Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 6th 2012

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The Avengers Box Office Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 6th 2012

The Avengers came. The Avengers saw. The Avengers conquered.

Joss Whedon’s big screen comic book mash-up broke records at the box office over the weekend and managed to score the biggest opening weekend EVER! That’s right – bigger than Harry Potter ($169 million) and bigger than The Dark Knight ($158 million). The Marvel movie should gross a mammoth $200 million by Monday morning! A fantastic number given the films $220 million production budget.

The film grossed $80.5 million on Friday, (second only to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’s $91.1 million) kicking-off the summer season in spectacular fashion. The biggest Marvel hero opening was Spider-Man 3’s $151 million launch (it topped out at $336 million, a series domestic low) – but as he’s not part of The Avengers line-up, the closest comparison is Iron Man 2’s $128 million debut. That film peaked at $312 million, which was just behind Iron Man’s $318 million cumulative haul.

It must also be noted that this opening weekend bests the final grosses of Thor ($181 million), Captain America ($176 million) and the two previous Hulk entries – The Incredible Hulk ended its run with $134 million, while Hulk ran out of steam at $132 million worth of green.

A truly amazing weekend, and it will be very interesting to see how it holds up next weekend. The film has received strong reviews (read ours) and it should see the weekend out with a global haul of over $641 million, meaning that it’s on track to beat Spider-Man 3’s $890 million worldwide take – and Iron Man 2’s $623 million is already toast. The film also has the potential to beat The Dark Knight‘s $1 billion in global ticket sales, in fact the $1 billion mark is pretty much a cert for the movie. The Dark Knight Rises will have to work hard to beat this.

Think Like A Man was in second place, banking $8 million and raising its total to an impressive $73 million. It won’t hit the century mark, but it will get close.

The Hunger Games scored $5.7 million and raised its total to $380.7 million, the film has now grossed over $600 million globally.

The Lucky One grossed $5.5 million, a number which gives the Zac Efron starrer almost $48 million.

Pirates fails to find an audience Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 6th 2012

Pirates! Band of Misfits brought in an additional $5.4 million and upped its cume to over $18.5 million. Not a great result.

Comedy bomb, The Five-Year Engagement laughed-up $5.1 million for a $19.2 million total, while the Edgar Allan Poe adventure The Raven brought in $2.5 million for a poor $12 million total.

Safe grossed $2.4 million for a $12.8 million cumulative take, while Chimpanzee scored $2.3 million for a $23 million total.

The top ten was rounded-out by The Three Stooges. The comedy throw-back grossed a smidgen under $2 million for a $39.6 million total take.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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    • It’s hard to take a review seriously with a spelling error in the first sentence.

  1. Knew it! I told you guys it could break $200mil! :P
    Question is… will it achieve the $1billion mark? I had my doubts at first, but these numbers (already over half a billion worldwide) sure do convince me otherwise: The Avengers does indeed have the potential to be the highest grossing superhero movie of all time.

    Final gross? I think it might get up to $1.1billion worldwide, but I don’t think it’ll do better than that.

  2. I just loved to movie. There is no question any one can call the movie a bad experienced or something. The only thing I hated was at times movie pacing too slow

    • Too slow? I guess we didn’t watch the same movie. Felt like it had the perfect combination of action and character moments. Wouldn’t have changed a THING about it.

      • I would have changed very few lines, but the film was near perfect for me.

        • To me it felt like whedon had no idea what to make scarlett say cause all of her lines to me were pretty poor… “I don’t see how that’s a party”… *facepalm*

      • I thought the pacing was perfect as well, but yeah, if I had to pick one thing, I’d change some of Sam Jackson’s dialogue.

  3. I just loved to movie. There is no question any one can call the movie a bad experienced or something. The only thing I hated was at times movie pacing too slow and not cinematic enough

  4. Wow !! is all I can say on this, I was expecting around $170 million, bit this is still truly stunning. For any major blockbuster to almost break even just on its US opening weekend alone is just unheard of.

    Yes the second weekend will give a better indication of how much Avengers will gross in the US, but to think a 50% or 60% drop (which is normally the standard) will still represent a $80 – 100 million 2nd weekend take. Incredible.

    I know the comparisons are becoming tiresome now, but you just cannot see TDKR matching or even surpassing this take. Especially when its not even in 3D.

    All i can say is congratulations to Marvel, Their movie marketing strategy has been a massive success and I think Avengers will hit a billion within the next two and a half weeks.

    DC needs to sort it out with that Justice League movie – pronto!!

  5. lol, I’m surprised people went to see something other than The Avengers. I guess those are the ones who couldn’t get a ticket? :)

    • We went early to get good seats. The movie was suppose to start at 1:35pm but no one was lining up even at 1:15pm; something was wrong. My son went to the manager and it turns out they changed the screen but never informed us. I was livid. We got in to see the movie but we didn’t get good seats; but you know what we got? Free passes for any movie we want! So guess what movie we’ll be seeing next weekend? Avengers in IMAX 3D.

      • Well that’s sucks you didn’t get to see your first screening in good seats, I guess it is a happy ending after all.

        Of course I’m more surprised to learn that the Klingon God has a son………tell me his middle name isn’t Worf :)

        • Klingons do not have gods, humaaan!! Eons ago we found them to be a nuisance….so we killed them!!


          Actually, it was my second viewing; but it was the first viewing for my kids. So next week will be my third viewing……and I ain’t finished yet. :-D

          • Ah yes, I know Kahless isn’t a true god but I was having a problem defining exactly what he is because he’s more than just a mere legend. Anyone who is prayed to is elevated to have divine qualities so I went with god because I was lazy. :D

            Demi-God? Messiah….no too holy sounding. Yeah I don’t know how to qualify him.

            • That is because you are a weakling humaaan!! Your species has no conception!! But when the empire conquers your puny planet, it will be my pleasure to beat what a Klingon truly is into your lowly heart!!

              Uh, Kahless, he was really giving you a compliment.

              If I want your opinion, I’ll cut it out of your worthless soul, petaQ!!!

              Well, excusssse me!


  6. You Americans are so f…ing dumb.

    It is ridiculous to compare Whedon, with Nolan. One makes films for children, the other makes works of art/masterpieces. This movie beyond the special effects and some jokes, it is completely empty, has a gross plot and brings nothing new, nothing original.

    Do you classify the film by the money it make in your country, open your f…ing eyes. You are telling to world Titanic is one of the best movies ever!??

    Is not surprised that 85% of you talk alone and believe in fairy tales, in elves and gods.

    You people, you can’t think but five minutes in front of your face.
    And please comparing a 2008 movie in 2D with a 2012 in 3D, must to mean something. Despair…, maybe?

    This is a good movie, nothing else.

    • Nolan/Batman/DC fanboi much?

      Also not sure why we all have to “believe” in fairy tales, elves and gods to enjoy a movie about them. Guess I’m one of the rare 15% that doesn’t but I still loves watching movies about them.

      Of course, aside from all these silly, outlandish and fantastical Marvel movies, EVERYTHING else we see at the movies is real, right? /rolls eyes

      • I don’t remember any elves and the Asgardians are established as aliens not gods, so that right there shoots some pretty big holes in that argument.
        And attacking the belief systems of others and calling it stupid, especially in the defense of a movie that’s not even out yet (and for all you know might end up sucking) just makes you a jerk.
        In any case these are not meant to be accurate representations of Norse gods anyway. It’s about comic book characters based on those myths. And while I’m not Norse I do have a religion with multiple deities so I take particular offense at your remarks.

    • Well, 100% of “you people” worship a flying rodent. See, I can make up stats too and make myself sound intelligent without citing any research to back up my claims.

      Must suck for you that something has threatened to overshadow the end of your “Nolanverse”. Here’s a newsflash for you; they are going to make more Marvel movies. They are pulling the curtain down on “Nolanverse” this summer. No encores.

      Cry much?

    • LOLOLOLOLOL at another butt-hurt Nolanite

      • he’s just upset that his precious Nolan is unlikely to make that kind of money.

    • Carla_whatever,

      And to use your own phrase, you are are so f…ing arrogant.

      You are now on my radar – and that is not a good thing.


      • Oh, please don’t, i’m so scared of you…

        Well, undoubtedly you are a dumb person. thanks, but my beliefs do not require alms, don’t make a fool out of you, just to make my point.

        • “Is not surprised that 85% of you talk alone
          and believe in fairy tales, in elves and gods.”

          This actual confessed belief you have is worse
          than your imagined belief Americans may have.

          The Avengers audience knows they are suspending
          beliefs and not seeing an actual reality before them.
          You on the other hand accept as reality a product of
          your imagination being unable to discern the difference.

          • Once again dumb. Don’t make a fool out of you.

            Just read my comment carefully, before make such stupid remarks.
            The statistics(85%) on my comment is a fact, more…, is common knowledge.

            And it has nothing to do with the movie. But, I’ll reveal no more, because in addition of being dumb, I understand you enjoy to being one.

            • Keep telling yourself that, Sparky.
              Self-delusion requires diligence.

        • Banhammer has been applied to arrogant, pretentious ass.


          • Why am I seeing a vision of a scene from Avengers where a certain arrogant person gets owned by…..well, you know who. :-D

            • Hahaha!

          • Whosoever holds this banhammer,
            the one who is deemed most worthy,
            shall possess the power of RANT, and
            uphold his sacred oath to protect
            this realm as its gatekeeper
            to insure civility reigns.

      • lmfao @ carla-whatever. you sir win 20 internets for that one!

    • Your comment seems familiar…. Collider.com? You poor troll, Batman is for kids too, you know. I’ve seen many kids watch TDK, quit screwing yourself. AVENGERS FTW!! >:D

    • You talk awful big for an internet d-bag. Probably some little teenage turd sitting in mama’s basement after getting bullied in school. What’s the matter, the bigger kids give you a wedgie this weekend and squeezed your manhood too tight?

      • Why don’t peole understand he is just trying to make you all mad. And yelling back at him isn’t helping anything. Uf he is a nolan fan that is fine but whedon/marvel fans can be just as hostile. Like the poor girl who gave the movie a bad review and they threatend her and called her an idiot. That’s ten times worse than most things I’ve ever seen.

        • Movie fans get way to histile and that goes for whedon and nolan fans

        • Yeah, the lady that gave the first bad review was obviously doing it for spite but the responses were even worse than the review.

    • nice to call an entire country dumb. tell us, what country are you from? is it one that us dumb americans have been allowing to freeload off of us for years? did you even WATCH this movie? are you just blinded by your man-crush for all things nolan that you can’t think straight?
      titanic is one of the best films ever. all the people who went and saw it twice now certainly think so, but you are free to watch your favorite twilight movies whenever you want

      • titanic is a classic

    • @Carla_whatever,

      WOAH !!

      What just happened ??!!

      Extremists like you are the sole reason why moderate Nolan/Batman fans like me have to suffer that backlash for no fault of ours.

      I liked ‘The Avengers’ for what it was …a good fun-ride, no more…but that doesn’t mean I have to bash at it for being a non-Nolan movie.

      And what’s up with that saying that all citizens of a particular country are dumb ??!! I’m not even an American but I do have close relatives in America. I’m an Indian but I can feel the hurt.

      And why do I have to actually believe in ‘something’ to enjoy a movie about that ‘something’ ??!! That’s beyond my comprehension. Please tell me, do you even WATCH movies ???

    • @Carla_whatever,

      OK. on second thoughts, You can bash ‘The Avengers’ all the ways you want if you did not like it. LOL.

      But then that doesn’t mean that you get the rights to bash Marvel/TA fans. Because if you do that, then what’s the difference between you and those who flame DC/Nolan/Batman-fans just because they like Nolan’s work ???

  7. Hi THERE! This is just me, another dumb f…ing American saying: “Have a nice day!”

    • Hello HG,

      You are not a dumb person. My comment was not for you. Sorry if I offended you.

      • The avengers rocks it will break the £ One billion pound/ dollar mark guess will the dark knight rises equal it and the previous movie. My guess is yes me for one is going to see the movie again, first for me I never see the same movie twice in cinemas. I can’t wait for tdkr to come out but I am more marvel fan d.c but in any universe batman is awesome
        Hi I a marvel
        Hi I am batman :)

  8. *Jumps on the bandwagon*

    Avengers movie review!


  9. I flat out love the Avengers, I place it over the original Japanese Godzilla which has been my favorite film for forever.

    I was a kid again for the whole time I watched that movie – to see what I have been reading on screen like that made so well was chilling. I’m not surprise at how well it is doing, and I can say that by the end of the month this film will have hit the $1 Billion dollar mark.

    Whedon is now the most loved person at Marvel.

    As to that comment that says americans are f…ing stupid, and that compared Whedon and his work to kids stuff and Nolans to art masterpieces….Im sorry that was the most retarded thing ever. First you insult a group of people, then insult another group who likes a film or director and then say that this other director and his film are better is a weak arguement. In a debate it would be torn to shreds.

    Nolan is a great director, with his own weaknesses; the same with Whedon. But you cant compare the two films because one is about a team and is close to the comics and the other is about a single character that is semibased on the comics.

    Also yes you can compare two films based on money as those are generally markers for a country or the world about a film genre. Seeing how The Dark Knight “the God given film from Nolan” was considered the best comicbook movie ever due to how much money it made, the Avengers can be judged – like it currently is – accordingly.
    Also to talk smack back to Vic – the owner and creator of this site – is internet suicide.

  10. Epsilon_IV

    “Im sorry that was the most retarded thing ever.”

    A cliche and hyperbole all in one line. You sure taught that internet troll a lesson (facepalm)

    • I really dont care if it is or not, I’m stating my opinion on that troll.

  11. grossed $2.4 million for a $12.8 million cumulative take, while Chimpanzee scored $2.3 million for a $23 million total.

    dentist liberty

  12. Congrats to Marvel and Whedon. Big Whedon fan here, but that gross is way beyond even my expectations. Hopefully they will get him onboard for Avengers 2. Give him a bit more cinematic experience, and I can only imagine how good the next one will be.

  13. wow, good to see this film doing well, was so glad that this movie paid me back for my optimism sitting through cap which was half of a really good film and thor which just missed so many details and had such odd pacing and over use of dutch angles. makes it all worthwhile.

    i honestly don’t think a JLA movie will come together anytime soon. and if it does it won’t have the same punch that the Avengers has simply because for the general public they’ll see it as a copy of the avengers and it won’t be that “wow this is nothing we’ve ever seen before” factor that the avengers has.

    if it does come around and is really good then i’ll eat my words and be glad doing so but i just don’t see any chance of a JLA movie happening. they’d need to reboot Batman, do a Flash Movie, have Man of Steel tie in or Reboot it again, they’ll need a Martian Manhunter Movie (though they could make it work by introducing him in the JLA movie and have him be part of the process of building the JLA) Wonder Woman, AquaMan, Green Lantern Reboot or Sequal Reboot (ala G.I Joe 2)… and that’s just the minimal pre movie set up required. or they could jump straight into a JLA movie and do the build up backwards. in theory it’s a lot easier to a DCCU because warner brothers has the rights to all of DC characters, but they don’t have the drive that marvel has had to push the idea of a Cinematic Universe for their Characters.

    if they started work right now. i’d say we’d see a JLA movie in… 2017? at the earliest. if they started work on these reboots into the DCCU

    • It will probobly be easier for them just to jump right in with the JLA movie. Unlike the avengers the justice league is full of characters everyone already knows. Besides martian manhunter I think they are pretty popular. They could always do a story involving the first 3 episodes of the justice league tv show. Where martian manhunter is introduced in that way. And he could be warning the justice league of the frontal alian attack. Tho that’s pretty similar to the avengers. If there is a JL movie id love a legion of doom kind of villians preferably gorilla grodd, soloman grundy, shade and the cheetah person. (No joker please)