoy it. It had some funny stuff and some very unfunny stuff that attempted to be funny. I thought it was a good one or two views comedy but not as good as some of the best comedies of the last decade. It’s enjoyable good for a laugh but forgettable and no one will be talking about how good it was 5 years from now.

                    • Vic I guess we see it different because to me it seems pretty insulting.

                      I’ll agree with your review then. I like R rated comedies like Hangover and Role Models which both used language but never felt forced or like it was being over used because they think cursing is funny. Paul it just felt like way to much and awkwardly forced. I did find parts of it funny my favorite line though is from the trailer as are most of the funny lines I still love “They are gonna rape us and break our arms ”

                      “I don’t want my arm broken”

                      To me that was pretty funny. However, I found the female character annoying and did more to suck funny out of the film than add it with her excessive use of cursing that made no sense after the first 2 mins of it. I understand why she did it so much at first but the novelty of it wore off pretty quick and she kept over doing it. I could of delt with the Paul character because it was a bit much but still tolerable for me, but combining it with hers it became nothing but one curse word after another and left little room for any other words to be used in the film. It had lots of potential though and could of been really funny with just a few tweaks.

  15. Ant’s I’m 5 down and watching my special edition, “Octopussy” dvd.

    Do I know how to party or what?

    The train chase is about to begin. That’s my fav part.

    Note, total Bond jump the shark moment, he actually pulls off a Tarzan yell while escaping in one of the jungle scenes.


    • Octopussy?! Instead of beer, how about kirari (not sure if I spelled that right)? 😀

    • Ok, what happened? I had a comment about using kirari instead of beer but it’s gone now.

  16. Oral or written? :-)

    • I think he prefers Oral, just a guess though…..

  17. If there’s one thing I know Daniel, Vic doesn’t give a ____ about you.

    What did I just say?

    • 790,

      You are wrong on that point.


  18. The effects of beer? :)

    I need to install a brethalizer app on my bb.

  19. Vic, when is your review of Paul due?

    • Review will be up by Friday.


  20. Daniel F, imo you get too upset over things… Your high strung.
    As much as Vic and I constantly disagree I still appreciate the freedoms this site offers.

    Most any other site hosts wouldn’t give you the time of day,,,

    Just my Op,,,

    • 790 thanks for the un asked for and unappreciated color commentary for a conversation you are playing no part in.

      Please by all means go back to crazy talk about brain control and how the government is manipulating us through films. It’s less annoying then judging people when you of all people have no business doing such a thing.

      Have a nice day :)

  21. So sorry Dan the last thing I want to do is judge anyone.

    By all means carry on,,, :)