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warehouse13 Warehouse 13 Review & Discussion
Saul Rubinek as Artie Nelsen, Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering, Eddie McClintock as Pete Lattimer

The short of it:  The advertising for Warehouse 13 did not do the show justice, but then, I’m not sure how they could have capitalized on an ad campaign for a show that had a decent, slow developing story line.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this new show, Warehouse 13 (WH13) that is leading the newly renamed Syfy network programming charge.  They didn’t force feed us instant character development (there was plenty of conversational exchange that accomplished that) and story lines for the characters weren’t shoved in our face just for the sake of making things happen.

Everything progressed at a decent pace and I found myself engaged by the story the show was telling.

Will I be watching it next week?  Read on to find that out.

The 22-minute opening teaser segment was engaging enough to keep me pretty focused as we were introduced to Secret Service agents Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer.

They agents weren’t incredibly engaging at the beginning, but we didn’t know them right away.  I was just along for the ride, just like they were. If you were expecting to see instant action, then you might have come away feeling disappointed.

As the 2-hour premiere carried on, Bering and Lattimer developed more depth and (to me) became more interesting.

Pete has a type of sense, a fifth sense or spider-sense and Myka has an eye for detail.  This is what makes them a good team.  Pete may step right into a bear trap if someone said there are cookies in there, but Myka would see the bear trap and stop him.

Both agents were recruited behind the scenes and at first they had no clue what was going on.  Myka was ticked to say the least.  This did not look like the fast lane to somewhere important.  But as the case evolved, she became slowly and begrudgingly pulled into the job at WH13, while Pete jumped on board because of all the cool things there.

They didn’t like each other at first, but as they came to recognize and respect one another’s talents, they also came together as a team.  And I’m glad for that because I don’t think I could have used yet another sparring mixed-gender team always at odds.

The caretaker of Warehouse 13, Artie (Saul Rubinek) uses super-antiquated equipment that was reminiscent of steampunk-like gear.  Equipment that was invented many years ago, but is near on par with modern-day equipment.  More or less.

Saul Rubinek’s delivery is a bit low key from what I remember of him from past parts, and I enjoy it.  It was almost too low key, but I think he’s got a lot to bring to the table, as this character just reeks of backstory.

cch pounder Warehouse 13 Review & Discussion

CCH Pounder plays the ageless Mrs. Frederic.  From what I see, she’s running the ultimate secret government programs and would seem to be the one who staffs this incredibly über-secret storage facility.  And from what we’ve seen so far, she’s been around for a very long time, and has not aged a bit.  The way Pounder played Mrs. Frederic, I’m thinking that I wouldn’t want to mess with her.

I hope they expound on Mrs. Frederic a little more.


Did The Story Deliver?

WH13 is more about the story between all components of the episode interlaced with subtle tones of humor.

What I mean by that is that the case they worked on in this 2-hour premiere tapped into different aspects of the characters, showing us more of what makes our Secret Service agents tick, whether they liked it or not.

Like I said, it’s good story telling and that’s a good thing.  I don’t think I’m watching this show for the action scenes.  Who ever choreographs the fighting or the editing of the fight scenes does not agree with my sense of flow as the physical altercations are more chop-edited than fluid.  And for now, that’s the only real gripe I can come up with.

I’m cutting them some slack because it’s a brand new show, and, so far, nothing stood out and screamed for me to run and change the channel.


Yes, I Liked It And I’m Not Alone

I did a quick Twitter search after the show and the first 20 “reviews” that I could pull out of the noise leaned heavily towards the positvie.  Of those 20 tweets, only 3 of them were upset in some fashion, but I’m not sure what they were expecting.

At one point in the Tweets, WH13 was compared to an older show called Special Unit 2, which I used to find entertaining…  I didn’t say good, just entertaining.  Me, I’m seeing a bit of Indiana Jones as they try to figure out what artifact they’re after, and Ghost Busters as they collect the artifacts in special containment units.  There are lots of other shows I could pull into the mix to describe WH13, but why.  The show should stand on its own and I think it will.  I’m sure those critical of it will manage to make all possible comparisons.


In Closing

First, I hope the cow and the football stay in this show in some fashion.  I can’t wait to see how they explain the football, and there has got to be more to the cow than meets the eye.  It had good comedic timing.

Second, I can’t wait for that ad for the new Syfy network to change or stop.  It just doesn’t make sense to me and interrupts my flow of the show.  I get what they’re trying to say, but I’m not sure taking that much time to say it is going to work.  I don’t know.  I’m not the expert on musical commercials.

Third, there will be a lot of guest stars from other past Syfy shows passing through.  Joe Flannigan, Tricia Helfner, Michael Hogan are just a few off the top of my head.  It will be good to see them on Syfy again.

Fourth, Syfy is pronounced exactly like it used to be when it was Sci-Fi.  Now you know.

Yes, I will be watching WH13 again.  If it retains or improves on the how they deliver the story and create character interaction and development, this should be a hit.

Many in the Twitter community have voiced their enjoyment of the show.  I pretty much enjoyed it.  Now, Screen Rant readers, it’s your turn to fill in things I haven’t touched on or let us know what you thought of Warehouse 13.

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  1. I’d rather watch the show on my 46″ plasma on my comfy sofa than on a 19″ LCD monitor with crappy streaming video in front of my computer, thanks. Thank goodness for the DVR, as I will now be recording this show from now on.

  2. Ha yeah I totally agree Andy S, thanks dvd,s !!!

  3. What Andy said.


  4. I really didn’t have any expectations when I watched. I mean it is an “original” SyFy show after all and I’ve rarely gotten into any show that was “originally” SyFy’s (save the fabulous Farscape). I watched because I’m a fan of Joanne Kelly “Myka Bering”. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I did enjoy it. So much so that I watched a bit of the second airing and then again today (Sunday) when it was on earlier. It’s a fun quirky show. I like shows like that. Hopefully it won’t get canceled since most of the quirky shows I like have all gotten canceled with in the first year or two.

    I am so sick of folks comparing it to other shows. I’m with you Bruce, pretty much every show on telly nowadays can be compared to something that was on before it. Get over it folks and just enjoy it for the fun quirkiness of it all. :D

  5. There’s GOOD derivative garbage (Charmed, for example, never pretended to be anything but a tawdry rip-off of Buffy, but it worked on that level) and there’s BAD derivative garbage. Warehouse 13 is bad derivative garbage. It’s not just that they resort to every cliche you’ve ever seen, it’s that they don’t bother adding anything to the cliches. The show never bothers to flesh out the main characters, instead relying on us as viewers to fill in the blanks: “She’s a high-strung career woman with a secret! He’s a goofy-yet-charming womanizer! They’ll spend 90% of every episode arguing, yet have an underlying current of sexual tension!”

    The writers assume that since we’ve seen these two stereotypes a billion times before, they don’t have to add anything new to the mix. They’re wrong. How about if JUST ONCE they even attempted the lowest, laziest form of writing imaginable, and reversed the established sexual roles? What if HE was frigid and uptight, and SHE were the goofy, promiscuous clown? It wouldn’t exactly be great writing, but it would at least show that maybe somebody was interested in something besides just collecting a paycheck.

  6. Maven – we’ll just have to agree to disagree because Charmed, imho, was one of the worst shows ever. Yet you think it was a GOOD show. It’s all about perception. I think WH13 is a good show. I really don’t think they’re pretending to be anything than what they are…a fun show. I’d rather have a million shows like this than any of the “reality” crap that’s currently on air. At least with shows like this (and even Charmed)ACTORS have jobs.

    I find in funny that a lot of people are so down on this show even before the pilot aired. Of all my years of watching telly, most if not all shows pilot eps and first season are not the greatest because, hello, they’re trying to find their way. I have hopes that WH13 will find it’s legs and be able to stand well on them. Besides, if I want really angsty stereo typical scifi bad ass shows, I’ll re-watch my Farscape DVDs or watch Torchwood. :D I like fun, quirky shows. Sue me. ;)

  7. Warehouse 13 was billed as “X-Files light,” but in the pilot, there is barely a spark of the magic that made Moulder and Scully so watchable. Off to a poor start, but I’ll watch the next episode since the preview looks interesting.

  8. Maybe you came in with the wrong expectations.

    I came in clean slate, and was pretty happy.

    And cripes, I was real pleased with the 2nd episode.

  9. I agree that I came in with the wrong expectations. I expected it to be watchable.

  10. You know folks who are not finding this show watchable, change the channel and please, respect those of us who do find it watchable and OMG, even ENJOYABLE! :D

  11. There was that dang football again; but no cow this time. :-)

    I liked this first episode after the pilot.

    ***** Minor Spoiler ahead *****
    A musical composition that stimulates the pleasure center of the brain; liked it! But who is this hacker? Looking forward to finding out. Maybe someone who was suppose to be the head of WH13 but was let go?

  12. Enjoyed this program. It’s a first for us on a
    SciFi/SyFy channel.

    The story lines that include some reality (or the
    believable art-of-the-possible) are very
    appealing; eg. National Treasure, The Da Vinci Code.

    Luv’d the cow and the football and the ferrets.

    Luv’d that the Borgia character was taken out with
    just a simple, old-fashioned pop to the jaw.

    Luv’d that the bankrobbers were foiled by the
    lady lead character having the presence of mind
    to drop her cell phone into his pocket and thus
    enable a trace.

    Looking forward to next Tuesday.

  13. I like the premise of this show, but they need to fire some of the writers. Cliche scenes like the last episode where the guy bumps into the crazy student and the book falls on the floor. puleeeeeeze

    And Myka – she is THE most annoying woman on TV. Not sure if it’s the character or the broad playing her – but gawd, she’s awful.

    Artie stumbling over his words drives me crazy!!!

    I do think this show is being written by 13-yo’s, but I don’t mean to denigrate 13 yo’s either.

    Better get better, or this viewer is gone! I actually wind up yelling at the characters.

  14. i like the idea of the show. i don’t like some of the scenes and how they are written. i don’t like how myka acts, she acts like she is forced to act, like a little kid trying to lie to someone even .

  15. The show has been alright. Very entertaining unfortunately as time goes by the soap people take over. They have ruined any show out there. And the season finale was the worst. Typical soap writers. First the take what they have build strongly through out the season and the they toss it in the garbage (since they seem to have no brains) and then they have the standard formula of bad guy IQ > infinity and all the good guys IQ < -infinity. I mean a 6 year old says it is stupid why would people be so stupid. And I have to say, the writers my dear are stupid and they tell the actors to be stupid. I hope all the people who contributed (even in the small part) on the season finale get fired and be forced to work shovlung chicken cr@p for the rest of their lives.

  16. I love this show, watch it all the time! Thanks to Sophia for sharing this great site!

  17. Eh, this show wasn’t nearly as good as i expected it to be, however my favorite scifi show from more recently has been stargate, and that’s hard to compare to…
    However, all in all it wasn’t too bad, only problem is the actor who played Myka. She need to be replaced, or killed, or just turned into slime or something because she is HORRID.

  18. oh my god this show is bad. the dialgoue is horribly simple. the actors are so dry in their emotion and lines. the stories are barely engaging, the artifacts aren’t well used or over used. Why does sykes have perfect aim controlling someone else with no concentration ? god i hate this show, and what i hate the most is that they wasted money and effort on this instead of better shows.

  19. I have been watching Warehouse 13 since season 1, and to this day I have not been disappointed. I always recommend it to my coworkers, at Dish, and nobody has ever said anything negative about it. The 4th season just started this past Monday, and although I wasn’t able to see it live, I went straight to Dish Online this morning to watch the premiere for free. There is nothing bad about this show and I really can’t wait to see how the rest of season 4 goes.

  20. Three and a half seasons and it just gets better. Some shows start off well and then crumble – Atlantis made it three seasons, Andromeda only 1.5 before going even more off the rails. Warehouse 13 manages to stay fresh, and intelligent, and funny. The characters are richly complex and engaging, and the plots do not require the good guys to do stupid things. Unusually for a North American show, it is not written down to a lowest common denominator, with everything explained or pointed out to make sure the viewer notices and doesn’t have to think. Overall probably the best SciFi show since Torchwood, and one that can even stand comparison with such magnificent classics as Babylon 5 and DS9. Little else in the last decade or two comes close.

    • Footnote: Pete is annoying and dispensible. The other characters are marvellous, especially Artie, Claudia, and HG Wells.

  21. Season 4 (4.5?) just started (spring/summer 2013). “The Living and the Dead” is the late April conclusion of the cliffhanger from early 2013. I’ve got to say this – Warehouse 13 is worn out. It’s just too much of everything. Suddenly I can’t stand to watch Warehouse 13.

    I’m not sure if it’s a combo of little things that made this show suddenly intolerable. One thing might be is the recent revealed the complete inner workings of Artifacts. But overall even for a person like me who likes sci-fi/fantasy, it’s just too much weird fantasy – how weird is it to say this, because it is sci-fi/fantasy, but it’s just too illogical.

    Finally – it feels like they have all grade B writers who have a starting point and end point thrown at them and the writing between those two points is completed with yet another artifact. “Hey, here’s another artifact that does this” over and over (and over) again. Might as well set it in the future and just use robots.

    P.S. Oh yeah, tired, very tired of this – yet another of these “visit their mind virtually or in their dreams. Aggghhhhh!! Please no more. At least it wasn’t the familiar “if your virtual-you dies in there you die in real life”.. Again aggghhhhh!

  22. The show is good all by itself! WHY does it constantly have to have a gay agenda pushed on us? It’s completely unnecessary. Can we just enjoy the show without all the political agendas thrown in?!!
    HAVING SAID THAT, I’m thankful the writers didn’t plug in “love” scenes on the latest episode. Thank You for that!
    Oh & before you go & label me a homophobe… I’ve lived in San Francisco, had both homosexual & bisexual roommates at different times over the 2 years I lived there; have close friends who were In that lifestyle, & when they heard the truth that they were NOT born that way, they ‘came out’ I guess you’d say in ‘reverse’ & made a CHOICE to leave that lifestyle. My one male friend even married a woman. So yeah, don’t label me. I just want to watch a show with my 12 yo w/o being forced to accept the whole agenda.
    Thanks for listening.

  23. This last episode… X boyfriends?? c’mon man… lamest episode of all. Maybe now that you have satisfied your gay audience, you can concentrate on making a good episode again. You have so much good material to work with, why this? Unless sexual preference is a requirement of working on the writing staff and production crew.

    • Bob, thank you! Couldn’t agree more! You expressed it way better & more succinctly than I. Lets move on!!

    • P.S. Oh & did you notice our comments are buried in between last year’s or later comments? Mine is dated June 11th, yours June 12th, & the comments prior to & after ours, are dated July & they’re mostly referencing the pilot & initial showings! They annotate only month/day, no year.

  24. Both the character Pete and Mike are on the worst characters on the show for Special Agent’sLegin wouldn’t do anything that they do and they can never seem to fight that they have a stunning gun in the can start in the people but they don’t use the stunguns it’s quite stupid