‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Deleted Post-Credits Scene Revealed

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amazing spider man 2 directors cut Amazing Spider Man 2: Deleted Post Credits Scene Revealed

[WARNING!!! This Article Contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for Amazing Spider-Man 2.]

It seems that even after Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gave up all of its secrets to fans hungry to know more about the future of the franchise (or its larger movie universe), it still has some surprises left to give. Those who saw the film know that in place of a mid or post-credits teaser for future stories came a scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past – a decision made even more unclear by the seemingly vast array of plot threads left after the film’s climax. Now that more details surrounding the film’s original post-credits scene have come out, it’s obvious Sony cut back on the promises being made.

Fan skepticism was already at a significant level after the first Amazing Spider-Man did little to tell “the untold story” that its trailers and marketing promised. While the sequel featured some of that story in its opening montage, it seemed just as many implied story beats and twists were ignored the second time around. Our editors discussed the missing story surrounding Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) on a recent episode of the SR Underground Podcast, but really, any movie fan likely found it suspicious that an actor of Cooper’s caliber would be called on for a single scene.

As it turns out, the explanation is a simple one: he wasn’t. We first heard about the rumors surrounding Norman Osborn’s fate back in March, when MoviePilot uncovered photos showing unseen areas of Oscorp’s ‘Special Projects’ bunker. Now that the film has been released, it’s easier to make sense of what it apparently reveals.

For starters, here is the original leaked image from set:

Amazing Spider Man 2 Norman Osborn Vault 620x370 Amazing Spider Man 2: Deleted Post Credits Scene Revealed

What the scene apparently shows is the mysterious Gustav Fiers (Michael Massee) deep in the bowels of Oscorp – a scene that did feature prominently in the closing moments of the film. But the #3 Vault that was never shown onscreen appears to contain a frozen human head. We would assume most viewers to know who is being preserved, but a closer look confirms it to be that of Norman Osborn:

Amazing Spider Man 2 Norman Osborn Head Amazing Spider Man 2: Deleted Post Credits Scene Revealed

According to all sources, the original post-credits scene followed Mr. Fiers as he strolled through Oscorp’s secret level – likely the same scene which featured the writhing ball of black liquid some identified as the Venom symbiote – and approached the disembodied, frozen head. With a quiet “wake up, old friend,” the scene comes to a close. Given how quickly the nurses attended to Osborn on his deathbed flew into action once he expired, and that Norman’s son Harry (Dane DeHaan) found a cure for their disease (with some slight drawbacks), the scene makes sense.

If it all makes sense, then, the question becomes: why did Marc Webb or Sony choose not to include it in the theatrical version of the film? If we had to wager a guess, it is most likely that the scene was cut because it hinted too explicitly at future stories, or because it no longer applied once the plan had changed. It’s possible that, like Mary Jane Watson’s role in ASM2, it was cut due to an already sizable cast and variety of themes. But with Gustav Fiers famous for helping organize the super-team known as the Sinister Six, does this scene imply Norman Osborn could return with an artificial body?

The film’s actual post-credits marketing already revealed five potential villains, so could Osborn be the final entry?

Amazing SPider Man 2 Green Goblin Character Image Hi Res Amazing Spider Man 2: Deleted Post Credits Scene Revealed

It’s obvious that Sony has enough of a challenge on its hands building a movie universe around a single comic book character, so if Osborn’s resurrection is more than one sequel away, it would make sense to remove any hint of it to focus on characters and stories that are actually in active development. Still, this scene – now that we know exactly how it would have fit into the finished film – is likely to fuel debate over the existence of  a better version of Amazing Spider-Man 2.


VIDEO: Jamie Foxx & Dane DeHaan Talk Sinister Six


Would a post-credits scene teasing a return of Norman Osborn or even Venom itself have improved your experience with the movie? Or would you rather the studio not hint at a character until they’re ready to include them? Share your thoughts in the comments.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is in theaters now.

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Source: MoviePilot

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  1. They really should’ve gone aHEAD with these plans.

  2. They didn’t use the scene because while drafting the third film (which was done during production of the second for continuity) the plans they had for Norman Osborne couldn’t justify him only being a head, he will eventually become an advanced green goblin and Harry will become venom

    • Was this confirmed to be true?

  3. One thing that needs to be thought about to is if Harry stays a part of the Six ad his dad joins as a member what kinda relationship would they have? Would their sorta bitter feelings continue or would they patch things up now that they r in an evil group of villains?

  4. I think that eventually Harry gets Peter’s blood, then uses it in the venom symbiote to make it cure his deases?

  5. My thoughts are that Norman Osborne has asked Felicia to watch Harry and to get him to test the Spider Venom hence the tip off, she had no reason to tip him off and no reason to be in that office when elected to management. I also think that Norman knows about the symbiote wants Oscorp to test this on Harry too as it may have potential ‘body rebuiding’ qualities and has to be tested on someone with the same DNA as Norman. AS3 will have Harry bonded with the Symbiote and Spiderman has to sort the mess out by fighting with and geting defeated by Venom as Harry. Then, Norman will want the Symbiote back, send the sinsiter 6 after Harry to get it, Spiderman will be forced to join Harry against the 6…. Venom spin off etc.

  6. Just another forgotten plot line in the bloated hot mess that is TASM2.


  7. This is why most of the studio-produced superhero movies from Marvel characters suck when compared to what Marvel Studios is doing with Iron Man, Cpt America, Hulk, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.
    Spidey, X-Men, and Fantastic Four won’t be truly epic until their rights revert back to Marvel, and then Marvel can produce a proper movie version. Studio execs, writers, and directors get in the way.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

    • Well, since Marvel was bought by Disney in 2009, it will always be in the hands of big studio executives. Everything from phase two onward is Disney. Also, I am pretty sure that Sony and Fox have stipulations on their film rights for Spider-man and the X-Men/Fantastic Four respectively, which state that as long as they produce a film at least every two years they will retain their rights to the franchises. As I doubt they will ever want to default on such valuable assets, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-man are stuck with their current production studios for the foreseeable future. Well, unless Disney decides to buy Fox and/or Sony. I guess crazier things have happened…

      • All of the Phase 1 films except Iron Man were also Disney-and all have been pretty great

  8. Clearly they just wing it, make it up as they go.

  9. Bring back Sam Raimi.

    • Indeed.

  10. Well said.

  11. First Raimi-haters circle-jerked over the first TASM just because it wasn’t Raimi-related say it was beter than the Raimi trilogy, Then TASM 2 comes out and now they’re saying “yeah, the first one sucked… but THIS one is SO much better than the Raimi trilogy!” Pfft.

    Its funny how they’ll convince themselves that they like these newer, sloppyer films; if only because they’re not Raimi-related.

    The original Spider-Man 2 is still the better sequel, as well as one of the best CBMs of all time. These TASM films are a mess, live with it “Webb-heads.”

    • You said it. Raimi’s version of Spider-Man is still the definitive one. Oh, and I love how so many fans hate on Raimi for the less-than-stellar product that Spider-Man 3 was, without realizing that the studio geniuses took a LOT of control away from Raimi on that movie, making it so much less than what it could have and should have been.

  12. These are tasm movies are way more comic related the lizard was ok but this is how spiderman should be no a lame ass nerd. I like how it fits today and the old trilogy was good but not as good as this second one.

    • You’re insnae. Garfield is 30 years old (and loosk it!) and a supermodel. Peter is a teenager (at least Tobey believably played a teen!). The whole idea of Spider-Man is a picked on nerdy teen who becomes a superhero-never worked with Garfield. And Emma Stone was TERRIBLE! That’s why ASM2 was the LEAST successful box office of the five films…

  13. The movie was bloated enough already. No need introducing another plot thread that may or may not go anywhere. The teased Rhino fight scene at the end should have been the after credits scene.

  14. TASM 1&2 are both FAR better than any of the first three movies. Literally in every single way. I have read spiderman comics for over 20 years and I STILL read them, and I absolutely loved TASM 2. These are so much closer to the comics…the characters are much more accurate. The story is better. The music is better. The cinematography is better. Raimi was cool with evil dead and whatnot but he totally ruined him take on spider man.

    • No, just no. All of TASM has done is copy/paste from the Raimi trilogy and try to make them “bigger-er and better-er.”

      Who CARES if something is closer to the comics? Go read the comics if you want them exactly like the comics.

      Story? Both movies feel like they’re making things up as they go.

      Music? Are you kidding? Danny Elfman’s main theme alone obliterates any piece of music from these new films.

      Cinematography? Okay? The Raimi trilogy had a consistent look; while TASM felt like a Dark Knight wanna-be, while TASM 2 was too colorful with all the dark, twisted themes occurring.

      • I bet you rate the dark knight and the dark knight rises aswell don’t you

  15. Loved the movie!

    I am in my late 40’s and I’ve been reading Spider-Man aince I was 7. My first issue was 130.

    The thing I liked about this is that it is about Peter, who happens to be Spidey. That has always been the way it was in the comics and its probably what has made Spidey so popular. I don’t mind the reimagining of some things as long as the core things are still there.

    The story did seem disjointed and I definitely think we need to see a Director’s Cut. It seems like there were things missed going from point A to point B and I’m sure they’re on the editing room floor.

    For all its faults the “big scene” made up for it all. Incredibly put together and Garfield’s acting made you feel it.

    I think Norman will be the Ultimate Goblin and Harry could be Venom but I’m not sold on that yet.

    I’m really looking forward to the next installments. This “universe” is an interesting take. We need JJJ and when this story is finished we need the Ultimate Peter ending.

  16. Why does everyone keep saying Harry could be Venom, that’s plain wrong. Eddie Brock is Venom!!!

    • Thank you i keep think the same thing every time i read this!
      I can see Harry being the Hobgoblin while Norman is the Green Goblin!

  17. Wasn’t Norman Osborn’s death in this movie a part of the story or has the story got him coming back ? I’m confused. I thought Norman died in his bed by disease ? Why do people keep commenting that he will be the green goblin (although I would agree, he is the Green Goblin and Harry should be Hobgoblin). Did I miss something ?

    • Read the main article, it will explain it.

  18. The X-Men: Days of Future Past clip shouldn’t have been there. The only reason it should have been there was IF Sony and Fox were making a X-Men and Spider-Man crossover, which we all know isn’t happening because the two movies are set in two completely different universes.

  19. Can’t please the fanboys! Why can’t people just watch a movie. Just because you think you have some insight into the character doesn’t mean you’re right. Movie studios make movies for mass appeal, not just you fanboys that love one or two particular iterations of Spider-man. I grew up with SM as my hero and i can still say there was plenty to love about this movie!

    I read where someone wrote about there being too many villains. Then you don’t know about the Sinister 6 or (“Insidious 6″ for my 90’s animated fans)? Spidey battles numerous villains, while juggling an array of relationships with numerous characters. I can admit to being a bit let down at the post-credit scene, but that’s just because I wanted more, but honestly I felt like I was able to glean enough info for what I saw in the movie. Gwen’s death leaves room for MJ, and possible Felicia – if she is who I think she is. There will be a reappearance by Norman Osborne to lead Smythe’s Sinister 6. The Rhino was just a teaser, along with the special projects bunker, toward the “6”. In affect though, Norman was already the Goblin as his current character resembled the Norman Osborne “goblin” from Spider-man Noir.

    Learn to enjoy the movies people. Let the critics be critics..

  20. For some reason I was waiting for Kafka to come out with a HAIL HYDRA!!!! and thinking two more heads will take Norman osborn place so we might see two headed goblin in a mechanical suit on a glider something like in the transformers 4 trailer in the post credit scene but there was no post credit scene and others got a random ass clip of DOFP after I told my friend all this he told me i should never blow that sticky ever again.

  21. Since ASM2 was hailed by everyone as terrible, maybe he cut it just to clean up the mess? Thank God Emma died off-she was beyond awful in the role.

  22. I think that somehow Norman will get his/a body back and will require a stronger dose of the Oz Serum, creating the more monstrous goblin we see in the Ultimate comics. Harry on the other hand, might try to create the Venom symbiote to cure his disease (like how it was created in the Ultimate universe to be a cure for cancer), therefore becoming Venom

    I think the Sinister 6 will consist of:
    Green Goblin
    Electro OR Doc Ock
    Kraven OR Vulture
    Venom OR Mysterio

  23. meh~