Warehouse 13 Season Finale: A Review & Discussion

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warehouse 13 02 Warehouse 13 Season Finale: A Review & Discussion

This is a discussion post about the Warehouse 13 season finale and the season in general.  I feel compelled to warn you that if you’re a time-shifted viewer, you may wish to return after viewing the episode since I’ve included some generic references that could SPOIL it for you!

The season finale of Warehouse 13 continued the conflict between James MacPherson (Played by Roger Rees) and the Warehouse.  Though at times, I’m not sure if he’s ticked at Artie (Saul Rubinek), ticked about all the years on the job that he “wasted” or just wants to snag and sell artifacts.  (I think we know the answer to that last one!)

We were given some more background information on Artie and James and we got to see a few new cool artifacts in use.

We even watched the mysterious Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) get down to some real business in the Warehouse.  I didn’t think she did that, but then again, if you want it done right…

Artie, Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) were out in the field together chasing their tails while on the trail of MacPherson. And unbeknownst to everyone (viewers included), MacPherson had an insider from the Warehouse working for him.  Dang!


Do you remember in the beginning of the season when Pete’s “intuition” was flaunted for us?  Did anyone notice how it seemed to evaporate after the first few episodes? Well, at least that’s what I’ve been feeling and in the season finale, we finally got to see it back in action once again.  And yet, everyone is concerned about his “gut feeling” but no one pays heed.  Dudes, if I had someone who had a “gut feeling” ability, I’d BE LISTENING!  I think it would best serve the show if they employed his talent but put the Warehouse up against someone or something that negated it, rather than completely and outright ignore the talent they went to so much trouble to create for this character.

For me, I think the best part was the Bronze Sector of the Warehouse.

The Bronze Sector is where evil people are put that need to be removed from society. Nice. When Pete asked about the section, he was wondering if people like Hitler, Mussolini or Michael Vick were there.  LOL.  Pete’s a cookie addict and he’s not a fan of Vick’s past.  I like him!  But did I miss something or did they just completely gloss over a great opportunity and not make mention of who might be in there?

han solo in carbonite Warehouse 13 Season Finale: A Review & Discussion

Though it was different, I felt like “bronzing” was tagging my brain and reminded me of the Carbonite process Han Solo was put through in Star Wars, only with less screaming.

Despite MacPherson being bronzed, he still put into affect the unthinkable and left us with a humdinger of a cliff-hanger that will definitely keep us on the edge of our seats until the next season.

I wasn’t really expecting a cliff-hanger from this show, but I guess it was a twist or two that we didn’t expect that kept the episode as fresh as could be.


Are we getting bored with the show yet?  The first part of the season was new and we were dished lots of goodies at a decent pace but then we started to get a little bit more in the stand-alone episode mode and even though I like the show, it was a bit slow for me at times, and I couldn’t really put my finger on it.

Overall, I enjoyed this new show and Warehouse 13 helped put Syfy on the map with the media as they kept hitting ratings records.  At the time of this writing, I haven’t seen any numbers yet; last month when I tried to sign up for a media Nielsen account to have access to the data, they referred me to their RSS feed, which wasn’t what I was looking for.  I’m not surprised.

So weigh-in gang.  What did you think of the finale and the season itself?

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  1. I feel almost exactly the same way about you do regarding the season, Pete (and the lack of Myka’s attention to detail) and this show ending with such a huge cliffhanger.

    I actually like the way Heroes did end of season S1: Go ahead and wrap up the season and give us a NEW cliffhanger for next season. That way we aren’t mad about having to wait for the answer and we will be looking forward (and will tune in) to next season.

    I’m wondering how that chick got by Fredrick honestly. That woman is not human and she… knows things.

    Overall, I like the show though and hope next season continues on with the cool stuff :)

  2. I thought there were many good stories this season. My main problem was with all the “character” shows. Where the focus was about more on character development than story. I guess I liked the stories with mysteries best. The one where they find a dead warehouse worker was one of the better episodes in my oppinion.

  3. I think the show is good in every way. I haven’t seen a better and more entertaining pairing of character/actors in a long time. Those two are just funny together. There are few shows that make me laugh out loud, but some of Pete’s lines, when bounced off of Micah literally crack me up. I can’t wait for next season.

  4. well I guess i’m conflicted. The premise is cool, imbueing objects with supernatural gifts because of their association with a human outlier. I can dig that. In a way though, I had isues with the “management style” that was employed to keep the artifacts under wraps, i.e. if this stuff is that important and dangerous,so why would we only have five people associated with it’s security? It screams for an ensemble perhaps, but I also understand that the more people who have a secret the more likely it is to escape, but all of the regents already know, etc etc etc. I can understand the principal of keeping the premise simple but the show holds the potential for being so much more. They can take Myka’s and Pete’s relationship a whole lot slower and reduce the whole, “just do your job but don’t understand it angle”. Hell it would make an interesting show, just to have Artie remember why (via flashbacks) they do what they do to explain the rules and why they are important. They could go with who and how someone gets to be a regent and how they are chosen. Even go into how an artifact becomes an artifact etc etc etc. Just a whole boatload of potential and I would hate to see them settle for making a lowest common denomonator show.

  5. Whoa, slow down piratedan…the show just got going. Leave a little story for coming seasons. I think they will do all of that, but if they tried to pack all of that background stuff into the beginning of the show, people would be screaming “Boring!! this show is nothing but explanation! Lets see some action!”. They have a good foundation going, they’ll build the rest of the house as it pans out. Just be patient and enjoy the show.

  6. no way man! it’s full speed ahead, lets get these bad boys chock full of content, if you can’t keep up, then that’s why the supreme being invented TIVO and DVR! Sorry, seen too many shows that I enjoyed get the axe before they could tell their stories (Firefly, Journeyman, Lone Gunmen anyone?), and this is the nefarious syfy network that cut down Farscape when it was on the verge of taking the next step. So I’ll go ahead and remain greedy saying that the show should be everything it can be and let us have it all, we’re big kids and wanna sit at the adult table, so feel free to challenge us and bring it on!

  7. This show had a great season. I look forward to seeing it next year, and am only bummed by how long I have to wait.
    I am convinced the perfect season finale exists. It’s out there. Someday I’ll see it. But in the meantime, it’s season finale’s like this that keep me going. They did a brilliant job.

  8. I wish Artie hadn’t died! That was SOOOO sad! I didn’t think it was Leena until the very end!

  9. I liked the show a lot, but I want to like it a lot more. The last episode was a bit of a disappointment. It was easy enough to see that Claudia was either the mole, willing or unwilling. But Leena was a bit of a surprise, as I thought once or twice she was a younger version of a time-traveling Mrs. Frederick.

    As for the last episode, it seemed a little too easy to grab MacPherson. Pete in particular has been slammed around a lot in the episodes. You might think taking the villain would involve more … bruising, if nothing else. On the other hand, nice set-up for that goblet fragment. Really nice.

    It seems obvious that Artie has the phoenix medallion. So who’s gonna die: Leena or Mrs F’s driver?

    Agreed also on letting up on Pete’s “vibe,” then Artie ignoring it altogether. I thought other shows were better written than this one–which isn’t to say it didn’t have good ideas.

    I thought they revealed too much in the episode, and wrapped up too much. I was expecting the mole to still be concealed at the end of the episode and MacPherson still on the loose. I wonder how Mrs F, her bodyguard, and MacP will duke it out in the pile of cow manure in season 2, episode 1.

  10. The show had a bad start, but the writers finally started getting it together near the end. The finale had some nice elements previously unseen which can be improved on dramatically for next season. I had a whole lot of complaints about the show, but now I take it for what it is: a fun show. I’ll live with the inconsistencies and plotholes.

  11. I am so starved for good scifi that I’ll give any show a chance and I am happy to agree with you that this show is fun and it has the potential to get much better, which thankfully, it will get a chance to do!! As for the finale, I was not expecting a cliffhanger, and I agree that it did seem too easy to capture MacP… but I think that the cliffhanger finale overall bodes well for next season, the writers are getting more ambitious!!!!

  12. OMG, I was so shocked by the ending. This is by far my favorite show on SyFy and now I can’t wait to see what happens next!!! I am left speechless tonight, I have watched this show on tv then on demand twice because I still can’t believe what happened.

  13. I love this show, I am just upset that I didn’t find out about the commentary that they have posted on the website to go with each episode. I can’t wait until the DVD comes out to be honest. I like how they just keep coming up with new parts of the warehouse. Early on, the preserved rooms from the B&B, the the actual B&B and the goo-ery, and now a bronze section where the future hitlers of the world reside. Oh, and Artie is fine, he had his hand in his pocket clutching the Phoenix.

  14. My thought on why Artie ignores Pete’s vibe is that he feels necessary to be “strong” for the other agents. Pete’s vibes have been sprinkled through the episodes and thankfully not overused. I thought they did a good balance of being worried about the vibe (which Myka noticed very early on) and having to take some action. Never fear for Artie – Saul is signed on for next season, and good point about who croaks for the Phoenix…but would Artie really just casually wear that? Claudia has been more likely to casually use Warehouse artifacts (vacuum and snow globe are examples). Alison has also been renewed. Not sure Genelle (Leena) has though!! Too bad if they get rid of her, I liked her too and was surprised at the complicity. Very interesting and thought-provoking.

  15. I’m guessing that Artie isn’t dead, assuming he had the Phoenix in hand when he closed his eyes and let the flames roll in. I’m sure either way, he’s in pretty bad shape… That fall from the pipe shaft had to be tough. But Artie was developed too much in this season to to be let go. I loved the cliff hanger, and I’m ready for more.

  16. I completely understand the need for the cliffhanger, and kind of expected it, once Leena let MacPherson out of the Bronzing. But they didn’t explain WHY she did that… was he controlling her somehow? Were they in cahoots? Were they former lovers? I figured we’d get some sort of explanation background, but nothing.

    Otherwise, I’ve gotta say that the writers for this show are fantastic! I loved the Artie twist right before the commercial break, making you doubt just about everything. I saw him wearing the thimble, which made me wonder, but it was still an awesome swerve.

    I liked the finale, and I’m looking forward to next season a LOT.


    I liked the finale but if Artie was clutching the Phoenix, then shouldn’t 5 people die? Didn’t see the Leena twist coming; they got me.

    Bruce, I thought the same thing about the bronzing, that it was like Empire Strikes Back.

    I think the ease of McPhearson’s capture was intended so he could 1) be healed of the acid-producing substance 2) get access to the warehouse 3) kill Arte.

  18. PirateDan: Good points but…

    Wickamo has a great point. When shows shove too much down the gullet, it’s a warning sign more than anything else… IMO.

    If they pile content on all at once, there’s very little to expound on later. We (Well I) need a nice slow burn that keeps me interested with good content to look forward to. With me asking questions and waiting for them to be answered.

    Heyyyy… yea… FOOTBALL. Where’d it go? (No pun intended)

  19. To all:
    Good points and conversation!
    Thanks for chiming in.

  20. Finally saw it, the traitor’s identity freaked me the heck out and I was VERY happy to see the show tone way the heck down on the goofy factor and get back to being serious.


  21. One thing in particular bugs me. Bringing JM back to the warehouse, Pete worries that they’re gonna kill him. Artie responds, “No, we don’t operate like that.” Good to hear. Instead, they put them in carbon freeze, apparently forever. So, rather than killing the evil people outright, they just entomb them, living forever. How is that better?
    Other than that, I think the show is just good cheesy fun. Not great TV but a good time nonetheless.

  22. I absolutely love the series. My favorite characters are Artie and Claudia, so I’m really hoping Saul Rubinek has not left the series. He’s the one that grabbed my attention from the start. Far from bored, I am disgusted that there are only 12 episodes in the series. I am fascinated by the interaction of the strong personalities. Great show, great writing, and great acting. (and its hard to catch the attention of this old, jaded dreamer)

  23. I absolutely love the series! The season finale ended in a terrible cliffhanger though. first off, of all people to betray the warehouse, why Neena? It would of been feasible to have Claudia as the betrayer because shes younger, newer, and you would expect that from a teenager. And also, the season ends with McPherson setting an explosion off and we are to assume it killed Artie. But if you look closely, right before the explosion, you will see that Artie puts his hand in his pocket. Could this be a clue that Artie might be holding the Phoenix – an artifact that would rend him deathless?

  24. Almost like LOM, i think it is a great show going top get axed. every show i get into gets canceled or ends prematurely. Artie died in Eureka. He was the dude that walked into the artifact and told nathan there was more to it. Now it looks like he gets burned again. I hope they keep him, and neena turns from the dark side. MacPherson as a continual nemesis like Moriarty, Vader, and others villains, is a story line that can thread through others, but as a stand alone , the show would be too predictable. the finalew was not . it got me hooked to see if artie and claudia returns. claudia will probably play a large role in the opener. just a guess

  25. I still can’t believe that Leena was MacPherson’s mole in the Warehouse. It didn’t seem to fit with what we’d seen previously (I must admit that I always wondered if Leena and Mrs. Frederick were the same person through some temporal trickery). I was sure that there would be another level, that it was really the ex-Mrs. MacPherson in a Leena disguise… that still may be an out, I suppose.

    They blew up Artie!! WTF! I still can’t believe that either, and expect Claudia, Artie and Leena to rebound!

  26. Ok, just watched the finale, a few things on my mind:

    1. Artie: Not dead! Can’t be! Don’t know if it will be the Phoenix – presumably so, I guess, but I don’t think Artie would ever choose his life over another’s, so I’m guessing there’s another artifact or possibly a secret escape route in operation here.

    2. Claudia: Where’s she going?! To look for Joshua?

    3. Leena: obviously under some sort of sleeper agent mind control – as referred to in the episode by Mrs Frederic – that perhaps only kicks in when McPherson wants it to. That would explain why she’s been such a genuine confidante to the team for most of the season – because she’s being fully herself most of the time and her “real” self -is- good and really isn’t on McPherson’s side at all – and yet can be controlled by McPherson at the points when it matters most (stealing artifacts, unfreezing him). It would also explain the very prominent NECKLACE that she always wears! ARTIFACT ALERT! Anyone noticed that?

    4. Mrs. Frederic clearly has vibe power too. Why was she crazy enough to give McPherson the crystals?! Makes no sense at all! Who cares if he dies!

    5. Pete: his vibe power gets ignored because the people whom it’s concerned so far would still go ahead and do what they do even if they know they would die in the process; that was very well explained in “Regrets”, when Pete faced down with his hallucination Dad. Artie would die for his cause, just as Pete intended to when he had the spine on his back, and as Secord chose to seal himself up with the spine all those years ago! They’ve got the stuff of classic GREAT agents. Hurrah!

    • Great analysis, LIMMY. I agree with you on all points. Artie (NOT dead) would never use the phoenix so it has to be some other artifact that saves him (perhaps Mrs. F. has taught him her trick for appearing and disappearing from a location or Harry Potter’s Time Turner is down there…LOL!) could be almost anything other than the Phoenix.

      You aren’t the only one to notice the necklace on Leena in nearly all of the episodes and to suggest MacP controls her through it. I hadn’t even noticed & that was good observation on your part cuz you definitely could be right about it. I don’t think she’s an intentional mole at all.

      I noticed Mrs. F. vibe abilities (I think Artie has some of it too but not in the same way as Pete or Mrs. F. do…I think his is more getting vibes about the location of artifacts. I think his success rate at finding them is partly his programs (which is says he wrote himself…he was a cryptographer at one point so it makes sense he’d create his own programs) and also partly getting ‘vibes’ about what to focus on. I do agree that I’m perplexed that they handle ‘baddies’ in the way they do but I like that they created ‘something’ other than mundane punishments. It fit with the show. So I overlook it. I’m not sure they are ‘alive’ in the strictest sense though so probably no suffering involved once the process is complete.

      Yup, they are all agents and would die for their cause. That level of dedication is pretty cool, I think. You see it in police, soldiers, and firefighters who are willing to put their lives on the line for the greater good of society.

      I am so looking forward to the new season…only 6 weeks to go.

      And just for the record…to AMY…I’m with you, I love the Artie character. I’m hoping they get him out of the warehouse and on missions more.

  27. @Bruce et al

    I know I know…. but as we have even conversed before on here on other threads on other shows, there is a decided worrisome factor here in avoiding the lowest common denominator and falling into a rut.

    I have high hopes for the show, I enjoyed it but also want the minds behind it to not be afraid, you know?

    I would rather wax poetic and exclaim what a great show it was (like Firefly, that just went for it and rolled out things slowly as well) than bemoan the missed opportunities that the show could have taken (like Journeyman) while still liking the premise and promise seen.

    that’s all I’m trying to say…

  28. All I care about is if the dog died…hmmmkkkk?