‘Warehouse 13′ Cancelled by Syfy

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Warehouse 13 HG Wells Stickup Warehouse 13 Cancelled by Syfy

Since 2009, Warehouse 13 has offered a quirkier alternative to the darker science fiction serials offered by the Syfy network. The tale of government agents tasked with recovering artifacts of supernatural or super-scientific origin has garnered a decent cult following over the years.

Though Agents Pete Lattimer (Eddie McLintock), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), and Artie Nelson (Saul Rubinek) have survived everything from rage-inducing combs to a malevolently resurrected H.G. Wells, there’s one thing the heroes of Warehouse 13 can’t escape: network cancellation. In a move sure to disappoint loyal fans, Syfy has decided to discontinue the series.

EW reports that Warehouse 13‘s fifth season will be its last. Already truncated to just six episodes, the series will officially end in 2014. Syfy President of Original Content, Mark Stern, stated:

“Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us… We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

This is an odd move on the part of Syfy, given that season 4 of Warehouse 13 has yet to finish and production of its follow-up won’t begin until mid-summer. The series is still pulling in decent numbers for the network (though its week-to-week ratings have fluctuated this season). So, why cancel a well-liked and well-watched show?

Warehouse 13 Agents Warehouse 13 Cancelled by Syfy

One possibility pertains to Warehouse 13‘s current lead-in series, Defiance. Defiance was a heavy investment for Syfy – a cross-media experiment designed so that an MMORPG video game and television show could actively promote and influence one another. Since Defiance has been officially picked up for a second season, it may be that Syfy is trying to free up more budget resources for the expensive property by cutting Warehouse 13 short.

Of course, this is all just speculation. It may be that Warehouse 13 was designed to end in its fifth season, and these final six episodes are truly its intended swan song. If so, this may end up being a blessing in disguise for the series’ fans. After all, it’s always a shame to watch a favorite show outlive its charm.


Warehouse 13 will continue to air its current season on Syfy on Monday nights.

Source: EW

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  1. So having just watched the final episode, I can at least say that they’ve left the door open for possibly being picked up at some point. However, if the outcry had been immediate once the cancellation was announced, there would have been a better chance (before sets disappeared, people disappeared, etc.)

    The final episode was well done though. While they made it appear as flashbacks, these ‘defining moments’ were bits we’d never seen before so that at least made it fun. I’d have loved to have seen some of Mrs. Frederick’s defining moments. And we know of course, that Warehouse 13 continues and doesn’t move.

    I was crying the entire episode.

    So keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Well, at least they gave us an ending this time. Remember Farscape, anyone? Or what about Glades on A&E? Those were cancelled on cliffhangers! At least this time, we get a chance to say goodbye to all the characters and sets. At least this time we get closure. As for Defiance…I had no idea it had a video game tie-in, so, in my opinion, that just shows how small an impact it’s made on viewers. I’m not going to say it’s a bad show since I haven’t seen it…but I think, if this is all because of money, maybe they should have started with a show and then, after they established a fan base, moved into game development. I also hope that someone somewhere preserves the W13 webisodes so that people, like me, can still have our moments of nostalgia. Farewell, Warehouse 13. You will be missed.

      • Amazon has all episodes! I’m planning to start over from the first one, as soon as I finish re -watching Stargate Atlantis for the umpteenth time.

        As you can see, it’s hard for me to let go of something that I really enjoy. But hey, at least we CAN see it over and over if we want to.

  2. I was crying to, last of a list of unique scifi shows i had become used to a like warm hug once a week, and if they are scrapping it to make way for defiance don’t bother didn’t like defiance 1st season to begin with wont be tuning in for season 2 weak sets weak acting weak cast weak plots even the video game was weak.
    So this is what we have to look forward to week to weak.

  3. Efffff U SyFy, another good series canceled by you stupid people… Awesome last episode though.

    • I have very strong feelings about short seasons and cutting TV shows down when there is so much more that can be done, but whether a TV show, such as Warehouse 13 will last, depends on the viewers when it airs. Alot of people forget that and wait til its on demand, netflix or download it illegally on torrent sites. All those medians of watching shows don’t help with keeping the show on air. Since it began, throughout all its seasons, the amount of viewers has slowly declined. It was doing decent first and second seasons, but season 5 they were barely breaking 1 million viewers. that’s not good enough for a TV show, so they need to find something that can do better. I’m sure ALOT of people loved the show, but not enough showed it when it premiered.

      • Carl, are you serious? The NETWORK tanked this show by moving it to multiple timeslots, not advertising new times, cancelling the season mid season only to bring it back 4 months later after a hiatus (season 3, 4)…and you say that no one tuned in…perhaps the viewer stats would have been up to par if the NETWORK hadn’t decided to cancel the show. I could see where it was headed the first time they had a ‘hiatus’…

      • You forget that the networks have a big hand in the viewer numbers. When they change the viewing time (as they did in this case) from an earlier ‘all family’ time, to a later hour, they lose a lot of viewership. I really get ticked at networks that introduce shows, move them around a lot, then in three weeks past intro date, they put ‘specials’ in that slot or start with reruns. The networks are often the reason for declining numbers.

  4. Just saw the final episode. I had no idea this was the end. I’m sad to see this show end. I don’t think I’ve missed an episode. The characters are all likable and the show is a bit of SiFi fun. It could have gone on another few seasons if SyFy cared about it’s viewers. They are searching for something and in the process will become just another empty station among the many.

  5. For a show that had SO MUCH potential, I’m not surprised it was cancelled. It was too ‘feel goody’ for what networks think that people want to see. Surprise, surprise, they didn’t take into account the millions of viewers that they’ll lose after last night’s episode.

    There were literally YEARS of material that they could have developed into full episodes, but since people weren’t killed in a bloody, violent manner, they felt they had to do away with it. One of the BEST family shows that I’ve seen in years, down the tubes to make room for more violence.

    NOT YOUR BEST MOVE, SYFY. I certainly won’t be viewing any of your other offerings, which are violent, with sketchy plotlines, and definitely NOT what I want my family watching.

    • It’s not just Warehouse 13. They did the same to Eureka. And what about the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis series? These were ALL great shows with endless possibilities and none had gushing blood, decapitations or other gore-based plot lines.

      Wouldn’t it be great if a studio and network picked up all the great shows that have been squashed by networks who think they have ‘better ideas’?

      Defiance? Hardly. This whole trend towards dark and violent is not for me, and based on all the comments here, it isn’t for most intelligent people who like to be challenged and educated as well as entertained.

      Hmmm…thinking when I finish the Stargate Atlantis re-views on Amazon Prime, I may go back and start with Warehouse 13 again.

      • For those of you that don’t know, HBO as well as other fans of Scifi shows prematurely cancelled are taking advantage of this channels loss. Farscape is currently in writing phase to be brought back into production based on the comics that followed peacekeeper wars aka season 5. The writer is Justin Monjo who was a writer of the original series. No news that I’ve heard on a director. Science channel, Pivot, and HBO are just a few networks you may see take lead on Syfy channels lack of staying true to its name. I hope one day to be one of those people responsible for saving our favorite shows in spite of turning a profit…

    • I agree this is so sad. It was nicw being able to sit down with my children and watch this.

  6. Im just so said to see yet another good tv show come to a end. And yet we have so much trash out there thats running atring like the house wifes or the teen shows. My daughter who i ten loved watching this . And when any obeject was found she would look up the person it was about . She learned so much. You dont know how these shows touch us.

  7. this is total b*******. warehouse 13 was one of the best series ever. it had everything a good series needs. this should last for at least 7-8 seasons because they had lots of material. seriously i hope that the person that made the decision to cancel it will regret it for the rest of his life and that the show they needed so much money for will die. srsly worst decision making ever.

  8. I supposedthey are going to bring out another crap show to replace the epic warehouse 13. Listen to the viewers for once and stop canceling shows which we all love. What a load of muppets

    • I suggest you not watch anything else they bring out, ever again. Don’t give them the time of day, because clearly they don’t value the fans and viewers. Let’s see how they can succeed with wrestling shows and reality TV.

      • I am so sick of seeing the wrestling and reality shows! Few reality shows interest me as being palatable… the rest are garbage!
        When I turn on the TV and flip to a channel and see wrestling in the info box (before the channel tunes in fully), I can’t flip the channel fast enough!!! I instantly hit numbers and enter to change channel, and hope that I didn’t land on some crap channel lol…

  9. Here’s the deal. RATINGS MATTER. If everyone refused to turn on syfy, blocked the channel in their homes, they’d get the picture. Not soon enough to save the good shows, but they would get the picture.

    I am not supporting them. The channel is blocked in my home.

    • Exactly. Without ratings, they can’t get the advertising dollars they need. And their advertisers should know first hand how fed up viewers are and how we will not be going back to SyFy ever again. When I think of all my favorite shows, now deep-six’d by SyFy, I get angry.

      One (Stargate Atlantis) didn’t even get the benefit of doing any kind of wrap up. They just ended it and gave the cast, crew and writers no real notice. The writers even had the first few episodes of the next season written and more episodes mapped out. Granted, this one was a combination of factors, but it was SyFy and MGM that screwed that pooch.

      I’d really like to see all of this go to direct-pay so we can get rid of all the cable and dish services. I’d rather pay for what I want to see and when I want to see it, rather than pay for a lot of stuff I don’t watch. Streaming is the way to go and it’s going to get better and better. Hopefully, it will open an entirely new revenue stream for writers and production companies so they don’t have to depend on networks. When they cut out the middle man, so to speak, they’ll make more I’d think.

  10. Invest in Netflix, dump cable. That’s a statement!

    watch what you want when you want, now I feel like a commercial lol!

    I have seen a few warehouse 13 episodes from a season one dvd
    but I don’t invest time in a series until I know it has a conclusion.

    burnt too many times, glad this one is on my list of ok to watch now!

    • Well, Im a commercial for Amazon Prime. Warehouse 13 seasons 1 – 4 are included for free with your prime membership. With the free 2nd day shipping, this pays for itself in a matter of a month or so for me. I live in what I consider to be a third-world place, so I shop Amazon before I do much local shopping.

      We have two Fire HDX’s (my husband and I each have one) I just got Fire TV and love it as well. We’re invested in Prime fer sure. ;-)

      I saw all of Eureka for free, all seasons of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis for free. Many, many more. Just watched Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday and it was included.

      So sorry for that little advertisement, but it really does allow me a lot of options. As a matter of fact, I just now finished watching the last episode of Warehouse 13 again (Yup – paid $1.99 for that one).

      I just don’t buy DVD’s – no room for it.

    • Dumping cable doesn’t save a show… and it’s not cable that cancels a show, it’s the networks! Going to Netflix only allows you to see past tense stuff… yawn!

      • correction… not all yawn… at least you can watch what you want when you want…

        but the point is, dumping cable does not help with the salvation or creation of shows.

      • Um, I guess you don’t understand how cable and satellite TV works. They PAY the network (SyFy, for instance) to use their content. So if the cable and satellite provider knows that you don’t want the content they’re offering (SyFy for instance) then there is no reason for them to keep paying the network (SyFy for instance). The network (SyFy for instance) would be dropped. OR like most of us who are sick of paying for 230 channels when we only watch maybe 4 or 5, we will eventually drop the cable and satellite providers totally, but not before we let them know how fed up we are with inane, trivial channels with inane and trivial content that we have no intention of ever watching.

        As for Amazon (I don’t know about Netflix because I boycotted them when they did their ‘double or nothing’ deal a few years ago to long-term customers), I watched Warehouse 13′s last episode the next morning. I’d have not been up that late anyway to watch it on Dish the night before.

        I don’t have to see it ‘right now’. I prefer to see it at my leisure and late is not a big deal for me. My priorities are not centered on TV programming. My priorities are on real life. Programs such as Warehouse 13, Eureka, SG Atlantis, SG-1 – those are my guilty pleasures and I enjoy them when I don’t have real-life going on.

  11. This is one show that taught our children that being the good guy was important…it taught them right from wrong without all the blood and guts…it is a show that our society needs it is one for EVERYONE…they don’t make shows like this anymore…why would you discontinue something so GREAT…it has something for everybody…and we NEED to keep this on the air…

  12. There are so few great shows out there, someone, please pick up this show!! Warehouse 13 has so many more possibilities and it has only touched on these in the 4 seasons. TBS or someone out there.. please bring this great show back, I’ve had enough vampire and reality shows, we need more shows like this as an option.

  13. This is a show that was and is about HISTORY …every single show told a part of History or about our inventory…things that OUR CHILDREN don’t get taught any more…what is this great United State of AMERICA without our History…WH13 brought this back to us ALL … It told you about OUR inventors, people that our children really need to NEVER FORGET…its a sow about LOVE, FRENDSHIP, WORKING TOGETHER… We have so much hate an violence in this world. Why kill the good guy?  Warehouse 13 is the GOOD GUY!

  14. SyFy you bunch of Bar sturds! I assumed this show would be a keeper and so invested in watching the full 4 seasons and the bull shizzle of what you called a fifth season! You network exec a holes need to learn you can’t keep effing about like this, scrapping good all audience shows will only cause you to lose viewers, who won’t forget how you dumped their favourite shows with crappi show finales. This one was rushed, inconsistent and a down right kick in the gut for any fan of the show.

    I really fell for all the characters in Warehouse 13 as they all added to the shows appeal. I loved the silly plot lines, slightly family orientated (sometimes cheesy) scripts. The fact they didn’t need constant sex, gore and extreme bone breaking violence to make the show work made it all the better for me and the rest of the family.

    I’m fed up of my favourite shows constantly being axed and I’m clearly not the only one. I’m already thinking its time to join the Netflix masses and only watch a show if it has a solid conclusion. Instead of being sucked in to a beautiful show like Warehouse 13, to then be left with a horrendous taste in the mouth with tv show finales like this one.

    It was supposed to be an endless wonder and I like others would of expected at least 8-10 solid seasons out of it! I can’t see it being picked up again by the network I just hope the #Warehouse13movie develops some steam and gets us a movie instead!

  15. I really don’t get it, first Eureka and now Warehouse 13!!! Not to mention the 2 StarGate series, SG1 & Atlantis. I do not care for blood and guts or sex scenes in the TV shows I watch added because there really isn’t a story line to the program. AMC, USA, TNT, Amazon Prime and Netflix, with the last 2 are now producing original programs that have content and great story lines… SyFy used to be one of my favorite networks,but not any more.

    • I believe that the people behind SyFy (Comcast, of course) aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box and they feel threatened by intelligent shows and intelligent viewers. They say it’s the $$ but yet, they then redirect their funds to a dark, uninteresting show such as Defiance.

  16. I hate that it’s over, I loved this show so much.
    They did a great job with the final chapter, the final show was touching and reminded me how much I missed it during hiatus periods, I will miss it very much.
    I already feel the void
    God Speed Warehouse agents past, present, and future!

  17. Like many have already said, this was such an amazing show with creativity, which is rare. The actors really fit the part and Artie did such a good job, along with really everyone else. The “defining moments” I would have liked better if they were moments that we had seen before, to jog our memory, not so fun that these were sometimes silly and could have been much better (HG Wells…Jinxy in a really fake looking heart mokup). I too think this show could have carried on for several more years, they had a good thing going with the artifacts and chasing them down. I really wish another network would pick them up. It was the ONLY thing I watched on Syfy, and now won’t even watch it. All they want is the next big thing, like 15 year old girls that got knocked up and are single trying to raise a baby alone, oh joy I want that. No thanks, by Syfy, and farewell Warehouse13, it brought tears to my eyes but at least they did finally get Pete and Mika together. Going to miss the show and characters for sure.

  18. maybe Netflix will pick it up and carry on?

    I have been hearing a lot about ‘The 100′ lately, sounds like Netflix is doing a good job on its stuff.

  19. Me as many greatly disappointed with syfy’s decision to cancel warehouse 13. As a commercial driver I’d miss alot of shows but could hardly wait to get home and catch up! Would stay up half the nite to catch up,It was a show that anyone could watch and really enjoy! Tried watching Defiance but it really sucked, and I too loved Eureka! So sad and sad to say no longer a viewer! :(

  20. Love Warehouse 13… last episode was ace.. Disappointed yet again of SyFy getting rid of another great and well loved series.. Really hope someone takes it off their hands who appreciate great TV.

  21. First Alphas… now WH13… good job SyFy, you’re towards in making me hate you.

    BTW, the show never came to Brazil, so I guess they also think we don’t deserve the good stuff.

  22. Such a great show!!! Just watched the last episode and I can’t believe they are canceling it!! This sucks!! Bring it back, season 6!!!!

  23. Add me to list for Warehouse 13 Movie! Series gave hours do happy entertainment!

  24. this is the worst decision ever! I live in the middle east and because of the time difference with the U.S I literally stay up till 4am middle eastern time just to watch warehouse 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! change your minds and please return this amazing tv show to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I am disgusted and heartbroken over the cancellation of this wonderful show! I loved every single cast member and hope they find new, rewarding, and challenging work very quickly! Eddie & Joanne did a great job of trying to put on a brave face during the interviews. It was evident they were both at a loss for words. Such a tragic loss of a great show – I was enamored of it since the start of the series. I know the cast and writers may never see these posts but I have to hope some part of our united fan-love for the show makes their lives better karmically.

  26. People at Syfy are killing any reason to watch your network. First you kill eureka. Stupid. Now you’re killing WH13. Even dumber. Defiance isn’t that engaging.

  27. SYFY needs to get it’s priorities straight and consider the loyal fan base that this show has instead of cutting it to pay for ‘Defiance’.

    The final episode had me in tears. It was the perfect way to end the show but it was not necessary.

    I lived for that show.

    Remind me to thank SYFY in my suicide note.

    • That’s a bit extreme, don’t you think? After all, it’s a TELEVISION PROGRAM, not life determining. If you put that much value into a friggin program, may I suggest counseling? It seems you may need it…

      • Perhaps you need to learn about the word ‘snark’. Or perhaps ‘dramatic emphasis’.

        • I’m sorry, but threatening suicide for ‘dramatic emphasis’ is NOT OK, and needs to be addressed.

          • Again, you need to give it a rest. This person was being facetious.

    • We all often become involved in shows when the show reasonates with us. This show like all good shows, really made all the viewers feel like family.

      All we can do right now is to appreciate the brilliant writing and character development – and then go back and start with Season 1, Episode 1 and start all over. :-)

  28. I’m so sorry that you do not take suicide threats seriously, and obviously neither does the other person who so insensitively stated that.

    HOWEVER, it’s a big deal, and if you don’t like me not appreciating their juvenile sense of humour, you don’t have to friggin comment any more.

    Obviously your age level is around that of middle school as well.

    • Give it a break! You get yourself into a snit very easily, don’t you?

      I’m 60 years old with masters degree and I have a lot of psychology under my belt. This person mentioning a suicide note compares to one of my favorite sayings, that I’d rather have my fingernails pulled out with pliars than to call AT&T. Does that make me a risk for having my fingernails pulled out?

      And yes, I had a cousin who committed suicide some years ago and I had a neighbor do the same about 25 years ago. Neither of them mentioned that they were going to commit suicide.

      Stop taking yourself so seriously. No one else does.