Watchmen Director’s Cut Blu-ray Details Revealed

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watchmen blue ray cover Watchmen Directors Cut Blu ray Details Revealed

A while back, director Zack Snyder promised fans that the DVD/Blu-ray versions of Watchmen were going to be packed with extras, including a director’s cut of film which would run almost thirty minutes longer than the theatrical version.

Well, The Blu-Ray Blog has gotten hold of the details regarding the forthcoming release of the Watchmen Director’s Cut Blu-ray. For those who still care are keeping track, feel free to take a look and see how closely the Watchmen Blu-ray is living up to Snyder’s promise.

Who watches The Watchmen? Facebook, baby. According to The Blu-Ray Blog, the Watchmen Director’s Cut Blu-ray is going to push Blu-ray’s BD-Live function to new heights, by allowing Watchmen watchers to synch their Facebook friends network with BD-Live, “allowing for interactive community-screening and commenting.”

Now, as someone who doesn’t actually own a Blu-ray player (just constantly mooches off his friend’s PS3 for his Blu-ray thrills), I’m not sure if this BD-Live/Facebook hookup means that you’ll be albe to watch Watchmen simultaneously with people off your Facebook account who also own Blu-ray players and copies of Watchmen The Director’s Cut; or if you (owner of the Blu-ray player and Watchmen Blu-ray) will be able to stream the movie for your Facebook friends to watch online. If I had to guess, I would guess it’s the former (they sell more Blu-rays that way).

Tech geeks, can you help us out here?

Other than the BD-Live/Facebook feature, here is a spec list of what you can expect from the Watchmen Director’s Cut Blu-ray:

190 minutes (vs. 162 minutes for Theatrical Cut)
Video: 1080p VC-1
Audio: 5.1 Dolby TrueHD

Special Features:

• Maximum Movie Mode (BD exclusive split-screen, on-camera commentary)
• Watchmen: Focus Points
• The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics
• Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes (BD exclusive)
• Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World (BD exclusive)
• Music Video: Desolation Row (My Chemical Romance)
• Digital Copy (theatrical version)
• BD-Live

Ok, so, elephant in the room: This “director’s cut” of Watchmen isn’t the rumored 205-minute “ultimate” cut of the movie, which is said to have footage from Tales of The Black Freighter spliced into the film. If you remember correctly, Zack Snyder said a few months back that the “Ultimate Cut” of Watchmen was going to be hitting stores in the Fall of 2009 (though I’m betting on early 2010 myself).

That means this “director’s cut” is only going to be a stepping stone. If you want to get the full and total Watchmen expereince, you’re going to have to wait until the “ultimate” cut hits stores (Warner Bros. is really milking this film for all it’s not worth).

However, if you can’t wait for the ultimate cut, or you’re just interested in seeing the director’s cut for the sake of some deleted scenes, the Watchmen Director’s Cut Blu-ray hits stores everywhere on July 28, 2009.

Are you ready to re-live the awkward, head-scratching experience that was Watchmen? Will you be checking out the director’s cut? Or are you going to save your time and money for the ultimate cut?

Source: The Blu-Ray Blog

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  1. I’ll make one more comment on BluRay and then that will be (hopefully) the last on it. What I really like is the ability of certain BluRay players to not only play Blu-Ray and DVD’s, but you CAN download certain content (like Netflix). I just wish that Panny had a Netflix player because I DON’T like what I read about Samsung’s compatability issues. I also like that ALL Blu-Ray players will upconvert standard DVD’s (which is a moot point if your receiver does it). I think Blu-Ray is going to be around for a while. I just dread when the TV’s go from 1080p to some higher resolution. LOL.

  2. Keep in mind Andy, that the more you go online with your gaming system the more your odds increase for data/system corruption. Just fyi,

    Also on Watchmen, I loved the film even though I would have preferred the original ending. I’ll be picking this up more than once I’m sure !!!

  3. 790, I own an Xbox..not an Xbox 360, an original Xbox. I’m not a gamer at all, but I get in the mood once in a while to shoot some aliens or race some cars onscreen. I have not once played online games through my system. I can’t see spending hundreds of dollars on a system and then having to spend more money EVERY MONTH to play games. I have D/L’d a couple of Netflix movies and watched them on my computer. It was ok, but I sure would prefer it in hi-def on a 46″ screen vs my 19″ monitor.

    As for Watchmen, I will probably rent it first and if I like it, I will buy the extended cut.

  4. Ah the Original Xbox is a workhorse !!!
    Is still have mine as well,,, :-)

    I can’t wait to see the 30 minutes of cut footage in the new Watchmen cut.

  5. Laser Disc put it’s self out of business and never really took off. If you actually check the history DVD’s were not an over night success. It had a following, but when it first came out the average family could not afford it. You have to remember when they first came out and not just when it first became popular. They were profitable when they first came out, but were still being out sold by VHS at first. It wasn’t like the same year they were released they were the number one form. VHS were only finally phased out a few years ago hell some places still sell them from time to time.

    As far as gaming goes I couldn’t stand the Xbox I found the PS2 to be a superior system. Sadly though well the PS3 is techinically a better system it doesn’t have the games to compete with 360. The PS3 has the hardware and way more features better layout and in my opinion a better controller though that’s highly debated so not really a valid point its self. The 360 has more games and is much cheaper also I know that a lot of systems have been sold just because it’s hackable and you won’t have to spend 60 bucks on a game instead you spend like 2bucks on a DL DVD. I have no idea how they hack and seems far to technical for me so I just buy my games for it.

    Anyway Watchmen was a great movie and I really didn’t understand some of the less than stellar reviews it got. I pretty much called it from the beginning of development that it would not be a box office hit and I knew it wouldn’t do well, but I expected great reviews after watching it at least and some were very murky at best. There were good review, but there were bad ones as well. While not as good as Dark Knight in my opinion it was very close.

  6. I was dying to buy this. Now i will buy both of the dvd”s in blu ray at any cost as a watchmen fan it doesn”t get any bigger than this .This and James cameron avatar i am ready to blu ray system and even 3d movie system to watch these movies because it”s worth my money .Finally Watchmen has arrvied on dvd at last .I am ready to spent money on this kind of movies beacuse i like them a lot

  7. You don’t even know if Avatar is good yet.

  8. @Daniel & Andy

    I’m with you guys – I, too, enjoy having shelves full of my favorite movies. I know that digital is the way music has gone, but you enjoy that on the move where it’s advantageous to not have to lug around media – home theater is a different experience.


  9. I also prefer having things in the palm of my hands. Streaming, although it is there just doesn’t feel right. But things go in cycles, plus when the government puts an end to the internet we all will be going back to all things practical, VHS, DVD, BOOKS–hey it might happen.

    Speaking of Blu-Ray prices, i picked up one for 120, it was a pre-opened Samsung at Best Buy. I got that plus a 42″ Bravia for grand total, including an HDMI cable. How…after the super bowl! Just pick the right moment and you’ll easily get one, like I got Full metal Jacket, The Untouchables and The French Connetion on Blu-Ray each for $11 bones. How…inventory sale.

  10. That should be for A grand IN total.

  11. @Kofi


    Are u trying to gain some respect with that attitude? I don’t think so. If you were scratching your head and feel awkard while watching Watchmen, it was YOUR experience.

    How can you assume that was the majority’s experience? You cant talk trash or praise a movie, that’s why we all come here and read the articles, but you can’t make an statement like the one i quoted in my previous post. That’s why i said that, dont take it personal, i don’t even know you! I’m just critizicing the way you assume things.

    Anyway, how mature is to “shhhh” someone? If you dont want honest comments to your articles, then this is not the excellent site i often visit anymore . I hope that’s not the case.

  12. I am very much considering purchasing Blu Ray. I loved Watchmen and I want this to be one of my first blu ray purchases(I still need to get the HDTV and the Player too). I have already thooough sooooooo many standard dvds as it is. Should i still make the switch? Will Blu Ray eventually become the basic dvd to get or will it fail in a couple years????

  13. I posted a coment but i dont think it worked, so hopefully this isnt put down twice in a row

    I would like to make the switch to blu ray. I loved Watchmen and I would love to make this my first blu ray purchase (I still though need to get the HDTV and Player). Another problem is that i have sooo many standard dvds as it is. Should i still make the switch to blu ray anyway or will blu ray fail in a couple years?

  14. @JM

    How can you tell someone to not take it personally when you say you “lost all respect for the guy who wrote this article?” I can tell you that as far as I know Kofi was not referring to himself with the description of “scratching your head.” I can also tell you that I’m betting most people DIDN’T “get” it or else it would have done better at the box office IMHO.


  15. JM,

    I’m speaking to the audience who spoke back to me after watching Watchmen. In this case, bud, the one with the minority experience is you.

    The numbers are clear: Not as big as opening as was hoped for Watchmen and a STEEP and quick drop-off thereafter. IT DIDN’T MEET EXPECTATIONS. Period. And many people were scratching their heads. Go survey reactions. It’s public record (thanks internet). Count them all up if you’d like. Then come back and give me the stats. If you find a higher percentage of reactions that agree with your experience, rather than the experience I referenced in my statement, I’ll be happy to retract it.

    Good luck with that.

    Personally (since no one has really heard how I really feel), months later, I feel like that film just cheapens the experience of the graphic novel. However good or bad of a recreation it was, it doesn’t HEIGHTEN the experience of Watchmen at all. I’ve Seen Tales of The Black Freighter and it do falls short. I re-read the graphic novel a week or two ago: infinitely more enjoyable.

    That’s just “my experience.”

  16. I want to make the switch to blu ray because I loved Watchmen and I want this to be one of my first blu ray purchases(I still though need to get the HDTV and Player). I have sooo much standard dvds as it is, should i still make the switch anyway or is Blu ray going to fail in a couple years??

  17. Can’t disagree with you more Kofi. Watchmen was a great film. I do agree that there is a fairly good number of people out there who didn’t get it, but I think that says more about them than it does the movie.

  18. @Kofi

    1. “I’m speaking to the audience who spoke back to me after watching Watchmen. In this case, bud, the one with the minority experience is you” <— Did you read your own website? check out the comments in vic’s review. Most people enjoy it. (aside from the blue junk)

    2. “The numbers are clear: Not as big as opening as was hoped for Watchmen and a STEEP and quick drop-off thereafter. IT DIDN’T MEET EXPECTATIONS” <—- It didn’t meet expectations FINANCIALLY, but among fans and public who saw it the comments are mixed but mostly good. It’s awful to rate a movie based in the box office. Most woody allen’s movies, even Tarantino’s movies didn’t “meet expectations” then?. It’s that fair? Seriously, what are you talking about man? Money and art are different things. If we follow that criteria we dont need reviews, we can go and surf straight to boxofficemojo.

    3. ” If you find a higher percentage of reactions that agree with your experience, rather than the experience I referenced in my statement, I’ll be happy to retract it.” Go for it, read the comments: and checkout the percentage

  19. JM, layoff Kofi brother. Not everyone has to agree with everything. You might have stumped Kofi here but he’s entitled to his opinions.
    Kofi feels that Watchmen didn’t meet expectations, thats his opinion. Me, personally I thought it Watchmen is the true comic-book adaptation, not that bat man movie but thats me.
    I also enjoyed Silent Hill, from recent comments, it appears that hill was stank.

  20. @SK-47

    I agree totally with you about opinions, but some people go too far turning opinions into “facts”. That’s my complain, nothing else.

  21. How long do you think Blu Ray will last? Will it be worth getting? I just want to know before i would make the switch to it. If anyone could please help me out with their opinions.

  22. I would wait to switch at least until they get rid of dvds all together and Blue-Ray becomes to only means and they bring down the cost, b/c from what I have seen there isn’t much of a difference or at least not big enough of a difference in picture or sound to make me spend my money on Blue-Ray.

  23. There is a HUGE difference man! what are you talking about.

    You just need the right equipment and i don’t mean an expensive one.

  24. I would hold off on BluRay for at least 2 more years.

  25. Yeah I know I didn’t mean to say that and unfortunately you can’t edit your comments, but still not huge enough for me to spend my money on it.

  26. Yea i guess i will stick with just standard dvd for awhile. Blu Ray is still a bit too expensive for my taste, but why cant they just make it cheaper like standard dvds and then make it officially like the “standard dvd” to own? So many options on purchasing stuff today….blu ray dvds, standard dvds, stream dvds from online. Its insane.

  27. I wouldn’t listen to Matt. I wouldn’t suggest waiting until DVD is done alltogether because if history has shown us anything with the VHS that could be a decade away. It takes a long time for the previous format to die off. I would say buy it now Blu Ray is here to stay however if your worried about money or the possibility that Blu Ray will some how fail which is highly unlikely. Well than I’d wait about a year or a year and a half Blu Ray will be gaining a lot of ground soon.

  28. Who cares how long it takes? Blu-Ray isn’t worth getting right now

  29. I’ll admit that I exaggerated a bit on waiting til Blu Ray becomes the standard, but like 790 said wait two years