Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: January 16th 2011

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This week:

The Green Hornet stings the top of the box office; Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg say I Hate You Dad; Robert Downey Jr. talks sequels and Sherlock Holmes; Jeffrey Dean Morgan opens the Dibbuk Box for Sam Raimi; Nick Stahl is under Locke & Key and get ready for an Alien Sleeper Cell.

Box Office

Seth Rogen’s often delayed The Green Hornet (read our review here) will top the box office over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. The film which also stars Jay Chou as sidekick Kato should pull in an estimated $40.5 million over the holiday weekend ($34 million for the three days). While it’s not a disastrous result, it is a bit on the low side for a $100 million plus budgeted superhero film. It’ll be interesting to see how this holds up in the weeks to come.

green hornet debuts at number one Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: January 16th 2011

Ron Howard’s latest directorial effort The Dilemma debuted at number two, with a lacklustre $20.5 million over the long weekend ($17.4 million for the three days). The comedy had a much softer opening than what Vince Vaughn and Kevin James experienced with their last few films. Again, a pricey $70 million budget means that this will need to hold up well to generate a profit for Universal.

True Grit dropped to third place, but still managed to bring in another $12.5 million (an estimated $11.2 over the first three days). With over $127 million in the bank already, it appears that the sky is the limit for this new film from the Coen Brothers.

Colin Firth’s The King’s Speech moved to number four, with a weekend gross of under $11 million (or $9 million from Friday to Sunday). The royal drama has now grossed an impressive $46.3 million.

Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan upped its cume to $74.9 million after banking another $9.9 million ($8.1 over the three day weekend). Again, award momentum should see this do very well by the time it finishes its run.

Little Fockers laughed up another $8 million, and upped its total to $135 million. Tron: Legacy banked another $7 million for a grand total of $158 million and Yogi Bear brought in $7.3 million for a gross of over $84 million. Meanwhile, The Fighter punched up another $6 million for a $66 million cumulative gross.

Disney’s Tangled brought in an estimated $5.7 million giving it an impressive gross over $182 million.

Nicolas Cage’s Season of the Witch dropped down the chart after grossing just $4.8 million. Its total stands at $18.5 million, and it won’t likely bank much more before it hits a DVD shelf near you.

Musical drama Country Strong brought in another $4.2 million and upped its gross to a smidgen under $14 million.

Movie News

1. Adam Sandler is set to star alongside Andy Samberg in I Hate You Dad for Columbia Pictures.

adam sandler in i hate you dad Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: January 16th 2011

According to THR:

“The story centers on a father who moves in on the eve of his son’s wedding and promptly begins feuding with the bride-to-be.”

A casting move similar to that of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade sees Sandler play the father, while Samberg stars as the son – even though only 12 years separate the pair.

Sandler will produce the film through his Happy Madison production company.

Source: THR

2. The LA Times has a new picture from Robert Downey Jr.’s second go at Sherlock Holmes – check it out below.

sherlock holmes 21 Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: January 16th 2011

The star also talked about the challenges of making a sequel:

“Look, I’ve done a sequel or two now — I feel like I should be in a recovery group for sequel-itis survivors. First, there is a bit of inflation. Then, you say, ‘We have to work harder.’ Then you work harder, but not smarter.”

Jude Law and Noomi Rapace co-star.

Source: LA Times

3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan will star in horror thriller Dibbuk Box, under the watchful eyes of Ghost House Pictures producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Dibbuk Box Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: January 16th 2011

According to Variety:

“Morgan will star as a recently divorced father whose youngest daughter becomes strangely connected to an antique wooden box she purchased at a yard sale. As his daughter’s behavior becomes more erratic, the father senses a dark presence building until he discovers that the box was built to contain a dibbuk — a dislocated spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host.”

Ole Bornedal directs the film which is set to open on October 28th.

Source: Variety

4. Nick Stahl has signed on to star in the pilot based on Joe Hill’s comic Locke & Key.

The plot follows a single mother and her three children as they encounter spooky goings on in their family mansion of Keyhouse.

Locke and Key Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: January 16th 2011

Lord of the Rings actress Miranda Otto portrays the single mother, while Stahl plays the brother of her deceased husband.

Source: Deadline

5. Adrian Askarieh and District 9 producer Bill Block are developing a top secret science fiction project called Alien Sleeper Cell.

Little is known about the project which was conceived by Felipe Linz. Morgan Davis Foehl will write the script for the film which will be independently produced. I’m guessing that there will be a sleeper cell – of aliens!

Source: Variety

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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  1. The new Sandler movie sounds like it could be funny if they cast the bride-to-be smartly.

    A bit random, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan (new star of Dibbuk Box) seems like a good choice for the lead role in the Dark Tower film/TV series.

    • Never thought about it, but I totally agree about JDM. He’d be great as Roland.

    • It’ll stop when you remove your lips from his arse.

    • NegaCrowbar ,
      Since GH was estimated to originally make between 40- 50 million
      the 40 million is on the low side of that estimate.
      So, I dont see any Seth Rogen hate here.

    • What you must know is that 70% of its box office was thanks to the 3D surcharge, so if it weren’t for 3D then the number would be much lower. That’s disappointing.

  2. Hmm never been a fan of the horror genre I usually get the interest in a film from the genre randomly and more often than not am completely let down by the awful genre yet again. Thousands of horror films and only maybe 5 of them are watchable for me. With about 3 of them only being good. However, big fan of Jeff Dean Morgan so once again gonna watch another horror film. Will I be let down again? Probably.

    The Sandler film is an obvious passing of the torch film. Starring with another SNL alum who’s a bit younger and starting to make a name for him self out side of the show. Doesn’t hurt the guy looks a bit like Adam as well. Sandler is very very hit or miss with me, but Andy is awful 100% of the time. I enjoy his comical music, but his movie history is really bad and he’s never been very funny on SNL unless he’s doing one of his songs. Seems to be a pass on this film.

    Green Hornet in a bit of a struggle, but seems like it will at least make a little profit should cross the 100 mil mark just barely by the end of it’s run.

  3. Vic

    had to post here as i cant get onto the open discussion thread for jan 14th it either disappears off the thread list or when i search for it and click the link i get a warning saying that it could carry a threat to my pc and to not continue im using google chrome first time ive had a problem since the update


    Big D

    • bigd,


      Thanks, man, that is NOT good. Must be some ad that’s causing that. I’ll look into it ASAP.


      • vic

        quick update only seems to be when i use the search section that i get this warning i was just trying to get onto the walking dead thread using it and i get the same message

        hope that helps


        • I see what the issue is – somehow Bing search has indexed the https version of the URL, which is totally bizarre since I don’t use that on the site. At least it’s not a malware thing.

          I’ll look into it for sure, thanks for your help, it’s very… helpful!


  4. Have to say I’m astonished with True Grit’s box office especially since the Coen’s are more reknown for critical adulation rather than huge commercial success. But a $127 million domestic of a $38 million budget is absolutely great – a sign that box office can still be made without huge budgets spent on 3D and CGI. Makers of Tron Legacy please take note.

    • Agreed, Coens are my favorite filmmakers and it’s nice to see them proving to studios that movies can be non cgi and character driven and make good box office turns. Good job Joel and Ethan.

  5. Cannot wait for Sherlock Holmes 2!!!!! Hopefully it will get a subtitle rather than a number, trailer soon please!

    • Hope fully it will have special features drsam lol

    • Agreed Sam! SH was one of my favorite films of 2009. I enjoyed it more than Avatar (although I enjoyed Avatar as well). If SH2 is half as good as the first one, it’s going to be one helluva fun movie.

  6. Totally nailed the 3 day take for GH,,,

    And 34 mil is a bomb imo. :)

    I’m working the Globes right now and Ricky Jerveas just introduced Bruce Willis as Ashton Kutcher’s dad.

    Then he ran off the stage before willis could rip him one.

    • Must be fun eh? :)

    • When you asked for predictions, I said $16 million. Boy did I miss the mark. :-)

  7. Not as fun as it sounds Ricketer! when your behind the scenes. Its not like I can stop and get photos or autographs. There’s a certain level of professionalism I have. Golden globes is a live show its all totally scripted and there’s no time for bs back stage. Its also kinda boring. Lol.

    You guys should watch the show, its packed with a lot of SR type actors. Downey Jr, Stallone, etc. Clair Daines just won for something. ?

    • No thanks 790, with all the snubs given to a couple of favs I wont mention, the G.G. are just as lame as the oscars…

      • I personally don’t care for any type of rewards shows, these guys get paid a ton of money, why do they need awards for that too?

  8. Lol, I wouldn’t watch it either but I dont have a choice.

    De Nero just ripped with his acceptance speech. Its more laid back then the oscars. It really doesn’t matter who wins.

  9. Been watching them on and off. Thought it was a nice tribute to DeNiro. The man does have a great sense of humor. I might not have liked all his films, but you can never deny the man is a phenomenal actor (Little Fockers not withstanding) :P

    How in the HELL is Glee so popular? I’m listening to them bastardize one of my favorite Journey songs. I hope that they end up in a level of hell reserved for bad remakes!!!

  10. Lol Andy, yeah Glee’s cleaning up here tonight.

    Journey must be raking in the bucks for Don’t Stop Believing. :)

  11. Funny thing is if I did run up on stage I would be an instant celebrity.

    Ok here I go!!!



    • lol


  13. Lol, shows over and now I got work to do. Funny how that goes,,,

    Then later I’m home for beers and pizza.

  14. OH, Clare Danes did an HBO film
    Temple Grandin or Grandlin , something like that.
    Enjoy the Pizza when you get to it!

  15. Thanks Gary. The pizza was good now on to the mass quantities.

    Jose, that’s a win,n win for me. Bad news for Rogen and another statistic showing how 3D isn’t catching on like they expected.

    Haaa ahaaa. Fools!

    • Atleast you see the stars! :)

  16. Tacoscat,,, I don’t want to get specific but I was part of the technical crew.

    Once the show starts I’ve got nothing to do and I can’t leave. So I have to endure watching it.

  17. Thanks Tacoscat, where’s Tim been hiding? :)