Showtime To Kill ‘Weeds’ After Season 7?

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weedsseason7final Showtime To Kill Weeds After Season 7?

For over six years, viewers have been tuning into Showtime’s drug-inspired dramedy Weeds. Each season, audiences have become a proverbial family member to the Botwin’s and with it, witnessed all the crazy, impossible situations that Nancy gets herself (and her family) in. Unfortunately, even though Showtime has already renewed the series for a seventh season next year, it will most likely be its last.

This, according to Weeds creator Jenji Kohan:

In my mind, it is [the last season]. Everyone’s contract is up next year, [including] the actors and mine. Seven years is a good run, and I’d rather leave while on top. I’d never say never, but I have a feeling this might be it.

For Showtime, Weeds has been a staple for the cable network over the years. While the first season ratings for the series were well below what other networks strive for (averaging 380,000 viewers per episode), Weeds ended it’s freshman year as the highest rated series for Showtime. With each subsequent season, the series continued to gain viewers and ultimately reach 1.3 million viewers for its fourth season premiere.

In television, the end of a series can come about in many ways. While cancelation is the most typical result, series that have been on the air for many years and proved successful typically wait for the right moment before exiting. In many cases, contracts ending are perceived as that moment.

Fortunately, with the knowledge of the upcoming completion of a series, the writers and producers are able to steer the story into a more natural situation in order to ultimately fulfill the creators vision for the show. Considering Kohan has stuck around with Weeds through the entire run, you can bet that she has something planned for the end of Weeds.

There are two versions of the end of the series that I’ve had in mind, and it would be figuring out which way to go.

weedsnancy Showtime To Kill Weeds After Season 7?

As fans of the series can attest, Nancy Botwin has inserted herself in some of the most horrific, life-threatening situations and has always came out on top. So, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that one of the endings Kohan has in mind results in the death of Nancy. As Kohan said, she would go out “in a blaze of glory” because “she certainly does tempt fate, and fate has a way of catching up to you.”

The only question now is… which one of Nancy’s many, many rivals will bring upon the end of the Botwin matriarch.


Weeds airs Mondays @10pm, on Showtime

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  2. okayy so i think this show should def go on.. i love it so much. this is probably the one thing that keeps me sane.. i know it sounds crazy with everything that happens in weeds but its just great i love it.. i have got all my friends addicted too it we actually have one time a month if not two are three times a month were we hangout and watch all the season.. and when i read this i called and told them that season 7 was going to probably be the last, they were just as upset as i was.. so please keep weeds going i beg you..

  3. Like a horse with a broken leg, please put this show out of it’s misery. Anyone saying this is show is still good probably didn’t watch the first 2 seasons. Nancy Botwin’s character is no longer charming. I hope they kill her off so the rest of her family can lead their own lives rather than having to spend it catering to her and fixing her problems.

  4. I was so against this show because I knew it was about a drug dealing mom.. Sounded awful to someone who has never used drugs right? So anyway, out of shear boredom one day I watched one episode.. In that one episode I became totally hooked. This show is great and I have watched every single episode and can’t wait for more. The characters are so lovable. It’s never boring. The theme song… Original one that is.. Was so amazingly well done. It sum up how I feel about life. It’s smart tv and like nothing else I’ve seen. I really do hope that they go past 7 seasons… And please don’t ever kill off Nancy. And if you do, please let it be a fake death.. Trailing off to her sipping margaritas on the beach with her family. I love this show.. We need more than 7 seasons… Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Don’t do this!

    I still have problems since they stop making 24.. I am in love with Mary Lynn.. Don’t make me insane so KEEP WEEDS UNTIL SEASON 10 :=)

    Nancy is hawt :=) really hawt!

  6. Please, please, don’t get rid of weeds. This is the one thing I look forward to watching. I lready own all the seasons. can’t wait for more. And if you do have to go, just dont kill off nancy. she must live on.

  7. This is probably the best show on television, and the ONLY ONE I put my school work away for (I am a graduate student). I watched 10 minutes of the first episode after it had already been on the air for two seasons and was IMMEDIATELY hooked.

    PLEASE, DON’T KILL WEEDS. With all of the crazy adventures Nancy and family have been through and she comes out on top, I believe in the creator to come up with more.

  8. No other shows like this one. Hopefully they will renew their contracts but who knows, at least we get another season of this absolutely amazing comedy drama.

  9. This is a best of all-time show, i would love to keep it going forever. Truth is, not gonna happen. And if its a character exchange due to contraxts, im totally ready for the best show ever to go out with a bang with somehow having all the main characters together. Dont let us down, this chicks been asking for it… andy will run n hide,bet

  10. Please Kill off Nancy! She is so annoying.

  11. Please do NOT end this show! It is one of the best I’ve ever seen and there is so much more that can be done. At least for another couple of years.

  12. I absolutely love Weeds, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t really like Season 6 and this season (7) is terrible so far. I’m actually finding it quite difficult to watch.

    It’s become predictable and boring..

    As much as I love Weeds, they should have ended it already.

    It’s a bit too late to leave it on a high now because it went downhill ages ago.

    Doug Wilson should have his own spin-off show! ;)

    • It’s becoming very hard to watch the silliness which the writers are coming up with, and Nancey’s character is becoming very unpleasant. I admired her in the earlier seasons for doing whatever it took to make money to take care of her family, but now she is acting like an obnoxious;selfish addict.
      If the main character becomes unlikable, then the show is over.

      • I totally agree with you! I became a fan of the show because of Nancy’s thrilling personality but now she has involved into an adrenaline junkie that ruined her whole family. I wouldn’t be upset if this was the last season.

    • I miss the drama…. Helia, Conrad, etc…. U-turn was a good character & so was guillermo!!! What happened?

  13. I don’t understand everyone begging for a show to keep going that has obviously played itself way out!

    I know this may upset some but I just finished watching episode 3 of season 7 and there isn’t a single likable character left on the show! I have loved the show for the first 3 season… the 4th meh… really didn’t like the Esteban story line and this last season… seriously? Dryfuss was the only redeeming character of the season!

    So far… well let’s just say that Nancy not in full control… just doesn’t work for me! Silas is a full blown petty creep! The sister… OMG! I’ve NEVER liked her but now…

    Ya, they need to end the show, hopefully on a “high” note! Lol this idea that messing with fate will cause it to catch up to you… ummmm isn’t that what the last “three” years were supposed to be about? What is living in a half way house supposed to be if not fate catching up to you?

    They need to repair some of the damage they’ve done to these characters… if Silas is going to be a dick then he needs to be one and not just take out his venom on mother while being all whiney with the rest of the world… Andy needs to either make a move or get over his infatuation… Nancy needs to get pissed at Shane for doing his time for him.. and a full on hair pulling cat fight between the sisters would be great!

    A suggested ending… have Shane finally get “right”… Silas realizes he’s actually gay… Andy and Nancy get married and move back to Aggrestic with lil Stevie to “start” over again ;-). Once settled in they’re sitting down for dinner when the doorbell rings… Nancy opens the door and who should be standing there? Who would be able to put that scheming smile on Nancy’s face that we see as the camera closes in on the twinkle in her eye? I’ve got a couple of ideas that would be a fun blast from the past ending… leaving people to use their imaginations to forward the story for themselves but that would leave the series ending with the same twisty humor the show was once known for… just my two cents of course but either they need to bring the Botwin clan out of the dregs of the lowest life can drag you to or put them out of their misery once and for all… anything else would just be cruel and unusual punishment for a family that has brought many of us some joy!

    • You’re way wrong on Silas man. He’s been screwed over by his mommy at every turn. So i like that he’s not going to put up with any more of her crap.

  14. the writing sucks so bad now. it’s all cheap gimmicks and shock value and the substance is gone. i LOVED the first few seasons and even liked season 6 (if to a lesser extent), but the way the characters have evolved doesn’t seem natural to me. it’s sad bc it was a show with awesome writing when it started, but something has gone downhill majorly, beginning in the last season :( …i dunno, maybe too much hype causing anxiety and pressure for the writers? weak. i will probably finish out this season but there would have to monumental changes in the way the show is written for me to dig it like i dig for the first few seasons.

    • i wanted to make an addendum to my last post because although MOST of the characters have not seemed to evolve naturally, i should mention that i think andy’s character has actually blossomed well. at this point, he is definitely the character that seems the most real and natural to me.

  15. I liked all of the seasons and would love to see additional seasons. I will admit the 6th season had many curves that I was not fond of. I wish those who did not like some of the seasons, would just not watch it, instead of all of the complaining about it.

  16. I have fallen in love with the series .. and yes, Nancy has had a way of fumbling her way through some of the most ridiculously far fetched situations anyone could imagine, but that’s why we love her! She has a way of dealing with everything in a way that seems realistic even in the most unrealistic chain of events.. and the fact that the show is going “back to its “Roots” so to speak.. is making me very happy. I will admit, I was st first a little confused about the start of the seventh season.. and not happy with the change in enviroment.. But seeing her show up on that front door with Silas at the end of episode 5 for this season only hooked me once more.. I cant wait to see more. I don’t want it to end .. it’s like Sex and the City, but with WEEDS :)

  17. This should be the last season all my respect for Nancy has disappeared, I mean really smuggling firearms/grenades with no hesitation??? While she’s fresh out of jail? This show is over.

  18. No jenji, you just can’t stop the show!… what will I do? ,I watch it everyday

  19. season 7 is AWFUL… it’s making me really hate nancy.

  20. Season 7 simply sucks. I hate all the characters now (except Andy). Silas is a total tool, Shane is not really at all likable and Nancy is a horrible mother and deplorable. The worst part is I almost hate the main character. Nancy is a low life now. The worst ever character is Heylia. Her acting is so over the top annoying. As you can see I think I’m about over Weeds at this point.

  21. I think when they end it nancy should wake up in aggrestic with her husband jonah and from a terrible dream like in the wizard of oz where everyone from the show is in the room standing around her in the hospital where shes been in a coma from smoking the weed and wrecking her car.

  22. I still miss Celia, I have hung in for 7 seasons I will watch it to the end but it seems like it’s too much effort lately. I really think Nancy’s pot dealing days are over! She’s got to get out of the half way house, get a proper job, get the baby back, pay rent and more importantly man up her sons! If thats too hard maybe Nancy with Andy should do a hostile take over of Heylias pot farm, and the whole family can become pot smoking, ferral hippies and live happily ever after away from main stream society!

  23. I’m also in agreement that season 6 sucked. I found the majority of it boring. So far, I’m really enjoying season 7 and would hate to see the series end.

  24. This series needs to end. It started going downhill with season 6. I don’t like Nancy anymore. Rather than being a ‘go-getter’and ‘survivor’ she is now just an opportunist and manipulator. From season 6 I’ve just been seeing her as trashy (particularly the unprotected sex with men, which doesn’t make any sense or add anything to the plot). I used to love this character. Her flaws made her engaging- now her flaws are just flaws. I agree with Theo. I don’t think a series can survive if the main character is unlikable. The only episode I liked was the one with Heylia (though this character is over the top). It reminded me of the days when Weeds was good.

  25. all of you guys are absolutly nuts, this show could go on forever and people will always love it no matter what! you have to remember people are different now expecially nancy because it is three years later, and she was in jail! How different were you three years ago? I think the writters did a great job with the three year transition and this show will succeed no matter how many more seasons it goes.