Warner Bros Boss Talks ‘Wonder Woman’; Classic Costume Revealed

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 13th, 2013 at 10:04 pm,

Last week’s frenzy of pilot pickups and cancellations was largely a windfall for Warner Bros. Television, with the notable exception of NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot. CEO Peter Roth spoke out on the gains and the losses; also, a possible third “classic” Wonder Woman costume has been revealed.

Easily the project with the biggest mindshare this spring, Wonder Woman was full of promise when NBC ordered the pilot early this year. But after starlet Adrianne Palicki was cast, a series of ill-fated leaks and reveals gained the ire of Wonder Woman fans and critics alike, not the least of which was her much-maligned costume. NBC abandoned the pilot earlier in May.

“I think Wonder Woman was a very well-crafted pilot,” said Roth, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter. The series would have been produced by Warner Bros., which owns the DC Comics company and the rights to all its characters. He went on to say:

But after seeing the announcement of the NBC schedule, I now understand and agree with Bob [Greenblatt, NBC executive] that it doesn’t necessarily fit particularly well with their schedule. As well-crafted and contemporized as it was, it was a big and radical shift for viewers to embrace this new idea — and that may, to some degree, have had to do with why it didn’t make it.

Roth also offered a small nugget of hope for the Wonder Woman faithful. When asked about the show appearing on another network, he would neither confirm nor deny the possibility.

To be determined. I’m just not sure yet; we haven’t given it a lot of thought.

For those who cried foul at the Amazonian Princess wearing long pants, have a gander at this new photo from the abandoned pilot. The photo comes from Facebook and features actor Joseph Gatt alongside the title character in costume. The short shorts are almost certainly the third Wonder Woman costume that Robert Greenblatt alluded to last month.

The spiffy new bottom appears to be the only significant modification from the revised costume Palicki and a stuntwoman sported during filming in Los Angeles. With the addition of the star-spangled shorts, Palicki is the spitting image of her comic book counterpart, and not that far off from Lynda Carter’s legendary look in the 1970s Wonder Woman.

So, what are the odds of seeing Wonder Woman lasso a new job on another network? I’d put it at somewhere between “slim” and “none.”


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter


But after seeing the announcement of the NBC schedule, I now understand and agree with Bob [Greenblatt, NBC executive] that it doesn’t necessarily fit particularly well with their schedule. As well crafted and contemporized as it was, it was a big and radical shift for viewers to embrace this new idea — and that may, to some degree, have had to do with why it didn’t make it.To be determined. I’m just not sure yet; we haven’t given it a lot of thought.
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  1. yeah…thats wonder woman alright :0

    • and it looks like she’s hanging out w/ Arizona shooter Jared Loughner.

  2. How about putting it on the WB network in smallvilles timeslot

  3. A improvement on the costume but still needs work, atleast it wasn’t for a film. Another thing is wrong actress in the role imo.

    • Wrong costume! Really wrong actress!!! Get a better costume Get a better actress!! Looks to wrongfor the role or maybe I’m getting too old?

  4. As beautiful as Palicki is, I just don’t think she embodies the spirit of Wonder Woman. Not to mention, that belt is just too bulky for a bathing suit. I for one waas ecstatic about the revised pants (the second version, with the red boots, darker colors and less noticeable seams). I felt it made the character less of a sex object and was more practical.

    Alas, if the show isn’t meant to be, it’s just not meant to be, you know? I still have hope that Wonder Woman will at least make it to the big screen in the much talked about JLA movie.

    I also agree with Tim francis pO. The CW is a part of Warner Brothers, who I believe has the rights to much of DC Comics properties. Smallville is off the air, and Wonder Woman, paired with Supernatural on Fridays might actually boost Supernatural’s ratings (grabbing more of the 18-25 male demographic). Ah well. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, yeah?

  5. I don’t get why all the costumes went with a shiny, vinyl look. Does it film better or something? All that plastic-y look did was cheapen the feel of it, IMHO.

  6. Spitting image of Lynda Carter? HA! Not even close. This is even worse than the pants! SO SO happy this show was canned.

  7. Who’s Wonder Woman?

  8. It is amazing people actually get paid to put this crap out if only for one season. I mean who is responsible for casting these actors and who OK’s these costume designs? NBC has failed yet again to make a descent superhero tv show.

  9. Anne Hathaway for WW!

    • I agree

    • I’ll see your Anne Hathaway and raise you a Bridget Reagan.

      • Bridget Reagan all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • She’d be a really good choice, much better than Palicki.

        If Yvonne Strahovski was a brunette, she’d be great. She’s got the looks AND the action skills.

  10. Is it just me or does it look like she has implants? It is distracting from the costume.

    • Aleric,

      I agree. It’s obvious. Pretty sure WW wouldn’t have implants. 8)


    • That’s a fact jack.

      Fake is too real a word for that rack.

  11. Lol Aleric. Looks that way or that costume sure is too tight or somthing. I always did find her hot when she appeared on Smallville,especially when she was nude despite not showing anything. I even looked to see if she done nudity, she’s a good girl.

    • This is something I could see working and it doesn’t look or feel like a cheap stripper costume.

    • That’s more like it.

  12. She need a dress to cover those up.

  13. If the story isnt good enough to stand on its own then the costume doesnt matter. HOWEVER I do think this one looks good, maybe a JLA movie thats not just about WW.

  14. Damn…at least we have this pic! She’s gorgeous.

  15. Fail…….

  16. The costumes always look better on film than in photos. This happens with every superhero project. Suit pics get released and fans have a huge fit over it. Then they go see the movie and admit it wasn’t that bad. The only bad and unfixable thing about this project was that the showrunner seemed a bad fit. His deal is more legal dramas and not action shows. I say get a better showrunner and try again. Wonder Woman has been on the sidelines for too long. Limiting her to cameos in a Justice League movie is insulting.

    • I agree with Ink on this one, WW has a harder edge to her in the new comics than she did in the 70′s version.

  17. She looks similar to Lynna Lai!

      • Who cares who she is? she cant act!

        • Obviously you haven’t seen her do the news!

  18. Oh darn, I would have watched the show religiously and done my best to garner support for it from all corners if they had shown this kind of outfit from the beginning! ;)

  19. Also, what is wrong with America’s entertainment executives? For a character such as Wonder Woman, you don’t need a known actress to play the part.
    They need only look at the Smallville TV show. Practically every single actor and actress in it was an unknown, including Tom Welling, who played Superman. And that show lasted 10 seasons.
    Wonder Woman, with its higher-profile lead actress didn’t even get out of the starting gate. Do they really need to be told that the Wonder Woman character is the selling point?

  20. Sorry the new suit take off from Lynda Carter’s uis awful awful. Maybe she doesn’t have Ms Carter’s body form, or the suit is too too much (read not enough in the wrong places). IDK, I just don’t like it. Guess some other network is showing interest?

  21. This costume is worst than the first . Wonder Woman looks like someone gave her a wedgie .
    I am beginning to believe that it is not the costume but the actress who is not built for the part.

      • @ Brandon

        Wonderwoman has muscles yes, but every comic, or elsewhere id see her in, her muscles were never bigger than a guy’s. I doub’t they’d cast a woman who really lifts weights & look like Arnold did.

      • I don’t think anyone was looking for a female bodybuilder in the role. There were 3 areas that fans didn’t like:

        1. The script/showrunner. David E. Kelley did Ally McBeal and The West Wing and it sounded like he was going to do Ally McBeal as a superheroine. Josh Whedon would have been a MUCH better choice. He has an idea how to do action and female heroines.

        2. The costume photos they released were a big problem. Wonder Woman’s cosume is as iconic as Batman’s, Superman’s and Spider-Man’s. The shiny Halloween costume they 1st showed and the 2nd costume looked like crap. If TPTB had gone with the traditional booty shorts from the start, then at least you wouldn’t have had that highly vocal criticism of the show. Part of the reason NBC probably didn’t pick up the show was the idea that even the fans didn’t like it.

        3. The actress was wrong. Since it took so long to get this close to putting Wonder Woman on the screen (big or small), two great casting opportunities were missed: Catherine Zeta Jones and Catherine Bell. They’re both too old to play WW now (maybe they could do it in a one-shot, but not in a multi-year series or movie sequels.

        The girl who was supposed to play Wonder Woman in this TV series was totally wrong for the role. Look at the picture of her on this page: She’s tall enough and can act, but she doesn’t fit what WW should look like. She looks too All-American. WW should have a Mediterranean look. She has NO muscles in her legs. She has NO muscles whatever in her arms. I’m not asking for bodybuilder looks, But maybe something along the lines of Ms. Fitness contestants (think Olympic swimmers or beach volleyball players.) And those bolt-ons!

        So the combination of having the wrong showrunner/bad concept, disrespecting the source material with the costume choice and the wrong actress in the lead role resulted in this show going down the tubes.

        • @ pjamese3

          I know. I agree with your post you wrote here.

        • Id watch Catherine Zeta Jones.

          • @ pawn6545

            Me too.

  22. Eric was right on the money when he said, “If the story isnt good enough to stand on its own then the costume doesnt matter.” So many people seem to be suggesting that it was the costume that brought about the demise of this show, at least as far as NBC goes. Doesn’t anyone remember the leak of the script for this show? It was one of the convoluted, ridiculous WW stories that I had ever heard of. Even if the perfect costume had been designed, I don’t think it would have helped this show one bit. :(

  23. this looks o.k. to me. i think the bulky belt needs to be thinner and the bracelets need to be gold. no one mixes gold with silver accessories.
    it needs to look better than a halloween costume, but

  24. When I was younger I always wanted Bridget Moynahan to be Wonderwoman when I saw her in Coyote Uggly for the first time.

    • @ David Guivant

      I always thought Catherine Zeta Jones would be perfect for the role.

      • @ WallyWest

        The first time that I saw Catherine Zeta Jones in Zorro I thought that her next role should have Wonder Woman. They also missed out on Angelina Jolie, after Tomb Raider, and Kate Beckinsale, after she did Underworld.

        The internet really jumped the gun with bashing this show. She looks hot in all three costumes. Clark Kent went through many different looks before he finally became Superman. I have a felling that they hopping to save the short look as a surprise before all hell broke lose.

        • PS: I hope that CW picks this up. Thats were it should have been all along.

        • @ UncleShaggy

          I tell you what, im tempted to ask if it’s possible for to get in shape for the role. Then again i dont know how old she is. Kate Beckinsale would be my 2nd choice probly. I only seen her Van Helsing & Click & i think she looks & possibly could pull off the role. One thing i wonder about whoever they cast as Wonderwoman in Justice League is they’re gonna that person wearing high heel boots or regular ones? Lol cause im not sure if Women can run very easy with high heel boots.

          • @ WallyWest

            I think its possible. She did get in shape for Chicago. Rent Underworld and you’ll see that she could pull off Wondewoman without any problems. I would think that it would be easier for women to run and fight in regular boots, from what I noticed most action movies with women in it they’re wearing heels. I don’t think there is any rule that says she cant use both. lol

            • @ UncleShaggy

              Come to think of it i agree with ya cause i remember seeing Kate Beckinsale in Underworld aswell. Just not the sequels,lol. I wouldn’t mind if they use both kinds of boots for different shots for the film to be great. As for the costume for, that’s a toughy, i don’t wanna see any costumes like the ones they had for the show. Looked the character was wearing a dang costumes made outta plastic or somthing. Not sure which design id wanna go with, i always liked the W embelm or whatever you wanna refer it to costume she wore or the design that was seen on Smallville worn my Erica Durance, forget what episode it was she was dressed like Wonderwoman. I always found Wonderwoman to be more challenging than Superman to cast & probly get the right costume probly,lol.

                • @ UncleShaggy

                  Age 41 huh? Id say she can still pull the role off then. As for Linda Carter & what she said about Palicki in costume, im sure she was just being supportive of the actress as anyone would.

  25. THIS is the costume hey Should have gone with. But perhaps WW will end up on the CW, since THEY have EXPERIENCE with the Superhero genre…also know as SMALLVILLE.

    • And Birds of Prey. Choose your compliments wisely…