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warehouse13 Warehouse 13 Review & Discussion
Saul Rubinek as Artie Nelsen, Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering, Eddie McClintock as Pete Lattimer

The short of it:  The advertising for Warehouse 13 did not do the show justice, but then, I’m not sure how they could have capitalized on an ad campaign for a show that had a decent, slow developing story line.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this new show, Warehouse 13 (WH13) that is leading the newly renamed Syfy network programming charge.  They didn’t force feed us instant character development (there was plenty of conversational exchange that accomplished that) and story lines for the characters weren’t shoved in our face just for the sake of making things happen.

Everything progressed at a decent pace and I found myself engaged by the story the show was telling.

Will I be watching it next week?  Read on to find that out.

The 22-minute opening teaser segment was engaging enough to keep me pretty focused as we were introduced to Secret Service agents Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer.

They agents weren’t incredibly engaging at the beginning, but we didn’t know them right away.  I was just along for the ride, just like they were. If you were expecting to see instant action, then you might have come away feeling disappointed.

As the 2-hour premiere carried on, Bering and Lattimer developed more depth and (to me) became more interesting.

Pete has a type of sense, a fifth sense or spider-sense and Myka has an eye for detail.  This is what makes them a good team.  Pete may step right into a bear trap if someone said there are cookies in there, but Myka would see the bear trap and stop him.

Both agents were recruited behind the scenes and at first they had no clue what was going on.  Myka was ticked to say the least.  This did not look like the fast lane to somewhere important.  But as the case evolved, she became slowly and begrudgingly pulled into the job at WH13, while Pete jumped on board because of all the cool things there.

They didn’t like each other at first, but as they came to recognize and respect one another’s talents, they also came together as a team.  And I’m glad for that because I don’t think I could have used yet another sparring mixed-gender team always at odds.

The caretaker of Warehouse 13, Artie (Saul Rubinek) uses super-antiquated equipment that was reminiscent of steampunk-like gear.  Equipment that was invented many years ago, but is near on par with modern-day equipment.  More or less.

Saul Rubinek’s delivery is a bit low key from what I remember of him from past parts, and I enjoy it.  It was almost too low key, but I think he’s got a lot to bring to the table, as this character just reeks of backstory.

cch pounder Warehouse 13 Review & Discussion

CCH Pounder plays the ageless Mrs. Frederic.  From what I see, she’s running the ultimate secret government programs and would seem to be the one who staffs this incredibly über-secret storage facility.  And from what we’ve seen so far, she’s been around for a very long time, and has not aged a bit.  The way Pounder played Mrs. Frederic, I’m thinking that I wouldn’t want to mess with her.

I hope they expound on Mrs. Frederic a little more.


Did The Story Deliver?

WH13 is more about the story between all components of the episode interlaced with subtle tones of humor.

What I mean by that is that the case they worked on in this 2-hour premiere tapped into different aspects of the characters, showing us more of what makes our Secret Service agents tick, whether they liked it or not.

Like I said, it’s good story telling and that’s a good thing.  I don’t think I’m watching this show for the action scenes.  Who ever choreographs the fighting or the editing of the fight scenes does not agree with my sense of flow as the physical altercations are more chop-edited than fluid.  And for now, that’s the only real gripe I can come up with.

I’m cutting them some slack because it’s a brand new show, and, so far, nothing stood out and screamed for me to run and change the channel.


Yes, I Liked It And I’m Not Alone

I did a quick Twitter search after the show and the first 20 “reviews” that I could pull out of the noise leaned heavily towards the positvie.  Of those 20 tweets, only 3 of them were upset in some fashion, but I’m not sure what they were expecting.

At one point in the Tweets, WH13 was compared to an older show called Special Unit 2, which I used to find entertaining…  I didn’t say good, just entertaining.  Me, I’m seeing a bit of Indiana Jones as they try to figure out what artifact they’re after, and Ghost Busters as they collect the artifacts in special containment units.  There are lots of other shows I could pull into the mix to describe WH13, but why.  The show should stand on its own and I think it will.  I’m sure those critical of it will manage to make all possible comparisons.


In Closing

First, I hope the cow and the football stay in this show in some fashion.  I can’t wait to see how they explain the football, and there has got to be more to the cow than meets the eye.  It had good comedic timing.

Second, I can’t wait for that ad for the new Syfy network to change or stop.  It just doesn’t make sense to me and interrupts my flow of the show.  I get what they’re trying to say, but I’m not sure taking that much time to say it is going to work.  I don’t know.  I’m not the expert on musical commercials.

Third, there will be a lot of guest stars from other past Syfy shows passing through.  Joe Flannigan, Tricia Helfner, Michael Hogan are just a few off the top of my head.  It will be good to see them on Syfy again.

Fourth, Syfy is pronounced exactly like it used to be when it was Sci-Fi.  Now you know.

Yes, I will be watching WH13 again.  If it retains or improves on the how they deliver the story and create character interaction and development, this should be a hit.

Many in the Twitter community have voiced their enjoyment of the show.  I pretty much enjoyed it.  Now, Screen Rant readers, it’s your turn to fill in things I haven’t touched on or let us know what you thought of Warehouse 13.

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  1. A fifth sense? Do you mean sixth sense? I taped it but haven’t watched it yet.

  2. I tuned in not expecting much last night and boy was i surprised. I ended up really liking the show. I thought it started off a little cheeseballish but once the episode got going I really go into it. I clicked the “record series” button on my dvr half way through the show which means I will definitely be watching this show every week.

    But, I’m already sick of how much people are comparing it to different shows or movies though, but at the same time i’ve enjoyed almost every show or movie they compared it to so that’s not all bad I guess.

  3. agree Seth, can’t folks just let it be what it is? They don’t get trapped trying to explain why the things do what they do, they simply have to accept them on face value that some hinky stuff is going on and we’re not the experts nor do we have the expertise to explain them all. Now a few episodes like that would be nice as a change of pace, as someone becomes available to research some of the stuff hidden within.

    It does have that Eureka feel to it (I consider that a good thing btw), maybe they use the same film stock somehow, but so far, the beginning episode was a keeper and I’ll be showing it to the better half tonight after previewing it last night. As a brief note to the channel guys, can we cut down the amount of commercial interruptions please? Seven minutes worth of ads at one point, sheesh.

  4. I really enjoyed this show and my girlfriend did, too. She was a bit skeptical at first, but after the first 45 minutes or so we were both hooked. We’ll definitely be watching this show from now on. It definitely has an “X-Files” feel to it, and that is a GREAT thing. I still think the whole “SyFy” thing is stupid, but if they keep up with good shows like WH13, then I’m ok with it.

  5. tuned in last nite and very glad i did the show was great
    and hope it will continue to be so if you like national treasure and the libaryian you should enjoy warehouse 13

  6. I thought that the show has promise. The way I saw it, the show resembled an older show called Friday the 13TH. In that show an antique shop owner sent a team out to hunt down artifacts with special properties and locked them in a vault where they would hurt people no more.
    Like I said, the show has promise, let’s see where it takes us………………

  7. John “Kahless” Taylor: Maybe or maybe not… it could be a 7th sense.. or maybe I pulled one over myself and my editor… just how many senses do you think we have!!??

    Seth: Indeed. I think in time, folks will stop comparing it but in the meantime, they don’t have any other reference… To be fair, the network itself was throwing out the comparisons first and everyone picked up on it.

    I’m glad everyone so far did enjoy the show along with myself… thanks for chiming in!

  8. I enjoyed it Bruce, but if we later find out that Lattimer’s sister was abducted by aliens, I’m done with it!! :D

  9. I agree Seth, this one was unique to itself. Yes it has influences from other shows but the elements that they brought together for the show work pretty well. There are a lot of interesting possible story threads that I can see and the acting and writing were well done, guess they are following their Eureka model thankfully.

    Could have done without the commercialfest during the 2nd hour but I liked what I saw, not as edgy as Fringe with a lighter touch but it didn’t downplay the serious factor when drama was called for. Will be attempting to hook the spouse with it tonight.

  10. sorry for the double post, guess I was too quick on the expected update availability ;-)

  11. I thought it was a great show.It did start off a little slow,in fact I fell asleep, woke up and took a shower and then I was fully awake for the 2nd run!The new stars did a great job and I am looking forward to a great season.

  12. Very good show. Character relationship is better than in most shows of late. Air of mystery keeps you wanting to watch and find out the answers. Good idea. Loved Mrs. Fredricks. Creepy old gal! Also can’t wait to see what else is kept in the warehouse. Noahs ark…flying saucer…Excalibur maybe. Does remind me of the Librarian movies but that’s ok, what story doesn’t remind you of some other idea. Excellent show…Syfy, keep up the good work.

    P.S. It is sixth sense…most people already have five.

  13. Throwing out comparisons? ;-)

    The top photo looks like the stand ins for Fringe…
    Like hospital and crime dramas were getting more and more X-Files knockoffs… Nature of the beast.

  14. I had no intention of watching this show after seeing the previews. It just didn’t appeal to me. But a girlfriend stopped by and insisted on having it as background noise as we caught up.

    I was impressed. I was charmed. I was intrigued. I was impressed. The previews did no justice to this show and I am a little miffed at “SyFy” for ticketing it as a ‘non’ sci-fi show and almost putting me off it.

    If “SyFy” wants more mainstream people to watch their channel, then they need to move to NBC. Don’t change your name and logo.

    We all know what you’re doing! You’re not fooling anybody!

  15. I thought the show was great! Very entertaining, and that “Peter” character is GORGEOUS!!!!
    I have set my DVR to record the whole season. Can’t wait to tune in for next weeks show.

  16. I really enjoyed it.
    I will watch again.

  17. “Something smaller than my bread-box full of purple whatsit.” I appreciate a show that isn’t too serious. Loved the origin of the ferret.

  18. That was fracking hilarious, and Artie had lots of ferrets running around when he was first there.

  19. Well to be honest, I wasn’t going to check it out at all until I read the first few sentences of this story. So I stopped reading and looked in OnDemand for it. Yep it was there (and apparently I am lucky to have missed the commercial fest).

    I did enjoy it and plan to DVR it as well. Can’t wait to see what kind of background Artie has.

  20. Glad we could be of help Evie. -Bruce

  21. BORING…. I went to bed 1/2 way thru… It was slow, it was tedious… It smelled of “The Libraian” mixed with “Indiana Jones”, Mrs. Fredricks was stolen from the cartoon series “The Justice League”. Not an original thought in the entire plot from my point of view. Will I watch it again? Doubt it.

  22. DaveS:

    You do realize that almost every single thing on television or cable or in the movies can be viewed that way, right?

    The only differences being the writers, actors or creators we are fans of are in the new shows and how each of these teams puts their own spin on things.

    If we really tried, we could probably equate / compare almost everything on TV back to something from the 50′s and 60′s when programming was dependent on good writing and not eye candy and special affects.

    Me, I’m tuning in for a while. I want to see what they do with the development between the characters.

  23. Just saw it last night, and enjoyed it. If anyone expected action and tons of effects, they will be disappointed (DavisS, I assuming you did). I like the old-inventors-ideas-more-technical-than-today technique; very refreshing. I’d like to know what that liquid is that negates the power of these objects. The football and cow thingy was hilarious, and that whole cow-dung pile. Looking forward to the next episodes.

  24. Friend of mine that watched the show said there was over 40 min of commercials.

    Funny when cable tv first came out it was commercial free now its worse then broadcast tv. Enjoy,,,

  25. Slow and boring. The pile of cow manure pretty well sums up how I feel about the show. I will not be watching it again.

  26. I thought that the show was very interesting and I will try to watch it again but the commercials were over the top – 40 plus minutes is just to much… If this is the the “new” SyFy model (lots of Ad’s) count me out… I don’t have that much time to waste being numbed by Ad’s…

  27. Eh… If SyFy is turning into drama instead of science fiction, count me out. I’d rather watch a soap opera than WH13. Slow, boring, the characters pissed me off (way too opposite). The female actress is not a strong female role. Looks like the wind could blow her away. Her right shoulder is MUCH lower than her left. That’s distracting. Can you say scoliosis? The special effects are very CGI and noticeable.

    Watching those two is like watching mother and son. Ugh! Oh, and caretaker, grandpa!

    WAY too much talking. Blah blah blah!!! Get to the point dude! They keep repeating what the warehouse is and those two just don’t get it. We got it! It’s a warehouse! Full of things! Next?

    It just feels like they could have shown the whole 2 hour thing in one hour… my 2 cents.

  28. Great show. Looking forward to see how the story develops. Since I never watch live TV, the 40 min. of commercials is non-existent. Use the internet. This show is available on Syfy Rewind with minimal interuptions, or as a torrent, (no ads)… The internet version is 1:27 long. Enjoy

  29. I rather liked this show, though I agree that they could’ve picked it up a bit. I find it odd how everyone compares it to various other shows (indiana jones, x-files, etc.) when the most direct comparison is the actual inspiration for the show, the SCP foundation. (http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/)