Warner Bros. Creates DC Entertainment Inc.

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dc entertainment screen rant Warner Bros. Creates DC Entertainment Inc.

After the Disney/Marvel merger DC Comics and longtime-partner Warner Bros. had to be shaking in their boots. “The House of the Mouse” is already looking like a force that few will likely be able to reckon with.

Well, in an effort to become one of those few forces able to take on Disney/Marvel, Nikke Finke reports that Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. has launched a new division, DC Entertainment Inc., in order to better expand the DC Brand.

Marvel fanboys have already been having heart palpitations wondering what the fate of their favorite characters will be in the hands of Disney. Now DC fans can officially share in that anxiety.

Diane Nelson will be the lady in charge of DC Entertainment Inc., as announced yesterday by Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer, and COO, Alan Horn. The mission statement of DC Entertainment Inc. will be to “strategically integrate the DC Comics business, brand and characters deeply into Warner Bros. Entertainment and all its content and distribution businesses.” Basically that constitutes Warner Bros. taking a more hands-on approach to developing DC Comic properties into successful film and TV franchises, interactive and new platform media, etc. In the midst of all this, DC Comics will remain as is for the most part, serving as the creative cornerstone of DC Entertainment Inc.

Of course this new structure means that DC’s comic book division has officially become a limb on a much larger body. As a result, Paul Levitz, President & Publisher of DC Comics since 2002, will vacate his exec post and return to a writing position, lending his three decades of experience to the “new DC” as a contributing editor and consultant.

Said Levitz:

“After so many roles at DC, it’s exciting to look forward to focusing on my writing and being able to remain a part of the company I love as it grows into its next stage. It’s a new golden age for comics and DC’s great characters, and I hope my new position will allow me to contribute to that magic time.”

dian nelson dc ent Warner Bros. Creates DC Entertainment Inc.

Diane Nelson (Click Image for Source)

Nelson is leaving her post as President of Warner Premiere to take on the DC Entertainment job. If you’re wondering about her qualifications and experience: in her two decades working in creative brand management, strategic marketing and content development and production, Nelson has most notably had a big hand in adapting and managing the Harry Potter franchise for WB. Taking J.K. Rowling’s beloved novels and turning them into a juggernaut (read: cash cow) movie franchise is no small accomplishment; IMO, it demonstrates that Nelson understands how to maintain the balance between being true to source material, while making the needed changes to create successful multimedia ventures – an area where DC has admittedly had some trouble (See: Superman Returns).

Said Nelson:

“The founding of DC Entertainment fully recognizes our desire to provide both the DC properties and fans the type of content that is only possible through a concerted cross-company, multi-platform effort…DC Entertainment will help us to formally take the great working relationships between DC Comics and various Warner Bros. businesses to the next level in order to maximize every opportunity to bring DC’s unrivalled collection of titles and characters to life.”

For a great in-depth explanation of all this (with more quotes from the players involved) head on over to Deadline Hollywood.

Personally, I’m not at all upset (or surprised, really) about any of this. For better or worse, comic book fans, these are chicks we raised that are coming home to roost. We were the ones who pushed for so long to see our favorite heroes grace the big and small screens; our money fed the box office and gave rise to the “Era of Geek-Chic.” And in that proud era, our favorite comic books and superheroes have had their market value shoot WAY up – they are now worldwide icons and potential cash cows. When you think about it like that, it’s only logical that the big dawgs have come a barkin’ and comic book publishers have had to answer the call by stepping up into the corporate big leagues.

dc heroes countdown Warner Bros. Creates DC Entertainment Inc.

But will the source material – our beloved comic books – survive and flourish under these bright neon corporate banners, or whither and be forever tainted? As the zen master says “We shall see…”

What do you think about the creation of DC Entertainment Inc.? Will it be a good way for DC to catch up to Marvel in the multimedia market, or are you DC fans worrying that this is the end of the age of innocence for your beloved universe?

(And be sure to check our list of tags below to know which DC/WB movies are currently in the pipeline . Will this re-structuring affect them too?)

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. What’s interesting is this has been quietly in the works for some time, but I’m sure the Disney/Marvel deal pushed their timetable up.

    Also interesting is that DCE/WB only have a few of the minor (Lobo, etc.) and one major (Green Lantern) project in active development, but no Supes (we know all about that) and no Bats (let’s give Nolan some time to work on a great part 3!).

    Great story, Kofi!


  2. You guys think Universal Studios will just have Superman and Batman rides now that Disney’ll take it away? Or do they already and I’m just retarded

  3. Six Flags deals with WB-related rides.

    Anyway, the only surprise I have out of all this is that it took this long for it to happen.

  4. Remember when AOL and TW merged? They got rid of the WB stores. Who knows what this will do.

    A few years back I saw an ad posted on a movie jobs website looking for basically a Kevin Feige (at the time it was Avi Arad and Feige) type producer to head DC’s film division. This was in 04 or 05 I think. So I kinda figured they were moving towards this.

    Other than Catwoman, Bats and Supes, DC’s had nothing but problems getting films off the ground. I hope this helps.


  5. I loved the WB studio stores. I still have my awesome Daffy Duck mug. Gets used nearly daily. 😛

  6. Good luck to both Marvel and DC, it’s the most logical step to take.

  7. this is awsome news the WB is the best movie studio, company hands down, DC could not be im better hands and it gaurantes for us fans that the movies will be made with quality and no shortage of $$$$$$$. This is the best news since sliced bread.

  8. ^Um, you DO remember that WB gave us Superman 3 & 4, right? If they make movies like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and the 1st 2 Superman films, then all will be good. Those last 2 Christopher Reeves Superman films were just bad.

  9. yes i agree but compared to the good films they have a amazing repatoar compared to other comapany’s. sony is a great examaple of horrible movie making buisness. expamples,of WB TDK, HARRYPOTTER, MATRIX,300, and many more. I just think that alomst all of my favorite movies have the WB on there somewhere, this is the best company for sure that DC could have ever been atached to. SONY=DAREDEVIL, WOLVERINE, wich was craptastic could have been epic if WB had it, SPIDERMAN3, ELEKTRA. u see my point right nobody wants to c sony get there hands on any more superhero movies.

  10. Maybe now we can have something good that isn’t Batman.
    Marvel/Disney merger will definitely kick other studios in the butt to turn out better films ( Fox and Sony) They wouldn’t want Disney upset with the handling of the Marvel characters. Where as they really weren’t concerned with Marvel itself. Marvel didn’t have the muscle to push anyone in Hollywood, now they do.
    It will be the same now for DC, more input in the creative process for films based on their characters. (Constantine, Superman Returns)

  11. I hope that all this commotion does bring up the quality of stories for all the movies. This could really boost the economy if they can pack-em in.

  12. Supes doesn’t need to be dark. Bats covers that. This is their great dynamic. Both are Generals. Both are right. They realize they have to find balance between each other. Diana orchestrates the balance. This has not been, to my knowledge, fully realized in the comics lore. Even though I began at 5 years of age, I have not always been involved,they have always had an ongoing presence in my life. They never go away. Once the connection has been made, they never really leave you. It leads to this.
    I do not want to see a film where everyone is simply barking at one another. That is sooo b grade. The DCU has to reach for a level that Marvel/Disney has not, otherwise they are just doing O.K. I’m not saying that M/D is b grade. Not at all. Other than Nolan, they have set the bar. It’s just that, in all things considered, S,B and WW are so special, that everyone, DCU and Marvel combined, I hope, feel a sense of, I don’t know, coming home, maybe is what I’m reaching for. Supes is who he is IN THIS WORLD, not naive, but REACHING. This is, I feel, how we connect to him.
    Thank you for reading.

  13. The creation of DC Entertainment is a perfect move for Warner Brothers. Now that it is working hand in hand with CW TV network with its live action solo tv versions such as the high rating Arrow on its 3rd season and the good feedbacks opn its BVS, Justice Lague, Wonder Woman solo movie, Man of Steel 2, etc; all these things will usher WB/DC in a more competitive advantage an the no. one video sales of Man of Steel is just a good indication that WB and DC are all going tough.