Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: March 25th, 2012

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The Hunger Games has a record breaking box office debut Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: March 25th, 2012

The Hunger Games hunted down and killed all the competition over the weekend at the box office. The big screen adaptation of the hugely popular young adult novel banked a record breaking $155 million on its debut. The opening was the biggest ever for a non-sequel and the third largest of all time (trailing The Dark Knight’s $158 million)

The Suzanne Collins adaptation grossed $68.2 million on its opening day, almost the same amount as the original Twilight did on its first weekend ($69.1 million). In fact, The Hunger Games is acting like a sequel, with so much pent-up demand, and unlike Stephanie Meyer’s vampire romance, the dystopian drama is also attracting boys.

The Hunger Games has had great reviews (read ours) and the young cast featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson have been selling the film and copious magazines in the process. The Gary Ross directed film has a production budget of “just” $78 million, and although it carries a steep marketing budget, it doesn’t matter as it has already been massively successful and even more green will be added to the kitty once the sequels hit the screens. Globally the film has grossed a huge $214 million on weekend one, which is a lot of cash in any currency.

21 Jump Street drops to second place Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: March 25th, 2012

Last weekend’s champ 21 Jump Street dropped over 40%, banking an additional $21 million, and upping its cume to $71 million.

Dr. Seuss animation The Lorax scored another $13.1 million and brought the Danny DeVito voiced ‘toon’s total to a smidgen under $177 million.

John Carter grossed $5 million over the weekend giving the Disney disaster film a total of just $62.3 million. The $250 million dollar film has grossed around $200 million globally, but it’s still expected to lose Disney around $150 million. Ouch.

Act of Valor grossed $2 million and brought its total to $65.9 million, a great gross for a film that cost just $12 million.

R-rated comedy Project X banked $1.95 million, a number which brings its total to just over $51 million, and over $70 million worldwide.

Eddie Murphy’s A Thousand Words laughed $1.92 million out of the pockets of moviegoers and brought its total to $14.9 million.

Drama October Baby entered the top ten, even though it’s only playing in under 400 theaters, grossing an impressive $1.7 million.

Safe House banked a further $1.4 million and upped its cume to $122 million, while the top ten was rounded out by Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The Dwayne Johnson film inched closer to the $100 million mark, after it grossed $1.3 million and brought its total to $97 million.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Good to hear :}

  2. Too bad for John Carter ! :(
    Watched it a second time this weekend and it just got better the second time around ! Guess no Sequel ! :(
    What a shame !

    • I really enjoyed JC; but largely because I had terrible expectations (thanks to the Clash-of-Titans-esque marketing). Also, dat princess.

      • Saw both Hunger Games and John Carter (again). Preferred John Carter — came out of HG feeling, well, nothing…no one really won, everybody lost one way or another, characters were vague but hard to introduce everyone with such a large slate. John Carter was a good time, great visually, good story.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Hunger Games’, although it seems that those who read the novel felt many inter-character relationships were underdeveloped. I might just read the trilogy before the next one hits, just to enjoy the movie more. Will see it again later next week, just because someone ruined it for me (he felt he was too cool to enjoy it).

    • Thought “Hunger Games” was just OK. The only reason this move made this big an opening was marketing and a audience of those who read the book. I felt it was emotionally flat and unless a new director is chosen future installments will not perform as well!

      • I agree to bad ross is signed on for catching fire

      • I agree on the movie just being OK; I did feel some emotion from Katniss at a point where most say there wasn’t emotion, but I won’t spoil it here.

  4. So glad to jear Hunger Games did this well, and it keeps rising. Heck yes!

    • Yes keep rising!!! I have a question regarding the cast. Since the cast is signed in for four I’ve trying to figure out which movie would be cut in two? Any ideas? Or I also I heard a rumor about a prequel which I’ve been thinking about could be cool though I don’t know how they would involve the main three in a prequel. When I think prequel I think like how the games began back in early uprising.

      On a common note I’m glad te movie is doing so great personally I thought is was transferred beautifully and perfectly. Would have like to see rue a little more developed though

        • *grounded not vague

    • Rickster…

      Yes, exactly. I think the director and cast and crew did a wonderful job and look forward to the sequels. :)

  5. I expected it to break 100 mil but not that much. Very impressive. Tho the movie to me is overrated opinion of course.

  6. VERY impressed at The Hunger Games (my guess was $120mil opening weekend gross). Like I’ve said on the OD thread, it’s still a few weeks till it opens here, so the anticipation will be even greater knowing how well it’s doing in the US.

    VERY disappointed about John Carter. I really enjoyed it, and I’ve been trying my best to get my friends and family to go see it, but it seems it’s pretty pointless now. I’m even more surprised that Disney would f up on the marketing if the movie had such a big budget – seems like a fatal business decision IMO.

      • Took me a couple mins to find the article you are referring to Kevin7 (since there were so many) but I found it. If that article is correct though then I rest the failure of the movie completely on Stanton (and Disney for giving him carte blanche and final say on everything.)

        The funny thing though is Stanton did NOT follow his “beloved” childhood books to a fault. Almost every creature was altered for seemingly no reason other than Stanton wanted it. If he had actually kept to the books, the visuals may have been interesting enough to hold everyone’s attention (even through the derivative moments that others had stolen). 4 armed, 15′ tall bug eyed aliens would have held my attention much better that the overgrown rejects from, “A Bug’s Life”.

        • Yeah, it seems like Disney had faith in Stanton based off his Pixar work just like Paramount did in Brad Bird for MI4.
          It’s obvious now that it was a mistake. But Stanton does deserve equal blame. I know it’s a bigger challenge to make something new compared to another installment in a established franchise but if the article is even half true it still seems like Stanton wasn’t willing to go with any ideas that weren’t his own.
          It’s a shame for a few reasons because John Carter should have been a better film and Stanton might not get another shot at live action but if Disney ends up loosing the $150 – $200 million that’s expected it’s understandable.

          Again, sorry for not posting a link or even a title of the piece. I’m limited in what I can do with this iPod.

    • Hopefully the John Carter DVD and blu-ray sales will make enough to get a sequel.

  7. Like I’ve said before this will be the biggest box office year on record. And THG has gotten the ball rolling.

    • Unfortunately

  8. Having seen it,I feel no compulsion to read the novels or view its sequels;what a huge disappointment.

  9. Thanks for the report Niall, I usually don’t care much about box office numbers because they are irrelevant to the quality of the film (Twilight and Transformers). In this case it’s great because I hope with the money and critic support they can hire the right cast and crew to deliver a better sequel. I see they already have Beafoy writing Catching Fire. Maybe they can hire a better special effects crew like WETA or Legato and crew from Hugo, other good cast choices like Armie Hammer or Chris Powell to play Finnick among other things.

  10. Have to say I hadn’t heard of the books and didn’t have any knowledge of the in built fanbase, but there’s obviously a huge following and $155 million weekend has probably exceeded expectations of everyone.

    I can only see The Avengers or TDKR coming anywhere close to matching that weekend gross this year.

    Looks like the dominant box office franchise is here.

    • Let’s not forget the hobbit

    • And “Battleship” “MIB3″ will be big too

      • And brave

  11. what did the raid make, my mates and i hardly saw anyone in the 2 sessions we went to (3 in total – 1 each and another together). i really hope that movie gets alot of word of mouth so they can really beef up the sequel (more practical effects and mike shinoda’s return).

    • It wasn’t even showing in my area. Pity, because I really want to see it.

  12. What about the Raid, that is the best movie of the year in terms of action. How much did that movie gross

    • Unfortunately, that made $221,000. Haven’t seen it but based on the reviews it seems like a very underrated film.

      • Its not a film that every theatre gets. Mno theatres in a 50 mile radius from me has it

        • yeah for us aussies it’s only showing via one cinema company, and at like 3 locations per state with the stupidest session times (they all start after 1pm).

          not just that but hardly anyone knows about the movie, even hardcore action/martial arts fan dont know about it. i say spread the word, tell as many people as possible about the movie and encourage them to watch it so that maybe hollywood gets an idea of how action movies should be filmed like :)

          • I wanted to see it as well and no theater (about 20 in total) within a 50 mile radius had it.

            • Yes that is what I noticed, it looks like a good film to watch but have the same problem.

            • you could always wait for the dvd release, madman stuff usually comes out fast (on dvd), it’s def worth the money i can assure you that (that is if you’re into hardcore and super violent action with little plot and so so acting).

          • jwalka yer I’m from melbourne saw it at chadstone hoyts but thats only 10 min from where i live so i guess i was lucky enough to see it. and I’ve told all my friends to get out there and watch it. i think the only people who new anything about this movie are fans of the band linkin park because that band has done lots of advertising for the movie but no1 els

            • same here, only took me 20min to get to the cinemas plus some organisation so i could make it to the session, in all honesty i haven’t seen any promo done by anyone besides ign which is a shame b/c this movie is pure epic and adrenaline pumping (plus the score was pure epic during the fight scenes).

              • yer its a shame this isn’t getting the recognition that it deserves. I’m hopping this will be the next ong bac. and i hope that the 2nd movie is just as epic and had the same actors, be nice if it had the same scorer as well cause the music really helped the fighting, even tho the fighting was incredible

  13. Hunger games is a depraved movie that pits teenagers against each other in a dystopian world. Not real entertaining at all. If I wanted to witness such behavior I would just visit a New York City or L.A. High School. What is even more disheartening is how teens are flocking to this kind of trash. This generation may truely be lost.

    John Carter was so much better and entertaining. I intend to see it again soon. I agree with many that had the marketing campaign been better the box office would be larger. There may be hope yet should John Carter do well on DVD…but it will have to be very very well on DVD.

    • Its precisely for that reason I like the movie so much. Nobody comes away from it thinking ”ah, communism is so cool”. Its clearly portrayed as a dystopian society, which the majority of semi-rational people (I know personally) understood, at least in part.

      • TheMaster…

        Well said :)

    • @bane

      Um, in case you don’t really understand it, they NEVER glorified it. It is SUPPOSED to be a bad thing. Remember that “The Hunger Games” is a PUNISHMENT by the Capital on the districts for their attempted and failed revolution before…

  14. Thats great news for Hunger game as I have not seen it yet. Dissapointed that John Carter did not do so well as it’s not a bad movie at all. The thing the Hunger games had going were the recent books and good marketing. John Carter would have done much better with a strong push of the original books back into the market and not chnaging the name to “John Carter” “John Doe” might have worked better in that case. Looking forwrad to “The Avengers” and “Dark Knight rises”, “Spiderman”.

  15. Didn’t Disney spend like $100 million on marketing for JC? If so, where did that money go? From what I remember, there wasn’t much marketing going on for this film. What a shame.

  16. @Trey

    I have no doubt that The Hobbit will overall outgross them all and is still without doubt the most anticipated movie of the year. Just don’t think it will have as big an opening weekend as Avengers or TDKR. The Rings movies always showed better consistency week in, week out with box office takes

  17. In the pic at the top of the page – why is the arrow sitting on her wrist and going across the back of her hand?! That doesn’t make any sense.