Rumored DC Movie Schedule: ‘Shazam,’ Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up, & More

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Justice League Movie Rumored DC Movie Schedule: Shazam, Flash/Green Lantern Team Up, & More

For months, comic book movie fans have been trying to determine if Warner Bros. has a long term plan for its DC Entertainment properties. Following the commercial success of their Superman reboot, Man of Steel, the studio was quick to announce a sequel but Warner Bros. blew expectations wide open when they revealed that the follow-up would include Batman and pave the way for a Justice League movie universe. Nearly one year, and several casting announcements, later and fans have begun to wonder if Kal-El is getting short shrift in his next big screen appearance, now titled Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

With some version of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) all set to appear, among others, DC Comics fans have regularly questioned whether Warner Bros. is rushing a quality solo Superman story in order to get a full-fledged shared universe off the ground. Now, thanks to a new industry report, we may have the blueprints for the studio’s upcoming slate of DC Entertainment films – which is far more ambitious than many likely thought.

The report comes courtesy of the newly launched Nikki Finke website – and while we’ve seen similar rumors in the past, it’s hard to argue with Finke’s track record. Like any other unconfirmed rumor, fans should take this release schedule with a grain of salt but, given its source, there’s a definite possibility that this slate is what Warner Bros is currently developing. After all, we’d previously heard that the studio was busy planning 11 different DC film projects:

  • May 2016 – Batman v Superman
  • July 2016 – Shazam
  • Xmas 2016 – Sandman
  • May 2017 – Justice League
  • July 2017 – Wonder Woman
  • Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up
  • May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

Justice League Movie Aquaman Matt Damon Rumored DC Movie Schedule: Shazam, Flash/Green Lantern Team Up, & More

Finke also rattles off a number of other details that will likely please or outrage potential fans – asserting that the Batman V Superman delay wasn’t due to the script, Ben Affleck, or anyone else. According to her source, the film delay was designed to give the studio more time to line-up actors/actresses for key future roles – roles that will be teased with cameo appearances in Batman V Superman.

“Like Marvel’s The Avengers, there will be cameos of superheroes for future installments. The cameos will include the already known Cyborg and Flash. Green Lantern [not played by Ryan Reynolds, thank god] may be introduced. And Aquaman will be seen in the Justice League movie. Problem is, Warner Bros Pictures was still negotiating with the actors for those cameos and future roles, meaning major contracts for multiple JL/character films to follow. The studio didn’t want to move forward until they had more of this secure so they held off starting production for a few months. Seemingly simple reason, but the implications are pretty darn huge.”

The source also claims that Metal Men and Suicide Squad movies were, at one point, aiming for release in 2016 – but both projects have since been removed from Warner Bros.’ current slate. Suicide Squad had previously been connected to reports that DC intended to release one or two lower budget superhero movies each year but, if the new schedule is to be believed, it’s possible that the studio has pushed smaller projects aside and invested heavily in tentpole DC blockbusters (with the exception of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Sandman movie).

As mentioned, the report cannot be confirmed at this time but a lot of the details line up with previous rumors. For nearly a year, we’ve been hearing reports that Batman V Superman would shoot back to back with Justice League – with the intention of releasing the superhero team-up in 2017. A Wonder Woman spinoff had previously been semi-confirmed by industry insiders – though it wasn’t clear exactly when the studio was intending to send the film into theaters. Fans of Wonder Woman, as well as anyone who has been hoping to see more female superheroes taking center stage, should be excited to see that the solo adventure isn’t too far down the slate. Similarly, the assertion of a Shazam film in 2016 could line-up with reports that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been in talks with Warner Bros. for his own DC Comics franchise – with repeated sources insinuating that Shazam could be Johnson’s mystery role.

Denzel Washington Green Lantern in Batman Superman Rumored DC Movie Schedule: Shazam, Flash/Green Lantern Team Up, & More

That said, it has also been speculated that Johnson might portray a new John Stewart Green Lantern – which would also line-up with Finke’s assertion that Ryan Reynolds will not return to the DC movie universe as Hal Jordan. Interestingly, the new report suggests that with or without Johnson, Green Lantern won’t get his own solo film this round (at least not yet) and will, instead, be paired with The Flash. Anyone who has read the comic book source material knows that some Green Lanterns have enjoyed a fun camaraderie/friendly rivalry with certain Flash iterations – delivering quirky buddy cop comedy with action-packed superhero antics.

As we’ve discussed numerous times before in Screen Rant articles and our Screen Rant Underground Podcast, DC isn’t directly emulating Marvel’s Avengers format – and while characters like Green Lantern and The Flash may be well-known, they’re not guaranteed box office hits. For that reason, it appears as though DC is willing to experiment with shared universe team-ups after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – to maximize the buzz and box office for characters that would not otherwise be sure-fire ticket sellers.

Aquaman Movie Updated 2013 Geoff Johns Rumored DC Movie Schedule: Shazam, Flash/Green Lantern Team Up, & More

Aquaman falls into a similar category. While the character is well known, and rising in popularity thanks to a solid New 52 redesign, there’s still a lot of stigma around the Aquatic Ace - enough that a solid chunk of moviegoers would likely role their eyes at the announcement of a solo Aquaman movie. Still, speculation persists that Jason Mamoa, who recently signed for a DC part, could be preparing for Aquaman (assuming you don’t believe those Matt Damon rumors). If the character made a splash, pardon the pun, in Justice League, moviegoers should be able to move past pre-conceived notion of skin-tight scale pants and matching cod pieces, and get legitimately excited for a full-fledged Aquaman movie.

Last up, for moviegoers who are worried about the future of Superman on film, the new report will likely help you rest a little bit easier. 2018 is a long time to wait but it’s reassuring, at least for those who enjoyed Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, to hear that Warner Bros hasn’t forgotten about the character that set this entire shared movie universe in motion.

That said, will Batfans have to wait until 2019 for a solo Ben Affleck-led Caped Crusader film?

More: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Podcast Discussion

Batman V Superman is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2016 with Justice League set to follow some time in the future. Currently, the rest of the rumored Warner Bros. release schedule remains unconfirmed.

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Source: Nikki Finke

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  1. I wish there was a Aquaman movie in the works. But I think if he is well received in the JL movie he will get a solo film or team up.

    I hope Marian Manhunter is in the JL ,its not a deal breaker but it would be nice and they have to kick it off with Darkseid for sure, to start off with a bang.

    I’m not a real Shazam or Cyborg fan but I’m just happy to be getting a Justice league film. Maybe the movie will make me fans of them.

    • They’re basing this off the New 52 JL. New 52 JL is Supes, BAts, WW, Flash, GL, Cyborg and Aquaman. And Shazam! was in for Aquaman in the JL:War film.

      • We can’t be sure of that, they may create their very own JL roster that has a different line-up than anything before from the comics or cartoons. Of course, you may be right, if this schedule is to be believed and they probably would go the JL: War rather than the New 52 by the looks of it.

      • And the lineup can evolve over time. Naturally, if this first phase goes well they’ll be wanting a Justice League 2 and we could see MM then.

        • Yeah, I mainly meant that for the 1st movie it’ll either follow the N52 or JL:War Justice League line-up. But there’s no reason for that same line-up to stay forever constant.
          Say it’s the JL:War line-up, we could add Aquaman for 2, maybe Martian Manhunter Green Arrow(hopefully Amell’s but if not I’d like to see Charlie Hunnam), Black Canary, etc.

        • We will get Martian manhunter in some time but the thing is we won’t be a member of justice league like it is in the new 52 universe, that approach was far more realistic and practical

  2. my choice in actors for Shazam

    1.) Brandon Molale

    2.) Daniel Cudmore

    3.) Billy Batson should be portaid by actor Zachary Gorden if he is not too old im not sure how old that kid is

    4.) Patrick Warburton

    • Don’t forget Shaq!

  3. Hopefully this list is true so that Wonder Woman can shine in her own movie. One thing that’s missing is a solo Batman movie. Depening on how Ben Affleck portrays him in BvS there’s hoping there be a Batman film before 2019.

  4. I still believe they have plenty of time to get a Wonder Man script together and rollout a movie to properly set up Bat Man V Superman, and 5 plus years for a new at Man movie is too long of a wait.

    • meant Bat Man

  5. And I had been sitting here worried that they were gonna give away too much of BvS to keep interest up…

  6. I don’t think Johnson and Momoa are cast as superheroes I think they are going to be villains I saw a photo of Dwayne Johnson as Black Atom the pic looked good and I think Jason Momoa could be Black Manta.

    • I think they’re gonna use hero black Adam, since ba woulda needed to be good to get the powers in the first place

  7. No one believes the MOS2 thing. AMC, Forbes film critic. Superman is not a successful franchise. The franchise will not be getting more solo films. Team films yes. Superman is the Hulk of the DC universe. Thor almost beat MOS at the box office and Captain America did. Both cost much less to make. WB investors will not allow the studio to do more Superman and its their money that drives what films WB makes.

    • Thor TWO and Captain America TWO.
      Man of Steel (a first in series movie) trounced both Cap and Thor’s first movies. Which can’t even be called first in series as technically they are part of the Avengers Series, Which would make them fourth and fifth in series. So you are comparing a first movie (historically makes less as the public doesn’t know exactly what to expect yet) to a eighth (Thor 2) and ninth (Cap 2) movie. Please.
      Oh, and hulk made about 410 million less than Supes even when he had a known Avengers tie in.

      Man of Steel, the DCU first movie made more than Iron Man the MCU first movie. So you can sell that BS somewhere else.

      • @joe Kerr. That’s a poor argument with even poorer comparisons. Despite what WB are telling us, the general audience does not consider Man of Steel the first in a series. Iron man took 585 mil with no established marvel brand and minimal character recognition. Man of steel took 668 mil with a Nolan produced film springboarding off a beloved batman trilogy. Superman is one of the worlds most recognised icons and was out grossed by iron man,cap and thor… Unacceptable.. By the way… I love man of steel, it’s better than any marvel movie… But superman just isn’t resonating with a worldwide audience.

        • Thor didn’t out gross MOS, Cap2 barely did and IM3 did. Those 2 and the Avengers are the only movies out of the 10 Marvel movies that out grossed MOS which is the first movie to open the DC Universe and was an origin story.

          • @chewie. Fair enough. But Thor the dark world came close and iron man 3 almost doubled it. Again, I stress that box office is no sign of a movies quality. I love both marvel and DC. Man of Steel is my favourite film of last year without question. I’m just pointing out that it’s weird that MOS didn’t connect with the worldwide audience the way that marvel films do. But I’m sure BVS will fufill all expectations.

        • While Man of Steel was not the first Superman film, and thus not the “cold introduction” that Iron Man, Thor and CA:TFA were, it was following an generally unsuccessful franchise predecessor in Superman Returns, and a gap of about 17 years with no Superman films before that. So while I agree that Superman does not generate the same excitement as most of the other big-name characters anymore, part of that is due to franchise mishandling leading up to Man of Steel.

          A better comparison is maybe Batman Begins, which got great reviews but did not make huge money (less than MOS). And that’s Batman, of all characters.

          MOS definitely fell short of WB’s hopes/expectations, but it still well and I think that the decision to move into ensemble/team-up films right now is more complex than just problems with Superman. I would not be surprised at all to see a MOS2 at some point. The biggest obstacle in the immediate future is that they are trying to get so many other characters in play. Sure, Batman will help Superman reach people, but both of them together will help all of the other characters get on their respective feet.

        • We shall agree to disagree then.
          BO history backs my stance though.
          With few exceptions the first movie is ALWAYS the lowest grossing.

          Being “known” can be a hindrance as much as a help too.
          Batman Begins was one of the best movies in that series and had the lowest gross by a long ways.
          Why? It had to make up for the stigma that was the Joel Schumaker (sp?) movies. Same as Man of Steel had to make up for Quest for Peace and Superman Returns.

          I compare apples to apples, so I won’t be comparing MoS to Thor and Cap 2 or IM3.

        • I’m afraid you are right. MARVEL is at this point a well established movie studio. People know MARVEL primarily for the movie versions of their characters, whereas DC has little cache beyond Batman with the general public. Superman and Wonder Woman are iconic like Mickey Mouse; they are recognized more as licensed characters that appear on pajamas and such than as characters who people are interested in reading ab?out or seeing in movies. When was the last time Mickey Mouse for instance appeared in a movie of any consequence and yet he is worth millions and still a household name. Same goes for Superman despite Man of Steel. The market is owned by MARVEL. That could change but I think DC is so far behind the curve it will be difficult to be perceived as anything but 2nd rate MARVEL by the general public.

      • How did the superman do that had kevin spacey in it? Oh, are going to pretend that doesn’t count for anything?

    • Your information about DCCU-MCU is not clear.

      Man of steel surpass im 1,2. thor 1,2. c 1. buoth hulk films too at box office. mos is first installment in DCCU. IM is first in MCU. mos colect 668 ml. so DCCU started more strongly then MCU.

      And mos 2 will release 2018. after bvs,jl. so no doubt it will cross billion. (im2 623 ml,im3 after avengers 1.2 bn. keep it in mind. thor,ca also collect better than their previous films after av).

  8. Who is the already casted Flash, as said in the article, “The cameos will include the already known Cyborg and Flash.”? Also, I wish Ryan Reynolds returned as GL, as he has the best relationship with Barry Allen, and John Stewart with Wally West. I’m sure they will favour Barry over Wally though, and if they cast John Stewart, then their chemistry wouldn’t be good, because they would have clashing personalities. The reason they work best, Hal and Wally with Barry and Jon is because their personalities compliment each other’s.

  9. I liked Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan portrayal a lot, and I wish Hal is the GL and Reynolds is Hal, also if Gustin isn’t Barry (Amell wont be Arrow :( ), I want Ryan Gosling to play Barry.

    I really like the idea of A Green Lantern/Flash team-up first (It could be planned for Jon and Wally, like in JL cartoon) than they can go into GL corps and flesh out more of space in later installments and maybe recast Mark Strong as Sinestro. And also bring out the other Lantern cores. :)

  10. I’m starting to get CBM fatigue…I might just have to start being more discriminate with what I see in theatres because going to see every one of these things will be tough. The X-Men series is my favorite so those will be the priority and I like Captain America, Thor, and Batman.

    • @Corey,

      I know how you feel about CBM fatigue. I think a lot of folks are on the verge of burn out because we’re getting a continual re-hash of the same thing. It’s non-stop DC/Marvel(even when you throw in Fox’s X-men or Sony’s Spider-man). Personally, I’d like to see more original superhero(possibly Indy) movies come to the forefront. Movies like Chronicle or Unbreakable(One of my all time favorites). Something to break out of the DC/Marvel mold. Heck, I even wrote my own superhero screenplay for that very reason.

      Mr. Glass

  11. With all the rumors flying around, I’ll probably wait until there is official announcement from WB; they’ll likely announce it by 2014 SDCC.

  12. I find it weird that they would put Shazam and Sandman ahead of the JL movie and/or Flash/GL and/or Wonder Woman just based on the non-comic book fan. Any random non-comic book fan sure as hell knows the Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman; some MAY know of Shazam; and probably none know anything about Sandman. I would have thought they would have the mroe popular/known movies go first to get non-comic book fans on board and interested in the likes of Shazam and Sandman. Bold WB/DC, bold.

    • I don’t think Sandman will be part of the DC Universe. And Shazam is the lesser known of the heroes so Bat v Supes will give that movie a boost. I would like to see a Shazam movie as long as it has plenty of action, and Black Adam.

  13. this list is curious. It doesn’t appear to have any rhyme or reason to it – sandman plays into the DCU in what way? In Marvel Dr. Strange opens up a new world of villains. But Sandman is a great character – seems like it should just exist not play in any way with Supes.

    That said I’m willing to see whats going on here. But I still can’t help but feel like this is DC’s flaw. Selling out Hal Jordan who opened up Humans place in the GL because they made a s***** movie is ridiculous. Own it, and move on. Don’t just ignore your strongest GL character, not to mention the one that will pull in dads to watch.

    Plus Shazaam? Seriously? Sorry I love Dwayne Johnson but nope. Not interested. At all.

    • Some good stuff there. I dont agree with all of it, but enough.

      Derek Theler as Shazam is a great idea. He looks perfect; the best I’ve seen so far. He’s a must if he can actually act.

      Alda, Jackie Earl Hailey, a few real good picks over there for the curious.

  14. Can we get some Valiant and Image comic movies next?

  15. It is the perfect time for a Aquaman movie with all the climate change talk going on.

  16. If this list is to be believed, Wonder Woman and Shazam will require a huge amount of creative storytelling. Unlike Superman, WW and Shazam’s powers consists of magic, so it will be interesting to see how this will be delivered to the big screen.

    Random thoughts.
    1. Will Wonder Woman have flight ability or the invisible plane?
    2. Will we see some of Black Adam’s backstory in the Shazam film?
    3. Will we see Zeus and the other Olympian Gods in WW’s film?
    4. How will they differentiate Shazam’s powers from Superman’s?
    5. Will McDonalds bring back the McRib?

    • @Black Pegasus
      First off, judging by your name, I think we should go out, recruit other similarly named posters and start a heroes leage of our own. Or you could be my nemesis, that’d be cool too.

      Now, for my thoughts on your list:

      1. I hope she has flight. The invisible plane isn’t necessary and is kind of dumb, but anything, if done right, can seem believable.

      2. Well, it makes sense that they would. His backstory is more interesting than Barry’s while Barry’s CURRENT situation (being a child and all of the cool ways that can translate to him understanding assuming responsibility, as well as testing his innocence, integrity and such) is much more interesting.

      3. That’d be awesome, but I think they’d seem more mystical the less we see them. But of course, show Ares.

      4. That’s a hard one. We might just have to rely on the visuals (lightning highlights and such). You’d also have to heavily describe it’s magic aspects and the lightning thingy.

      5. If they don’t, then all of DC’s plans will have been for naught. The McRib must return, get a cameo in Justice League and then hopefully a spin off.

      • @SilverJaguar

        Excellent points! Let’s hope for the very best!

        P.S I’m available in the phone book for any super hero team ups :-)

  17. If this list is even accurate… I can see why they might want to do Shazam first.

    I mean, we will have already seen Wonder Woman, Bats and Supes in DoJ but casual moviegoers/fans are probably like, “Shazam? What’s a Shazam?” BOOM, solo movie (a la Thor or Iron Man)

    Then in Justice League we’re all “Hey, that’s that Shazzy dude, I remember him”

    Then Wonder Woman gets her solo film and she’s an icon so Boom, she’s good to go.
    Flash and Green Lantern are more recognizable to casual fans, and even if they weren’t, a BvS-esque team up film is an awesome idea and it’s different then what we’re used to seeing.

    I’m okay with this. Let’s do it.

  18. @Mark Bartlett

    You’re right, he did make some pretty dumb points. But you’re wrong too.

    Most people who didn’t watch MoS in my cinema refused to do so because of previous Superman flicks. The general audience doesn’t care who the director is so why should they care for the producer? MoS outgrossed phase 1 in every level. However I hate making BO reference because that’s purely objective.

  19. This is definitely a weird strategy. It seems like they want to release 2 or 3 movies a year based on the hypothetical success of Jusice League. That worked out well for Marvel but I’m not so sure for DC.

    • @TheInfinityGuy

      Thank you, I’m glad someone else was thinking of that. I’ve been saying all along that just because Avengers was successful doesn’t mean that a Justice League movie will do well. Moreover, the thing that made Marvel stand apart is that throughout the Phase 1 movies, you got a sense that everything was leading to “The Avengers”. This just feels like they’re throwing anything together with the hopes that they can pull of a successful JL movie.

      Personally, I thought “Avengers” was just okay, but Marvel’s plan to form Avengers(via standalone films) was genius.

      Mr. Glass

      • First of all this plan of WB/DC is even more of a genius plan , it’s not bcos they are directly jumping into spin offs but they way they approached it, unlike phase 1 marvel movies which all took place in different timelines or in remote area’s, the events in man of steel threatened the entire planet, which will obviously raise the eyebrows of all the meta humans in this universe and they will want to know what happened, so batman v superman is the next and most logical and realistic step that they can take, it’s not like where did shield and it’s agents, captain America and others go during the massive terrorist attacks of ironman 3 where even the president was kidnapped, this is like the comics really coming to life, in comics spin offs and crossovers are frequent yet understandable as why it is happening, Snyder approached it in that universe building method, which was obviously faster but not a bad move by any means

  20. Forbes say a reason man of Steel 2 won’t be announced at SDCC is Cavill may leave ehe role after JL when his options are up. Whether he leaves on his own or WB wants him to leave, if they don’t come to terms which actor should replace Cavill as the new Superman?

  21. I read that Article, they said IF he should leave the role, not that he MAY.

    It is WAY too soon to give a f*** who MIGHT replace Cavill IF he decided to leave a lucrative multi-million dollar role on the table!

  22. If this is true, they’ll be releasing 3 films a year starting in 2016.
    Jesus, Marvel will have a lot of competition.

    • Molale (mid 40s) is too old for Captain Marvel now, plus he’s been around for over a decade and still is only doing bit roles and stuntwork… obviously the dude just dosen’t have any acting chops. maybe he can play the part in a Sandy Collora fan film, but he won’t be part of a real motion picture.

  23. I really hope the news about the CAPTAIN SHAZAM movie is that it will be CGI animation, and not live action. Recall about a month ago when WB admitted CAPTAIN SHAZAM, among other properties, was still in play, they also remarked that not all these DC movies will be part of a shared universe. I just can’t see CAPTAIN SHAZAM working as a live action film, unless they bring in someone like Tim Burton to direct it, who can make all the weirdness of talking tigers, evil worms, and a boy who turns into an adult superhero palatable. If it is live action, out of all the DC reboots of the character over the years I think Roy Thomas’ SHAZAM THE NEW BEGINNING is the strongest, and would be the best to base a live action film on. But I would much rather see it as a CGI animated film. Live action wuld be an epic fail. The problem is, Geoff Johns, for all the tinkering he did with his CAPTAIN SHAZAM New52 reboot, he didn’t change the cruicial thing: he should have made Billy 17 or 18 years old, and when he becomes Captain Shazam, he’s still Billy, but in the red suit with super powers and his hair slicked back. That way the same actor could play both Billy and Cap, and today’s audience would get behind a 17 year old super hero, where as they seem completely turned off by the boy-into-man schtick.

  24. I don’t know if anyone’s asked this yet, but does anyone else think that the fact that Warner/DC is doing a Flash/Green Lantern movie suggest that they don’t have the confidence that either two characters could pull off a solo movie? I understand the last GL film was a flop, but it could be rebooted with different a different writer/director (and hopefully with minimal studio intervention).

    Also, shouldn’t said Flash/Green Lantern film come out before a Justice League movie? I mean the only reason I could see them coming after a JL film is if Warner/DC was planning to kill off a character in the next JL installment.

    Mr. Glass

    • Rumor Superman may be killed off. They’d have to replace him in the JL so maybe that is why F/GL follows JL?

    • It’s not bcos they are not confident, c’mon they are releasing sandman and shazam who are pretty much unknown to public yet taking the risk, WB made it a team up movie, bcos the rapport between flash and green lantern is awesome, they are the funniest and coolest team in comic books, it would be a lot of fun type movie, taking little rest from DC’s dark gritty approach

  25. What if BvS was pushed back because they were filming and releasing other movies in 2015. That’d be awesome.

  26. Jason Momoahe isn’t Aquaman he is shazam and Rock As Black Adam in Shazam Movie 2016
    May 2016 – Batman v Superman
    July 2016 – Shazam
    Xmas 2016 – Sandman
    May 2017 – Justice League
    July 2017 – Wonder Woman
    Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up
    May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2