Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 20th 2012

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The Avengers third weekend Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 20th 2012

The Avengers fought-off top competition to retain its strong hold at the top of the box office. The Marvel adventure should gross an estimated $55 million worth of green over the three days, a number which gives the film an amazing $457 million total.

The Avengers is now on track to become the third highest-grossing film of all time at the US box office, and it should beat fellow comic book adventure The Dark Knight in the coming weeks (that film topped out at $533 million). The $220 million Shawarma advert probably won’t beat Titanic ($658 million) or Avatar ($760 million), but it should end its run in the company of those James Cameron films. On a worldwide level, Avengers has become Disney’s highest-grossing film ever, and it will likely beat Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’s $1.2 billion global cume. Again, it shouldn’t bother the final grosses of Titanic ($2.1 billion) or Avatar $2.7 billion).

Battleship (read our review) opened in second place with a flaccid $25 million. It’s a disappointing number for the $209 million Peter Berg film, and the second big-budget flop for star Taylor Kitsch. His last film, John Carter (priced at $250 million), opened to $30 million and grossed just $72 million domestically – $272 million globally. That’s not a good figure when you consider that the advertising budget was in the region of $150 million, and that the studio only sees about half of that gross number. Battleship has already sailed away with over $215 million from its international markets, although it might struggle to reach John Carter’s domestic earnings.

The Dictator opens in third place Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 20th 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest comedy The Dictator (read our  review) should greet Monday morning with a weekend take of $17 million (giving it a $24 million total). The opening weekend gross is down from his last film, Brüno, which grossed $30 million on its way to a final number of $60 million – its also lower than that of Borat, which debuted to $26 million, but topped out at over $128 million.

Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows dropped 57%, bringing in an additional $12.7 million, raising its cume to a lackluster $50.9 million. The $150 million Gothic comedy has grossed over $100 million globally.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (read our review) had a difficult birth, debuting to just $10.5 million. This is a disappointing number when you consider that the comedy combines the star-wattage of Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.

What to Expect When Youre Expecting movie 2012 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 20th 2012

British comedy The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel banked another $3.2 million and raised its cume to $8.2 million. This US release is just a formality, as the film has already garnered more than $75 million elsewhere in the world.

The Hunger Games continues to inch towards $400 million. Another $3 million sees the film bring its domestic total to $391 million, giving it almost $640 million worldwide.

Think Like A Man scored $2.7 million for a grand total of just under $86 million, while The Lucky One banked about $1 million less for a $56 million cume.

The top ten was rounded out by The Pirates! Band of Misfits. The animated adventure should score $1.4 million for a total haul of $25.3 million, which gives it a total worldwide gross of $100 million.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Box Office Mojo


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  1. cant say i am surprised about the avengers

  2. I think all other movies are suffering because of The Avengers. Heck, maybe some of these movies might see an INCREASE next week due to viewers who only didn’t see those movies this weekend because they planned on seeing The Avengers this weekend, lol.

  3. Step aside losers…Avengers coming thru! I couldn’t help myself. Sorry.

  4. Looks like the Avengers fans assembled yet again….

  5. I’d have thought Avengers would have done a bit better (nearing the 65mil mark), but I guess 55mil is still a very good number for it’s third week in the US.

    As for Battleship, being released so close to The Avengers really wasn’t a good idea, but I’m sure it’s box office gross will pick up: the people that won’t be seeing MIB3 next week will probably go see Battleship.
    I do feel bad for Taylor Kitsch though… the poor guy just can’t catch a break… ;)

    • Avengers would have no doubt dethroned avatar had it released in a less competitive part of the year like avatar AND titanic did.

      i am confident it would’ve made 65 million domestically this week had battleship and the other movies not taken away some of the viewers.

    • “I do feel bad for Taylor Kitsch though… the poor guy just can’t catch a break…”

      Bwahahaha That’s what I said! I think Carter was supposed to be his big break, it sure as hell was being advertised as such. Battleship definitely hasn’t helped neither. So now he has 2 major big budget movies that underperformed(Critically/Financially) under his belt. Lots of actors do but unfortunately for Kitsch they happened far to close to each other…

  6. It will be interesting to see Avengers’ 4th weekend take especially in the wake of MIB 3 (another uneccessary sequel)

    I now think Avengers will end up with around $570 million in the US and $1.5 billion overall. We all thought it would be massive , but it is now becoming a phenomenon, at the very least the 2nd biggest film of 2012.

    • Whats the 1st?

      • @lastdragon

        Despite Avengers’ massive gross – I still think that The Hobbit will be the no1 event of the year

        • As much as I would love to see the Hobbit rake in the dough, I don’t think that will happen. The Lord of the Rings stars like Viggo and company will seemingly only have cameos, and I don’t think people are going to come to the theaters in droves in order to see a Hobbit hang out with some Dwarves.

          The second movie MAY bring more people though, especially if they do a good job on Smaug.

        • As big of a fan I am of Tolkien, Peter Jackson, LOTR, The Hobbit, et al., I really don’t think The Hobbit will beat Avengers out. It is SMASHING records worldwide, and I really think will continue to do so. The highest grossing Lord of the Rings, which was Return of the King, still only made (according to wiki) $1,119,929,521 worldwide over its entire run. Avengers has already smashed that with $1,180,378,000, and it’s been out for less than a month worldwide. I just don’t know that The Hobbit has the market to break those records.

          • ROTK made that money in 2003, so if it holds the same audience it a lot more when you factor in inflation. Also its gonna be in 3D which plays huge overseas.

            • The one thing the Hobbit guys need to do: advertise and advertise well. But I do think Part Two will do great, mostly because it will truly be the end of that particular franchise. (Sadly.)

  7. Titanic is about a movie where a boat sinks… No surprise there. What is a surprise, is that it made over two billion dollars.

    Avengers has some shock value. So does Avatar. Some twists and turns, Titanic was dumb, and how it became a highly grossing movie is beyond me.

    Avengers and Avatar should both have more then Titanic.

    Some of you might say, “But, BBJ, the ending of titanic has Leo die and is unexpected” And I say, “When the Titanic sunk, people died. Not a surprise.” I saw the movie, and the ONLY reason I cried was because I knew some of my brain cells were dead and never growing back.

    Keep in mind, that when I dis Titanic, Im dissing the story/why it made tons of money. The special and visual effects were good (at least at the time).

    BTW, I am not Trolling for the sake of trolling, I REALLY feel this way, if you agree or not, it wont change my opinion.

    • Titanic made as much as it did cause it was number 1 at the box office for 15 straight weeks. The reason being it’s universal appeal, and especially attracting many female veiwers. You may not like the film but many, many people did. Enough to see it multiple times and earn that much money without 3D or Imax ticket prices.

      • I’ve never seen Titanic, nor will I ever see that movie. I can’t stand Leonardo DiCaprio.

        • Leonardo DiCaprio is a fantastic actor IMO – his performances in ‘Inception’ and ‘Shutter Island’ were amazing.

      • Titanic has been re-released twice, once in 3-D, that’s why it has grossed as much as it did.

        Avatar also had two theater releases, hence it’s massive gross.

        If Avengers has a second run in theaters I think it will catch up to Avatar. Probably not Titanic,but I don’t think it has much to do about audience appeal as it does theater time. Movies today don’t spend as much time in theaters as they did back then, nowadays there’s a rush to get to Blu-ray or Dvd. Movies might get a 3 months theater run before they are taken out. Probably not even that long.

        Avengers is scheduled for home release in September, that’s only 4months from now, and it’s only been out(in the US) for 3 weeks. How much longer does it have in theaters, a month,maybe. As opposed to 15 years ago when movies played in the theaters for 5 months. Home release was 5 or 6 months after that.

        Titanic’s box office take isn’t as shocking when you think about it having 10 months or more theater run. As long as it’s on screen people will come see it.

        That does make Avatar’s take more impressive, considering it’s theater run wasn’t nearly as long as Titanic. Though having been released twice, it had twice the screen time as Avengers.

        • Avatar made more than Titanic. Your logic is a little off.

          • globally titanic made more.

            • Sorry your right my dislexia kicked in for a minute, but the point still stands. Avatar and Titanic both had multiple releases where as Avengers is on it’s first run.

        • This is just wrong. Just because its in theater does not mean people will continually see it cause nothing else is out. Titanic was in theaters that long because people were still coming out to see it. It has what they call “legs”. Theaters do not pull movies if they are still making money they’ll keep it on there for years if it keeps bring it in.

          You could leave Avengers on the screen until December on the same number of screens but that doesn’t mean it’ll make a billion dollars domestically.

          Titanic made its initial $600 million by the slow and steady pace while The Avengers just went for the bang out of the gate which is what essentially all movies do unless you’re Titanic or Avatar.

      • I refused to watch Titanic for a long while, simply because I didn’t buy the hype and I didn’t like Leonardo DiCaprio (he was the antithesis of everything I wanted to see in a male movie star).

        I eventually grew up a little, finally gave the movie a chance, and I understand why it made so much money. It is a very memorable movie experience, and very wonderfully done. It’s like something out of a dream, and you almost feel like you are there on that ship when everything starts to go to hell.

        I think a lot of people just really liked that.

        • I respect that and agree in principle Phil. Still, I take some kind of rebellious joy in being able to say I’ve never seen Titanic OR Avatar. (I have seen Avengers…mmmmm….. Four times now :-). )

          • I didn’t see either one at the theaters, but I did watch Avatar as soon as it came out on DVD. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, heh.

        • How do you figure that? They already have the blu-ray home release date, it’s time in theaters is almost over. Even if it makes $50 mil a week from here on out it will still get pulled from theaters in another month. Those numbers will guarantee another theater run later on, but this run will end simply because the competition will be to heavy to sustain it. When the big summer movie season is over they may re-release it for another 3month run early next year, but they already have this one scheduled out.

          • Sorry that was supposed to go to Liam

    • this is why titanic made 2 billion+
      *universal appeal – just like the avengers
      *lack of competition – UNLIKE the avengers
      *re-released – at this point is unlike the avengers (it crossed 2 billion AFTER the re-release – Avatar also made more after its own re-release)

      so that is why titanic is 2 billion+
      and avengers will likely be 1.5 billion+

      although with the success its had i wouldn’t be surprised if its re-released sometime this year or the next to be able to cross 2 billion.

      • You also missed quintessential chick flick. I know that when it was released women were going to see it more than most guys have seen Avengers.

        • One of the reasons the Avengers is making so much money too – Marvel Studios did a excellent job of selling the characters Iron Man, Thor (and Loki), and Captain America to female viewers it seems. RDJr, Hemsworth, Hiddleston and Evans are all chick magnets.

          Makes me wish I was a superhero. XD

          • Throw in a smoking hot Scarlett Johannsson in a black skin tight costume to more than satisfy the male viewers and we have another reason amongst many for Avengers’ success

      • Avatar and Titanic both broke the records on their FIRST theatrical runs. Their rereleases didn’t do much to yheir already huge numbers. Maybe a couple million at the most on their second runs. So the rerelease side doesn’t really fit.

        • Titanic sat at number 1 for a few weeks during it’s recent 3-D re-release, it did better than “a couple million”.

          • Actually, it opened at #3 first weekend of rerelease and earned 57 mil during its second run. Regardless, it held the highest grossing film 12 years before Avatar on its initial tun.

    • You’re completely right! your brain cells are dead :)
      Seriously, so just because you know how it will end the movie doesn’t have any value? that’s the worse argument I’ve heard in a while. I’m not very big on Titanic but with arguments like that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a movie more than once and movies like Gilliam’s 12 monkeys or American Beauty shouldn’t even exist.

  8. You missed the point of Titanic. I wasnt about Leo. It was just the thought of the real boat because it really happpened. The make up love story does not compare to the band that contined playing, or the man holding his wife in bed because they knew the end was near.

  9. Titanic was rereleased, so avengers still has a shot at beating titanic on a first run level. if avengers somehow manages 602 milion that would place among number 2 on all time list behind avatar and that is monumental achievement. ladies and gentle its a guarantee that the darknight nor spiderman will beat avenger as number film of the year….

  10. We also have to remember that Titanic was first released at a time when there was little competition. Had it been released in the summer of 1997 alongside Lost World and Men In Black – then it may have been a different story.

    Ticket prices in 1997 were also a lot cheaper. Internet coverage, downloading and piracy at a much intense level now that what they were back then.

    • Yeah if I remember Titanic benefited from being released in December but it really broke out during January and February when there’s not much else out. Well there is but it’s usually a time for studios to dump out the clunkers.
      Also just like The Avengers it became an event and cultural phenomenon. Everyone seemed to be going to see it and teens flocked to it repeatedly.

      • Any teenaged boy with a girlfriend had to see it. I know I did. :)

  11. harry’s worldwide is 1.3 billion, not 1.2

  12. American general movie goers did what international general movie goers failed to do. THEY SHUNK Peter Berg’s BATTLESHIP! There is still hope for the general american movie goers yet.

  13. Yeah taylor has not caught a break this year but i think both john carter and battleship were pretty decent films. spiderman looks good but another origin story wont beat avengers, marvel was smart in establishing the origins in their own movies one time which is enough.
    darknight is relying too much on the audience having the curiosity to see if nolans final batman film will kill of bruce wayne. but they blew it with banes silly voice and casting a nerd as catwoman.

    • Wait and see.

    • Well he casted a gay cowboy as The Joker so he deserves a little faith.

    • ha ha ha nerd cateoman xD XD XD so true

  14. Imo, Titanic & Avatar’s re-release’s shouldn’t be added to their first theatrical run. They should be seperate. Im little surprised Avengers has done as great as it has. But the movie speaks for itself. Best CBM ive seen yet.

  15. I finally saw John Carter last night. Its not bad at all. A very good movie. This site’s review is the main reason I didnt see it. While I usually find the reviews on this site to be accurate I think you guys came down to hard on this one. This movie was well worth the price of admission.

  16. Battleship really was a pretty good film. id see it again

  17. Battleship was a flawed fiven for summer fare. But it was still ok, and the audience seemed to enjoy it. But for an opening weekend, the theatre was not filled by any means. That was an indicator. Today’s movies are soooo costly, they need to hyper-perform just to make their money back, let alone show a profit.

    • That was supposed to read …flawed film even for summer fare.

    • @Lisa

      I agree, it had plenty “wrong” with it if you’re going to be critical about those things, but for me, it was a very fun movie, it was loud, proud, and had plenty of “hoorah” moments that just made it fun to watch in a good auditorium with a booming sound system… A great soundtrack absolutely helped it too.

  18. 3D is just cheating, it’s twice the money per viewer. Freaking unfair that’s what it is…

    • @Pencil

      I know everyone is just eager to jump on the anti-3D bandwagon, but the fact is, the movie studio has to invest more money to make a movie in 3D. Either filming it in 3D or post-converted, both costs more. Movie studios don’t spend money on movies because they love to see smiling faces in the theaters, they are investing money in hopes for a return. They are risking more money by investing in 3D, the way they try to make sure they make that money back is by charging more at the box office. It’s just simple economics… And I don’t know about where you are, but where I live 3D movies are only a few dollars more than the regular movies…

      • Well said.