‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Deleted Post-Credits Scene Revealed

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amazing spider man 2 directors cut Amazing Spider Man 2: Deleted Post Credits Scene Revealed

[WARNING!!! This Article Contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for Amazing Spider-Man 2.]


It seems that even after Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gave up all of its secrets to fans hungry to know more about the future of the franchise (or its larger movie universe), it still has some surprises left to give. Those who saw the film know that in place of a mid or post-credits teaser for future stories came a scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past – a decision made even more unclear by the seemingly vast array of plot threads left after the film’s climax. Now that more details surrounding the film’s original post-credits scene have come out, it’s obvious Sony cut back on the promises being made.

Fan skepticism was already at a significant level after the first Amazing Spider-Man did little to tell “the untold story” that its trailers and marketing promised. While the sequel featured some of that story in its opening montage, it seemed just as many implied story beats and twists were ignored the second time around. Our editors discussed the missing story surrounding Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) on a recent episode of the SR Underground Podcast, but really, any movie fan likely found it suspicious that an actor of Cooper’s caliber would be called on for a single scene.

As it turns out, the explanation is a simple one: he wasn’t. We first heard about the rumors surrounding Norman Osborn’s fate back in March, when MoviePilot uncovered photos showing unseen areas of Oscorp’s ‘Special Projects’ bunker. Now that the film has been released, it’s easier to make sense of what it apparently reveals.

For starters, here is the original leaked image from set:

Amazing Spider Man 2 Norman Osborn Vault 620x370 Amazing Spider Man 2: Deleted Post Credits Scene Revealed

What the scene apparently shows is the mysterious Gustav Fiers (Michael Massee) deep in the bowels of Oscorp – a scene that did feature prominently in the closing moments of the film. But the #3 Vault that was never shown onscreen appears to contain a frozen human head. We would assume most viewers to know who is being preserved, but a closer look confirms it to be that of Norman Osborn:

Amazing Spider Man 2 Norman Osborn Head Amazing Spider Man 2: Deleted Post Credits Scene Revealed

According to all sources, the original post-credits scene followed Mr. Fiers as he strolled through Oscorp’s secret level – likely the same scene which featured the writhing ball of black liquid some identified as the Venom symbiote – and approached the disembodied, frozen head. With a quiet “wake up, old friend,” the scene comes to a close. Given how quickly the nurses attended to Osborn on his deathbed flew into action once he expired, and that Norman’s son Harry (Dane DeHaan) found a cure for their disease (with some slight drawbacks), the scene makes sense.

If it all makes sense, then, the question becomes: why did Marc Webb or Sony choose not to include it in the theatrical version of the film? If we had to wager a guess, it is most likely that the scene was cut because it hinted too explicitly at future stories, or because it no longer applied once the plan had changed. It’s possible that, like Mary Jane Watson’s role in ASM2, it was cut due to an already sizable cast and variety of themes. But with Gustav Fiers famous for helping organize the super-team known as the Sinister Six, does this scene imply Norman Osborn could return with an artificial body?

The film’s actual post-credits marketing already revealed five potential villains, so could Osborn be the final entry?

Amazing SPider Man 2 Green Goblin Character Image Hi Res Amazing Spider Man 2: Deleted Post Credits Scene Revealed

It’s obvious that Sony has enough of a challenge on its hands building a movie universe around a single comic book character, so if Osborn’s resurrection is more than one sequel away, it would make sense to remove any hint of it to focus on characters and stories that are actually in active development. Still, this scene – now that we know exactly how it would have fit into the finished film – is likely to fuel debate over the existence of  a better version of Amazing Spider-Man 2.


VIDEO: Jamie Foxx & Dane DeHaan Talk Sinister Six


Would a post-credits scene teasing a return of Norman Osborn or even Venom itself have improved your experience with the movie? Or would you rather the studio not hint at a character until they’re ready to include them? Share your thoughts in the comments.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in theaters now.

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Source: MoviePilot

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  1. Coulda woulda shoulda… given better head.

  2. I didn’t think they would kill off someone as important as Norman Osborne aster just one scene. I think Norman will take over the role as green goblin and Harry will turn into venom

    • I can’t see him turning into Venom, but now that you mention in it… Eddie Brock was a childhood friend in the Ultimate Spidey universe just like Harry is in this movie. So maybe they decided to put Harry in that spot instead?… Hmmm.. I hope that’s not the case though, I’d rather see what they can do with Eddie Brock.

  3. I didn’t think they would kill off someone as important as Norman Osborne aster just one scene. I think Norman will take over the role as green goblin and Harry will turn into venom.

  4. I seem to remember Felicity Jones letting it slip that she was dating an Osborn or something to that effect months ago. This article, that statement and the fact that her helping Harry seemed like a setup leads me to believe that Norman is in fact alive and possibly manipulated his son into exploring and testing a cure for the “family curse”. Depending on the outcome Norman would then give it a go himself.

  5. Man oh man, articles keep popping up about what could, should, and would have been in TASM 2. Did Sony act too restricting on this film? As did millions of others, I felt scenes cut that were included in the trailers would have helped this film a little more.

    • They should do a re-run of the director’s cut in theaters

      Some countries eg Taiwan has theaters that plays films that’s half a year old for a cheaper price, Sony should do that in these countries at least

  6. Is Harry a Venom in any version of the comics? Would be pretty sad if they leave out Eddie Brock.

    Maybe the next film is about how Harry becomes Pete’s friend (they kinda missed out that relationship) while Norman Osbourne returns.

    • Harry became Venom in the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon on Disney XD.

      • OK I see, so it’s possible for him to lead the Venom franchise…Definitely one way to skip the bad Spiderman 3 Tobey Grace bad taste…but I suspect some fans will weep for Eddie…

        Thanks for the reply!

        • Topher did not do a good job portraying Eddie Brock. It was bad casting in a terrible movie. Don’t judge Venom or Eddie Brock’s character by SM 3. In the comics there is so much more to it and much of it is quite good.

          • Ya…I prefer to see an Eddie Brock Venom (vs Carnage/serial killer like most people here are saying), but it’s quite unclear what they want to do at this stage, some folks are talking up Dane to be the Venom too.

            I thought there would be tones of good stuff for Venom movies based on Eddie but ya, don’t know where they will go.

            • No doubt, they could go in many directions. It is heavily based off the Ultimtes version. But, I think it is too late to retcon the Ultimate Venom storyline into the ASMverse. Hopefully that means it will be closer to classic Eddie Brock.

  7. Had a feeling while watching the movie since we didn’t see Norman’s deceased body that there was a chance he could possibly be alive or come back somehow. In Arnold’s voice “He’ll be back”.

  8. Why did they cut so many good things!?

  9. Why did they cut off the scene where they cut off Norman Osborn’s head

    • he was frozen in a similar fashion to Ted Williams for preservation. During that process, they remove the head from the body

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there an interview with Chris Cooper several months ago where he said that Amazing Spider-Man 2 leaves his character in an “interesting position” for future films?

  11. I think I have simple answer why it was cut. What will Twenty Century Fox give Sony in return for a mid credit DOFP stinger in Amazing Spider-man 2? We will probably see this scene that seems to be missing as a stinger in Days of Future Past. Think about it, if Sony makes say 350 million globally by May 2, it calls Fox and says insert our clip. If it does not, then they tell Fox good luck on your movie. Maybe we can do business again?

    • Nope. You must have missed all the reporting about the fact that Sony put the DoFP clip in there in exchange for Fox allowing Marc Webb the freedom from an existing contract with them so he could actually do this movie on Sony’s schedule. Both sides already got something.

  12. I think people are missing one possible use of Norman in the future: he is the brains of the Sin Six. The teased line-up is Doc Ock, Vulture, Kraven, Goblin, Rhino and Chameleon or Mysterio or Venom. Norman may become Mysterio? Makes more sense than Venom. My guess is that Pete uses the symbiote to power-up for the Sin Six fight. If the Sin Six movie isn’t about killing Spiderman than I have no idea what it could be about.

  13. I loved it, people are way to critical

  14. Still think if/when Osborn is brought back he’ll be the vulture. Why use some other old guy seeking immortality when you have one already. No elaborate origin needed. The next movie will already be a cluster eff of origin stories.

    • Doc Ock is simple, he has had a full movie origin. So he is an Oscorp employee most likely.

      Goblin is set-up. Rhino too.

      Kraven is a hired assassin/hunter/merc. That isn’t a big origin.

      Vulture could be another Oscorp employee. No need for him to be Norman. Also, the wings weren’t part of a headless suit.

      Mysterio if Norman is other than just Norman.

      Have you ever seen the Magnificent Seven?

  15. The movie does a great job with a lot of things but Webb absolutely sucks at building hype within this universe. He’s got the cast down, he’s got the spidey dialogue and the web slinging down, now he’s got the costume down, he’s done the villains pretty well, the stories are actually decent for the most part (some of Electro’s development was weak but whatever)and the effects were stellar.

    BUT where he failed in the first movie, and he failed again here, is creating a fabric to get connected to. I don’t know how many people walked out of there absolutely pumped for Spidey 3, but it wasn’t a lot (even for those who enjoyed it, it did little to get fan boys dicks hard for future instalments). Interested possibly, but it was still such a wasted opportunity when you could have easily accomplished big things if you set the table up properly instead of just tacking on the Rhino scene which you’ve been advertising up the wazoo for months.

    In the first movie you had this pointless stinger, who we STILL don’t technically know who it was. Stupid on so many levels don’t even get me started. This movie you wasted Chris Cooper, you teased a concept that is probably still 2 movies away, which while filled with potential, has nothing incredibly enticing about it since we still have to go through the whole painful building process for it. We sat through a whole movie, which while enjoyable (at least for me), established only a small portion of the universe despite the taking the huge post spidey 3 risk of appearing bloated by trying to cram too much in (not sure how they managed to do so little to build the universe while having introduced as many as 6 different villains to be honest) and they left us with little clue as to what to expect in the third film. They could still go anywhere at all, more Goblin stories, Venom, Dr Octopus and/or Vulture, apparently Kraven is in the mix now or Webb wants him to be, Black Cat, Mysterio/Chameleon? All of which makes me feel like they don’t really have a plan. And then you have no stinger which only reinforces the fact.

    They also wasted time including characters like Colm Feore’s, Gustav Fiers, etc that are completely useless except to help set up basic plot devices, which just comes off as lazy and uninspired.

    Basically to sum up across 2 spidey movies you have included only a brief sniff (aka 1.5 scenes) at his two greatest villans, Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius, while no real indication that either is a mastermind pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Spidey’s b villans are cool by design, but they are always at their most effective when used as tools by people smarter than they are. After 4 hours in this universe, we’ve yet to be introduced to anyone who isn’t a chaotic loose cannon Peter is merely struggling to manage, as opposed to a real maniacal genius. And you had all the opportunity in the world to do that. THOSE are the kind of things that get fans excited and build a buzz for future projects.

    You somehow have a venom movie already on the books for the future and have only managed a sneaky easter egg with a name. The lack of a coherent thought process in the scene selection and in the characters they introduce is borderline embarrassing.

    • I think I can sum up what you seem to be experiencing. It is a mix of classic and ultimate SM as interpreted by Webb and Co. They are trying something new with Spidey on-screen and it is gutsy. Sin Six is new.

  16. Meh. I’ll just wait for the Special Edition DVD of ASM2

  17. So to wrap up, Norman Osborn could be dead, could be Green Goblin, could be Mysterio, could be Vulture… Harry Osborn could be Green Goblin, could be Venom, we still don’t know the “official” Sinister Six lineup, what the Black Cat is doing, haven’t met JJJ, no sign of MJ (although I do agree it probably made sense to cut her from this cut of the film), and we have two mysterious characters looming in the shadows who could be anyone with any purpose?

    Like how stupid and convoluted is Webb trying to make this? It’s a shame because everything else is spot on and both movies have been fun otherwise.

    • If Norman is still alive, then the only villain he will be is Mysterio. Bank it. Harry as Venom seems unlikely, it is only part of a cartoon version. Eddie Brock will be Venom. Black Cat will be in a grey area as always. The trouble with JJ is that he was so great in the first trilogy. JK Simmons owns that character. So do they bring him back or re-cast?

    • So wait they have to please people that want to know everything (like you) and they have to please people that dont want to know whats going on ahead of time.

      So to wrap it up its a story in a book you havent read yet. Why dont you wait until the rest of the story comes out instead of trying to skip ahead to the last few chapters?

      It may only be stupid and convoluted because you are trying to figure out something that you may not be privy to.

      What is the sense in creating a movie/story/universe if you already know what is going to happen in the movie/story/universe?

  18. I’m getting a Futurama feel to this.

  19. Hobgoblin maybe? I can’t see Harry as Venom because he already has the serum in his bloodstream and he said it comes and go’s so unless he get’s fully healed I don’t think that’s a possibility. Father-Son duo perhaps?

    • Spider serum is in Harry’s blood, Venom has Spiderman’s powers….. If they dont want the same story as the horrid Spiderman 3 then the symbiote can attach to Harry and then move on after defeated…. Also, Harry now has a hatred for PP. Harry as Venom (at least in the next movie) makes the most sense to me….

      • Maybe Norman becomes the Spider Slayer (with the mech suit being developed by Smythe who already works for Oscorp). He could be kept as the villain for ASM4 assuming the Sinister Six are the enemies of ASM3.

  20. Maybe Harry takes on the Venom suit and fights Spidey throughout the film, while Eddie Brock is introduced (along with JJJ and more on Pete’s job), and at the end Harry loses and the Venom thingy finds Eddie, and we are set up for the Venom franchise and Spidey 4 with Green Goblin (Norman)?

  21. Stay deleted.

    Headless Norman is…a terrible idea. Killing off potential so early, Sony? Don’t do it.

  22. kind of a shame lsh wasn’t in TASM2, would have liked for them to keep his character around for the potential agent venom character being introduced to the universe.

  23. Harry Osbourne is NOT going to be Venom. Avi Arad and others have repeatedly said Venom is going to be Eddie Brock’s story. The marketing for the movie has also name dropped Eddie Brock multiple times.

  24. seems to me they abandoned a plot line that was gonna be more fleshed out in the sequels. i don’t expect norman to return in any fashion. idk if the director changed up the storyline or got orders from the studio executives to change it up based on new plans for the sequels and spinoffs but i do know it was poorly edited in removing all the missing scenes from the trailers and now this leaked credits preview. something changed.

    and i guess it is to be expected. i was pretty excited for the plans for this franchise but now i am tempering expectations. they are all over the place and don’t seem to have a clear direction with where they want to take the franchise.

    poor spidey. suffering yet again from the whims of a studio. in an attempt to copy the universe mold they lost focus and rushed ahead with asm2. i bet some more last minute changes were implemented for the future due to certain appeal from teased bits and as a result we got the mess released last weekend. i’ll see the next ones but i am expecting nothing more then a campy, disjointed, comic movie with a subpar plot and some ok action scenes. yeah i know, typical for a cbm but spidey deserves better as an a-lister in the genera.

  25. A better version of TASM 2 they say…
    Chill out gringos! a lot of complaints in US alone.
    The film is a HIT.

  26. Silvermane in the comics was a dying guy who tried to force dr connors to create an immortality serum. When that fails he becomes a cyborg. During his life time he constabtly tried to attain youth and immortality. Now swap Silvermane with Norman Osborn and I think we have the story of ASM 3.
    P S. Silvermane also spent time as a disebodied head.

  27. I think that Harry will become venom and then the symbiote will bond to someone else and become agent venom.
    i think the spider venom will be the key to the symbiote. i think that after the goblin worked to an extent oscorp gets lots of scientists to look into the venom and the start to alter it and the venom symbiote is born

  28. Spider serum is in Harry’s blood, Venom has Spiderman’s powers….. If they dont want the same story as the horrid Spiderman 3 then the symbiote can attach to Harry and then move on after defeated…. Also, Harry now has a hatred for PP. Harry as Venom (at least in the next movie) makes the most sense to me

  29. “TASM2 Deleted Post-Credits Scene Revealed”. yeah right! A scene preparation for another disappointing sequel. 3 villains is not enough for sony and avi so they decided to go with 6 villains. Goodluck with that.