Showtime To Kill ‘Weeds’ After Season 7?

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weedsseason7final Showtime To Kill Weeds After Season 7?

For over six years, viewers have been tuning into Showtime’s drug-inspired dramedy Weeds. Each season, audiences have become a proverbial family member to the Botwin’s and with it, witnessed all the crazy, impossible situations that Nancy gets herself (and her family) in. Unfortunately, even though Showtime has already renewed the series for a seventh season next year, it will most likely be its last.

This, according to Weeds creator Jenji Kohan:

In my mind, it is [the last season]. Everyone’s contract is up next year, [including] the actors and mine. Seven years is a good run, and I’d rather leave while on top. I’d never say never, but I have a feeling this might be it.

For Showtime, Weeds has been a staple for the cable network over the years. While the first season ratings for the series were well below what other networks strive for (averaging 380,000 viewers per episode), Weeds ended it’s freshman year as the highest rated series for Showtime. With each subsequent season, the series continued to gain viewers and ultimately reach 1.3 million viewers for its fourth season premiere.

In television, the end of a series can come about in many ways. While cancelation is the most typical result, series that have been on the air for many years and proved successful typically wait for the right moment before exiting. In many cases, contracts ending are perceived as that moment.

Fortunately, with the knowledge of the upcoming completion of a series, the writers and producers are able to steer the story into a more natural situation in order to ultimately fulfill the creators vision for the show. Considering Kohan has stuck around with Weeds through the entire run, you can bet that she has something planned for the end of Weeds.

There are two versions of the end of the series that I’ve had in mind, and it would be figuring out which way to go.

weedsnancy Showtime To Kill Weeds After Season 7?

As fans of the series can attest, Nancy Botwin has inserted herself in some of the most horrific, life-threatening situations and has always came out on top. So, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that one of the endings Kohan has in mind results in the death of Nancy. As Kohan said, she would go out “in a blaze of glory” because “she certainly does tempt fate, and fate has a way of catching up to you.”

The only question now is… which one of Nancy’s many, many rivals will bring upon the end of the Botwin matriarch.

Weeds airs Mondays @10pm, on Showtime

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  1. I will never understand actors quitting successful tv shows. You get critical praise, steady work, and a nice paycheck. You definitely wouldn’t see me quitting a show like weeds

    • like they said, its better to go out on top.. as good as the show is now, the first seasons were better in my opinion and this seems like the perfect season to wrap up her story. Nancy has been through so much crap already its hard to see how they could continue to top it season after season. I am excited to hear that she may go out with a bang and i hope they wrap up all the loose ends… can’t wait for season 7!! 😀

  2. I think it’s time. Go out on top!

    • Here here Longshanks! Spot on.

  3. wat ????????????if they end weeds after season 7 then what is next there has to be another programlined up for us tokers lol wat else can we watch while we relax come on give us another show 2 load our bongs with and have a head trip maybe a more informative show on legalization and more about this countries growing marijuana industry

    • That has to be the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen. :)

      • You’ve clearly never read (or flipped through) Ulysses, then.

  4. more growing less drama lol

  5. let me know what you tihnk showtime should do next any ideas

  6. I actually thought the first 3 seasons were a blatant rip-off of desperate housewives, except with weed. Even the little town, wisteria lane? agrestic?

    the most recent seasons of Nancy and the smuggle tunnel, Shane becoming a sociopath, then the tijuana mafia and now on the lamb. These recent seasons, in my opinion, are more original and dynamic.

    The butter eating contest was disgusting but very memorable.

      • Once again, Longshanks you are correct sir!

  7. I am glad they will be going out on top. As much as I like the show, it is in a decline. It was great all the way up to them leaving home. It has had it’s moments. I agree Pitt Man, the Butter eating contest was awesome. I am really sad that Celia is not in the show anymore and I thought that Kevin Nealon’s part was just kinda forced in there.

    • yeah, Nealon is certainly squeezed in. They should at least give him a purpose, not waste him. Nealon can be very funny when utilized properly.

  8. Let’s face it: Weeds will hardly be ‘going out on top’. The show’s first season was easily its strongest. Recently it has been hackneyed and ridiculous. Nancy has transformed from into a caricature and a totally unsympathetic character; the situations she finds herself in are offensively outlandish.

    One can say, however, that there has been some good to come out of this show: we have been privy to the stunning development of one of the world’s finest beauties, Hunter Parrish. He alone makes the show worth viewing. I’ll gladly turn the volume on mute as long as he’s around.

  9. It’s real precise article. Thanks for conversation roughly it as I am fascinated in this soul.

  10. That figures. Weeds ending at 7 – while it doesn’t surprise me considering this show has nosedived as of whoever the writer was that got pregnant and thought hey, let’s screw up a great show getting the main character pregnant too, and if that doesn’t wreck it, let’s toss in the Mexican cartel…the show lost its premise as of season 3, I’m surprised it lasted beyond that, and if the writers are this incapable of sticking to a premise and making it work, the show needs to end. Whatever happens in 7 isn’t the Weeds fans grew to love.

    What they should do is fire the writers, find ones who grasp the original premise and revamp the show to its original status. Bring back the quality characters and get rid of the flaky writers that ruined the show.

    The idea of “going out on top” is just ridiculously overestimating the quality of the show NOW. The last time Weeds was on top was season 3. Weeds going out now is going out lame, going out aimless, going out having ruined great characters. Nancy was always focused. Now she’s flaky and catatonic.

    We don’t want Weeds to end. We want the crappy, pointless storylines to end, we want the pointless drama to end, we want writers who actually care about the point of the show…and whoever got pregnant and ruined this one needs to take maternity leave and find a day job elsewhere.

    • couldnt have said it better tess.

    • Tess I couldn’t have said it better. Someone needs to write Showtime a letter. There are 3.2 million fans on facebook, thats more than Modern Family. The fans are there. They just need to revamp it and bring back the old Weeds we all fell in love with. I see a future for the show, but only if they bring in better writers, and bring Celia back… whoever decided to remove her should be fired.

  11. “Going out on top”? You have to be kidding. The last 2-3 epodes of this season were decent, but the only reason i made it THAT far is because after 5 seasons, I felt obligated to see it through to the end (which I though would be the finale). But I admit the final scene has me excited to find out what takes place next season. However I don’t see this show having any life after next season.

  12. I suggested this on the Weeds forum and somewhere else but thought I’d toss it in here too.

    Weeds has gone downhill and this news about it coming to an end gives me the impression that the writers/creators/producers or whoever realized they derailed to the point of trying to force the plot down the road it ended u on, which now they’re seeing has a Dead End sign posted. Instead of turning around and regrouping, they’re considering throwing in the towel on the whole thing, which is the equivalent of reaching a dead end and committing suicide because it doesn’t occur to you that you *can* just turn around and go another direction.

    A suggestion I truly with they would consider before opting out would be to refocus on the original premise…and perhaps consider that this show is perfect by its very nature for *evolving* into at the very least, a support platform for the legalization of marijuana itself, and the whole war on drugs. Arizona just rolled in as 15th state to ok medical mj, this is a very real and important issue in society here and now with a lot of ramifications.

    I wondered, out loud even, when they brought in Celia’s cancer storyline, how Weeds writers didn’t even seem vaguely aware of a spectacular approach for her with the medical marijuana clinic angle, and perhaps coming up with a storyline to help promote supporting MM and how she’d overcome, etc. but instead, they turned her into a brain dead idiot and then wrote her out.

    Weeds and the Botwins could get their immunity, and return home or to one of the MM states, and decide to go into the MM business. I always wondered why they’d spend so much energy trying to be dealers on the side instead of stepping up and trying to run a legit MM facility, or grow for them. It’s an avenue Weeds would be able to perfectly explore and exploit, while offering a positive message on the use of MJ all around. There could still be conflicts – as there would be in real life – with the feds, or the red tape, or the gangs who would be threatened by it going legal, and clever ways of dealing with it.

    I am tired of seeing Nancy end up in some situation and just staring stupidly into space. I am tired of rich, awesome characters being written out after they’re turned into babbling idiots. I am tired of seeing illogical moves made by the Botwins that nobody else would reasonably make. I’m tired of seeing Doug, who was once hysterical and relevant be reduced to a brain damaged drooling stoner who is no more relevant to the plot now than an appendage, or some “extra” they pass on the street toking it up going, Woah dude, cool. I’m tired of seeing this warped plot of a family going about keeping it together using unorthodox means, supposedly glamorizing pot while being clearly anti pot and presenting characters as ludicrous idiots “because” they’re caught up in the drug scene.

    There are good avenues to explore, and revamping Weeds to pick up the ball with the climate today over the legalization of marijuana at all would be outstanding to explore…and to start providing a more positive message.

    If they throw in the towel, they’ve just wasted our time on all counts.

  13. I think we all pretty much feel the same was as tess here…

  14. I used to watch weeds because it was easy going, I could sit back in my couch and enjoy some really hysterical series involving awesome characters and MJ.
    Now it has kind of just over and over again repeated itself where nancy gets into trouble, makes the wrong decision and finds herself in even more trouble.
    In some way the series has became ”stressfull” and doesn’t please me so much as before, a lot of the comedy seems to have left, giving into a huge amount of drama.
    It really was amazing at first. and if things could go back that way, it would be awesome.
    Oh and bring back the real DOUG! simply the best character ^^

  15. Doug’s best line ever – back when Weeds genuinely rocked:

    At what point does CPR become necrophilia?

    I laughed for weeks. That was Doug. Not this irrelevant stoner with a bong in his hand just “being there.”

  16. PS No wonder Kevin Nealon’s Twitter avi is a clown!

  17. i want nancy to be with andy and be happy

  18. Such a stupid show Nancy is the worst mother I hope she dies.


  20. Out with a bang is better than the Sopranos with a blank ending LOL

  21. You may want to check your grammar. “it’s” is NOT “its”. Sheesh.

  22. *****I really do hope that “Weeds” continues to entertain us well beyond Season 7.
    *****This is the best written show on television. These are the best actors on television. These are best producers etc…. There is not one detail left out and there are so many layers to the plot that I am always “wow”ed.

    Unlike some of the others others, I am amazed and enthralled by how this show gets reinvented with each burgeoning season. It is exciting to experience these characters in new roles and new environments. I never want this journey to end. I can’t wait to see some of the old characters be reunited with the regulars *hint* Celia,Conrad…

    I think there is so much more story to tell. I really hope that all parties involved realize this and reinstate contracts to continue this incredible entity that is “WEEDS”

    I definitely don’t want to see Nancy go out “in a blaze of glory” I love seeing her with her nine lives in tact. It seems unnecessary to kill the character we have all grown to adore.

    It is still such an open-ended plot. I personally have so many storyline ideas so I can imagine that Jenji and staff probably do too. I can’t wait to see where they take it!!! This body of work is complete genius.

    • we need more seasons this is the best show dont end it keep it going for 100 seasons never end the show int is great

    • I LOVE WEEDS!!! We need more seasons, idk what i would do without more weeds~!!

  23. i love the show hopefully itll have a good finaly for seasoon 7 i do think however its time to end the show imo its been declining ever since the botwins left aggrestic. it was much funnier at that time maybe another similar show will come around soon though

  24. PLEASE don’t cancel weeds

  25. Seriously weeds has the best actors, characters, plot, and overall its just the best show i have ever seen in my life and if it ends after season 7 i really will miss the family i feel like i am a part of! (the bodwins!)

  26. PS. Dont kill Nancy! hahaha

  27. I will most def be upset when this show comes to a end. I hate it now when its just done for the season and now it might be ALL the way over!!! This is one for the books because even if it goes off air… Fans will want more and just like The Game on BET came back this too will have too.

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