Watchmen Movie: Main Characters Revealed!

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watchmen rorschach Watchmen Movie: Main Characters Revealed!watchmen nite owl Watchmen Movie: Main Characters Revealed!
From the upcoming Watchmen movie: Rorshach and Nite Owl scored a helluva scoop: The first fully costumed images of the main characters from the upcoming Watchmen movie.

With such a big buzz surrounding this film, I finally went out and grabbed the graphic novel, and as it happens just finished it yesterday, and man, it was DENSE. Not in the sense of “duh,” but in the sense of very packed with story/detail on every page. I don’t think it’s ever taken me so long to get through a graphic novel!

I now understand the high regard it’s held in and the reason it’s recognized as groundbreaking. as far as I know, up until the time it was published (~1985) all comics were still of the “bang, pow, big superpowered battle” variety. I see now where the foundation for the type of story like Marvel Comics’ “Civil War” story was laid. In a way it kind of sucks, as it seems to have been the beginning of injection of the “real world” into comics, which in many ways I really dislike.

More pictures below.

watchmen ozymandias Watchmen Movie: Main Characters Revealed!
Ozymandia, genius crimefighter from Watchmen

watchmen comedian Watchmen Movie: Main Characters Revealed!watchmen silk spectre Watchmen Movie: Main Characters Revealed!
The Comedian and The Silk Spectre from the upcoming Watchmen movie

I think that with the stylistic exception of Ozymandias, the above live action versions are pretty faithful to the comic book (I hesitate to call it that) version.

The original story (voted by Time Magazine as one of the 100 best novels ever written) is very complex and rich in detail. On the other hand, to me it seems dated with its overshadowing Cold War overtones, and although it attempted to seem like it showed both sides evenly, it seemed decidedly left-wing in the final analysis. I do give author Alan Moore props for at least trying to balance the portrayal of the Left and the Right in the story.

Side note, parents, this graphic novel is NOT for kids: Adult themes, situations, language and artwork are present throughout.

I do find it ironic that twenty years later we did not suffer the apocalyptic nuclear war or environmental armageddon that the story (and the some of the public at the time) were was so concerned (consumed?) about. Not that we don’t have OTHER issues to worry about at the moment. If I recall, at the time as a country we were more concerned about another global ice age than we were about global warming. It’ll be interesting to look back to today 25 years from now in retrospect. icon smile Watchmen Movie: Main Characters Revealed!

The vibe of the book is such that it could almost have been written in the 1960′s instead of the 1980′s and I think they’re going to have a hell of a time turning the story into an effective film.

Zack Snyder, the guy who brought us the testosterone-laced 300 is directing the film.

For much higher-res versions of the images and more background on the film and story head on over to

Source: Official Watchmen movie blog

Watchmen is scheduled to arrive at theaters on March 6th 2009.

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  1. Are you kidding Vic? I think you and I are of the same age (you’re much better looking tho) and I picked up this novel on release day back in……uh oh!

    Anyway, it shivered me timbers and was way above anything anyone had thought of at that time and years afterwards.

    I am pretty reserved when it comes to the excitement level of films but IRON MAN and WATCHMEN has made a girly drooling fanboy outta me once again and I may actually STAY in the theater after each showing just like I did opening day back in 1977 for a little know film I predicted would be a hit. It was called STAR WARS!

  2. OH…back to the photos:


  3. “‘Civil War’ Ironman reminds me of alot of Ozymandia.”

    On a smaller scale, yeah. Actually now that you mention it, Ozy totally reminds me of The Mandarin in the current Iron Man comic story line!


  4. Love that novel! Perfect timing and director for this film as well. Perfect costumes design and the actors look right for the characters. I very excited about this film and it will definitely shock ALOT of the audience that had not read or heard of this masterpiece. Dr. Manhattan is suppose to be cgi, correct? Really hope Captain Metropolis and Hood Justice appear in the film or maybe a second film. Both are very interesting and unique from a superhero perspective.

    MBL, your absolutely on point. This movie could have that very unique “magic” that Star Wars(New Hope or Empire Strikes Back)carries but much with a darker and stunning in direction.
    Can’t wait for the trailer!

  5. Ozymandis has nipples on his suit. hahahaha

    This will be just as good as batman & robin.

  6. It’s amazing how the lighting, background, and stands look like they came straight out of a graphic novel.

  7. “Civil War” Ironman reminds me of alot of Ozymandia.:)

  8. Hell yeahh. I just read the comic and its pure genius. The caracters are great Roshach is the best carachter. Not that the others are bad I like all of them but Roshach is #1.

    Cant weit for the trailer. Lets hope is dark and bloody.

  9. Really? My wife is boycotting me from comics so I have not read any of the newest issues. Would you updated me on the Mandy (hear he went thru a reboot).:)

  10. If they make a movie about the Watchmen, I sure hope that some time in the future the Berserk manga is considered for one. Especially if it’s directed by Zack Snyder.

  11. I am a HUGE fan of the original Watchmen book so I’ve always been a bit trepidatious about the possibility of a movie adaption. Personally, I’m not entirely happy with Zack Snyder as the choice for director — the guy can lens a stylish looking flick for certain but I’m afraid that he’ll just turn this into another dumb action-fest. Granted, that’s what the ‘layman’ will probably want so…yeah.

    Still, I must give the guy his dues, he seems to be making good decisions thus far — even going so far as to insist that the movie is set in the 1980s (the studio wanted it set in present day with Arabs replacing Russians, go figure). I’m also liking the fact that he went for complete unknowns for the cast rather than going for bigger names.

    Speaking of the cast, I’m pretty surprised at just how well they look in costume. I’m also surprised by how faithful the costumes look to the originals — I was very much afraid that we’d see them getting ‘hipped’ up for today’s jaded movie-going generation. I have to say though, that Ozymandias costume looks just plain terrible! I really hope it’s just a case of a particularly bad photo because right now (as Jojo mentioned) he’s looking a bit ‘Batman & Robin’ for comfort…also, does the suit look overly buff compared to the guy in it?

    Anyway…I’m looking forward to seeing where Snyder goes with this flick — fingers crossed that we’ll actually get a DECENT flick based off of Alan Moore’s work (and no…V for Vendetta certainly does NOT count as a ‘good’ flick).

  12. Mandarin was find captured somewhere in Asia where he’d been held prisoner without food or water for months or years. He escaped and founded a biotech firm in which his goal is to release a virus that will make 10% of the world population superhuman but will kill the remaining 90%.


  13. That plotline Vic reminds me of the first X-men film.
    I’ve never heard of this comic before. I would think if they want a good BO we would see and learn more about this one…

  14. I love the novel and I’m loving all the glimpses of the film we’ve seen so far. Rorschach is probably the most important character to cast correctly, and I am really, REALLY proud of them for casting an honest-to-God ugly man in the part. Rorschach should be ugly and somber. Perfect.

    While the plot itself is dated, I think the story is good enough not to feel so. I imagine they’ll have to cut massive chunks of the story, but still, this should be great. Bless Zack Snyder for setting it in the correct timeframe, thereby resisting the urge to ruin it like the Wachowskis did with V for Vendetta.

  15. > On the other hand, to me it seems dated with its
    > overshadowing Cold War overtones, and although it
    > attempted to seem like it showed both sides
    > evenly, it seemed decidedly left-wing in the
    > final analysis. I do give author Alan Moore props
    > for at least trying to balance the portrayal of
    > the Left and the Right in the story.

    Well, you read the novel. But obviously only once. To use a very good interpretation regarding the “political content” I’d like to quote the Wikipedia-entry for the Watchmen:

    “However, it must be argued that while numerous masked adventurers are described as “fascist,” even as early as Hollis Mason, and while Ozymandias himself is described as “consistently left-leaning”, it seems that a mindset in which the end so wholly justifies the means could itself be described as almost fascist.”

    Read it again would be my advice! Same as for V – For Vendetta. (Which turned out a nice movie, but not as strong and precise on the criticism as it could have been.)


  16. V for Vendetta was a great film!

  17. Thanks, you’re right, I only just recently read it for the first time, although the fascist/left-leaning mentions did not escape my notice.

    I don’t want this to veer off into a political discussion, but I thin that generally speaking, extremists on the right equate liberalism with communism or socialism while extremists on the right equate conservatism with fascism. Now I’m NOT saying that Alan Moore falls into either of those camps since I know nothing about him.

    Perhaps I’m just imposing present-day views on a 25 year old book…


  18. Ozymandia does not look right at all,especially the colour scheme and the dude playing him

  19. I am excited about this movie… I just wish that they had ron perlman playing the comedian… that would have been awesome. I love the pictures, but im just waiting for dr manhattan.