Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: August 31, 2008

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I can’t believe that it’s now the end of August! Soon the winter blockbusters will be knocking at our door and the next thing you know it’ll be Oscar time again. Where does time go? Is it playing like a re-run somewhere, can you just flick to another dimension to a time where you are still awaiting a fourth Indiana Jones movie? Who knows, but I do know that it’s another Weekend Movie News Wrap up featuring a new aspect: a weekend box office update.

This week:

After our box office round-up we see what George Clooney and Jason Reitman are doing Up in the Air, we find out what former superhero is joining the Toy Story franchise, we look at who might be helming the Poltergeist movie and the Voltron film and what is new on the Inglorious Bastards casting front.

Weekend Box Office

It looks like Tropic Thunder will retain its box office crown and gross another $14-16 million over the Labor day weekend. Fox’s tinkering with Babylon A.D. didn’t do any good as the film will only bank $11-13 million this weekend. Ouch – what a summer Fox has had!

Don Cheadle’s Traitor did a modest $2.2 million on Friday and it should bank $10 million when all is said and done over the weekend. Meanwhile Disaster Movie was a disaster coining only $2 million on Friday – look for an $8 million weekend.

Death Race crashed an burned on its second weekend dropping a mighty 63% grossing just $1.7 million on Friday. Look for a little over $8 million by the end of Labor Day weekend.

Art house hit The Dark Knight will have crossed the $500 million barrier and the Caped Crusader epic should bank about another $11.5 million. Holy legs, Batman!

Movie News

1. Speaking of Batman, former Dark Knight George Clooney has signed on to Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air. The comedy film follows a business man who is addicted to collecting air miles. Sounds strange and quirky so it should be up Clooney’s street. I imagine it’ll fly high in awards season!

Source: Variety

2. Another former Batman, Michael Keaton has signed on to Toy Story 3. Keaton will play Ken (of Ken and Barbie fame). His other half will be voiced by Jodi Benson. Benson was also the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. I didn’t know that already. Seriously.

Source: IESB

3. It looks like the Poltergeist remake has snagged itself a director. Vadim Perelman director of House of Sand and Fog is in talks to direct the horror film. Nothing is set in stone yet, so this could change. Heck, they could even give Brett Ratner a call.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

4. More Bastards have landed (that’s a Peter Jackson reference for you). Christoph Waltz has joined Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards as the main evil-doer of the film, Colonel Hans Landa. Meanwhile National Treasure star Diane Kruger has also come on-board the film, in the role first intended for the much older Nastassja Kinski.

Source: CHUD

5. The Voltron movie has nabbed a director in the form of Max Makowski. The film is a Transformers-esque giant robot movie.  Makowski has in the past brought us One Last Dance (a film that I have sitting on DVD but have never watched), as well as episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

No, seriously, he did. I have nothing to say about this. Nothing at all.

I will say that there’s probably a joke in there somewhere.

Source: Latino Review

That’s it for another week. See you at the movies!

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  1. probably the best news I’ve heard all week.
    I can’t wait for toy story 3.

  2. What a surprise that Disaster Movie flopped. Its kinda hard to believe that anyone would pay 10 bucks for a ticket to that. Though I wont lie, I can see some entertainment value in those types of movies. I grew up watching the Airplane movies and Leslie Neilson is one of my favorite comic actors, so I have a soft spot in my heart for spoofs. Its my sincerest hope that they only produce these movies for release directly to the discount bin in Walmart. Then and only then would I consider paying for it.

  3. Lol Niall,,, I’m sure in some dimensions there watching…
    Indiana Smith, and the Crystal Monkey, Aluminum Man, and The Bat Manuel 2,,, :-)
    (Lol, it could be worse). I’m sure in other dimensions Mama Mia, has just overtaken Titanic 2, Drydock.
    (Its a prequel) directed by Jim Lucas…………

    Ok ok,,,,
    WOW, how bout that Babylon AD flick !!! Whoo the studios involvment really paid off. 😉
    (Vin let’s just skip F&F, and get to work on Riddick). Thanks!

    Hey producers of Disaster Movie, I wouldn’t spend all your money on a new Benz this weekend.
    (You suck btw)

    Movie news,,,
    1_ That Cloney film sounds horrible. (As do most Clooney films)

    2_ Toy Story3,,Neato for kids. (Were Pixar we don’t do sequels,) haha tell that to your new boss Disney !!! Chumps !!

    3_ Poltergiest, just another needless remake, waste of film. (A cursed movie, IMO,)

    4_ I have a bad feeling Tarentino is going to make this in his Grindhouse style, with over the top (Monty Python gore) and senseless violence.

    5_ Voltron, have to see more on this, could be cool, could be lame.


  4. How does that plot sound to you Rob ?

  5. The plot of the new Trek movie sounds great to me. Thanks for the heads up Rob! The article said this movie will be a sequel, a prequel and a reboot all in one. Finally something interesting. Now we just need a new trailer!

  6. hey 790,
    I think it sounds pretty sweet. And this is coming from a guy who’s never been really into the time travel stuff of Trek…even though it seems to play a big role in like ALL of the series’, heh.

    It’s a cool way to bring what current Trek is back into the origins, properly and within continuity…and it has the potential to reset the universe legitimately.

    I’m excited either way because I honestly feel JJ can do no wrong and that this film will be incredible [prays to self that hopes are not shattered]

    How do YOU feel 790 😉

    You know they care about continuity and the story when they say no to bringing back the Shat.

  7. I hate it Rob,,,
    I was never a fan of the prequel concept.
    He we go again with Kirk and Spock.
    (Wrong direction in my opinion),,,

    All I can do I hope its good,,, 😉

    Abrams dosnt instill the same confidence in me,,,also the 2 writers of Transformers, yikes.
    It will ether be an average Blockbuster Hit or a huge bomb, and failure for Abrams and his writers. I don’t expect it to do Iron Man numbers.

    Also think his new show “Fringe” is gonna bomb out.
    But who knows ???

  8. 790, Most Clooney films sound horrible? Wow, I disagree with that big time! I usually like most of his movies…but the airline miles thing doesn’t sound the least bit interesting to me and most people who have a pulse I’m sure, lol.

    The next Clooney film, Burn After Reading, looks good and I’m looking forward to it

  9. I’m hoping Tarantino makes Inglorious Bastards his Wild Bunch but probably not. If it’s to over the top ala Death Proof it won’t be very good IMO

  10. ahhh, 790, I think I had a discussion with greenknight about the direction of Trek a month or two ago here.

    Do you think Star Trek should instead continue in TNG era and into the future with new characters, possibly new aliens?

    As for Transformers, the movie was written for a younger audience, with a childish screenplay…what caused all the problems with the film is that it was filmed like an adult action flick…that made it all bad because alot of the characters and dialogue (even plot lines) were all crap inside of that adult action, and it didn’t make sense and obviously didn’t playout as it should.

    If you look at what Abrams did with Alias, Lost, followed by Mission Impossible 3 and Cloverfield movies…I think all 4 of these are absolutely perfect in doing what they set out to do. As for Fringe, I’m not sure of that, I’ve not seen much from it but I have the early pilot, I’m going to watch until it airs.

  11. oh, and I think the real test for Michael Bay and the two writers will be when Transformers 2 comes out. Bay had a huge part in the story and script creation…so if the problems from the first film remain…..well then, I’ll be pissed, lol.

    On that note, I’m already upset John Turturro is back, I honestly felt his character was the worst character in cinematic history in the first Tranformers, and I couldn’t stand it no matter how many times I saw the film :(

  12. As far as Star Trek, I read that the statement about the plot alluded to the prospect of altering the entire timeline, therefore future movies could be made with the the younger Enterprise crew without fear of breaking the canon. I’m just tired of the time traveling gimmick.

    On Voltron, is the rumor that they’ll use the script Latino Review reported a few months back? If so, could be good.

  13. Rob, that’s the number 1 drawback, IMHO, of the Transformer movie. I liked the action but the acting by Turturro (who I like most of the time) was horrible. I don’t think this was a feather in John Voyts hat either. The best actor in the movie was the young star.

  14. Yeah Ronnie, I don’t find actors like Clooney fasinating. I like actors that just act and move on,,, like Ron Perlman. Clooney’s too full of himself (IMO)…

    Never forget Batman Forever ,,,,

  15. Yeah Rob,,, on Star Trek, I would prefer a new film set after Nemesis.
    Personally I feel the overall Trek fanbase is split between Kirk&Spock vs NGen,DS9,Voyager as far as a direction goes.
    I think Abrams feels the potential to bring in more causual fans would be to go with the more familer overall Kirk and Spock.
    This film plotline is a pretty generic idea. (Time travel to save a life, planet, or a timline, etc…) instead of a real epic confrontation were going to timetravel out of Star Trek canon, into the potential to do it all over again. (JJ really is just lifting the BSG concept on this one).
    Sounds good I guess to Abrams, and his transformer buds.
    I liked his Cloverfield film but that’s about it.
    Mi3 is not worth mentioning,,his tv shows are aweful (Imo). I find his casting choices for his tv shows are really off the mark. (Imo). I can’t wait to see how Fringe does.
    Kahless,,, I totally agree with Turturro and Voight, both horrible in Transformers.
    Some of Turturro’s worst acting ever…

  16. “The Voltron movie has nabbed a director in the form of Max Makowski.”

    The official word from WEP, the owners of Voltron, is that no director has been chosen yet, though that name has been discussed.

    “5_ Voltron, have to see more on this, could be cool, could be lame.”

    “On Voltron, is the rumor that they’ll use the script Latino Review reported a few months back? If so, could be good.”

    It will only be good if they dump the Latino Review script. From what I’ve seen, it resembles a Voltron story even less than the Bayformers movie resembled an actual Transformers story. Considering the resemblance for Bayformers was pretty bad….

    Fortunately, rewrites are inevitable, so there’s hope.

    “oh, and I think the real test for Michael Bay and the two writers will be when Transformers 2 comes out. Bay had a huge part in the story and script creation”

    Makes me glad I’ve completely written off Bayformers 2. He so completely, and unforgivably, botched the first one that I’m unwilling to give him a second chance. I’m also not going to bother with Star Trek since the movies share writers.

  17. ah, I knew you’d say that about trek, 790.

    Now comes the next question.

    Do you think new unknown characters and new aliens would be marketable to the mainstream movie audience? and that a movie like that could sell? Well, we already know the answer, the last two trek films were beyond failures and disappointments to the Trek world, and the mainstream wanted nothing to do with it, both were terrible. People simply don’t care about that, and people hate bringing in new aliens each film…when we have so many cool and likeable, already-established-and-canon races.

    Bringing Trek back to the most famous trek characters of all time, allows them to hit a tone with every single audience group, same goes for bring back the most iconic space ship design from Trek.

    I think its a way to make something new, within-Canon featuring an original cast member and bringing trek back to its roots.

    When I first heard the idea that JJ’s trek was going to be about the Academy, I instantly thought to myself: “this is gonna be stupid”, heh. But seeing how they are doing it, the cast and style I know JJ will bring, and what they said about how the ships will be portrayed, I now think this is the only possible way, literally the only possible way, to make Trek a mainstream phenomenon and bring the franchise back to success.

    If you think about it, not many people care about just seeing space ships going around blowing things up (I do though, heh). So what new Trek could work? New characters? No, people don’t want that, people want what they know and like. New Species? No, that’s a cheap cop-out and not within continuity. New Ships? No, again, we have so many, new ships wouldn’t make sense with what we’ve seen, and if its in the future, then its not the Trek we all knew and love. So if they make it in the future, people wouldn’t like it, people already don’t like it as it is, making it more off-beat would be even worse. Trek can’t even sell itself nowadays, let alone making it not-Trek in the Future. The only way that could sell would be by drowning it out with a huge cast, but nothing could come from that.

  18. I agree with Rob completely and that’s why I’m really hoping Abrams and crew don’t muck this up.

    Continuing on with the TNG era just seems worn and done to death IMHO.

    Going back to the beginning to a period never covered in the films or TV shows is smart. It’s what “Enterprise” was supposed to do, but Berman and Braga mishandled that horribly. Done right, that could have been a great show.


  19. I don’t agree with Rob on this one. I think a well done Trek story, even one with new characters in a new time frame, could find the audience it needs to succeed. The problem is Trek has had too much activity for too long a time. The ideas have dried up, and the audience is getting bored. When you add in the fact that you can find 6-7, or more, episodes a day on TV, that only makes things worse.

    What Trek needs is writers who can do the universe justice, in whatever time frame they choose to work. First, though, it needs time for the audience to get truly tired of what’s already out there, and build the demand for something new. That’s what helped “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” succeed, and it’s what helped TNG become so successful.

    Paramount needs to give it time, and then find someone better that Orci and Kurtzman to write the script. Otherwise, I’ll be surprised is anyone other than the truly hardcore fans will bother with it.

  20. Abrams is playing it safe because he’s not an original guy.
    There’s plenty of new exciting stories set after Voyager.

    There’s a whole Fleet of ships and crews.
    To say that Kirk and Spock are the only hope of Trek is selling the franchise short.

  21. “It will only be good if they dump the Latino Review script. From what I’ve seen, it resembles a Voltron story even less than the Bayformers movie resembled an actual Transformers story”

    Don’t tell me you’re a Voltron purist too… Based on the Latino Review synopsis, I liked how the characters are brought together and it made for an interesting story. Are you mad that they didn’t mention the mice or the witch? Go Voltron!

  22. “Don’t tell me you’re a Voltron purist too… Based on the Latino Review synopsis, I liked how the characters are brought together and it made for an interesting story. Are you mad that they didn’t mention the mice or the witch? Go Voltron!”

    I’m no more a Voltron purist than I am a G1 Transformers purist. Anyone who accuses me of either of those clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    I don’t mind if the mice are missing, or any of the other minor characters. In fact I’m grateful for that. I don’t mind moving it to a more Earth-centric story instead sending them to Arus. I don’t mind them updating the origins of the lions. I don’t mind if they keep Zarkon, Hazar, Throk, or Lotor out of the first movie.

    No, I just want a good script that actually resembles Voltron. The characters are off, the script rips-off at least half a dozen other SF movies, usually not good ones, and all in all it doesn’t feel like Voltron.

    I just want them to get the characters right and keep the feel of the franchise. This script doesn’t feel like a Voltron story.

  23. Is it ‘playing it safe’ though? Alot of people were worried and scared about the idea of bring Trek back to the academy…people were up in arms about other, younger people trying to portray the most iconic trek characters ever. I’m not too sure that’s a safe route.

    2-3 years ago, could you imagine someone else playing Kirk…me, never.

    I really hope this movie is incredible, I have such high expections in JJ, so its a big make or break experience for him. The fact that Paramount put the trust in him to re-kindle the Trek world and go ahead with this idea, I think shows some great hope.

    I guess we’ll just have to see :)

  24. (If I ran Paramount)
    Muhaa haaaaahaahhh !!!
    Fire Tom Cruise!!!
    Oh they allready did that.

    I would have done a stand alone tv series set after “Voyager”.
    Without Berman/Braga.
    If that did well, a stand alone TNG film would have been next. It would have been a film that would feature all the crews and ships from the Next Gen timeline. 😉

    I have a strong feeling that the new film will be more or less meh,,,

  25. Hey 790,

    Would your proposed idea appeal to mainsteam audiences have and would it be big hit at the box office? I don’t think it can. We can almost say for sure, it can’t. No matter what commercials and other advertising you do for that, it wouldn’t click with the mainstream.

    Remember, the idea is to show that the Star Trek franchise can be successful and can hit the main audiences. When that first teaser hit during Cloverfield previews, the entire audience was in talks about it…and that trailer showed barely anything, but it had awesome sound clips of real-world events, heh.

    The idea of TNG films and those characters don’t sell. You have to think about the general audiences.

    I understand why you may not like the idea personally, but I don’t understand how you can say there’s something better that would be more successful at the box office, and can save the Trek Franchise. There is no future in the TNG, DS9 or Voyager crews. And as for the original crew, several have sadly passed, and others have passed within the Trek timeline.

  26. 790,
    I think that Clooney is an amazing actor and filmmaker who strives for quality in his films.
    He’s one of the few actors out there making thoughtful films for grown-ups.


  27. Well that’s why I would have done a tv series first before a new film.

    The Cloverfield ad was very clever, but I don’t see the relivance.

    You say that there’s no future after TNG timeline, I disagree.
    The DS9 novels out sell anything right now in the Star Trek world.
    There’s plenty to do with that timeline.

    Its Paramount that claims that timeline is dead. Not the fans.

    Mainstream aside,,, its the hardcore fans that see the film over and over.
    IMO, JJ is overestimating his fanbase…
    That’s cool Niall,
    I just find his acting overated. The Ocean films really soured me on him.

  28. I think a TNG era movie could definitely be done, but that crew is probably over-exposed. I thought the rumor before Nemesis was there would be a TNG movie with DS9 characters. All of those characters have fallen off the globe, even Janeway had a cameo in Nemesis.

    BTW, I really enjoyed Nemesis, even if it had a Wrath of Khan feel to the ending.