Watchmen Trailer Is Literally Breathtaking

Published 7 years ago by , Updated July 17th, 2008 at 2:27 pm,

watchmen all Watchmen Trailer Is Literally Breathtaking

[UPDATE: Click Here: The Watchmen trailer is online!]

Just a quick note to mention that I just had a chance to see the first Watchmen trailer – in IMAX no less, and it was FANTASTIC! It was shown before the screening of The Dark Knight that I finally had the chance to watch.

Usually I really do try to tone down the hyperbole, but this trailer was nothing short of amazing. I think for much of it I actually forgot to breathe – it was that amazing. I’ve been more than a bit perplexed to see very little commentary on posts here at Screen Rant related to Zack “300″ Snyder’s movie adaptation of the highly regarded graphic novel, but I have a feeling the trailer, which is attached to The Dark Knight opening this weekend, may finally get people talking.

The trailer shows all the major characters and they look great – including energy being Dr. Manhattan. We also get a very good look at Nite Owl’s ship emerging from underwater. The cinematography for the film looks incredible and I am now totally fired up for the film without reservation.

Watchmen is currently scheduled to open on March 6, 2009.

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  1. Do you know the name of the Smashing Pumpkins song played in the trailer?

  2. Well after seeing the preview Vic do you think Snyder will do the comic justice?

    Is “Watchmen” going to be the barometer that will enbolden production companies to rise to meet a challenge like “Justice League?”

    Notice how I got justice in there twice..

  3. Notice how I make spelling mistakes when I’m excited.. :)

  4. Bozz, no idea.

    Old Man, I think Watchmen will be this year’s “Iron Man” at the Comic-Con.


  5. What about The Dark Knight? You didn’t even give any hints about your feelings. Come on man! We are dying here!

  6. LOL, sorry about that. Honestly, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I’ll be seeing it again tomorrow night.

    It’s an Oscar-level crime drama and not like any Batman or any other superhero movie you’ve seen. VERY dark and “grown up,” not suitable for kids under 10 or so (nor would they enjoy it much).


  7. Thanks for the update. That is pretty much what I have been reading from most sources. Sounds great!

  8. Vic this is awesome news and a relief..We have been waiting so long for this I was being fatalistic in thinking they wold do something to screw it up..I posted this comment before but I think I was the only one who commented on the thread so here it goes…

    I thought the graphic novel I read of the Watchmen was THE MOST amazing and riveting story of “superheros” that I have ever read..The immediate tone it starts out with along with the tension produced throughout the series. From placing heroes that were experiencing the human condition to the anti-veneration of those same heroes to it’s social commentary on the Vietnam War and the Civil rights movement, apocalyptic themes and conspiracy theory and human morality..and I still haven’t come close to hitting all the themes this story touched on.. I mean this HAD IT ALL!!

    If you haven’t read it please go get a copy and read it!! It was voted one of the 100 best works of fiction of the 20th century for cripes sake!!It is also relevant to events in the world today with its fatalism themes, Keen Act (RFID anyone?) and theme of megalomania…You won’t be disappointed…A Definitive Masterpiece!!!

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


  9. Yeah, you have no idea. You’re going to freak when you see the trailer. I would recommend avoiding the crappy Youtube version that will no doubt surface in the next day or two and wait for a high quality version.

    As soon as one becomes available I’ll post it here at Screen Rant. :-)


  10. I get excited when Vic is excited and I am excited :)

    I pray to the gods that Z.Snyder gets his long-length version of the watchmen and he wins the battle against the studio who want to cut out SOOOOO much of it.

  11. The studio usually wins at this game Rob…It’s their money and they do what they feel is best.That doesn’t mean they know what is best because I think Snyder proved what he could do with 300 and delivered WB a great big cash cow and should be given the final word on the theater cut we are going to see..Shorter running time means more @$$#$ in seats which of course means more money…It’s not like they are doing this for the fans..they do it for the money.Snyder appears to be doing a lot of this for the fans..I think it will be a shoter film than Snyder wants with two or three different DVD releases to really milk us hardcore fans out of our hard earned dough…I will see it no matter how long it is and buy the different versions because I have been waiting 20 years for this…All that excitement if your not careful you’re going to POP…like Neo dude…

  12. Still going to read this, I can’t wait for the trailer. I’m glad you liked it, Vic.

    I’m just trying to imagine how awesome this would be if it were a Zack Snyder directed JLA film instead. It would’ve been awesome to have a trailer for a good JLA film premere with TDK. :D

  13. @KEL Now THERE’S an idea, bro! Actually it’s pretty funny – the first thing in the trailer is the DC Comics logo and then it cuts to a guy with electricity sparking on his forearm. My mind starting racing wondering “What the heck DC superhero is THIS?!” A second later I saw it was Watchmen – and was STILL excited as hell!


  14. Bozz,
    it’s a remix of ‘the beginning is the end is the beginning’, which oddly enough was on the Batman & Robin sountrack. talk about bad karma.

    The trailer looks awesome btw

  15. While it was nice to see so many of the elements of the comic translated to the screen, I’m still not sure Snyder will be able to pull this off. He’s just not that good a director. The slow-motion throughout the trailer makes me very nervous…

  16. Panda and Bozz -

    The song is actually written ABOUT Batman, by Billy Corgan. Which is why now a ton of people are upset that it was used in this trailer. I personally thought it (the song) rocked for this (Watchmen) trailer, so who cares! Effin’ nerds.