Rumor Patrol: Watchmen Sequel In The Works?

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watchmen 2 logo Rumor Patrol: Watchmen Sequel In The Works?

Bleeding Cool ran a post yesterday stating that DC Comics is moving forward with a sequel, prequel or spin-off to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic literary graphic novel, Watchmen.

Now this isn’t necessarily a new topic: since the Watchmen graphic novel was first released, people have been whispering, speculating or (in the case of geeks) losing sleep over the thought of DC Comics trying to build upon the brilliance of Moore and Gibbons’ complex tale of superhero morality. However, that anxiety hit a new high when Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie was released last year, and rumors of a Watchmen 2 are yet again rearing their ugly heads.

According to Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool, the situation is this: DC Comics President and Publisher, Paul Levitz, stepped down from his position recently, and Levitz – despite a major falling out with Alan Moore – was basically the force that kept Watchmen in tact by faithfully nixing any sequels, prequels or spin-offs. However, Johnston claims that DC SVP-Executive Editor, Dan DiDio, is now trying to impress his new bosses (remember, DC is now DC Entertainment, a big superhero corporation with multimedia aspirations) by trying to build upon the success of Watchmen, which became DC’s best-selling comic book of all time thanks in large part to the hype surrounding the movie.

This has led many bloggers to the logical conclusion that some form of new Watchmen comic book is on the horizon, which has inevitably led to the conclusion that another Watchmen movie could go into the pipeline soon after.

When Watchmen the movie was released last year, I had a similar concern that the film’s success would birth a bunch of bastard sequels/prequels/spin-offs, so I took the opportunity to ask Dave Gibbons himself about it. Here was Gibbons’ response:

dave gibbons Rumor Patrol: Watchmen Sequel In The Works?

‘At one time DC [Comics] thought about making [Watchmen] spin-offs , but cooler heads prevailed. I think that anything you do to try an alter the Watchmen story that Alan [Moore] and I told would only take away from it. But I’m in no position to stop Warner Bros. from making any other Watchmen films. However, if they did so I doubt you’d see me sitting up here and I doubt that Zack Snyder would involve himself in it. Sometimes I think you should just leave well enough alone.’

I had to give Gibbons an Ali G-style “Respect,” for that answer; so it’s kind of surprising to hear Bleeding Cool and other sites floating his name as the possible writer/artist of these new Watchmen books….

As far as any new Watchmen movies, Nikke Finke over at Deadline Hollywood is claiming that while new Watchmen comics might be coming, a cinematic sequel/prequel/spin-off is still a far-fetched notion. This is the quote Finke obtained from “a well-placed insider”:

“There is no truth to anything related to a movie sequel. Not a chance by a longshot. With regards to the comics, well, I guess anything is possible. I’ll keep my opinion to myself as to whether it’s a smart idea to do so.”

So let’s patrol this rumor, shall we?

Now, with a change in management often things we took to be “the rules” get thrown out or otherwise revised. With Levitz out and DiDio supposedly trying to impress his bosses, sure, it’s totally possible that DCE will try to release new Watchmen books – sans Alan Moore – to capitalize on the property’s sharp increase in popularity. And while I believe that Nikki Finke does have a point in saying that another movie is a longshot, we all already know what that “longshot” is: the new Watchmen comics catching on with readers (blaspheme!). If the books spark enough interest, do you really think it’d be too long before we see another Watchmen movie? And there is enough in the Watchmen universe to bait readers with: early days of the Minute Men or the Nite Owl II and Rorschach teamup, etc…

watchmen group photo Rumor Patrol: Watchmen Sequel In The Works?

“Um, you do know that half of us are dead, right?”

CHUD warns us that our duty as comic book purists is to not by any of these new Watchmen books if they are indeed released -it’s the only way to send a message to DiDio and DCE that some things are still sacred. But wait – is anything still considered sacred anymore? If new Watchmen comic books hit shelves, I suspect morbid curiosity will draw a lot of readers in; if enough readers get lured in, film plans will start to be made (maybe a Sin City-style movie of several tales set in the Watchmen universe?) and Alan Moore will ultimately commit Seppuku, signaling the coming of the apocalypse.

That’s my prediction and don’t be too shocked or disheartened as the omens come to pass. To quote Rorschach: “The End Is Nigh.”

Will keep you updated on how this Watchmen 2 business plays out. For now – how do you feel about it?

Sources: Bleeding Cool, Deadline Hollywood & CHUD

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  1. Well It's not really an Avatar slight joshi but a critical comment about the reluctance to use the category of science fantasy, pseudo-science fiction, or final fantasy to describe it when that's what it is. The critical community seems to be indecisive on which of the three to use or to use any of the terms at all. Its a disservice to critical review and a further dumbing down of the audience.

  2. I'm not arguing that (although I may not agree with it), nor suggesting you have anything against Avatar (whether you do or not).

    I'm simply questioning the logic of going from one topic (the hatred towards a Watchman spin-off/sequel) to, seemingly, a completely different one (your hatred towards critics failing to agree on a term that best describes an unrelated film).

  3. Who would be in it???

  4. Yes it's much easier to shift the conversation to a more comfortable opinion “that its off topic” rather than about the behavior of holding on to both opinions as acceptable, as if their not at odds with one another. Which they are.

  5. “Yes it's much easier to shift the conversation to a more comfortable opinion “that its off topic””

    In that same vain, aren't you being dismissive towards my question? I am not a staff member here, whether or not they should be consistent in their categorising of movies isn't my concern in this venue, I am simply asking you a very simple question which you have neglected to answer time and again. It's not my goal here to make you look bad or refute what you're saying, I am simply inquiring, if you give me an answer, I will leave it alone, but if you feel it more important to keep bringing the conversation back to something I never intended to discuss with you then I feel there is no reason to continue this discussion.

  6. The only practical way to make another Watchmen movie is a prequel with the Minutemen and then the Watchmen. Or they could just leave it to rest.

  7. Your question was answered in my original message but because you demand an amplification, here; I thought it was an easier point to grasp here rather than trying to make the point in open discussion where neither subject was being discussed. It's important to bear in mind that I wrote the original comment while reading the strong resistance that a prequel for example, that would establish more strongly the heroic characters of the “Watchmen,” was an unworthy consideration.

  8. terrible idea especially if u can't get zack snyder to come back. besides all the cool characters are already dead the comedian, rorshach, and dr. manhattan. I would not be interested in the adventures of nite owl and silk spectre 2.

  9. The most logical way to do it would be to start with a prequel. That way you can gage any further profitability of the work. Afterwords you can use techniques familiar to no-brow art to push a sequel onto the market. It's an ideal time to do it because of the momentum that has gathered. They can maximize their effectiveness by being ready in a short time to squeeze out the sequel if the prequel shows their's cash left to be made.

  10. The most logical way to do it would be to start with a prequel. That way you can gage any further profitability of the work. Afterwords you can use techniques familiar to no-brow art to push a sequel onto the market. It's an ideal time to do it because of the momentum that has gathered. They can maximize their effectiveness by being ready in a short time to squeeze out the sequel if the prequel shows their's cash left to be made.

  11. im a watchmen fan. i would love to see a sequel soon.for the story well take a look some scenarios like dr. manhattan can revive rorsach since he has god like power a unique one that can manipulate matter or rorsach revive thru DNA also how about a son of the comedian risen up since he is a macho type character. we can also see ozymandias turn further into villain as he was so affected by his insanity but without a help of another villain may be a girl villain this time?. new heroes like CONSTANTINE a young catholic religous super hero who against weapons of mass destruction and hates violence against women and who uses middleage special weapons, SERGEANT a gang leader who uses his own men for military type offensive like ambush and reconaisance with his ability to use asian style martial arts(karate/taekwondo/kickboxing/judo) and pistols.villain? im still thinking….

  12. OMG! Stop hating on Watchmen! It was a great movie and I loved everything! My obsession is too far for there not to be a sequel so shut up!

  13. What a hidden treasure WATCHMEN is I have only seen it twice and never the hole thing from the beginning I love superhero movies also League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but if there were some how a way to keep the saga going without conflict twords the maby have a ccaricature that controls time and go back.Watchmen as far as I see never had much publicity or marketing for the DVD or movie im 47 and only heard of it in the last three years im not a comic collector.DCE has nothing to lose.but what the hel do I know im just one person