M. Night Shyamalan TV Series ‘Wayward Pines’ Gets a Trailer

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The “event series” Wayward Pines – based primarily on the first novel, “Pines”, in Blake Crouch’s Wayward Pines book franchise – follows Seattle-based Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon), who is on a search for two missing federal agents when he arrives in the eponymous Idaho town – an enigmatic place, which quickly pulls Burke into a far larger (and more dangerous) mystery in need of solving. As the trailer illustrates, this series is very much a descendant of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s often surreal cult hit show, Twin Peaks.

Having that said, M. Night Shyamalan – an executive producer on Wayward Pines, who also directed a handful of the 10 episodes (including the pilot) – has already made it perfectly transparent that this series is meant to be his direct homage to the mix of quirkiness, crime procedural drama, and unfathomable horror that is Twin Peaks, as well as that show’s neo-Noir examination of American small town life.

Indeed, Wayward Pines appears to feature more than its fair share of distinct nods to iconography from Lynch’s past work, such as vintage-style architecture and neon signs glimpsed around the titular location (e.g. allusions to the darker truths hidden beneath the friendly surface, in Noir tradition). The shot compositions and visual flourishes glimpsed throughout the Wayward Pines trailer seem more on the level with a movie than network television, no doubt thanks in part to Shyamalan being involved behind the camera.

However, for those of you who immediately distrust any project where Shyamalan is the main creative force nowadays, you might take some comfort in knowing Wayward Pines was created and written by Chad Hodge, who also played around with classic mystery narrative elements and neo-Noir tropes in his short-lived The Playboy Club. (Emphasis on you might take comfort.)

wayward pines tv show trailer M. Night Shyamalan TV Series Wayward Pines Gets a Trailer

With its surreal atmosphere and hints at a larger mythology, however, the Wayward Pines trailer footage also brings to mind other cult TV shows, such as The Prisoner. (And, to a lesser extent, certain elements of Shyamalan’s Twilight Zone-esque film, The Village.) It’s certainly possible, therefore, that this new program will strike a chord with a younger TV viewing audience, much like its predecessors managed back in the day; if done well, Wayward Pines might also appeal to those who’ve long been searching for a fitting successor to the Twin Peaks throne (after past attempts like Happy Town failed to earn much attention).

In addition, Wayward Pines boasts a strong cast of character actors playing archetypes right up their alley, be it Oscar-winner Melissa Leo (Prisoners) as Nurse Pam, a caretaker whose bubbly exterior disguises her sinister intent – or Terrence Howard (The Butler) being all smiles as the untrustworthy lawman Sheriff Arnold Pope, whose habit of constantly snacking on ice cream drumsticks feels like a nod to the coffee/pie running bit on Twin Peaks.

Does the trailer for Wayward Pines pique your interest? Let us know in the comments section!


Wayward Pines airs on Fox beginning in Fall 2014

Source: Fox

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  1. You know I’ve been looking for something to disappoint me on a weekly basis. Thanks M. Night.

  2. Who is still giving this guy money?

    • Yep, hard to believe somebody still hires him After Earth & the Last Airbender

  3. What a great cast!!! There are two negative points about this show; M. Night and Fox.

  4. I, too, like boating of a strong cast :)

    Seriously though, after just binge reading Wayward and Pines, the trailer looks underwhelming. Neo-noir composition is not what I visualized. I see it as a bit of Lost, mixed with The Prisoner. This looks cheesy. For some reason, I still get a glimmer of hope when I hear M Night attached to a project, especially when he’s not directing, hoping to catch some of his earlier magic…pre Village. Having just seen this trailer..I’m all MEH.

    • Yikes, that oversight has been corrected.

      Thanks for the catch!

    • I know what you mean. Even though I’ve found his past few films to be crushingly disappointing, I still get excited. There is significant talent there. Imhopemwe get to see it again.

    • Read the book… it’ll change your mind for sure, and this looks like it follows the book very closely. I just finished it a few weeks ago, and it was weird, fun, intense, and very heavy in its undertones.

      • If you read closely above, you’d know that I did read both books out so far, and eagerly await the next ones release in July. Which is also why this trailer looks absolutely nothing like what the book portrayed. There wasn’t any camp or overt fun in the books. It was a mystery/thriller/scifi with a bit of action. Everyone has been more or less cast correctly. I’ll give the first few a shot, but I’m not liking what I see so far.

      • Loved the books and the third one will blow you away! I believe blake crouch was closely associated with script so I am looking forward to it.

  5. Alan Wake anyone

  6. This guy peaked with the Sixth Sense, a movie which is only good the first time you watch it. Now he’s basically ripping off David Lynch and admitting it. Oh, sorry: “paying direct homage”. I, too, am astounded at how he keeps getting money to make things.

    • How is he ripping off David Lynch when he had nothing to do with writing it? He directed the pilot, that’s one episode out of then. Why not accuse the author of the book, Blake Crouch, or the guy who adapted it, Chad Hodge, or the other 7 directors who worked on it? Oh wait, because that would involve being a rational, objective and intelligent human being instead of a blithering idiot who thinks whatever the culture tells him to think. Great going “cidgrad”; I think you peaked when you fell out of your mother’s womb.

      • Well aren’t you a nice, well articulated guy. Cidgrad does have a point, be it that’s his opinion. I also find merits with yours. Maybe people should write “IMO”, or even “IMHO” as a caveat to any post.

      • I don’t know how you can hurl insults at someone while defending M. Night. It’s like you already wrote a rebuttal for me.

  7. I would like to say this looks like it could potentially be good, but somehow I just can’t.

  8. I liked M. Night’s earlier films and still believe he has the talent to pull off a good series. I am also a fan of Twin Peaks and David Lynch. My problem is the book I read it and didn’t bother with the rest of the series as it was poorly written and so lacking in character development that I didn’t really care what happened and to whom. Story lacked depth as well. I will wait and see, give it a chance, maybe going from book to screen some magic will happen.

  9. Unfortunately If Shyamalans is involved it’s certain to be terrible.

  10. I read the books. After viewing the trailer I feel incredibly let down. I didn’t realize that Shyamalan was involved.

    The trailer was so overhanded and heavy that you could tell it had his name all over it.

    I don’t understand why he keeps getting handed projects that fans care about.

  11. You know, I might have been close to giving this mini series a chance, but being as though I am a huge grudge holder, I have no desire to support M. Night Whatever due to his disgraceful handling of the precious gem known as Avatar: The Last Airbender. He destroyed hopes and dreams for those of us who know how amazing the live action version could have been. So, Mr. Shytmalan ( on purpose), I hope u go to bed realizing that you really really suck. You should go ahead and retire before u destroy anything else.

  12. I luv that he is inventive and new. He goes there and I luv it. His movies inspire and brings hope. You can get lost in his world and be okay with it. It is so imaginative and I luv “Lady In The Water”.