Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: January 2nd, 2012

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Mission Impossible 4 retains its grip on the box office Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: January 2nd, 2012

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol topped the charts again over the weekend, grossing an additional $31.2 million. The spy film now has a total of just over $134 million – just a smidgen more than Mission: Impossible 3’s final gross.

M:I4 has now become Cruise’s fifteenth $100+ grosser as a star (sixteen if you include his extended cameo in Tropic Thunder) and it again highlights his bankability; even his recent ‘flops’ Knight and Day and Valkyrie grossed $75 million and $83 million respectively.

This fourth instalment of the Mission: Impossible franchise has also been a hit abroad, where it’s grossed almost $200, giving it a total gross of over $324 million. M:I3 topped out at $398 million in 2006, and this new effort will likely surpass that.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was second with a weekend take of $22 million, upping its gross to $132 million. It’s a good number, but about $30 million behind where its predecessor was at the same point. That film went on to score over $200 million, a number that this sequel won’t hit, although it is closing in on $200 million worldwide.

The abomination that is Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked brought in $18.2 million, upping its gross to $94 million.

Spielbergs War Horse shows impressive legs Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: January 2nd, 2012

Steven Spielberg’s War Horse grossed just under $17 million and brought its total cume to a smidgen under $43 million. Good reviews (read ours), word of mouth and awards buzz mean that this is going to play long and gallop to a good final gross.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo banked $16 million for a $57 million total. The David Fincher adaptation of the international bestselling novel may just be a bit too gritty for audiences. Will that put the kibosh on the adaptation of the other two books in the series?

Cameron Crowe’s well received We Bought A Zoo is showing impressive legs, following an unspectacular debut. An additional $14 million has upped the total to over $41 million.

The Adventures of Tintin continues to find little US love. The Steven Spielberg motion-capture adventure has grossed $48 million ($12 million of that was made this weekend), but the real green has been made abroad where the film has grossed $239 million.

New Year’s Eve got the inevitable increase over New Year’s Eve, but the extra $6 million won’t help it come near Valentine’s Day’s $110 million total. So far the Gary Marshall directed romance has grossed $46 million domestically and almost $100 million worldwide.

Science Fiction film The Darkest Hour was at nine after bringing in $4.3 million, for an anemic $13 million total.

George Clooney’s The Descendants grossed $3.6 million, for a $39.6 million total, a number that will get a boost with the forthcoming awards season.


That’s it for now. See you at the movies

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  1. I feared this kind of analysis… MI4 highlights NOTHING about Tom cruise bankability. MI3 undeperformed despite being a critic’s sweetheart (and honestly I think it was overrated)the weakest score of the franchise. Why ? because it was another Cruise vehicle .At this point the audience was sick of Cruise antics and tired of the ripped off james bond vibe. Why MI4 scored ? because there was a great Imax sequence (probably the first real IMAX success) , Cruise toned down the crazy and Bird displayed for the very first time in the franchise a compelling teamwork all along. BASICALLY MI4 WORKED BECAUSE TOM CRUISE WAS MUZZLED. I’m perfectly willing to admit Cruise did his very best (stunt and good PR) but just look the box office results of the flicks that relied upon his sole shoulders and you will have a better idea of his starpower. In his great days Cruise could open something as awfully vapid as Cocktail just on his name and gives gives back 170 million on a 6 million budget. Just look at his projects now: a sequel completely reworked because he wasn’t able to carry it alone anymore , a movie loaded with music stars . Where the Oblivion SF movie he was supposed to do after MI4 has gone ? Did he back out because he knew he would have tanked definetely? or did the studio pull the plug the because they became cold feet over a tom cruise ? Too bad because that would have been a sure test. SF blockbuster is typically what costs a lot and with which mainstream audience has a hard time relating to.Basically it relies a lot on the star . That was Tom cruise in his Minority report days. That’s not Tom cruise tomkat-oprahgate. If “One hit” scores something like 200 million then he’s back in the game because that’s clearly one of those star vehicle movie. Otherwise sorry but he’s just resorting to cheap tricks like co-starring to maintain artificially his rank.

    • @ghinzdra

      I have to completely disagree with you on this.

      If anything the success if MI4 has proven Cruise’s bankability is valid. Admittedly I thought it would flop big time, considering Cruise’s recent screen failures – his tainted image as a person let alone a movie star, non 3d conversion )which is refreshing) and probable franchise fatigue from being the 4th installment. The fact that it has nearly outgrossed MI3 is almost amazing.

      Let’s think for a minute – are people really watching MI4 because of Brad Bird’s illustrious back catalouge of films? Are the supporting cast also major A-list stars?? If Jeremy Renner headlined the movie instead of Cruise – would mI4 have grossed as much as it has??.

      You mentioned Cocktail ‘s success from a $6 million budget – but that level of success was the norm back in the 80s. Movies were so much cheaper to make back then -and were always making 10 – 20 times profit on their budget. Also the power of an A-list actor was far stronger and influential in the 80s where a single name could really carry a movie. Heck even Stallone managed to make Cobra gross over something like $150 million worldwide in those days!!!

      Of couse we need to see how Cruise’s next project fares. I think the public are slowly getting over the couch jumps and scientology rants. As you’ve mentioned – prior to those events Cruise was the undisputed #1 box office actor of the noughties. It’s key to remember that it was his antics off-screen not his movies that were the cause of his declining star power. Despite this he’s still a much bigger box office actor than the likes of Clooney or Pitt who are clearly more famous for their image rather than producing big box office hits.

      • You’re using strawman argument.
        Did I say that people went to MI4 because of Bird trackrecord? or that Jeremy Renner was the biggest asset ?
        I said
        1-IMAX : MI4 had a IMAX limited release. Now limited release is a double edged sword: if for a reason or another it turns out even slightly bad then it is hard to get more screen (latest case Shame and it’s a damn pity because the movie is hard but great). But if there’s a great planning it can build up a tremendous momentum. Look at the french movie “welcome to the sticks”/bienvenue chez les chtis. It was first released only in the region the movie was about.Up to that point the image of the region was appaling and the movie turned around the image. The local obviously made an unprecedented triumph for the movie and that made people start talking. By the time the movie had a national release everyone was dying to see it. As you may know it ended up scoring the best box office result in the history of french cinema.
        Now MI4 has in my opinion the greatest IMAX sequence to date. And guess what ,look at the figures : it scored 46 millions dollars just on IMAX!!!! It’s simply the biggest IMAX success for a generic movie to date. Here’s the key.
        2- Once you got people in theather with great review and word of mouth the movie own appeal can work. And like I said I truely think it was the best in the serie so far with true team work.
        3 Sometimes it’s all about timing. MI4 had simply no competition Sherlock holmes didn’t catch on(some would say because it was plain bad), Tintin and millenium are both foreign material movie and god knows how americans LOVVVVEE that….Had MI4 gone against Pirates, Transformer&co it would have been a whole other story…There was an opportunity for a Christmas hit and MI4 took it. Why do you think studios are so psyched up about release date ?

        Bottom line : great marketing thinking, very good directing . Tom cruise was to stay low key about his private life , work his ass off on the promotion and focus the interview on the stunt . I have no doubt he will cash in on this success to rebuild his image but he’s not the reason of the success. Once again look at the figures of his previous movies, look at the kind of movie he’s starring into now.He’s rebuilding his image.

  2. Tom Cruise can still bring em in!

  3. Such a shame The Girl With The dDragon Tattoo isn’t doing too well. It’s easily the movie of the year!

  4. There are a number of films rated highly by reviewers
    which are doing surprisingly and a few appallingly
    bad at the box office despite the reviews.

    Hugo may be the most surprising disappointment.
    And Shame is the most appalling with just 2 million
    domestic and under 4 million including international.

    Shame was a film I had no intention of seeing
    and it looks like most everyone else felt likewise.

    There has been a great series of bests and worsts
    run at Screen Rant recently and a collection of
    the best reviewed that performed the worst
    would make an interesting collection.

    • Shame hasn’t been released in a lot of theatres. I don’t wanna see it either so I’m with you. And hugo is well below its budget which is sad for such a great movie

      • A limited release was a factor initially but
        Shame has been out five weeks now
        with declining revenues per screen
        which will kill a wider release.

        Hugo, you’re right. It is sad and it
        feels like it should not have happened.

    • No surprise Hugo wasn’t a box office hit. What I can’t believe is that some studio exec thought they should push Hugo as a children’s movie!!
      It is an art film with a child as the main character. It is Scorsese light for the violence factor but Scorsese heavy for the directing, cinematography and the groundbreaking 3D!
      I predict Hugo will have strong runner’s legs once the Oscars get a hold of it.

  5. Gurl with the dragon tattoo is too gritty for audiences? C’mon, people arent going because we’ve already seen a perfectly fine adaptation with the swedish films. Case closed.

    • Actually, some of my friends told me they won’t see the film b/c of the graphic material in the film. It’s not a problem for me, but I can completely understand why it would be for others. There’s a big difference in reading a book that has rape in it, and watching that on screen.

    • @Bellcurve

      I know it’s cooler to be on the “Swedish version must be better than the American version” boat, but from many accounts, the American version is actually better. I’ve seen the American one and it’s awesome. I will watch the Swedish one sometime when I get the time, but I doubt it’ll be as good as the American version to be honest… Especially in the titular role…

      • the remake inspired me to watch the original, and i loved it. however, i’m torn on which i like more. both films are very similar, but very different at the same time. but i would say that mara was more enjoyable as lisbeth salander. but both performances are different. mara has a more feminine take on her portrayal while rapace’s take is more masculine. i would call it a tie on which one i prefer.

        • @Ghost

          I personally loved Mara’s character Lisbeth in the movie. I think a masculine version of that would totally turn me off about her character and I think for me I would not enjoy it as much, but that’s just my opinion on that…

  6. Agreed ghost. Come to think of it I wouldnt watch it unless i could forward it like i did for the swedish version

  7. I saw Sherlock Holmes 2 over the weekend and enjoyed the heck out of it. ALMOST as much as the first one. I hope that we get a 3rd film out of Downey Jr and Law.

    • @Andy S

      Eh, I thought SH2 was a pretty poor movie. Too many slow motion gimmicks, and a lot of the humor this time around seem VERY forced and out of place unlike the first one where the humor just seemed to happen from their odd pairing. Also, the fight choreography was pretty bad in this one in my opinion…

      • That’s cool, Ken. Everyone has their own tastes. I’m sure there are plenty of movies that you enjoyed that other people can’t stand (if you like ANYTHING by Tarentino, then we’re opposites on that). That’s what is great about movies, there’s enough of them out there for everyone to enjoy.

        • @Andy

          Ack, I hate just about anything Tarantino makes. The only movie I sort of liked was Pulp Fiction, but even that, I think it’s HIGHLY overrated. People act like it was the best movie ever. I thought it was good the first time I saw it, but don’t have any intention to watch it again…

          About SH2, I thought the first one was alright, but just couldn’t enjoy the second. I could tell when they were doing something they thought would be funny, but it fell flat almost every time. I think I laughed like once or twice in the entire movie.

          *******SPOILER ALERT*******

          And how many times can Holmes die in one movie? I mean, seriously? They did the “OMG, he’s dead!” gag twice in one movie…

          *******END SPOILER*******

          But yah, that’s just my opinion about that movie… Trust me, I would rather have enjoyed it since movie tickets are so ridiculously expensive now…

    • @Andy S: I couldn’t agree more…

    • Agree with you on Sherlock Holmes 2, Loved it! I think a lot of people have lost the ability of just enjoying a film based on it’s own merit.

      I hope we get another one as well.

      • @JessSayin

        Nah, I think people who didn’t enjoy it have valid reasons for not liking it based on its own merit. If you liked the film, great for you, I wished I would have liked it too, but don’t act like there’s something “wrong” with those of us who didn’t enjoy it. Unless it’s actually written somewhere that your opinion is the standard by which we all need to be compared to, then I take this all back. ;-)

  8. I’m happy for MI4. Totally earned 1st place in theaters. Did anyone else notice that Tom Cruise pretty much NEVER shoots anyone in the entire movie?? Lol. Every other character does except his. But I think that’s unfortunate because he’s one of the very few actors that I feel look completely authentic while shooting firearms. He has all of the fundamentals down like stance, grip, technique, etc…


    • I agree with you 100%. Ive never seen a film of his that the role he played wasn’t believable and War of the Worlds should have had him an oscar foe sure. After seeing MI4, he deserves one note only for the acting but for the guts of his stunt work as well.


  11. How about Tintin? Being from the UK and having grown up reading the stories over and over, I had to take the kids but why do you think business has been so slow in the US, beyond the basic unfamiliarity with the characters?

    I, for one, hope they finish off the planned trilogy.

  12. @Ken J

    Based on the reviews, word of mouth and Fincher’s skills behind the camera I’d agree with you that it’s a superior film to the Swedish version. I am aware of the swedish > us version bandwagon but that was not a factor for my comment, rather as its an adaptation of the same source material, even with a better executed film in the can by Fincher, it’s still essentially the same movie (plot wise) so it may seem redundant to alot of people.
    Saw what u will about “reboots” but sometimes they can alter thing or redo them better so it still can feel “fresh” even if its familiar territory. A second faithful adaptation of the same source material dosent really have the luxury of that since it cant stray too much from the same source material. Again the execution can always be improved, cinematography, editing, acting etc. but to the general public whom base their decision to see a movie on a 2min trailer might feel it just too similar to something they’ve alaready seen in some other version.
    Example, i saw the trailer for the movie and though felt it looked amazing couldnt help but just point out the scenes that i had seen from the swedish version, “oh theres the framed plants, that torchure room, getting shot at in the woods etc.. Seen this before”.

  13. @SimonCG

    It’s not an American creation. That’s why it’s not doing as well in the US. The american superiority complex in full effect or it could simply be because its just not as well known (which is probably a more reasonable explanation lol).

    • These books are very well-known. They’re an “international success” as I keep hearing. And you’re wrong about it Americans being arrogant as a reason the film isn’t doing well. Taken wasn’t made in America, but it did VERY well at the box-office. My guess is the content of the material as I stated above. Not saying that’s the reason, but it would make alot of sense as to why peopl would avoid the film.

  14. @ghost

    Tintin or dragon? Lol im lost. For dragon yes ur correct. For tintin i do think the lack of familiarity with the character in the us is playing into the us box office results as i keep hearing its a great movie + animated so typically these type of films make a killing.

    • Dragon Tattoo lol. I really have not interest in Tintin.