Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: June 19th, 2011

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This week:

Get ready for Masters of the Web featuring our own Vic Holtreman; Tom Cruise rocks out with his..er… shirt off in Rock of Ages; there’s change ahead for John Travolta’s Gotti biopic; Green Lantern is in the red but Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool and Kate Winslet as well as Josh Brolin join Jason Reitman’s Labor Day.

Box Office

It’s not easy being green and for Warner Bros, it’s not easy starting a new superhero franchise. Sure, they successfully rebooted the Batman series, and they’ve got a new Superman film off the ground, but in recent years the studio has struggled to get films like The Flash and Justice League out of development hell – not to mention the recent Wonder Woman TV debacle. Meanwhile, Marvel characters have been flourishing on the big screen, with X-Men, Thor and  Captain America all kicking butt this summer. Which brings us to Green Lantern.

Last year Green Lantern’s first trailer was met with a muted response, which led to lowered expectations by the fanboy community, despite the presence of Ryan Reynolds. Further footage improved on these first impressions, and when the marketing blitz took over, even naysayers (like myself) believed that the film could be a fun summer ride, or the “new Star Wars,”  as those involved in the film would have you believe. However, once the reviews started coming in (read ours here) it looked like the writing was on the wall for the big budget comic book adaptation. The film cost a reported $300 million to produce and market – with some sources saying that this number is on the conservative side. If this is true then it’ll have to make some serious green to turn a profit.

An estimated opening weekend gross of just $52.6 million saw the film open to more than $10 million less that Thor and about $3 million shy of the X-Men: First Class debut- the fourth film in a decade old franchise. If the film drops as expected next weekend, then it’ll have to rake in some serious cash on the foreign circuit and in ancillaries to get out of the red. Suddenly Green Lantern 2 isn’t looking like a sure thing, cue “no green light for Green Lantern 2″ headlines.

Green Lantern opens at number one Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: June 19th, 2011

What does this mean for other Warner Bros./DC superhero films?

Probably not a lot considering the inertia of the DC stable at Warner Bros. However, when they do get the ball rolling they’ll have to raise their game – and not just attempt to be a CGI spectacle. Nolan’s Batman films show that a good comic book adaptation can, not only be a great film, but also faithful to the source material and financially successful. It could be that audiences are also showing signs of superhero fatigue, which is something that may not bode well for Captain America – a character who will have to work hard to try and bring in coin abroad. Maybe the studio will hire more auteur filmmakers like Nolan to helm their DC adaptations, no offense to Martin Campbell, but he’s a very workmanlike director who has as many misses as hits on his resume – for every Goldeneye and Mask of Zorro there’s a Vertical Limit and Legend of Zorro. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see David Fincher’s Teen Titans?

Warner Bros. is at a crucial juncture with regard to their franchises. The Harry Potter series ends this year and Nolan has stated that he’s hanging up the bat cape after The Dark Knight Rises - so they need a new vibrant franchise. Superman has the potential but they bet a lot on the Green Lantern. That bet doesn’t seem to have paid off, so it looks like they’ll be back to the drawing board, and  I expect that some Warner Bros. employees will be getting a few stern words come Monday morning.

J.J Abram’s Super 8 dropped to number two, but held up well. The Steven Spielberg produced film dropped less than 50% and brought in another $21 million, upping its gross to a solid $72 million.

Jim Carrey’s latest live action feature had a disappointing start. Mr. Popper’s Penguins grossed an estimated $18 million. The debut is in-line with 2008’s Yes Man, which ended its run with $92 million, so the future may not be too bleak for Carrey and his feathered friends.

X-Men: First Class continues to hold well in its third week. The Matthew Vaughn franchise prequel scored another $11.5 million and brought its total to $120 million. The superhero film has now grossed over $250 million worldwide.

The Hangover Part 2 laughed up another $9.6 million for a total gross in the region of $232 million. Meanwhile, Kung Fu Panda 2 brought in about $8.7 million for a $143 million total and Bridesmaids walked down the aisle with over $7 million for a total cume of $136 million.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides sailed away with over $6 million and brought its total haul to $220 million – while Woody Allen’s latest Midnight in Paris grossed over $5 million for a cumulative take a smidgen under $22 million. The Owen Wilson film is on the way to becoming the director’s highest grossing feature in over twenty years!

The top ten was rounded out by Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. The family film grossed just over $2 million for an $11 million total. It’s no wonder she’s moody.

Outside the top ten saw Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life (read our review) gross over $1 million. If you like it then you should be happy to know that Malick is apparently working on a six hour cut of the film. Seriously.

Movie News

1. Like movies? Love Screen Rant? Going to Comic Con this year?

Then you’ll be happy to know that, as always, Screen Rant will be representing. Unfortunately, I won’t be there because I’m stuck in the UK. However, Screen Rant’s founding father – Vic Holtreman will be present along with other members of the gang and he’ll be taking part in the legendary Masters of the Web panel.

screen rant at masters of the web Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: June 19th, 2011

Vic will be joined on the panel by such web luminaries as AMC’s John Campea, Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson, Slash Film’s Peter Sciretta, Movieline’s Jen Yamato, Film School Rejects’ Scott Beggs, Mike Sampson from Joblo, as well Sasha Perl-Raver and Jenna Busch.

Get your tickets, plan your questions, and go and see your favourite movie bloggers in the flesh!

Source: AMC


2. The big screen version of 80s-set musical Rock of Ages has been shooting in Miami for the last few weeks and now the first image of Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx has been released.

first look cruise in rock of ages Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: June 19th, 2011

If you want to see a larger version of Cruise in all of his shirtless-gym inflicted glory then visit his official site here.

Source: Tom Cruise


3. John Travolta’s John Gotti biopic has gotten (gottin?) a new title.

The film was going by the title Gotti: Three Generations, which kind of made it sound like a bad television mini-series, but now it’ll known by the moniker of Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father – which kind of makes it sound like a bad television movie. Nice!

Travolta will be joined in the Barry Levinson film by Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Lindsay Lohan, and his wife Kelly Preston.

Great talent involved – shame about the title. Why don’t this just call it Gotti?

Source: What’ s Playing


4. Ryan Reynolds has long been associated with superheroes. The former Mr. Scarlett Johansson was once rumored for The Flash, starred opposite the troubled Wesley Snipes in Blade Trinity, and portrayed Deadpool in Hugh Jackman’s disappointing Wolverine. He’s now the star of the poorly received Green Lantern, which, unless a miracle happens will probably not get a sequel. I see some sort of pattern here – could there be a Ryan Reynolds superhero curse?

That said, Reynolds’ fans shouldn’t fear, as it looks like his long in development Deadpool spinoff film is inching closer to fruition. Reynolds was out shilling his green themed DC comics adaptation to MTV when he divulged some details on the Marvel movie.

When asked about the film and its director Tim Miller Reynolds said:

“I love Tim. Tim is someone who we all vetted through and through. He’s a guy who captures the spirit of it, and he’s also an incredible visual artist. Also, Tim came cheap, which helped as well. In order to do this movie the way we want to do it is pretty nasty, and pretty hard. You can’t exactly have a $200 million budget when you want to do a movie like this.”

Hopefully the Reynolds superhero curse won’t strike again.

Source: MTV


5. Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin will star in Jason Reitman’s adaptation of Joyce Maynard’s Labor Day. Don’t worry – it’s not a follow-up to Valentine’s Day, although that is on the way in the form of New Year’s Eve.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

“Set in the early ’80s over the late summer holiday weekend, Labor Day opens with divorced, depressed single mom Adele clothes shopping with her 13-year-old son, Henry. They encounter a large, fearsome man — who also happens to be bleeding badly. He asks for a ride, and against all judgment, they give him one.

Are they hostages, accomplices… or just deluded? As police search town for the escaped convict, the mother and son gradually learn his true story and their options become more and more limited.”

The film will shoot next year and don’t be too surprised if it gets an Oscar nod or two come 2013.

Source: EW

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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  1. They spent too much on the CGI, not enough on just about everything else.

  2. Really stop slamming on Green Lantern, likely it will make the $300 million mark overseas. It will likely be them trying to get more of a serious Director and keep there eye on the film and not rush it.

    • So what if it does 300 million overseas? You are aware that half the money grossed goes to the theaters, right? That would be painful. And good franchises often double the money that took to make. People slam Green Lantern because it was, well, bad.

  3. I’m not a fan of the jukebox musical genre.
    Rock of ages was always the one that cemented this opinion too.

  4. Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorite actors, the problem with these movies is the script. It’s not his fault that the comic book movies he’s involved in come to be a huge disappointment. Hopefully Deadpool is great, because from what I hear the script is pretty well written. I hope everything turns out well.

    • mabe he sucks at picking out which script is good. thats the thing with some actors they think everything they read is amzaing when its not

    • He has only been a co-star in the other comic movies that didn’t go over that well so, he has not been the main focus of complaint. The deal at this point is that he seems to just do the same schtick in most of his movies and now he is the star of a movie that might not do so well. At this point he is still known as Van Wilder and now Green Lantern and that’s what they would have to play on to sell a Deadpool movie to consumers who may not know who Deadpool is.

      From a money standpoint is it going to be worth it to put this guy in another movie with what is really an even more obscure character ? Even if Deadpool is more suited to Reynolds snarky humor does that mean people will want to pay to sit through another whole movie of it ?

  5. If Armond White gives GL a positive review, i will abandon all hope.

  6. Only had interest in seeing Green Lantern. And I liked it. I hate the world.

  7. Warner Brothers: we bet it all on the green lantern. The critics tore it down.People will lose hope in the superhero movies.

    Batman: No They won’t.

    Warner bros: 300million. bad cgi! you can’t forgive that!

    Batman: We can’t let the critics win. Hollywood needs its true hero.I CAN do those things. I’m whatever hollywood needs me to be. I’ll make the money back for green lantern. Sometimes people need more. Sometimes people faith rewarded.


    • …Not the filmthey need, but the one they deserve…

  8. Have you guys seen the new “I’m a Marvel…” where Green Lantern reacts to the poor critical reception? It rocks.

    • “I can’t wait for the reboot!”

      - Deadpool

  9. HA HA
    Poopoo Lantern

  10. 53 million from Thursday-Saturday, with Sunday not even counted yet? Sounds decent to me. It should make another 7-10 million today and nobody has talked about the foreign box office numbers yet.

  11. Lantern had it’s moments but it winded up being a mediocre Marvel style superhero film like Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Iron Man 2, GhostRider, Daredevil, The Punisher, Spider Man 3, X3, Wolverine Origins, etc…etc.

    I’m sure they will learn from their mistakes and make the sequel better.

  12. With an internal multiplier of just 2.45 Green Lantern will be hard pressed to match it’s 150 million production budget and once you throw in prints and advertising it is looking bleak that we will see a sequel to this movie..

    Add the fact that in dropped 19% from Friday to Saturday(which is very rare for this type of film) and another Saturday to Sunday drop of 15%, which was an underestimation on WB part I’ll bet, and the forecast is pretty grim for final box office numbers on this movie..The internal multiplier would seem to indicate the film will make approximately 125-130 million domestically.I am of the opinion though that it will crash hard next weekend with a 60-70% drop which would leave it making 16-21 million next weekend. This film may end up with Watchmen like final numbers. It’s a shame because this character has so much potential to be a viable franchise. WB has a lot of work to do to get this or another franchise of their characters off the ground. Here’s hoping it does much better overseas.

  13. Well, it could have done a lot worse! But no, we won’t be getting a Green Lantern sequel. Maybe a reboot somewhere down the line. I still think JUSTICE LEAGUE is a stealth reboot of all of their franchises. WB knows TDKR is the last Bale film. I bet they suspected GL and next Superman of bombing. So they pull a REVERSE MARVEL. Start with one big team up film, then spin off individual franchises. New Green Lantern, new Bats, new Superman, new everything.

    • It’s looking like a better idea that JUSTICE LEAGUE will be a complete reboot and total re-castings of everybody now.

  14. love Reynolds and correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t deadpool die at the end of wolverine, got his head chopped clean off i may be wrong or missed something

    • Pretty sure Deadpool will be a origin story like Wolverine. But I don’t know if it will tie in to it and have him become Weapon X. It’s a total guessing game with the continuity of the X Men films.

      • The general theory is that Wolverine never happened, even though people spent their money on it in movie ticket and DVD sales. Lauren Shuler-Donner said they were not happy with the way they themselves introduced Deadpool (guess they don’t read their own scripts) and they will more then likely have to just totally re-do the character if they still do it at all.

    • in the deadpool script it breaks the fourth wall and has a action figure of weapon X in a pile of trash that Deadpool hates.

  15. Unfortunately I saw GL and I can’t lie, I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody who hasn’t seen it – except kids, people who love eye candy, and Green Lantern fans who just want to see their favorite superhero on the silver screen and don’t care how bad the film might be.

    It’s a travesty. I cannot believe that they did such a poor job on this movie that could have potentially meant SO MUCH to the DC Universe and Warner Bros. in setting up their own superhero universe of films.

    But yeah… fat chance of that now. $300 million budget (?) and this movie will be lucky to break $100 million.

    • And Ryan Reynolds should NEVER be allowed to touch this franchise again.

      I gave him the benefit of the doubt but there were a lot of people I think would have done a FAR superior job. Sorry, Ryan.

      • Who would have been a far superior choice? And PLEASE do not say Nate Fillion, haha.

        • Nah, Nate Fillion’s too old now. Though he would have rocked it if he had been about 10-15 years younger.

          One guy that comes to mind is James Franco though. I know, he’s another guy who had already been in a comic book movie, but that didn’t stop Chris Evans. And Franco is a better actor (and since it’d be a starring role, I think it would be better for him than being Harry Osborn – admittedly not one of his finest performances).

          I would have liked Sam Worthington as well – he’s got a rugged masculine look that would have fit Hal Jordan well. Somebody in that mold would have been far better for the role than Ryan Reynolds.

    • Amen.

  16. Hey i just wanted to see Green Lantern to prove that Ryan Rynolds can pull off the action star. For what was there in the awful script he did and to be honest i hope it just barley makes enough for a sequel and get stuck in development hell, that way Deadpool can get out sooner.

    And to answer MoviEfAn. Its a origin movie. Not only is it following the comic books a whole lot more but from what ive been hearing by those who read the leaked script. Not only dose it act like X-Men orgins did not happen, they poke fun at it.

    For Green Lantern why do you want them to get rid of the redeeming quality to the film? I mean im all in for the sequel… just replace the director get better writers, and have a different company to do the CGI.

  17. With GL, I’ve noticed quite a few people online bringing up the usual Marvel vs. DC argument. While I’m a bigger fan of DC comics, in no way do I wish to see Marvel’s demise, nor do I take joy in a bad/mediocre Marvel film. Both houses have great characters/stories, and as an educator, a super hero/comic book film is a great connection to literature. With the release of every Marvel and DC film, I have used the movie as a connection to literature, introducing the related comics to students, especially non-readers, and have met with success as the non-readers have become readers and even continue to read comics, some for years after I’ve taught them. So despite poor reviews and possible cinematic bombs, I applaud every Marvel and DC super hero/comic book film for assisting me spread literacy with teens. And I hope they continue to make these films for a very, very long time. Keep it up, guys!

  18. Green Lantern: 1% of the production budget recouped, 99% to go.

  19. Green Lantern really is a failure of epic proportions. Well at least we still got Harry Potter this summer! :)

  20. Green Lantern is an EPIC FAIL with a production budget in upwards of $300 million. Geoff Johns gave his endorsement to the film and I felt he outright lied to us fans. Never again will I buy his comics and watch anything with his name attached to it.

  21. I have not seen Green Lantern yet, but definitely plan to buy the DVD good, bad, or otherwise for sure (I am resisting going to the theater with great difficulty for this one), but no matter how big of a mess-up it is (so say many, but you know what? I don’t believe it is THAT big of a mess up, based on what clips I have seen on the internet, and recognizing they were trying something quasi-new here). This new movie franchise is way to important to the fans and to the continuation of the company producing and directing it to let this bump in the road kill the franchise before it’s had more than one outing! Don’t give up, DC & WB, but just get smarter. Let this kill the franchise, and the company itself will find itself sitting in the has-been dust-heap while Marvel picks their teeth with DC/WB’s bones. However, having said that, I definitely want a sequel, sight unseen, plus I want a Flash movie also! Full speed ahead, boys, ***BUT*** now is the time for all good directors, producers, actors, writers, what-have-you to come to the aid of their country & viewing public, and LISTEN to the fan-boys, !!who spend the money to see the flicks!! about what we want to see, about what needs to be in there for the next one, and this is a great and VITAL opportunity to fix what is wrong with the first format for the second time around! Don’t be discouraged, but rather look forward positively, and think! Plan! Adjust! You have all the plot preliminaries out of the way, and a dandy of a potential #2 with Sinestro VS Hal Jordan on the horizen! Now make the next one the Movie of the Year! Here’s hoping & praying for Green lantern 2-&3, etc!!

    • There probably wont be a sequal because want to wait for the dvd instead of going to the theater and watching. I think it will depend on how it does in Asia.

  22. Honestly I thought Iron Man 2 was on the same level of Green Lantern, watchable but a disappointment.
    I’m always gonna watch these movies, but both of these were just subpar.

    I’m just weirded out with the terrible reviews it got. Honestly it wasn’t that terrible.

    • I feel you on that one, Jake. On par with Batman and Robin??? I think not…

    • I honestly think it’s bcuz we have too many CBM’s this year and not very far apart.

    • `eh no Iron Man wasnt as good as the first but it is still actually really good, i didnt like it that much the first time i saw it cuz i hyped it up too much in my head but after a second watch i really do love it (not as much as the first of course but i still do) Green Lantern was bad BOTH times i watched it

  23. Trust me, there will be no sequel starring RR or a reboot. DC’s only option for green lantern now is to put him in a justice league movie with a different actor and rebuild the the green lantern franchise. Just look at x-men first class.

    • Hmmm…Trust? Complete reboot? No Ryan Reynolds? Just look at “X-Men: First Class”? Hmmm.

      Ohhhhh, NOW, I get it: You mean like when they used a different Wolverine…oh, wait. No, no, you meant different Mystique…oh, no, THAT can’t be it. Hmmm…

    • No offense but in WB was smart they would avoid the JL movie like the plague.

      Rebooting Batman at this point would be insane. So yes I am sure they will do it.

  24. I think the Green Lantern movie was great. I disagree with you continued attack of film. I was told it was only partially 3D…it was ALL 3D. And it was not bad for the first time out the box. Also the part most people never see because they walk out during the credits…won’t give that away, it worth the wait and see. Green Lantern 2 will happen.

  25. In fact, I think they will have an opportunity to improve the second one and make it even better…but Green Latern is not a bad movie. I would encourage DC fans and Green Latern fans to see the movie and judge for yourselves. Do not pay attention to the reviewers here.

  26. Hopefully Green Lanterns low profit doesn’t make studios nervous to proceed with a Deadpool movie. I’m glad Ryan is on-board with the movie as well.

    I wonder if this will have any effect on Justice League, that is of course they ever actually put one together.

  27. Do you know how much green lantern is going to end up making at the NA box office, about 130, maybe 140 tops. There is no way that there is going to be sequel. Superman Returns made 200m and it had to get rebooted 5 years later.

    • We can always hope…There are a couple of places it has not opened yet. It doesn’t mean it WILL get its expected sequel, but those of us who enjoyed the film DO want to see more Ryan Reynolds in this established Green Lantern universe…in short, A SEQUEL.

      Here’s hoping…

      • What i’m saying, that since x-men 3 and wolverine were so bad, that no matter how good first class was, it was going to take a hit. If you look at the history of movies and their sequels,there is a pattern, a science if you will. Based on budget and reviews that determine if it feasible to do a sequel. Batman Begins and Superman Returns are prime examples. A green lantern sequel due to these factors, is not feasible. DC will bring green lantern back in a justice league movie. Fast track a FLASH movie, then its time for THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. Do it just like X-men 1,2 and 3 and whatever you do, do not let the production cost more than 150m and marketing 50m for the first JL movie, and in no time at, all is rebuilt.

        • A Flash movie would be terrible. Not everything should make the leap to big screen.

          • I am a tiny pebble – scurge of The Flash.

          • Actually no it could work but the script will have to be very well written here. Also this would require some CGI as well.

  28. What about the international box office for Green Lantern? Or is that not worth reporting?

    • According to Box Office Mojo, Green Lantern opened $17 million from a handful of territory (UK, Russia, Malaysia)

    • According to Box Office Mojo it grossed $17 million outside of the US.


  29. Well right now, the reports are saying 130 to 140m in NA and 150 to 160m internationally for a grand total of around 300 million.

    • Where in the world did you read that? As much as I wish it were true, its closer to $100 worldwide, bearing mind it hasnt opened in some countries yet.

      • That is what it was tracking before it opened. So maybe you are right but i find your numbers a little low, good heavens. As for THE FLASH, just curious as to why not, cause to me he would be perfect.

        • I don’t see the concept being sold to a mainstream audience, personally I love the character and have been reading the comic for years but I don’t see how a feasible movie can be based on the concept at all. Plus most of the Flash’s rogues are too ridiculous to work on the big screen. Only Reverse Flash could work, and they could probably make a decent plot out of him going back in time and killing Barry’s family.
          But they would make it into an origin story and there would be no time for a decent plot, Green Lantern is evidence of that (as much as I loved it, the plot needed an extra 10-15 minutes to engage), and yeah they could have some fun with Barry whizzing around his normal life at hyper speeds.

          I love the character and the comic, I just don’t see it working out as a solo adventure.

          • The Flash TV series from the early 90s was pretty cool.


            • I have the complete series on DVD..I enjoy it.. Let’s hope if WB makes a FLash film they execute better. As much as I enjoyed Green Lantern it could have been so much more.

            • Agreed, I have it on dvd. It’s cheesy acting but good fun. I would have thought it might do better being on TV again, give it a CSI-superhero vibe.

              • I think if they reimagine some of the rogues (Weather Wizard would be my first choice) then they could make a good flash movie. I think they would need to go into ALL of his abilities though. His Speed Force doesnt make him just run fast.

              • DSB, from the reviews say the actual corps wasn’t involved as much but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb2sMD3gp80&NR=1 this tv spot shows them in space with parallax. So what gives :S

                Summer is now starting off so who knows, could still make decent B.O.

                • Merciful Rao…

                  I thought you’ve seen the film by now…? An elite force of Lanterns DID engage Parallax in battle out in space. They were led by Sinestro, and they were promptly crushed. That’s when Sinestro went back and had the talk with the Guardians about the yellow power being used against Parallax.

                  THAT is one reason DSB, I, and so many others have said to disregard the reviews. Now, it IS true that they were not highlighted in any appreciable way, but I thought that was perfectly acceptable for an origin story about Hal (can you just IMAGINE the haters’ outcries if there HAD been multiple focuses? “Why did they focus so much on so MANY minor characters when this film should be concentrating on Hal Jordan???” THAT would have been another three pages of complaints…lol).

                  • Nah dude, the movie opens this Weds in my country lol. But yea from all the featurettes and promo’s I’ve seen it was easy to tell the corps was gonna be present yet in a minor role since this was Hal’s movie.

                    From Day 1 I was gonna see this no matter what. Only reason I’d listen to critics is if I was on a budget but thankfully no lol. Shame I must wait so long tho. Thanks for clearing that up btw.

                    • Yikes…sorry about telling you about the scene, in that case. I promise I did not ruin anything, though. :P Go and enjoy it!

                  • I just think ppl overhyped it beyond infinity. So they were disappointed. I;m just expecting something as fun as Spiderman was.

                  • Exactly. This had to be Hal’s story. They were trying to introduce an entirely new superhero to the mainstream audience, he had to be the focus. But the Corps were certainly featured IMO, the stuff on Oa was great, especially the training sequence.