Aquaman & The Flash Movies Moving (Sort of) Forward

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the flash4 Aquaman & The Flash Movies Moving (Sort of) Forward

The Hollywood Reporter recently did an extensive report on some of the new projects that DC Comics and partner Warner Bros. have in the works. There was mention of an Adam Strange movie, a Teen Titans project and even talk of two Green Arrow films – but the two biggest nuggets of news had to do with progress that is (sort of) being made on the big-screen adaptations of Aquaman and The Flash.



According to the report, DC Comics writer Geoff Johns recently did a new treatment for a Flash movie, which was previously scripted by Dan Mazeau. Johns has been writing The Flash comic book series since 2000 and was also responsible for such notable (comic book) events such as the return of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern in 2005; re-launching the Teen Titans in 2003; and he even did some work on the book JSA with a guy named David S. Goyer you might know. Suffice to say: Geoff Johns knows his way around the DC universe.

It’s also ironic to hear that he’s helping to bring Flash to the big-screen: Johns has recently been busy with Flash on the comic book page, working to bring back fan-favorite “silver age” Flash, Barry Allen – who, might I add, could be the very character Warner Bros. uses for The Flash movie, especially since Ryan Reynolds (the top fan-nominated candidate to play “modern day” Flash, Wally West) has already signed-on to play Green Lantern/Hal Jordan.

I expect DC/Warner Bros. will be showing Barry Allen a lot of love in the near future. It’s awesome to hear a proven comic book vet like Geoff Johns is a the center of it all.



aquaman1 Aquaman & The Flash Movies Moving (Sort of) Forward

We saw it on Entourage and it looked pretty awesome; then we saw it again on the CW’s blink-and-it’s-gone TV pilot (which became a cult-hit-download); now we’re finally getting word on the Aquaman feature film.

Reportedly Aquaman is “in production” over at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company. I only use the quotes because a quick look at the company’s extensive roster of films-in-the-works pretty much places Aquaman (for me at least) in the “believe-it-when-I-see-it” category.

Don’t get me wrong: I hope Appian Way is really moving ahead with an Aquaman film, because if DC/WB wants to do things “The Marvel Way” and start building their superhero properties toward bigger joint paydays, then after The Green Lantern hits in 2011 they need to start getting other second-tier heroes like Flash, like Aquaman out on the big-screens. Especially if Chris Nolan is still on the fence about another Batman film, while Superman might slip out of DC/WB’s grasp next year.

IMHO, It’s time for DC/WB to officially go to the benches. Let’s hope we hear more about both Aquaman and The Flash in the near future.

Sources: Slash Film, Beyond Hollywood & THR

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  1. Vinny chase for aquaman!

  2. Its too bad Ryan Reynolds has already signed on for green lantern. He is the perfect flash

  3. personally, I think aquaman and the flash are more popular heroes than the green lantern…I odnt really see anything new or interesting coming out of the flash because he is pretty much just a guy that moves fast, nothing too crazy.
    I think that if done correctly though and Aquaman movie might pan out to be very goof because they can make it a different type of comic book movie; a good portion of the movie will probabaly take place under the water. I think that they shoudl incorporate the lost city of atlantis into the aquaman movie. There we could have a visionary director create a new fantasy world.
    Or, we could do the Flash and have some director show a guy run fast…hmm boring

  4. Neil Patrick Harris Would be the perfect Flash imo.

  5. Obviously, the reason that Aquaman showed up in Entourage was that it is the mythical film considered to be unfilmable due to the ridiculous production cost associated with an underwater shoot (in theory). I kind of agree that Flash really doesnt seem to offer much drama, the man simply runs faster than Forrest Gump. I am not particularly high on either of these projects, but at the same time, would be intrigued to see if they come together.
    The Rake

  6. All I hope is for a midpoint between the namby-pamby Justice League Doormat Aquaman’s been portrayed as in all JL/SuperFriends cartoon depictions (save for “Smallville”), and the current Batman: The Brave and the Bold depiction, which has him filled with self-confidence to the point of being a braggart.

  7. Flash is roughly even with GL in popularity and Aquaman doesn’t compare. Aquaman’s fanbase is very small in comparison to the likes of GL and Flash.

    As far as doing the Aquaman film. I would love to see Peter Jackson direct Aquaman. While I can’t stand Aquaman and find him very boring Jackson could make it a beautiful film I believe.

  8. @ Daniel F
    I actually was thinking exatly the same thing about Aquaman and Peter jackson. Thing is I doubt Jackson would have much interest in the project unless they could lure him in with a good storyline…like the lost city of atlantis!!!

  9. Meh good storyline and Aquaman don’t really go together.

  10. I am more interesed in Namor then Aquaman.
    Good news about the Flash .
    I hope that project continues to move forward.

  11. Not only does Geoff Johns know his way around the DCU, he’s practically been its savior as well. I’m not sure the DC Universe would have been nearly as entertaining in the last decade without him as one of its premier writers. Geoff Johns even made Hawkman’s history comprehensible again, and that’s *astounding.*

    As for the Flash movie, I was excited when I saw Geoff Johns was writing it. They couldn’t have selected a better guy to do it. Just as he was the one to finally write “fun” Wally West/Flash stories, he also knows more than anybody else who/what makes Barry Allen tick, being the one to bring him back currently.

    Though, truth be told, I wish he had written Green Lantern too. A character he knows more even more intimately. Ah, well.

    As for Aquaman – he needs more exposure. He’s always been largely unnoticed.

  12. +1 for Vinny Chase. It would be a Reboot.

  13. Who is gonna be the heavy in this proposed Flash movie? Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Heat Wave & Captain Cold are pretty lame, even by DC standards. The only one I can see working is Gorilla Grodd, but pulling him off in 2009 would be… difficult.

  14. Don’t underestimate Flash’s rogues. They are awesome, when written right. And Geoff Johns, I will guarantee, will make them seem downright incredible. He knows how to write ‘em and he loves them.

    What makes Flash’s rogues so formidable is that they ARE a team. Flash is probably the only villain who has a supervillain TEAM as regular foes.

    Yes, the names and villains can be kooky, but so are most of Batman’s villains.

  15. Flash is the only SUPERHERO* … I meant to say, haha.

    Anyway just to make this comment more relevant than correcting a typo, I wanted to mention that probably the most nefarious of Flash’s villains (who works solo most of the time) is Professor Zoom (an enemy dressed like a “Reverse Flash” with the same speed powers), whom…


    …Barry Allen once went to trial over the murder of, although he was acquitted. In the current Flash: Rebirth series, Professor Zoom’s back as well.

    There’s another “Zoom” running around as well who may be even crazier, just known as Zoom. His mission is to humiliate superheroes so that they can be “better.”

  16. Actually (sorry about the triple posting, just something else I thought of now) my biggest worry is the Flash costume.

    In the 80′s T.V. series, the costume really didn’t look that good at all. It was bulky, definitely NOT what I’d imagine a speedster to be wearing. It needs to be closer to what Spider-Man’s costume looks like in the movies, at least in looking skintight.

    And they are going to have to get somebody who DOES look like an athletic, Olympic-level, runner to look like a good Flash in that type of costume. You guys are right, Ryan Reynolds would have been good. I don’t know who else is out there who could pull this off, but I’m sure there’s somebody I’m not thinking about…

  17. Why is it so hard to make a good Superman movie?

  18. c’mon aqua man thats dumb

  19. I hope the Flash movie is a Barry Allen origin story. I know many are tired of origins, but Allen’s got a great one.

    One day, Barry walks home from school to find his house surrounded by police. He runs inside, ignoring shouted orders to stay away, and sees his mom’s dead body in a pool of blood. The cops rush him outside, where he sees something just as bad: his dad in handcuffs, being shoved into the back of a squadcar. He knows it can’t be true. Twenty years later, he proves it. As a police forensic scientist Allen convinces a court to overturn his father’s conviction — a month after he died in prison.

  20. I know some of you are going to want to slap me for this but Ben Stiller, IMHO, has the perfect physique for Flash. The problem is his acting.

  21. Paul Walker would make a good Flash.
    Paul Telfer, from Hercules mini series on Sci Fi 2005, would make a good Superman or Aquaman.

  22. What ever bad guy they use for flash they should not use his name. That’s all I’m saying they are the most idiotic bad guy names I’ve ever heard. Their powers are pretty uninteresting as well.

    Paul Walker makes a good nothing.

  23. I thought Trickster was a good Flash villain name. So is Heatwave. And Mirror Master is also pretty scary, and I’m betting he will be there, too. Weather Wizard isn’t too bad either I think *shrugs*

    But I’m assuming you’re thinking mostly of Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, the Pied Piper, and the Top. Yeah, these are all pretty kooky names.

    But if that’s who you’re thinking of, you’ll be disappointed for at least one. Captain Cold is Geoff Johns’ favorite villain. So I guarantee he’ll be included somewhere, with both costume and name intact.

    Besides, whoever said villains should always think of the greatest names for themselves? They’re crazy to begin with. They aren’t going to think of the best names. All these villains hailed from a more innocent era of comics as well. And Mr. Freeze was taken. Haha.

  24. *slaps Kahless*

    Sorry dude, but I do NOT want Stiller as the Flash. LoL.

    I’m sick of seeing his face.

  25. The guy who played Capt. Kurk in the new Star Trek film could make a great Flash!

  26. personally i don’t think solo films of the fash and aquaman will work! the flash is just too boring a character & superspeed is his only superpower how much can he do with that ? aquaman might work as a solo film but the reasonable thing to do is make a justice league movie featuring all of the dc superheroes fighting a team of supervillians.

  27. Flash played by the guy eho plays him on smallvile v.s. (drumroll)…GORRILA GROD!!

  28. I think Thomas Jane who played “THE PUNISHER” can play the King of Atlantis in the upcoming AQUAMAN Motion-Picture.. Because, Leonardo Dicarpio can also make a great Marvel Character “Namor: The Sub Mariner”. You cant tell the difference between Aquaman & The Sub Mariner tighten up to the adaptation films. DC & Marvel are picking up rights from Hollywood.

    Here is the Casting Call to the Aquaman movie:
    Thomas Jane as Aquaman/Arthur Curry, Jessica Alba as Princess Mera, Zac Efron as Aqualad, Samuel L Jackson as Black Manta, Daniel Craig as Ocean Master, Ed Harris as Tom Curry (Arthur's Dad), and Heather Locklear as Atlanna Curry (Arthur's Mom)

  29. Idiots!
    Get this in your puny brains:
    Shia LaBeouf for Flash!
    Andy Serkis for Cobalt Blue!
    Jeremy Renner for Aquaman!
    Wesley Snipes for Black Manta!