‘Warehouse 13′ Renewed For Season 4; Saul Rubinek Explains Why

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warehouse 13 season 4 Warehouse 13 Renewed For Season 4; Saul Rubinek Explains Why

While Syfy viewers are still getting over the news that Eureka was canceled, fans can rest easy in knowing that their Monday night viewing schedule will stay somewhat intact – as Warehouse 13 was just renewed for a fourth season.

Returning in 2012 with a 13 episode order for season 4, the announcement of Warehouse 13’s renewal was all but expected – though after the surprising cancellation of Eureka, anything could happen.

Since the third season of Warehouse 13 premiered this summer, ratings have been up on the popular series 15% in the coveted demographic of adults 18-49, with an average of 3.2 million viewers (including the +7 DVR ratings data) per episode.

While all popular data collectors love to point to the 18-49 demographic, Warehouse 13 star Saul Rubinek told us recently why he believes the series is so successful:

There are very few hour-long shows that a family can watch together. We’re on at the right time; violence is kept to a minimum. If something works for a 7-year old, something else will work on a whit level [for everyone else].

The other thing that our show has done is that it’s attracted women in ways that other Syfy shows have not. You know how? By making the show wittier – by raising the bar. Smart women are sexy – and our show is filled with smart women.

Here’s what Syfy president of original content Mark Stern had to say about Warehouse 13’s renewal:

“Under executive producer Jack Kenny’s leadership, this superlative team of writers, cast, and crew continue to turn out a series that only gets better and better with every episode. Warehouse 13 is deservedly the most popular series in our history and we’re delighted to renew it for a fourth season.”

While fans of Warehouse 13 will certainly be excited to hear about its renewal, many may still be wondering whatever happened to the H.G. Wells spin-off series that everyone was talking about. Well, no need to be worried, as we’ve been told by Warehouse 13 executive producer Jack Kenny that the spin-off is still in development.

Keep an eye on Screen Rant, as we’ll be providing more of an update about what’s going on with the yet untitled Warehouse 13 spin-off.


Warehouse 13 airs Mondays @9pm on Syfy

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Warehouse 13′ Renewed For Season 4; Saul Rubinek Explains Why.

    Because we just cancelled Eureka and we dont want to lose our total audience

      • I totally agree!!!!!!!

        • Keep them both!

      • Im 100% with you on that rant away they need to drop that boring ghost hunter crap its just a bunch of people going around to places hearing the faintest little creek that no one else (the viewers especially) ever hear and spazing out “oh my god did you hear that it totally must be a ghost” no I didn’t and no it isn’t eureka was like my favorite show other than warehouse 13 that is the only show I really watch on scifi

      • Syfy is no longer a science fiction channel. It is horrorfy, it has more horror and paranormal programs than anything else. When I started watching it, I was so glad for a place to watch science fiction. There are lots of places that show horror/paranormal/make-up programs. If you look at many of the newer movies there are lots of movies that would fit a syfy channel. But no, they are running re-runs of Dawn of the Dead, Drag me to H…, Rise of the Gargoyles or their newest show Lost Girl. They need to realise that to make money you have to spend money. Instead of keeping their best they say its too expensive. I loved Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary. I’m hoping for at least 2 out of 3.

        • Caroll -
          I agree. Lots of horror, supernatural & unexplained phenomena
          ” reality ” programs. They already have the Chiller Channel which has horror series & movies 24 / 7, pretty much.
          I remember back when ” SyFy ” was more ” Sci – Fi “, including re – runs of classic science fiction series tv series & movies, including original Star Trek, original BSG, Lost in Space & Space : 1999, in addition to ” Ray Bradbury Presents ” ( ? ) & even ” In Search Of ” hosted by Leonard Nimoy, ” SciFi Buzz ” & the ” New Twilight Zone “.

      • they should definitely cancelled those ghost hunter shows and wrestling shows… they need to go away from Scifi most definitely.

        • Michelle :
          Reminds me of Spike TV – Which used to be The Nashville Network with a lot of talk shows, cooking shows, etc, family stuff, then it gets bought out by MTV ( ? ) & turned into a high – octane, hyper – testosterone channel. A 180 – degree change.

    • warehouse 13 all the way I want to find out about al the warehouses all the artifacts in them and iv wathed Eureka but i prefure warehosue 13 100 times over Eureka

  2. That’s frustrating I was hoping to see this cancelled if they were gonna cancel the far superior in every way Eureka.

    • You want a good show cancelled because another good show was cancelled. Uh Huh…Yeah, OK, that’s logical. Makes perfect sence to me.


      • Barry

        No I want a sub par crap show cancelled since the cancelled the best show they had left on their crummy network. If Warehouse 13 was actually good I’d never say cancel it but of course they would. SyFy cancels good television look at their track record. It’s horrible shows that get to live on. Oh look at that another season of Warehouse 13

        • Maybe Warehouse 13 is staying cause it has the fan base and future. Do you think they make these choices off of a series of non-logical assessment’s ? Perhaps you are the one with bad taste… When all reasons are eliminated except one, that one is usually the best and only answer.

        • Don’t know what the hell you are on about “Deniel F” – Warehouse 13 is the best thing out there – the ratings says it all. I saw the crossover episode between Eurika and Warehouse 13 where Claudia was in it and i thought it was rubbish

          • I sort of like Eureka, but wouldn’t really feel much loss after it leaves the air. It seems to specialize too much in ” gadget of the week / ” runaway phenomenon of the week ” episodes.
            WH 13 has TONS MORE character & plot development. I like the ” steampunk ” tech look of their gadgetry, though. Kind of reminds me of ” The Wild, Wild West ” series.

  3. “we’ve been told by Warehouse 13 executive producer Jack Kenny that the spin-off is still in development”

    Doesn’t surprise me. The last episode (while fun) had a definite “Poorly Disguised Pilot” vibe to it.

  4. I wouldn’t count on another season of Warehouse 13, I’m sure the profit margin is just not good enough for NBC. Even if there is another episode, Warehouse will be cancelled at the end of the season and the spin off will continue on a greatly reduced budget. Maybe they could shoot scenes where you don’t actually see any artifacts, the actors could just describe them?

  5. I’ve enjoyed this season of W13 and the spin-off could be fun. I’d enjoy seeing a show based on Helena’s time as a Warehouse agent prior to her bronzing as opposed to being in the same time era as W13.

    • Helena dies in the last episode of season three saving everyone but with the warehouse being destroyed =)

      Thanks for enjoying my buzz kill =) =)

      • warehouse 13 is the best show i have seen in the past 10 years on tv and the show is like an artifact it like makes you want to watch more and more and more and i bought the whoe seasons except number 4 coz its not out yet and i watch them over and over again it makes you feel like your in warehouse 13 when you watch its its so good. i wish it really existed.

        helen probs survives coz of the artifact or the watch think artie hold that he got from macpherson.

    • I agree we find out things about her life every time. can they not just put her into her own show right

  6. NBC = Nothing But Crap

    Syfy = Sh*t you f@rted yesterday

  7. Are you frickin kidding me?
    They cancel Eureka, but are gonna give us a spin off of WH13? Unbelievable!

  8. i am not a female and i dont always watch this with my family and i love this show and i hope it keeps going for another 2 seasons at least if u dont love this show dont comment your hate please, i love eureka too but warehouse 13 is my favorite out the 2

    • so true

    So excited! is claudia really going to bring back steve?!
    What happens after the explosion?!
    What was keeping Mrs.F alive?
    What kind of other trouble will they have around the corner?!
    Possible time travel with the pocket watch Artie has?!
    How are they going to stop the explosion?!

    • finally, someone who makes sense.
      oh , and is there gonna be a warehouse 14?

    • late reply but whatever…

      Mrs F was part of the warehouse… it died so she did as well (she was very old)

      Can’t wait for season 4 to start!

  10. Mrs F was connected to the Warehouse, so she died when the warehouse died.

    I love this show. I like Eureka as well but Warehouse 13 just pips it for me. It’s easy to watch but amusing and quirky.

    If people don’t like the show then don’t watch it (isn’t that obvious?!).

    I can’t wait for Series 4!

    • The stop watch must rewind time or the shows name would change to warehouse 14

  11. come on im a 21 year old male and i just watched all the w13 seasons there really good come on season 4 hurry up
    and i love all syfy but to many people only want to watch reality tv shows and crap have a look how many grate syfy shows have been cancelled or even worse went ahead with a low budget and made the show crap

    • Oh you are so on the spot with this, too many reality tv shows, they make me sick, I stopped watching television completely because of all the rubbish and it was only WH13 that brought me back to TV.

  12. I love that Warehouse 13 is renewed for a 4th season. It’s a very fun show. I’m also sad that Eureka’s been cancelled. I love quirky sci-fi shows and it’s too bad that Warehouse 13 is the only one of this type left. I still miss Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. I think all four shows had smart, kick-ass women.

  13. Ok so I am a little older than the average Sify Geek, I am not into the common reality barf available and I sat and watched 3 seasons in a week of WH13… Now, I have seldom been entertained in such a manner, humour, whit and serious all in one, with a good reference to historical information, the technology etc etc etc… What an awesome show… I would watch another 4 seasons if they were there… As someone said, quirky, is light hearted, fun and seriously entertaining… If you have bad pr on the show… Go find another channel

  14. I like Warehouse 13 a lot but I also liked eureka a lot to they are both very good shows.I am not suprised they are canceling eureka because they canceled kyle xy without even giving it a proper ending.I also liked lost a lot to .I am disappointed they are canceling eureka but you don’t need to diss other shows because of it,that’s not going to change anything!But I understand how you feel.I wish they would take the ghost hunters shows off there are to many of them,no offense if you like them,and keep actual good shows on!

  15. Are you kidding me. I love warehouse 13 alot better and didnt think Eureka was all that great. the grafics were bad and the plot was bad. warehouse is much better and i learn history in a fun way. Sorry just I think they made a good choice.

  16. Please stop botox real women don’t look like that

    • Hahahaha, so related to the topic.
      (but true though)

  17. this was to be expected

    Eureka had a huge cast and must of cost a fortune, where Warehouse has a fixed cast of maybe a dozen, and since they merged the 2 shows in a few episodes they kinda screwed time lines and technologies,

    i am glad the makers have kept 1 of the shows but i would of perfered a W13(14) in Eureka. Eureka had more depth

  18. We love Warehouse 13!
    I am always on my seat, every episode is so different from the other.
    The humor is fun!!

    I can’t wait for season 4!!

  19. sorry about the Typos

  20. So glad Warehouse 13 will continue for a fourth season. Love this show. Sad that HG Wells won’t be seen anymore but you never know.

  21. Women are a wittier audience? In the scifi audience? That’s a completely false statement made by an ignorant person the likes of which had a part in cancelling actual scifi shows and have given us…marcels quantum kitchen.

  22. syfy need change some things they cancel really good shows like stargate atlants eureka stargate univarse( there was starting to be interesting last episodes) but in front of that made some freaking films what are more then crap i cant eaven say what they are. isnt this sy fy based on scinece? some time ago was film dont rember how called but there was moving people freeze to dead in -27 C what the heck? really stop cancel nice shows and make films what are useless un just idiotick. rare syfy film is realy interesting but usaly waste of time…


  23. I hope they atleast keep making seasons of warehouse 13 for atleast 50 more years coz this show is so awsome and i wish the warehouse could be reall and i wish i coud meet the actors especially claudia donoven she is one of the best actors and arite so cool.

  24. I am glad that warehouse 13 is coming back. I love the show which has gotten better over the last 2 years and having Allison scagliotti is definitely a plus! I think it is a show that ranks close to Lexx,Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis all of which I put a little lower than Firefly(my all time favorite), and I am looking forward to some great new episodes of Warehouse 13!

  25. Boy Syfy, if you cancel another series you are going to loose another viewer. I used to only watch three shows, all of which are on syfy. You already cut the final Stargate show right after it took off in the best way. I only have two shows to watch now, Sanctuary and Warehouse 13. If you cut either of those, I might as well quit watching syfy all together. You cut great tv shows like the Stargate ones and keep fake wrestleing on every week, what does wrestling have to do with syfy anyway? You need to try to pick up shows like Grimm and Terra Nova, which I have only seen a couple of episodes, but these shows can keep a viewer interested in seeing what will happen next.

  26. When the heck is season 4 going to premier? I need my Warehouse!

  27. I love Warehouse 13! I’m glad to know a 4th season is coming although it is going to be hard to wait. I generally hate TV, but with shows like WH13, you can’t help but get into it. Just when you don’t think it will be able to live up to its standards, it completely takes it up to another level. The writers and actors should be recognized for their brilliance in bring enough real historical facts into the program to make it connect. The wit, the intrigue, the relationships between all of the characters from Pete to Mrs. F; and from Artie to Claudia, well done! That is why this show is so popular. Who needs Snooki when you’ve got Myka?

    • I must agree with the last comment Firefly was an magnificent Science Fiction show and should have run for years. As for the Eureka I agree with most people loved it up to season 3 but it went down hill from there. Were as WH13 could I think go for at least 2 or 3 more seasons as long as the writing (and the budget) stay as strong as they are now. They say most Sci. Fi. shows need 2 or 3 seasons to get going but I loved WH13 from the first episode as did most ppl as far as I can tell from what I have red in the preceding comments, so I say f&$£ the ghost shows off and put the money in good science fiction shows and keep them on the air. To finish I would just add 3 kisses for the ladies in WH13 X X X ( 3 kisses because they are smart, funny and beautiful.

    • Just to clarify something, Firefly was a Fox series, sifi just re-ran the episodes.