Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: July 24, 2011

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This week:

Captain America is The First Avenger at the box office; Harrison Ford stays on the Cowboy trail for Black Hats; Pierce Brosnan picks up Stephen King’s Bag of Bones; Seth Rogen and Zac Efron team for an R-rated comedy and the men behind Horrible Bosses take a Vacation.

Box Office:

Captain America: The First Avenger (read our Captain America review here) topped the box office over the weekend and bested the latest Harry Potter film. The Marvel Comics adaptation banked an estimated $65.8 million – similar to Thor (Warner Bros. must be feeling a little bit peeved considering Green Lantern‘s gross). The WWII-era superhero pic had an impressive debut – but it will be interesting to see how it plays overseas. The film is leaning more on the First Avenger angle in order to maximise its appeal, although it’s action  and 3D should help grosses. Plus – everyone enjoys watching Nazis getting their butts kicked. The Avengers is already shooting – but will Steve Rogers and Co. get a proper sequel?

captain america tops the box office Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: July 24, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 dropped to second place from its record breaking debut last week. The final instalment of the Potter franchise banked an estimated $48 million from last weekend (down about 70%) but it has now upped its gross to $274 million.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis debuted in third place with Friends With Benefits – the R-rated comedy banked $18.5 million, which is around a million less than the similarly-themed No Strings Attached – again it appears to be the summer of R-rated laughs.

Michael Bay’s Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon dropped to four. Now, I wasn’t a fan of this latest CGI-3D fest, but that didn’t stop it scoring another $12 million and upping its cume two $325 million.

Horrible Bosses continues to show that people love to laugh. Audiences seem to love Colin Farrell playing a “Tool” and so-far they’ve spent over $82 million on that pleasure – $11.7 million of that coming from this weekend.

Zookeeper was sixth, the Kevin James comedy laughed up an additional $8.7 million for a $59 million total gross, meanwhile the Disney Pixar effort Cars 2 revved up $6.5 million for a $177 million total.

Winnie the Pooh brought $5.1 million home to the Mouse House and upped its total gross to a lacklustre $17.7 million.

The leggy Bad Teacher shows that grades are improving. The Cameron Diaz comedy chalked up another $2.6 million and raised its gross to over $94 million.

Woody Allen’s hit Midnight in Paris brought in $2 million for a grand total of $45 million. Mon Dieu!

Movie News

1. Harrison Ford is hitting the cowboy trail with Cowboys and Aliens this summer – but it appears that he’s holding on to the reins and getting ready to play one of the most famous cowboys of them all –Wyatt Earp.

Nothing is certain yet, but Ford is eyeing the lead in Black Hats. According to THR:

“Black Hats blends fact with fiction in its telling of the story involving an older Earp, the one who spent his last years as a private detective and movie consultant in Los Angeles. The spin involves Earp learning that his friend and compatriot Doc Holliday had a son, now living in Prohibition-era New York City. While Holliday is long dead, the son has gotten himself in trouble with a rising mobster, Al Capone.

Earp teams up with Bat Masterson, one of his former deputies and now noted sportswriter for the New York Morning Telegraph, to take on the gang in what becomes a tale of six-shooters versus tommy guns.”

Kurt Johnstad (300: The Battle of Artemisia) is adapting the novel by Patrick Culhane (aka Max Allan Collins) for the screen.

This sounds great – come on Harry – do it for the fans!

Source: THR

2. Pierce Brosnan has signed on to the four-part Stephen King mini-series Bag of Bones for A&E.

brosnan signs to stephen kings bag of bones Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: July 24, 2011

THR states:

“Brosnan plays a man who is unable to stop grieving for his wife, who died suddenly. After returning to the lakeside retreat they shared, he inadvertently gets involved in a local custody battle – while having nightmares about his dead wife.”

Matt Venne wrote the script, while Mick Garris directs the mini-series which airs during the fourth quarter of 2011.

I like King’s work and I think that Brosnan has a great screen presence – so I’m rooting for this one!

Soure: THR

3. Deadline is reporting that Universal Pictures has closed a 7-figure deal for an untitled comedy which has Seth Rogen and Zac Efron attached to star.

“Rogen plays a regular guy who lives near an alpha male fraternity house. Efron is a member of the fraternity, whose raucous behavior wreaks havoc on the other guy’s family life. The scribes hatched the idea and brought it to Goldberg and it was packaged with Efron and Rogen.”

The script is R-rated and apparently in the style of Old School. It’s safe to assume that this summer’s success with R-rated comedy led to the pick-up.

Deadline also reports that Rogen will be paid $8 million with a separate low seven-figure producing fee. Take that how you will.

Source: Deadline

4. The LA Times reports that the National Lampoon’s Vacation reboot/sequel is moving forward.

national lampoons vacation Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: July 24, 2011

The film centers on the grown-up character of Rusty Griswold (the son in the original films), and apparently the writers on the film- Horrible Bosses screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein – have completed a second draft of the script that studio New Line is eager to get moving.

Goldstein is quoted as saying:

“He’s a kind of an everyman, goodhearted, maybe a little bit of a doofus. The thing that made the first film so successful was Chevy Chase and just how likable Clark was, and Rusty will have a lot of similarities to him.”

He wasn’t particularly well-drawn in the original, just a kid, really, so we’re free to a develop the character.

There’s a trend to remake movies that shouldn’t be remade, at least not yet. If this were a straight remake, we’d be hesitant. But we think this is fair game. It’s characters people like. We’re just advancing the story.”

The film needs Chevy Chase as a co-star. It needs him!

Source: LA Times

That’s it for now. See you at the movies!

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  1. Hah! marvel kicked DC’s butt this summer! 😀 I have no doubt that Cap will be a huge success and I’m sure that it will spawn many sequels.

    I still have to wait 2 WEEKS before Cap premiers in South Africa – and from the reaction over here I’d say that most people CAN’T WAIT any longer!

    • Well, they had only one movie this summer…just saying. But quality wise I would say that Marvel’s films were better than Green Lantern, but I was more entertained by GL than any of Marvel’s films. Maybe I’m biase when it comes to DC ::shrugs::

    • I wouldn’t say MANY sequels, but one spin-off (Bucky) and one sequel at least! :)

  2. Oohhh, not sure about that National Lampoon Vacation reboot.

    And why the devil is no one watching Winnie the Pooh?!? It was among the most pleasent experiences I’ve had at the theater and yet aside from me and my friends, the theater was empty! Winnie the Pooh doesn’t deserve to flop!

    • Yes Winnie does deserve to flop.

      • @ Daniel F

        Why do you think Winnie deserves to flop?

        • Wally the answer should be obvious why I think it should flop. Obviously I’m not a fan.

          • @ Daniel F

            Lol, you’re not fan but care to post that you want it to flop? Ok. I plan to see the Smurfs movie but won’t bother me how it does because all it was a cartoon i watched as little kid. I wouldn’t hope for it to flop though.

          • People are still responding to this days after this was posted?

            Anyway, Daniel quite unfair you think that way, just because you’re not a fan of something as harmless as Winnie the Pooh(which just shows you have no heart, kidding!)doesn’t mean others feel the same. It’s a gentle film that’s a nice change from the other films out right now and I just wonder why parents aren’t taking their kids to it since their generation was into it yet they’re taking their kids to Zookeeper (shudder), Mr. Pooper’s Penguins, and Crap, Cars 2

            • Plus, just because one isn’t a fan doesn’t mean they should bash something like that.

              • Jose doesn’t mean I shouldn’t bash it either.

                Different people do different things. Just because you wouldn’t do something or feel different ways about things doesn’t mean I have to be the same.

                I don’t like Winnie. I bash things I don’t like. I hope things I don’t like do poorly so I don’t have to see then out on the market anymore. The less films I don’t like being made the more films I can get excited to go see. I always root for franchises I hate to fail. You may not be like that, but where doess it say your way is the right way or that I have to be like you?

                I’m glad it didn’t do well and I hope because of that it doesn’t get more movies.

                • @ Daniel F

                  The way you talk, im surprised it bothered you so much about my opinions about TDK despite how like both Nolan’s films. Only thing is you havn’t assumed i want Nolan’s Batman trilogy to fail (which i don’t). I voice my opinion on what i like & what i don’t, same as anyone. Just because things i don’t like whether it’s a few thing in a film or mostly the whole film itself doesn’t mean i want the franchise dead so soon as i see it should have one more shot to improve itself. It’s one thing to bash a movie when you havn’t seen it, but it’s another to hope it fails. It’s just plain dumb imo.

                  • Wally

                    “It’s just plain dumb imo.”

                    Wow really classy man real classy. I may not be a fan of Winnie the pooh, but I didn’t say anything negative about you. Way to show your class

                    • @ Daniel F

                      Ummm, i didn’t say you said anything negative towards me. I refered to you assuming that i didn’t TDK, or Nolan himself even. I expected you to know the differance.

                    • Wally

                      Sometimes talking to you is confusing.

                      I never said that you said that I said something negative.

                      That’s a confusing line, but it’s the truth. Read my posts I never accoused you of thinking I insulted you.

                      I accused you of being insulting toward me. You basically called me dumb. Hence me quoting the line where you called me dumb.

                      As I said before Classy

                      either way this is just getting pointless. I’m so sorry that I want a movie to flop and that it hurts you so bad. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. God forbid I step on your toes by not liking Winne the Pooh

                      I will worship the house that Pooh built from now on no matter how dirty that sounds.

                    • @ Daniel F

                      I never accused you of insulting me. If you read my post below again i posted how you assumed I didn’t like TDK nor Nolan himself. I didn’t mean to insult you personally & i apoligize. As i posted bashing a film without seeing it & hoping it performs poorly goes for all films as i stand by my opinion still. And im done with this.

            • Well I personally liked Winnie the Pooh, and based on its high critical acclaim and the fact that it was made on a low budget I’m personally hoping more gets made.

              I miss 2D films.

              I understand wanting studios to make more movies your into, but what would Disney make instead? And based on the type of guy you sound like, what type of films would Disney make that you’d be into? You don’t sound like the type to be into children’s films.

              Plus, there’s a bunch of films that are succesful but i don’t like, yet I don’t bash them (Inception, The King’s Speech, and The Fighter were the most recent ones that got to my nerves) but bashing something, I learned when it has its fans, is kinda worthless.

              I’tss probably not the same for Winnie the Pooh since it probably has no more fanbase, but I’m personally hoping that DVD sales and merchandise save it, box office wise its ok, its just not great.

              Again surprised that people were still responding to this,

              • Jose if you learn anything today let it be that it’s hard to learn much about someone through the internet. You got me all wrong. I’m a huge Disney Pixar fan and even enjoy none disney pixar films. I like almost all Pixar films excluding Walle (for it’s message I hate over the top environmentalists )and cars (Because it’s shallow garbage). Love Toys Stoyr, Incredible s, Tangled, Aladin and Lion King. I actually love animated films when they are well done well.

                I just happen to passionately hate Winnie the Pooh and always have. It’s not even kid film it’s baby film. It lacks humor and is very dull. Not to mention the characters are yuck.

                The fact that you don’t like Inception, kings Speech and The FIghter tell me there is no way the two of us will ever see eye to eye on films. Those are some of my favorite films and certainly the best of last year. I’m really in to intelligent films and dramas. I like smart things. For instace I hate films like Transformers or GI Joe.

                • Weren’t you writing for a website? your link is gone, curious as to what happened.

                  And I don’t know, maybe we can agree on some stuff, there’s several comments you leave that I actually agree with, and I too like dramas and though provoking films and prefer them to the usual action film, and i hate G.I Joe too (Transformers, Imust admit is a guilty pleasure)

                  About The King’s speech and The Fighter, what can I say? i thought they were to Oscar baity and didn’t give me any personal reasons to care for the characters. Inception I though lacked heart and din’t work for me on repeat viewings, plus I hated how my two favorite movies of last year, Rabbit Hole and Blue Valentine, was basically seen by no one while everyone else was watching those movies.

                  As for winnie the Pooh, guess we should drop it then shouldn’t we? I guess I just like its simplicity or something. Understood Wally

              • @ Jose

                I only responded due to the fact i grew up with bits of memories of myself watching cartoons & a live-action show of the characters of Winnie The Pooh. I havn’t seen nor do i plan to see the new film but im one of those people who don’t critize movies that i never seen. There’s Disney animated movie i like till this day, more so than others. Films like Aladdin & Beauty & The Beast i enjoyed more than Bambi & The Lion King.

  3. It was a 55 min film released the same week as Harry Potter. To disney, it’s most likely gradually proving to be a success. It wasn’t intended to be some box office smash

  4. If DC got it together and made some good movies they too would be partaking in the success of the comic book movie craze (obviously excluding the batman movies which are unmatched in quality as far as comic book movies go). Once Nolan calls it quits after TDKR I don’t know what those guys are gonna do since they’ve yet to prove they can do anything good without him.

    • Watchmen was DC, and it was far better than the Batman films (IMO). And Nolan didn’t have any invovlement in that film. Many believe (I don’t) that Butron’s Batman films are better than Nolan’s, and the Richard Donner Superman are good. And Singer’s Superman Returns was BRILLIANT. DC has proven to have success outside of Nolan. The problem is they haven’t shown to have success outside of Batman and Superman, other than Watchmen.

      • Watchmen did not do well so yes Batman is the only real successful movie from DC. Superman Return failed does matter that a few people like it, it still failed thats why its getting a reboot.

        • I don’t think he said it “did well” he only said that it was better than the Batman films IHO

        • Actually, SR didn’t “fail”. It wasn’t as successful as the studio wanted. And I’m not talking about Box-office, but movie quality. There’s a differnce.

        • But the fact that Superman 1 and 2 were a success disproves the notion that DC can’t survive w/o Nolan. Face it, the franchise CAN survive w/o him.

          • Plus Burtons Batmans.

      • I liked Watchmen, but better than the Batman films? Come on? I liked it, but Watchman doesn’t even make my top 5. Mainly because Snyder took a lot of things that could of been great and really messed them up. Especially with his ridiculously cheesy gore and over the top slow mo use. It had a lot of great aspect, but was far to flawed to be among the best of the best.

        None of the Superman films are all that great. Returns simply sucked and the others may be great for nastalgia but watching them for the first time now I don’t think anyone would think they were good. They simply don’t hold up. Same for Burton films.

        • @ Daniel F

          Id say you’d be in the minority if you think the Christopher Reeve Superman films, namely 1&2 & Burton’s Batman films don’t hold up. People still enjoy them till this day.

          • Wally

            As I said before people still enjoy them because of nostalgia. When I say they don’t hold up I mean that a person never having seen them before putting them in today for the first time and comparing them to modern films would laugh. Neither film looks all that good today. They have some extremely cheesy and sad moments. That really overall make the films look bad. Sadly most people can’t let go of their child hood loves and attachments/need for nostalgia.

            Superman 2 is the perfect example of a terrible film that people cling to. Superman literally rips the S off his chest and throws it at people. That’s the worst thign I’ve ever seen in a big budget film in my entire life. Not even an exaggeration. That goes beyond cheesy and is simply bad film making.

            • @ Daniel F

              Ive talked to people and read reviews from others who think otherwise & enjoyed the previous Batman franchise who never saw the films first hand back then, mostly Burton’s films & to a lesser extent Batman Forever. But they mentioned they were great at the time were made, especially 89 Batman film for which it didn’t have the kind of adverstising Batman Begins or TDK had. I know people who take Nolan’s Batman films like any other comic book film, not so serious they try to make them. Superman: The Movie & Superman 2 to this day imo surpass what was done before those films were made. Superman ripping of the S off his chest was one of tricks in the Fortress Of Solitude that was set up. You think Ledger’s Joker dressed up like a nurse wasn’t cheesy? Imo, i never seen a perfect comic book based film anyways as people claimed TDK is to be.

              • No nothing at all about Ledger dressed as a nurse was cheesy. It was moderately funny and made sense for the character to do.

                The throwing off the S was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in a film.

                • @ Daniel F

                  Imo id say it was cheesy, Nicolson’s Joker might of wore sunglasses & funny lookin artist hat but wasn’t as cheesy as posing as nurse like a real clown could. With all the stuff goin on in the hospital, Joker could of gottin in no problem without dressing like that. The throwing of the S imo was a neat trick of the Fortress Of Solitude’s defenses on filmakers part.

    • Oh man, you´re right! Warner Brothers/DC is lost without Nolan. What will they do?! Maybe they should clone him and have him direct every damn movie WB puts out. Hell, why not every movie ever?! So he could save the whole movie industry. What am I talking about?! He will save the whole world!


      • @ Scapegoat

        From what i noticed, Nolan’s name is attached to only the best DC films that would be coming out, such as Man Of Steel, Justice League.

        • How could you put The Man of Steel and Justice League under the “best” coming out when we have no idea how they’ll turn out? Nolan has already shown anyway that he doesn’t know Superman. The fact that he picked Snyder to direct is just proof of that.

          • @ Ghost

            When i say “best” i was implying to the fact that The Man Of Steel & Justice League both have Nolan’s name attached to the films since they’re big name DC comic titles. He picked Snyder to direct because he felt he felt he owed him one over some project, forget what it was. But Nolan is still involved w/ Synder in makin the reboot.

            • But Nolan picking Snyder (for whatever reason) still shows he doesn’t know Superman. And Nolan will be too busy with TDKR to even care about Superman, it’s all Zack Snyder.

              • @ Ghost

                Then why is Nolan producing, or whatever you call it if he doesn’t know Superman? Im sure Nolan wouldn’t mind directing a Superman film if WB/DC wanted him to but with that whole certain Superman ownership rights issue, WB wanted to push for a film to get started asap. Of-course Nolan wanted to finish his Batman trilogy first so he handed the directing up for Snyder.

                • Nolan is “producing” the film for one simple reason….b/c TDK made a billion dollars. WB KNOWS that attaching his name to the film will get people flocking to the theaters. If you look at Nolan’s style in his films, then you would see that he wouldn’t work for Superman. Once again, him picking Snyder just shows that he doesn’t know the character. There were plenty of good names on the shortist for the job, but he picked the one guy who wouldn’t spend time to tweak Goyer’s garbage, and make a decent script. Just watch Sucker Punch, then you’ll see that Snyder is the WRONG choice for directing a Superman movie.

                  The problem is that the members of the Church of Nolan seem to think that he should direct every superhero film simply b/c his Batman films were successful. It’s quite ridiculous. I LOVE BB and TDK (despite it being over-rated), and I can’t wait for TDKR, but saying he’s right for every superhero is plain stupid.

                  • @ Ghost

                    The first two sentances is true, i agree with ya there. But Nolan helped Goyer w/ ideas for the script, first one anyways aswell serving as one of the producers. On wikipedia it read how he liked Singer made Superman modern, etc on film. One of the other reasons Nolan is involved in Man of Steel is because of the way he handled Batman like you said so WB/DC expect him to deliever with Superman just the same & probly with Justice League which last time i checked had his name attached. Im sure alot of people think Nolan should handle every single DC comic film, even Marvel films. Ive even read a couple admit it on here they would want Nolan to. I agree, people think he’ll have that same spark on every comic book movie because of TDK is used by example by how much it made & actors such as Heath Ledger because he played the Joker well.

                    • Besides, from what I’ve seen, the great Christopher Nolan’s idea for the film is an f-ing remake of Superman 2

                    • Ghost. Nolan didn’t write the script for Man of Steel. In fact it’s been reported his involvement in the film has been very little at all. I don’t think he had anything to do with it being a remake of Superman 2. I also don’t beleive your assertion that he hand picked Snyder. I’ve heard from several sources that Snyder was mostly a studio decision. That Nolan while having some involvement in director choice it wasn’t much. Also Snyder wasn’t anyones first choice. Several people turned down the chair before they settled with Snyder including Ben Affleck (Who Imo would of been a fantastic choice to direct).

                      I understand your blind hatred of Nolan simply because he has fans, but your going a bit over board. going as far as to accuse him of every thing that is wrong with a film he is barely involved with. It isn’t exactly new news that he has tried to distance him self from the project.

                    • @”I understand your blind hatred of Nolan simply because he has fans, but your going a bit over board.”

                      I’m not even gonna even comment on how stupid that statement was. I just love how if you say anything other than “Nolan is God”, then his followers accuse you of “hating”. Which is why as of this moment, I’m DONE with Nolanrant, I mean Screenrant.

                    • Ghost

                      I apologize if you take offense, but lets be fair you have done far more than simply not say Nolan is god. You’ve belittled his achievements and insulted his fans and films on several occasions and every time simply because someone mentioned his name.

                      You may be shocked to hear this, but I’m not a member of the Nolan is god group. I’ve never said he is god. I’ve never as far as I can remember even suggested him for any major film franchise.

                      I also can’t stand the people who go crazy over him. To me they are not better than the people who go crazy over any director. No one is perfect and everyone is flawed in one way or another even Nolan.

                      The difference is I don’t take my dislike of the obsessed fans out on Nolan’s achievements as a film maker. I don’t be little his movies or trash him like you do simply because his fans annoy me. I’ve seen one suggest Nolan for Star Wars which his really a bad idea, but doesn’t make me like Nolan less.

                      His ability as a film maker has nothing to do over zealous fans. One shouldn’t hurt your view of the other.

                      I think Nolan is a fantastic film maker. Even his biggest haters can usually acknowledge he is talented. I’ve only not liked one of his films and that was Insomnia. For me he would be my favorite director simply because I like more of his films than any other director. Everyone else is mostly hit or miss with me. Some of the most famous directors like Spieldberg or Cameron have mroe misses than hits for me. So Nolan is my fave. He starts making a few bad films here and there and maybe he will drop down, but currently he has more good films than bad films and more good films than any other director I like (IMO). Second would go to Ridley Scott probably.

                      Sadly I can be hard to please as a film fan and no other director off the top of my head has 6 films that I not only like but absolutely love.

                      it may surprise you despite being a Nolan fan I would never suggest him for another franchise. I prefer he make more original properties like Inception and Prestige. It may also surprise you that despite being a Nolan fan none of his films are my favorite film of all time.

                      He’s not perfect and should stay away from most other franchises, but he is very good and deserves credit for his consistently good if not great work.

                      Personally I hate Spieldberg, but he has a lot of fans so he must be doing something right. I don’t trash his name or fans every time his name is mentioned. It would be very rude of me and disrespectful of his legacy. He’s a talented director who don’t personally like and while his zealots may get on my nerves I’m not gonna use that as an argument against him its not as if he created them.

                      I’d hate to see you leave screenrant. I think you bring a lot to the site and I usually enjoy you as a person. I just wish you would chill on the anti Nolan rants a little bit. Just because his name is mentioned on every thread at least once doesn’t mean you need to talk about how over rated he is and how stupid all his fans are on every thread.

                      I also wish that you wouldn’t treat all of his fans like they are all crazy zealots. Just because I like and respect the guy doesn’t mean I think he is god or think he should direct Star Wars, Superman or Wonder Woman.

  5. i don’t know why DC hasn’t fast tracked a flash project by now.

    • I heard that everything was riding on Green Lantern, and with that film underperforming, they may not be in a rush to get these projects out.

      • I’ve heard the same thing about GL. It’s a shame that GL was so awful. I’ve been a fan of the comics for so long and wanted it to be good, but there was little chance of that happening watching everything unfold. There really is no happiness in being right. I new it was gonna suck, but never wanted it to. No matter how awful it looked part of me was still holding out hope that it would be awesome.

        DCWB film future looks bleak with GL’s failure both in Box Office and quality. Sadly Man of steel is shaping up to be a mess as well and we have little hope of seeing new characters on the big screen from DC.

    • ^ I think Ghost is right.

      It’s unfortunate because there IS/WAS a Flash Project in the making. Geoff Johns was writing the script, IIRC.

      At least Warner Bros. still one more Dark Knight movie to go and that may remind them that there might still be some more worthwhile franchises they can make out of comics.

      But I think Green Lantern is going to be shelved for the time being.

    • Neither do i think it would do great. Do like a The Flash marathon on scyfy channel.

  6. Shoulda steamrolled Deadpool, Reynolds……

  7. I get the feeling that more and more DC fans will be starting to chant “MARVEL, MARVEL!” in the coming months – with the new “reboot” on ALL of DC’s characters and the disappointing news about upcoming DC movies (excluding batman of course).

    • I’m won’t be. I’m a loyal DC fan, not a fair-weather fan like many.

      • Ive noticed Snyder’s film is gonna be a remake of Superman 2. Foolish of Snyder, Nolan & Goyer to do so imo.

    • At the Comic-Con, they actually made a lot of good points about the reboot that even I had to agree that what they were doing made sense. Especially concerning Superman. I’ll probably buy at least ten of the 52 books in September, if not more.

    • @ TheAvenger

      Im a fan of both DC/Marvel. But when it comes to films i have to say DC needs to do more. I feel they’re too obsessed with their Batman/Superman franchises. Atleast Marvel is trying out new heroes from its comics to bring to the big screen. DC just seems hesitant.

      • I agree. I’d have thought they’d be seriously looking for a gorgeous six footer to cast for Wonder Woman by now, or something. I know it’s a lot of money, but sometimes you have to take a few risks. It’s not like there’s a lack of material to draw from. I think they’re just not confident in their lesser known characters. One of the good things about Smallville was their use of the other DC universe’s resources. They gave exposure to the Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Aquaman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Cyborg and Flash/Impulse, even the Legion. There’s so much they can draw from but I guess the comic fan base isn’t large enough for them to cater to, so they target the action/special effects crowd as well.

    • I definitely won’t be, either. I tend to really like Marvel films but really LOVE DC films(definitely including GL and “Watchmen”).

      So…no, Avenger.

    • I pretty much lost most of my love for DC with Grant Morrison starting ruining Batman. Batman is probably one of the worst comic ideas and comics I’ve ever seen. Dick Grayson is not now nor will he ever be Batman it takes more than a suit. Plus Grant Morrison is seriously messed up in the head. He legitimately believes he was abducted by aliens and write some weird stuff that really makes little to no sense. You have to be on acid to know what is going on in his books. That’s probably why he is so popular these days given the rise in drug use among young adults.

      I agree though the Reboot only adds to the problems. I’ve never been a Marvel is better or DC is better type of guy. I love both, but I’m starting to think Marvel is better if nothing else than the fact that DC has been ruining everything they can the last few years.

      I can honestly say I’ll never read another DC comic until Grant Morrison steps away from batman. Until Batman Inc is over and until Bruce Wayne is back to being the one and only Batman. Honestly with how much DC has been going down the last few years it’s not only made me love them less, but really hurt my passion for comics all together.

      Lets not even get in to what they are doing to Superman and the travesty that was that David Goyer story.

      • “Batman is probably one of the worst comic ideas and comics I’ve ever seen.”

        NOT a sentence I hear too often lol, I hope you meant when written by Grant Morrison.

        As for Grant Morrison, you could argue a lot of writers are odd in some way. He certainly is an odd guy. But very inventive and his concepts usually do reinvigorate characters in some way – it’s just that his story-telling becomes too ambitious for my liking. I think companies like him simply because he’s unpredictable – readers can never know what is coming. He’s usually hit and miss with me, mostly miss, though, but I’ll be picking up Action Comics mostly because of the art.

        DC has certainly made a lot of questionable moves in their history, but I actually thought they were getting back on track in the last decade. I could have done without all the events, but at least one, Identity Crisis, opened up a lot of story possibilities (as well as a huge can of worms). But for the most part, they were beginning to write B-list characters exceedingly well – Hawkman, Flash, Green Lantern, to name a few.

        But what spurred their decision to do a relaunch is their A-list characters weren’t doing too well (besides Batman – he’s still doing fine). Superman especially. His books’ sales were falling for the first time in the character’s history. Justice League’s also. Wonder Woman hasn’t done well in a long time, either. I don’t think it’s a panic move on their part. I think they just recognized that something needed to be done about these characters.

        I do hate that Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again, though. I thought she was fascinating in her role as Oracle, and the new Batgirl(s) had done well in their own books. But they obviously felt a need to make everything old “new” again.

        • Inc somehow vanished from what I typed. I said batman Inc is the worst comic idea. It’s simply terrible.

          I agree Barbara is better as Oracle than she ever was as Batgirl. Casandra was the best batgirl IMO. I don’t know why on earth they would drop Barbara being Oracle it worked so well.

          I hate Grant Morrison for many reasons.

          1. Batman is Bruce Wayne. No one else can ever be Batman. Batman inc is just a ridiculous idea and it takes that principle I just said and spits all over it. It ruins the legacy of Bruce and of Batman. He went from being special to just another Batman. Grayson can never be Batman no matter how hard he tries and was better off as Nightwing.

          2. Grants stories rarely make sense. They defy logic and most people have to read Wikipedia or interviews to actually get what he was trying to do.

          3. He is far to hung up on the past. He tries to tie in all the cheesy bad writing of the 60’s in to modern day comics and it only helps hurt the quality of the book. It makes it jumbled and disjointed. RIP could of been good, but IMO wasn’t with how much he tried to force in to it and how much he tried to tie in to the past crap stories.

          • Re: Barbara, they said that it was because Barbara was the most recognizable Batgirl. Which meant they considered her the most iconic Batgirl, and they wanted to bring her back in similar fashion to how they brought back all the “iconic” characters of their line – like Hal Jordan back as Green Lantern, Barry Allen back as the Flash.

            But yeah, I think by doing so I think they sacrificed what was one of the more unique characters in all of comics. It’s too bad.

            And yeah I’m not too crazy about Batman, Inc. either and I agree with you on all points.

  8. It sucks that comic book universes have become a political debate. “Marvel vs. DC.” It shouldnt be a contest. It should be about putting forth the best stories and entertainment possible for all to enjoy. I pity people who cannot appreciate the best of both, because they are truly missing out.

    • In most cases it’s just fun to argue about these superheroes – especially considering both companies have a lot of characters who mirror each other in a lot of ways. It’s just a popularity contest.

      When people start actually taking it SERIOUSLY is when they need to step back and re-evaluate what is truly important to them in life.

  9. Why does it have to be DC or Marvel? Why can’t we just all be comic book movie fans?

    • I feel ya. I really don’t care. I like both Marvel and DC, but I would like to see more DC characters get their time on the big screen. But they just don’t have any success with characters outside of Superman and Batman. They’re my two favorite superheroes, but I’d like to see others.

      • I like Marvel better, but at the moment I want to see more DC movies. A Justice League movie would be awesome and get that Joss Whedon Wonder Woman directed movie back on track.

    • I’m a DC fan, but I’m happy Marvel movies are doing well. Per the local comic shop, movie success brings in new/more comic book readers. Also, how about The Goon movie (hopefully) coming out this year? Go, Dark Horse!!!

      • It’s odd that after all these years of Warner owning DC they have really only used Batman and Superman but, maybe they don’t have faith in other characters to carry a movie and bring in the kind of money they seem to want. The disappointment they had about the last Superman movie makes it seem like they want these movies to bring in crazy numbers and aside from Batman they haven’t come close.

        Marvel has kind of had the luxury and handicap of having other studios dive in first with their properties with hit or miss results. But with Spider-Man and the X-Men doing well enough for the studios they sold the rights to wanting to milk them until they are dead Marvel figured why not cash on on what properties they did have control of.

        In both cases though comic book fans and the studios have to really ask themselves, just because people who follow the books think it’s a cool idea will it sell ? I never collected DC at all but, they had a stronger TV presence in the 80’s and 90’s and after a handful of characters I can’t really name many. The villains are even less known to me and that might be a general issue that Warner itself realizes.

  10. saw captain america yesterday it was frikin amazing!!

  11. Very happy Captain America had a successful opening weekend. I was kind of worried following in Harry Potter 7.2’s wake would hurt it a bit.

    I guess the stage’s all set for a very memorable ensemble movie now.

  12. I thought cap didnt have enough story or was written very well. Evens was great but it didnt have the feel of the marvel world. It seemed like something to just get every1 moving to the Avengers. After Thor i expect more I suppose 2 be fair. All and all Cap was ok but was rushed and couldve been better.

  13. Am I the only one who’s somehow sad to see HP7.2 take such a dive at the box office? :/

    • You’re not, I expected a softer fall but I really wasn’nt surprised by the fall considering how many people went to see it opening day alone, thus it led to a frontloaded opening day, weekend, week, then BOOM giant fall.

      Thankfully though it has made a ton of cash right now (almost $275 in 10 days!) and its breaking several forign records. it’ll definitely hit the billion dollar mark.

      Lebsta I kinda woud’nt be that cynical, considering that in both weekends Potter and captain America made less than 45% of their earnings from 3D so that’s a dent in that value.

    • I’m not sad, but I am surprised.

      But it was the last of the Harry Potter movies – there really aren’t much to be sad about. All the movies have been made – it is a complete series, and it is going to make more money than the Star Wars franchise and for a long time, most likely.

  14. If you look at it this way most of DC as gone over to video games now. The two best selling DC game are batman and DC Universe On line and on top of that before the new batman movie comes out in 2012. DC has Batman: Arkham City game out 10/18/11.

    • That’s kind of a funny statement to make because there really aren’t too many DC superheroes that can carry a video game. Even Superman can’t – one of his video games is notoriously infamous for being the worst games ever made. It’s mostly Batman and DC Universe Online, and even the latter has been losing players because of not enough content.

      That being said I WOULD like to see more effort put in superhero games. Who wouldn’t like to “feel” like the Flash, speeding all over a large city to break up bank robberies, fighting the Rogues, and prevent disasters and save innocents, all in maybe fifteen minutes? But game developers have never quite figured out how to “duplicate” superpowers in video games, except for Spider-Man. But Spider-Man alone proves it’s certainly more than possible. They just haven’t had the right amount of creativity and imagination yet.

      • “aren’t too many DC superheroes that can carry a video game. Even Superman can’t”

        That statement is not only not true, but unfair.

        Superman and many other DC characters could easily carry a game all on their own. Just because their past games have failed doesn’t mean they can’t ever carry a film they just simply got unlucky enough to have a bad game made about them.

        Lets look not to far in to the past at how many bad Batman games existed before we finally got Arkham Asylum.

        Also DC Universe may be popular, but it’s a terrible game especially on PC

        • Let me rephrase: there haven’t been too many DC superheroes that have managed to carry a game so far.

          You’ll notice in my last paragraph I did say that if they put more effort in these games, the games would work.

          Also, I happen to have liked the first few Batman games on the Nintendo lol. Batman’s one of the characters that always seem to work well in all media. Movies, TV, games, comics.

  15. Captain America’s second weekend will tell us whether it’s going to be a hit. I agree that will be more successful in the US than overseas. If it holds well next week I can even see perhaps making $200 million in the US but it still wont outgross Thor’s worldwide take.

    I think Green Lanterns’ failure was a shame, as it should’ve been the catalyst for more of DC’s heroes to be realised on the big screen. The DC continuity has massive potential for great movies to be made, but the due to the extent of the characters’ powers filmakers should be going for a more epic, grandiose feel. Not the bright and breezy, just under two hours summer movie that Marvel can produce with it’s heroes.

    Marvel’s approach of producing individual movies first to lead into the Avengers has been a very smart move. Even if you don’t know Thor or Captain America, you will still want to want as they are part of a bigger event to come. I still feel it’s all been slightly rushed, but still a good strategy all the same.

    It now looks like both Transformers 3 and Harry Potter will both make a billion worldwide each. Whilst I’d never begrudge a movie’s financial success, it just means were going to continue get even more unecessary sequels and 3D post conversions.

    • I agree that Green Lantern’s failure was a tremendous shame.

      It really should have been successful. Green Lantern had all the makings of an epic movie franchise – I mean, superhero battling aliens across many worlds is VASTLY more interesting to me than watching Superman and Lex Luthor.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t like the movie, not a lot of people did, and it’s because of the writing. “A script by Greg Berlanti and comic book writers Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, which was subsequently rewritten by Michael Goldenberg.” These guys all deserve a BIG boo.

  16. Black Hats sounds awesome!!!

  17. National Lampoon Reboot/Remake?? Really is that even necessary? Will that even work with this generation? I just think of what its going to be, and I already want to pass, and I try to never judge a movie by its trailer / poster (book by its cover)……

  18. Captain America was not worth (IMO) 4 stars. 3/3.5 I still dont think it was as good as Ironman the first.

    The only thing I think I can attribute it to is it had a lot going on for comic fans then didnt deliver.

    There was some other stuff that may seem nit picky but it (again IMO) tainted the overall feel. It was like it was trying to be a few different types of movies at one time.

    Enjoyed it and well worth the money spent…. better then Thor but not as well done as Ironman.

    • I agree with you on everything except it being better than Thor. I agree it should be a 3/5 not a 4, but I think Thor was better. I actually thought Thor was very good and it is my second fave Marvel studio film to date.

  19. Very surprised that CA did so well against HP. The only problem I had with CA was that we didn’t get to see the type of fighting that Blonsky did against the Hulk (since Blonsky and Cap both had the serum), but the film was solid (acting, effects, action and story). Keep it up Marvel/Disney.

    On the DC vs. Marvel argument, I want both studios to succeed. With Marvel’s success, DC now has to up the ante and get better productions of their lesser know characters. I enjoyed the movie that will not be named, but I do understand why others did not like it. It just goes to show that rushing a production can hurt your gross; of course, they rushed X-Men: FC and that turned out pretty good. I guess it all comes down to the director.

    • Good point about the Blonsky/Hulk battle… they missed the boat on that.

  20. this is what happens when you get the wrong director and the wrong actor for captain america. to see my favorite hero get turned into the dribble that was put on screen is sick and saddening, 65 million is pretty good, but had they not gotten cheap and got a bonafide director and actor like they did for iron man, this would have a been a historic weekend for a marvel movie.. so freaking sad…

    • Had they not gone cheap and got a bonafide director and actor for Ironman?


      While the Ironman team turned out to work well together don’t kid your self. They picked who they picked on the cheap for IM as well. RDJ was an actor who’s star had fallen far and was desperate to try and resuscitate his film career. Jon was a director who had done very few films and they were lame unfunny childish comedies. Seriously the guy who directed Elf was a bonafide director ? and a good fit for Ironman?

      In the end Ironman was a hit and people love it. The team worked, but both were picked because they were cheap. Both were picked because they were easy to get. Jon especially who no one would of called great or impressive before Iron man.

  21. My son and I saw Captain America yesterday. It was pretty good-I just WISH they’d just stick to the original storyline/mythology. That’s the ONLY gripe I have with the comic book films. Other than that detail, I’m loving ’em! To see the characters I’ve grown up on become live action is fantasmagorical!

    • @ Claus Talon

      I know what you mean about not one comic book film sticking to the original storyline/mythology but that’s hard to do when the studios wants the films done differently or there’s rights issues among other stuff. If i was directing a comic book movie, i would stick to the mythology/storyline asfar as i can, especially if i started with a origin film.

    • Well, when even the comics themselves start to re-invent the said characters’ mythologies sometimes (in Captain America’s case though, Ed Brubaker has been brilliant), I guess it makes the film-makers feel free to do so as well.

      It’s a large gripe of mine a well, though. Don’t fix what’s not broken. If anything, add to it, don’t change things.

      Oh well, but I don’t think anybody is going to listen anytime soon. None of these characters are sacred territory anymore.

      For exmaple, DC IS doing the reboot/relaunch is because Superman’s books had been falling in sales, and it’s because the character had become stale – there were no more interesting stories left to tell with him. In that case, it is something broken that had to be fixed, like a show where the two primary characters who’ve flirted the whole time got married and thus becomes less interesting. I understand that one. They’re making him younger, more brash, and more unpredictable. He’s not a married man anymore, and so on. And the trunks are gone, he’s getting a more modern costume, instead of something out of the 30’s.

      Though they’re fixing a lot of other things that WEREN’T broken at the same time. Oh well.

      • Lol, excuse all the grammatical errors, I obviously need more coffee.