Showtime To Kill ‘Weeds’ After Season 7?

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weedsseason7final Showtime To Kill Weeds After Season 7?

For over six years, viewers have been tuning into Showtime’s drug-inspired dramedy Weeds. Each season, audiences have become a proverbial family member to the Botwin’s and with it, witnessed all the crazy, impossible situations that Nancy gets herself (and her family) in. Unfortunately, even though Showtime has already renewed the series for a seventh season next year, it will most likely be its last.

This, according to Weeds creator Jenji Kohan:

In my mind, it is [the last season]. Everyone’s contract is up next year, [including] the actors and mine. Seven years is a good run, and I’d rather leave while on top. I’d never say never, but I have a feeling this might be it.

For Showtime, Weeds has been a staple for the cable network over the years. While the first season ratings for the series were well below what other networks strive for (averaging 380,000 viewers per episode), Weeds ended it’s freshman year as the highest rated series for Showtime. With each subsequent season, the series continued to gain viewers and ultimately reach 1.3 million viewers for its fourth season premiere.

In television, the end of a series can come about in many ways. While cancelation is the most typical result, series that have been on the air for many years and proved successful typically wait for the right moment before exiting. In many cases, contracts ending are perceived as that moment.

Fortunately, with the knowledge of the upcoming completion of a series, the writers and producers are able to steer the story into a more natural situation in order to ultimately fulfill the creators vision for the show. Considering Kohan has stuck around with Weeds through the entire run, you can bet that she has something planned for the end of Weeds.

There are two versions of the end of the series that I’ve had in mind, and it would be figuring out which way to go.

weedsnancy Showtime To Kill Weeds After Season 7?

As fans of the series can attest, Nancy Botwin has inserted herself in some of the most horrific, life-threatening situations and has always came out on top. So, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that one of the endings Kohan has in mind results in the death of Nancy. As Kohan said, she would go out “in a blaze of glory” because “she certainly does tempt fate, and fate has a way of catching up to you.”

The only question now is… which one of Nancy’s many, many rivals will bring upon the end of the Botwin matriarch.


Weeds airs Mondays @10pm, on Showtime

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  1. i still think the beginning of this season was really weak (i know she was in jail for 3 years, but in general at the beginning almost ALL of the characters seemed unnaturally developed and even w/ having been locked up, i did not find nancy’s character believable). HOWEVER, i must admit that it seems to be showing some real promise at this point in the season. i am hoping for a nice turnaround! however, i personally think any series should end before it gets stale, so i think if they can just end season 7 well it would be plenty for me.

  2. Weeds is one of the best shows Ive seen in a long time. But another 13 to 15 episodes AFTER Season 7…I dont know. They can round it up nicely with the last 5 episodes and leave it alone. Good run, I would hate to see it tank before they pull the plug, defeat the whole purpose of a good show. Everything dies someday, let the memories be good ones.

  3. This season doesn’t make sense, at all… The story is going nowhere, old characters are gone and new boring characters are in … loved weeds, loved nancy… Now it just sucks nothing more nothing less

    • Im with ya! Doug Wilson Owns, best character ever!

  4. Yeah, this season is definitely not doing it for me.

    It’s becoming increasingly unrealistic and unbelievable.

    The only thing the show is good for is filling up time while waiting for breaking bad.

    • this season has been really terible and can barely keep my interest. I use to love weeds and nows its bad time to end it quick

    • LOL, I hear ya

  5. I used to love this show and respected Nancy for trying so hard to provide for her family eventhough I didn’t agree with how she went about doing so. Now the show has become unbelievable and Nancy is totally disgusting as a mother and human being. She sleeps with anything that moves and has totally destroyed her family. The show is so hard to watch. Please cancel it already.

    • Stop watching it then.

  6. From what i have seen soo far (lil behind on aussie tv) i like season 7 better then what i ever liked season 6 its finally starting to get back to the realness of this show which i loved for the first 5 seasons… It would be upsetting too see it get cannned just as they get it back on track… XD

  7. Look at Frasier. One of the best all-time shows on TV.
    Always a good show. Didn’t get GREAT until season 8,9,10.

    • I completely agree! I am so wound up in this series, and might even be a little upset if they cancel (not that it would change anything!) lol! I certainly am hoping for the next few seasons! :-)

  8. I have been a huge fan of Weeds for years now, and I have to say that I stopped loving it in Season 5, grew apart from it in Season 6, and this season is just wretched. Nancy has grown to be a character I despise. She has become a reckless and condescending whore instead of the ballsy maternal character she once was. Even though I like what they have done with Shane, Andy is still a jerk, and Silas is whiny now. Michelle Trachtenberg is lovely eye candy, but does nothing to contribute to the show’s greatness. The series should have died two seasons ago, because it has become a faint shadow of what it was.

    • However.. I like weeds. I love Nancy.. It was a lot of fun watching season 7! Great show! I hope they extend it! I also very like the music in show..

  9. Simply put, awful. Downhill since season 2. I am really sorry for that as I wanted to love it. It is just a farce of a once great premise. You lost me since little boxes went into flames. The show went into flames then too. I give up waiting on an outcome. Too much filler with no substance.

  10. I have to agree that this season had to be the worst storyline ever. I was so happy to hear old characters from the 1st few seasons were comming back into the storyline, but what a waste of something that could have been amazing…. Why is it not funny anymore? I still hope for another season, just nothing like the crap they made this year!

  11. I think it has been a great show, but has run its course. I agree that Nancy has turned into a manipulative b….. and does not care about anyone but herself–she turns me off now and the show has gotten silly. Time to go.

  12. After that ending we better get a season 8!

    • omg, howrite you are what a shocking ending! Does any one no 4 sure wether or not there will be a season 8 or not?

  13. Last thing said was that VP of shotime says he’s optimistic. that was early august. show has not been officially picked up for season 8… I really hope there is a season 8! any ideas on who the shooter is?

  14. I did not like the “ending”. if it is the ending we will never know who shot Nancy Botwin. Loved Weeds. Hope there will be more.

  15. What the heck just happened at the end????? There better be one more season!!!!

  16. I’m gonna b pist if there is no season 8. if this is the last season y wld they leave so many unanswered questions? like wth is Shane doing & WHO THE HELL SHOT NANCY?

  17. This season has sucked, hoping for a season 8 so they can turn it around.

  18. I would like for season 8 to establish some normalcy as a mother for Nancy and show that she is a great person.. seriously… make it more about the children and andy.

  19. Such a thrilling finale. Looking forward to season 8…
    Weeds 7 Finale

  20. Bring it back!!!

  21. I will miss Weeds so much..
    great show!

    • I have no idea where this last season went?? it was alright i guess,only
      cause i love the show weeds,but the worst thus far!!
      the ending was crap, wanted to know what shane had to offer the detective,
      and if there was even a gun shot at the end of the last episode!!! ?????
      i hope there is a season 8… there’s got to be! ????RIGHT???

  22. That ending really stolen from sopranos….. Eating… Shooting…. hmmm and me thinks it must have been her lover for the season the guy that the rape quads said went to jail… it was his sister that she disposed of and F_______ed. I think it wil be picked up for its last season. but very uncreative ending.. I know jenji said there was no where else to take it but man don’t steal from the sopranos. if you need help i will write its last season LOL

  23. what happend to doug? is nacy alright? will sylis stay on top with his new grow room? does shane become a cop? is andy a new dad? TOO MANY QUESTIONS TO END IT HERE… I NEED AN 8TH SEASON!!!