Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: May 8th, 2011

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This week:

Thor hammers the competition; cool kids sign up to play The Hunger Games; Stephen Collins wants to adopt one of the Three Stooges; don’t stop believin’ in a 3D film version of Glee; add three more names to the dinner list for Piranha 3DD; get ready for a Seven Samurai remake; and a trio of funny ladies sign on for Will Ferrell’s Bachelorette.

Box Office

Marvel’s Thor grossed an estimated $66 million in the U.S. during its opening weekend. While the God of Thunder’s solo outing failed to reach Iron Man levels of success, it still managed to exceed Incredible Hulk‘s $55.4 million opening – though that was undoubtedly in part due to Thor being screened in the 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D format. Props to Marvel for its successful marketing strategy, all the same.

Between a solid critical reception (read our Thor review) and strong opening numbers at the box office,Thor looks to become another financial hit for Marvel – and (perhaps more importantly) help to heighten anticipation for next year’s Avengers movie. That’s the superhero pic we’re all really pumped to see, right?

thor spoilers Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: May 8th, 2011

Fast Five hit the brakes and slowed down to a gross of around $32.5 million this weekend, down some 62% from its huge opening weekend. With Five having already pocketed some $139.9 million from U.S. moviegoers and another $184.8 million from overseas, Fast and the Furious 6 is definitely on the way.

Jumping The Broom snagged third place in its opening weekend, taking in an estimated $13.7 million. The wedding-oriented-rom-com only cost about $6.6 million to make, so everything from hereon should be spare change for TriStar.

Something Borrowed opened close behind with a gross of around $13.1 million. Despite being based on a popular novel, it looks like trailers for the flick failed to convince the masses that this was anything but another run-of-the-mill rom-com with Kate Hudson.

Rio continued to play well with families, landing in fifth place with another take of $8.2 million or so for a total around $114.9 million in the U.S. alone.

Water for Elephants also held up fairly well, settling into sixth place with an estimated $5.6 million gross for the weekend and a domestic total of $41.6 million.

Madea’s Big Happy Family added another $3.9 million and upped its U.S. take to about $46.8 million.

Prom dropped about 49% from its opening weekend for a gross around $2.4 million and an estimated total of $7.8 million. Well, at least the high school comedy was a cheap undertaking for Disney.

Soul Surfer once again held fairly steady at the U.S. box office, snagging another estimated $2.1 million. The total domestic gross for the inspirational drama is now about $36.6 million.

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil 3D rounded out the top ten with a take of around $1.8 million, down 54% from its opening weekend. The total domestic gross for the tooon now stands at $6.7 million.

Finally, Jodie Foster’s The Beaver with Mel Gibson began an initial run in 22 theaters (it expands on May 20th) over the weekend, and managed an estimated gross of $104,000. So far, there seems to be limited interest in Gibson’s comeback vehicle – despite some solid reviews and acclaim for the Braveheart star’s turn as a depressed man who struggles to get his life back on track with the assistance of a beaver puppet (how often does one get to use all those words in a sentence together?).

Source: Deadline


Movie News

1. Newcomers Imanol Yepez-Frias and Annie Thurman are the latest additions to the cast of director Gary Ross’ high-profile adaptation of The Hunger Games. The two will play the nameless male and female “tribute”, respectively, from District 9 of the film’s futuristic setting, Panem (a.k.a. the former U.S. of A).

The Hunger Games movie cast District 9 tributes Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: May 8th, 2011

We’re at last getting down to the wire with these Hunger Games casting updates; there are but a handful of adult supporting roles and two more pairs of “tribute” roles that have yet to be filled. However, we’ll draw the line on reporting when Lionsgate officially announces the Hunger Games production catering service.

Source: THR


2. TV actor Stephen Collins (7th Heaven, No Ordinary Family) is the latest addition to the cast of Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s Three Stooges movie. He’ll appear in the first third of the film, as a man who wants to adopt one of the Stooges – when they are still only juveniles, of course.

The Farrelly Brothers’ Three Stooges cast also includes Jane Lynch and Larry David as a pair of female nuns – along with Jack from Will & Grace as Larry, Rob Weiss from 24 as Moe, and that guy from $#*! My Dad Says as Curly. Make of all that what you will.

Source: Variety


3. Glee fans (or, rather, Gleeks) prepare yourselves – the “Glee Live! In Concert!” North American tour will make the jump to the big screen this summer in… Glee Live! 3D! (and yes, the exclamation marks are part of the actual title).

glee cast2 Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: May 8th, 2011

Live footage from the “Glee Live!” concert tour will be assembled and spliced together under the direction of Kevin Tancharoen (Mortal Kombat: Legacy). Early word however, is that Tancharoen won’t be taking a more gritty and realistic approach to the Glee universe in his 3D concert movie. icon wink Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: May 8th, 2011

Source: 20th Century Fox


4. Ready to go back in the water? Piranha 3D stars Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, and Paul Scheer apparently are, seeing as that they’re now signed on for this fall’s aptly-named sequel, Piranha 3DD.

Ving Rhames returning for Piranha 3DD Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: May 8th, 2011

Feast director John Gulager is at the helm of Piranha 3DD, which reunites him with screenwriting duo Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (the minds behind the last four Saw movies). Anyone taking bets about which anatomical parts will be chewed up by the meat-hungry fish and spit out at the camera this second time around?

Source: Dimension Films


5. Hollywood clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “sacred.” Case in point: The Weinstein Company is pressing ahead with a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 classic Seven Samurai, with Scott Mann (The Tournament) directing and co-writing the script with John Fusco (The Forbidden Kingdom).

The Seven Samurai movie image Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: May 8th, 2011

Seven Samurai has served as the inspiration for numerous projects over the years, including (most famously) the classic 1960s western The Magnificent Seven. That said – does Mann really believe he can improve on Kurosawa’s original work?

Source: Variety


6. Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls), Casey Wilson (Happy Endings), and Kirsten Dunst will get their funny games on in Bachelorette, a wedding-themed comedy being produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

Screenwriter Leslye Headland (Terriers) will make her directorial debut with Bachelorette, which could begin filming this summer in New York. Add this one to the list of promising female-centric laughfests on the horizon, alongside this week’s Bridesmaids and the upcoming Desperados.

Source: THR

That’s it for now. See you at the movies!

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  1. Great, just what we need, another wedding themed rom-com.

    Good to see Thor drew in the crowds though. Probably going to end up in the $200 million range I would think. I still want my $4 back for forcing me to see it in 3D, though. :P

    • Had a buddy who was defiant ane had to see it in 3d. I seen it in reg format and it was fine. Didn’t see the point in paying $14.50 for 3d when with a coupon from entertainment book got the ticket for $8.50 at 8pm. Movie was ok I actually liked Fast Five way better. So did everyone else with a whopping 86 mill opening weekend.

  2. Didn’t Ving Rhames die in Piranha 3D?

  3. Man, hard to believe that Thor did that well! I am stoked – hopefully means good things for Avengers!

  4. i cant belive fast 5 beat thor at the box office by alomst 17 million. And I just have to say kat dennings performance in thor is oscar worthy. I think we found our frontrunner for this years award season.

    • you joking right? LOL

      • He has to be… But then again, he might not be…

  5. It is unfortunate that Last Night, Passion Play and Daydream Nation are only being released in select cities and that we won’t find out how they would have done commercially if released nationwide. They all have interesting casts. It would have been interesting to see how smaller films for the leads would do commercially.

    • I’m pretty sure that like The Beaver, they would’ve flopped or underwhelmed at the box office. Look at the per theater average on all 4 of those movies, from those its obvious that there was little interest in seeing them and if they were released nationwide they would’ve been taking down by the next weekend. And this is coming from someone who wanted to see Last Night and The Beaver.

  6. Hollywood just can’t leave classics alone…

    • My thoughts exactly. There’s very little reason — if any — to remake a classic.

      Seven Samurai still holds up well today, and I suggest to anyone who likes movie to give it a go. It’s an incredible movie, one that has many of the same elements that more modern-day blockbusters try to cram into 2 hours.

      It’s 3-1/2 hours of greatness, and I can’t spot any filler. I understand why people like the Western adaptation Magnificent Seven, but Seven Samurai is still, by far, the better film.

      It does sound like they’re trying to go away from the “samurai” angle, which is good for them, but is any sort of remake or adaptation necessary?

      Just do like other movies do, “borrow” the plot idea of seven renegades or outcasts coming to the rescue. It’s been done plenty of times post-Seven Samurai, and is still done.

      They better not call this movie Seven “Samurai,” using samurai as some slang term uttered by one character in reference to themselves.

      • However who decides what movies are classics? What is the criteria to say its a classic?

        While I understand the desire to protect something as such how does it (the remake, reboot, etc) affect the original?

        I also understand the need for new stories/ideas however there is hardly anything new to be written that has not been done before.

        We always have the choice of voting with our wallets and talking about it after the fact.

        I just dont see the big deal about remaking movies since we have the choice of not watching/supporting it.

  7. A little of topic but still movie news I guess, X-Men: First Class is rated PG-13 for brief strong language, some sexuality, and a violent image. Looks as if it will be more of a character driven story. Behind Harry Potter its my most anticipated film of the summer.

    • I liked that film ghost, but more as a monster movie than a Godzilla movie. The scene of the monster walking down NYC streets and the expression on Hank Azaria’s face after nearly being squashed was priceless.

      • @”but more as a monster movie than a Godzilla movie”

        My point exactly. They compeltely missed the whole Anti-nuclear message from the original and turned it into your everyday monster on the loose film.

        • And, Ghost, they’re going to also completely miss the mark with their “Akira” remake for the very same reasons. They already don’t seem to understand (or even care about) the connection between Japan and a post-apocalyptic Tokyo still living under the threat of nuclear warfare.

          They didn’t care how Godzilla represented the threat of nuclear fallout once again spreading over Japan.

          Hollywood, now truly the center of Fast Food-style Movies.

          • So the whole French Nuclear tests in Polynesia shown at the beginning of the movie and the French attempts in the U.S. to destroy the creation that came out of the tests represented, what? Isn’t the monster itself the fallout? The consequence of man’s hubris? Can’t the argument be made that they resized Nuclear weapons to fit a post nuclear war world? The French tested their weapons long after the first Nuclear war was over and since M.A.D. made Nuclear war impossible to fathom the real problem, the slow ruination of the environment by Nuclear testing and proliferation the current message of a modern Godzilla? The real problem as I see it is movie lovers want remakes to be slavish homages to the originals while the creators of the films would like to do them as loose takes on the original idea, leaving room to reexamine the concepts. I think the point being the world hasn’t stood still despite the catastrophic hazards they still have dimensions that are real world, only perhaps 30 times bigger, not 70 times bigger and unconquerable by conventional thinking. that’s my 2cents anyway. Just another point of view really…

            Given all that though, I have to wonder at Nuclear power states that haven’t given more thought about how to contain the genie once it attempts to escape! It’s rather ironic that Japan’s movie going public felt that the hazards of Nuclear energy were ill represented in the American movie but have been laissez-faire about planning to contain the real world hazards they wanted the movie to represent. Perhaps neither nation appreciates the hazards of Godzilla.. ;)

            • Except you could actually see that Godzilla was a walking nuclear weapon by looking at the devastation he caused in Gojira. All Godzilla did in Emmerich’s film was run around. The only thing it represented was Hollywood’s ability to not understand the source.

              @”The real problem as I see it is movie lovers want remakes to be slavish homages to the originals while the creators of the films would like to do them as loose takes on the original idea, leaving room to reexamine the concepts.”

              Except they didn’t make anything original. They took the anti-Americanism, and just blamed it all on the French. Hollywood hates it when the fingers are pointd at America in film, but has no problem pointing fingers elsewhere. I love this country, but there’s nothing wrong with owning up to our mistakes.

    • Godzilla 1985? LOL

      • No, Gojira. Not the pathetic edited version Hollywood made b/c they couldn’t handle the anti-American theme, but the original Japanese masterpiece.

        • LOL. Sadly i saw G 1985 in the theaters when i was a teen hahaha

  8. Thor is a very good hero movie I like it a lot

  9. watched “Skyline” last night thought it was better then, ID4, Speilberg’s War of the Worlds, or the turdfest Battle la,,,

    Those creatures would have gang raped Godzilla, and used his brain to power one of their heavy cruisers…

    Awesome flick.

    • Would love to see Godzilla vs. The Hulk! :D

    • Skyline berter than world of the worlds? Weird

  10. Unfortunate as it is, I think Fast Five’s opening really hurt Thor’s weekend.

    We all know the significance of the May 4th weekend, how it signals the first major event film of the year. However Fast Five really took that status away from Thor as well as the fact that Fast Five is a set franchise and Thor was relatively unknown in the mainstream compared to Spiderman, Superman, Batman etc..

    Stlll both Batman Begins and Superman Returns made less in their opening weekends and both went onto gross over $200 million in the US so there’s still hope for Thor in the US. It’s worldwide tally stands at $242million at the moment and it’s going to have to take another $150 – $200 million internationally to be considered a hit.

    • I do he has a cute purple face. Who wouldn’t love that face?

      • lmao!

  11. Is it just me or was anyone else annoyed at how baffonish they made Thor’s friends? I mean come on how cliche’ do you have to be to make the typical stereotypes of the side kicks.

    • How so?

      To disagree with you I think they nailed the Warriors Three.

      Lady Sif was a little so so imo.

      However if you care to elaborate on your opinion it would be welcomed and maybe others can help to expalin why they were the way they were.

      • They were more characatures than actual Asgardian warriors. When it came time for combat the simply followed Thor and on Earth they were blatently incompetent, no sign of the supposed training and tactics of battle tested fighters. basicly they were nothing more than side kicks and bad ones at that.

        • Well they were following the future King of Asgard (and friend they have had many adventure with). They saw an issue with the throne and knowing what they did went to Earth.

          They reluctantly went with him to fight the giants and held their own quite well however as any good warrior knows there is a time to fight and a time to leave.

          They were imo as they are in the comics except for the fuzzy hat.

          • So you didnt see them as charactures, such as the Fop, the girl who wants to be a guy, the big guy with a heart of gold?

            • No as I dont see it as exagerating the role as defined.

              If you look for it you will find it in EVERY movie.

              However the movie is based on the comic with regards to the way characters are portrayed.

              So Volstagg was always like that. Sif has never (my assumption to who you are referring to) attempted to be a guy, do the Valkyrie just because of what they are and what they can do?

              FoP (fresh off plane?) is what the story is semi about.

              I mean what movie does not have characters that you could label?

              Or are you saying they pushed the characters characteristics on us and was too obvious?

  12. As a movie fan, Thor was good. As a Marvel Fan, they effed it up, AGAIN!!! They didnt show the hatred between Loki and Thor, they didnt show Loki’s handling in the shortening of the handle or Thor’s Hammer. The Destroyor Armor is indestructible!!! They didnt establish the intimate relationship between Thor and Sif. The movie sucked. I hope Loki isnt in the Avengers, unless he’s with another supervillain like Dr Doom, not the weak bastard that was in the fantastic four. Hawkeye was lame.

    • It was an Origin story. You know Loki and Thor didnt always hate (resent maybe) but not hate until later on.

      Thor and Sif were not always hot for one another (however I do agree I would like to have seen the look from Sif whenever whats her face was around).

      The Destroyer Armor is not indestructable and has been poofed on at least one occasion that I remember. (melted if do recall correctly)

      Shortening of the hammer? I am not familiar with that.

      • OH and furthermore this was not a true representation from the comics. They added some twists to make it more believable…… I guess thats the way to say it.

      • They were before he became acquainted with the humans, and the reason they stopped was because Sif couldnt understand his attachment to the humans.
        Loki turned Thor into a from; Odin would allow Loki to get away with almost anything but be harder on Thor. As they were at this stage they hated eachother, Loki truly hated Thor.
        More importantly, When Thor was sent to Earth, He had no memory of being a God or anything about Asgard, until he was drawn to his hammer.

        • So how would you put all of that into a 2 hour movie keeping in mind you need a tie in to the Avengers?

          As stated in my review on another page for Thor I think they did a fine job to introduce him to the Avengers.

          To expect it to be a page for pgae panel for panel reproduction of the comic or history of the character will lead to nothing but disappointments.

          You cant take a character with Decades of comics and stories not to mention myth, folklore and Religon and expect to cover everything in 2 hours.

          They covered Loki and Thor. The actors/writing showed the built up hate/disdain/resent Loki had for Thor.

          They explained previous visits to Earth.

          Who is to say some of that wasnt covered then? I guess what Im saying is they got more right then they did wrong with the time frame they had to do it in.

          • Why not make it a 3 !/2 hour movie and to Brad, I sure the he’ll do like them, funny guy.
            They could have dont better instead of trying to put their own signature on it. Like you said they have decased of data to go off of, so how can you get it wrong? Not just Thor, any of the movies.

            • Because we comic fans are not the bread winners when it comes to the movies.

              We may fuel the fire but when it comes down to it we do not carry the films.

              When I say comic fans I mean a person that at the very least collects books on a regular basis. While there are various levels of comic fans (IMO) to be one you have to collect which gives you a vested interest in the medium as a whole.

              To expect them (Hollywood) to cater to us (small majority) is a folly. It wont happen as we can not bring the money in.

              They have to make it so it appeals to a broad range of viewers.

              We as fans have to take the good with the bad and then discuss amongst ourselves what was so good or bad about and what they should have done.

              Be it Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Green Lantern, Lord of the Rings, The Stand etc and so forth if it was in print before it came to the big screen with no thought of being on the big screen you are going to lose a lot during the transition.

              Purist will never be satisfied.

              • You win, I can’t dispute that. Makes alot of sense

                • I agree Aknot. And that mentality goes beyond comic books. Good or bad, anyone who sees there favorite comic, novel, romance, fantasy, or science fiction books move from the written medium to the screen are rabid about its portrayal and how it is translated to the big screen. There are always people who are not happy.

                  My wife loved the “Water for Elephants” book but absolutely hated the movie because, and I quote, “They ruined it. They left out so much story and changed things too much that it didn’t seem like the same book.”

                  Sound familiar?

                  • The problem is that Hollywod is allowed to get away with that time after time by simply accepting it as a necessary evil. The time for that has to stop, there are too many other avenues to get movies made these days that simply accpeting that it is the norm is not acceptable any longer.

                    • I honestly prefer them to make changes as along as they keep the essence of the character. If you want it to be exactly like the comics, then save yourself the money and just re-read the comics. There’s a reason it’s called an adaptation.

                    • @Ghost

                      I agree completely. Imagine if they would have put the comic book’s version of Iron Man’s suitcase armore on screen. A fabric that is folded into a suitcase somehow is enough armor to protect him and allows him to fly somehow… Yah, that would have went over well…

                    • ack, armor, lol.

                    • @Aleric (sorry for the dely)
                      The issue with your “there are too many other avenues to get movies made these days” statement is exactly what Sony and Fox are doing. Not that Marvel wouldnt want to make them… However Hollywood at the end of the day is a business. They are in it to make money with more money they make more movies. If they cant make the money they cant make the movies. In order to make the movies they have to compromise what we know to fit the masses. Honestly thats why I was semi happy to think that Pixar may be doing a Marvel story… with animation the skies the limit so to speak.

                      I agree but I dont hear (I could be wrong) them calling it an adaptation. They say things like “FROM THE PAGES OF YOUR FAVORITE COMIC BOOK!!!” etc. They pump it to be something when we know it wont be as such. I still cling to IM being the best at taking things from the book and making it as true to life as possible and keeping stuff in essence.

                      They did that with IM2. It was an emergency suit and I would guess short distance flight wouldnt have been out of the question. While it wasnt in the suitcase but part of it it still came over well and made some fans “giddy”.. :D

  13. My biggest complaint with Thor is the lack of character development. Yeah, Thor changed, but it seemed way too fast. It almost seemed as though he changed JUST so he could get his powers back, and not b/c he wanted to changed or that it was better for him to change. Jane also fell for Thor too fast. She even liked him when he was still a douche, and came off as just wanting him for his body. They should have developed those two characters a bit more.

    But Thor rocked overall.

    • I agree Ghost. I thought he needed 20 minutes or so more developing his relationship with Jane and the humans.

    • Possible Spoiler ************

      “It almost seemed as though he changed JUST so he could get his powers back,”

      I saw the change when he realized why his father did what he did and it couldnt be undone.

      He (IMO) realized his last words to his father may have not been what his last words should have been.

      All this brought about by his brother. Had his brother just lied a little Thor would have continued to be care free thinking that one day he could go back home.

      • What was in the box or what was the box that Fury and the doctor were looking at, with Loki’s reflection?

    • ***SPOILER ALERT***

      Actually, you can see him go from being really arrogant and sure of himself to becoming a “broken man” almost the moment he realized he cannot get his hammer. That kind of was like a revelation that he wasn’t all powerful. Then when Loki told him that his father is dead and that all of the troubles are because of him, he kind of fell even further. For people like him with such a huge ego, it’s a HUGE blow to realize that you were wrong in something. Especially if you couple that fact with the news of your father’s demise (even though it wasn’t true, that’s what he thought at the moment). I kind of thought it was sudden at first too, but then I put myself into his shoes and realized that it was a lot all of a sudden. Either way, I really enjoyed the movie, but my favorite scene has to be when Thor kissed Jane (Portman) in the hand that first time to say “farewell” and she just started giggling uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop laughing at that. It’s like “smooth Jane, way to play hard to get!” :D Oh Natalie Portman is soooo cute!!! lol.

  14. Isn’t 13 assassins kind of a remake of 7 samurai. Its the exact same movie just 13 samurai instead of 7. I didn’t care for it at all.