‘Warehouse 13′ Cancelled by Syfy

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Warehouse 13 HG Wells Stickup Warehouse 13 Cancelled by Syfy

Since 2009, Warehouse 13 has offered a quirkier alternative to the darker science fiction serials offered by the Syfy network. The tale of government agents tasked with recovering artifacts of supernatural or super-scientific origin has garnered a decent cult following over the years.

Though Agents Pete Lattimer (Eddie McLintock), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), and Artie Nelson (Saul Rubinek) have survived everything from rage-inducing combs to a malevolently resurrected H.G. Wells, there’s one thing the heroes of Warehouse 13 can’t escape: network cancellation. In a move sure to disappoint loyal fans, Syfy has decided to discontinue the series.

EW reports that Warehouse 13‘s fifth season will be its last. Already truncated to just six episodes, the series will officially end in 2014. Syfy President of Original Content, Mark Stern, stated:

“Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us… We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

This is an odd move on the part of Syfy, given that season 4 of Warehouse 13 has yet to finish and production of its follow-up won’t begin until mid-summer. The series is still pulling in decent numbers for the network (though its week-to-week ratings have fluctuated this season). So, why cancel a well-liked and well-watched show?

Warehouse 13 Agents Warehouse 13 Cancelled by Syfy

One possibility pertains to Warehouse 13‘s current lead-in series, Defiance. Defiance was a heavy investment for Syfy – a cross-media experiment designed so that an MMORPG video game and television show could actively promote and influence one another. Since Defiance has been officially picked up for a second season, it may be that Syfy is trying to free up more budget resources for the expensive property by cutting Warehouse 13 short.

Of course, this is all just speculation. It may be that Warehouse 13 was designed to end in its fifth season, and these final six episodes are truly its intended swan song. If so, this may end up being a blessing in disguise for the series’ fans. After all, it’s always a shame to watch a favorite show outlive its charm.


Warehouse 13 will continue to air its current season on Syfy on Monday nights.

Source: EW

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  1. Renewing Defiance but cancelling Warehouse 13? Just another severely retarded move by Syfy. I tried watching Defiance but couldn’t stand it long enough to get through the first season. Warehouse 13, on the other hand, I could never get enough of. I’ll miss it, thanks for the memories!

  2. SYFY Has to be one of the stupidest networks ever. It looks like they only employee people with IQ’s below 50. I bet they have allot of competition with the government for employees.

  3. This makes me beyond livid!I watched Defiance as well, but if I had to decide between the 2, it wouldn’t be a competition!!!! Seriously! AND you limited the last season to 6 episodes?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU – DO YOU HATE A GOOD STORY LINE AND A STRONG ENDING TO A SHOW?!

  4. I think warehouse 13 is the best. And what do the powers that be do,they end it. Discusting is all I can say.

  5. I just picked up the 5th season dvd and learnt from the cover that the series was finished.
    Hmmm I agree with most others defiance versus W13 doesn’t compare. Also having watched this last season it is pretty evident that the budgets for this series just weren’t available esp the last episode that consisted of just two very cheap set piece scenes plus a lot of flashbacks. Still it was great
    Just goes to show this channel has no idea at all – why bother having a Science fiction channel that doesn’t do science fiction…

  6. I have just written SyFy network complaining about how they’ve cancelled all successful, intelligent science fiction shows that have gained traction, and telling them that I’m done with them and their wrestling, and other non-science fiction reality crap. You too can sound off. Obviously it won’t make a difference because they’ve aleady closed down production, but at least they’ll maybe see and hear how fed up people are and how DONE we are with SyFy network.


    Go for it, everyone!

    ERE WAERHOUSE. GOD A LOT’S MORE TO GO . SO get off your but” and start writing more. Very good actor. and very good staff.

    • Jerry, the writing was still strong. They wanted to write. It was the network that cancelled it. Heartbreaking.

  8. From the article above “Of course, this is all just speculation. It may be that Warehouse 13 was designed to end in its fifth season, and these final six episodes are truly its intended swan song. If so, this may end up being a blessing in disguise for the series’ fans. After all, it’s always a shame to watch a favorite show outlive its charm.”

    I beg to disagree. This show has NOT outlived its charm. The stories have been strong from the get-go. I love the recent arc about Claudia’s sister. So much more that could have been done.

    Thank you, SyFy, for NOTHING.

  9. Loved Warehouse 13. Don’t watch Defiance and dint care too. Will find another show to watch on another channel.

  10. I usually don’t do something like this, but I felt compelled to comment. My heart sank when I heard WH13 was being cancelled. It is a delightful,entertaining show with a great cast. It was different and creative. I enjoyed seeing what artifacts the writers came up with each week, and the characters made us laugh at their antics. Apparently, I am not the only one disappointed with Syfy’s decision. The previous comments of other fans basically reflect my opinion of the show’s cancellation. I want to wish the cast and crew of the show the best of luck, and thank them for all their hard work to make their show so entertaining and such a success. You and your show will be missed! I’m sure other fans will agree with me if I say we hope SyFy will reconsider their decision.

  11. I was sad when they cancelled Eureka and am even sadder now over Warehouse 13. This is a terrible decision. We don’t have enough smart, funny scifi shows. These two were the best.

  12. I can’t believe that this show is being canceled! This is the one show I watch on syfy that i enjoy the most. I honestly can’t believe it’s over.

    • So, stop watching anything on SyFy, stop giving business to any sponsor you see on other shows on SyFy and then let them know why you no longer watch nor give them business. It’s clear that money is all these people believe in and that’s what gets their attention.

  13. Goodbye to all, love this show, shame on syfy for canceling this show

  14. Warehouse is going to be miss I really. Enjoy it I think it’s a bad move for SyFy This was great show better then some of there shows on now

  15. This sucks. I just watched the last episode. I have a lot of things I’d like to say to the execs, at SiFi, about dumping my favorite show Warehouse 13. But I see you have a no profanity or personal attacks rule. Now I have to find another channel because there’s nothing on SiFi that I want to watch on Monday nights.

  16. Dr. who is been on 25 years with up-and-down ratings and always a loyal audience to the point that it is now a commonly watched international show. Warehouse 13 is much better of course and clearly more imaginative and American. The people that have the creative say-so about whether to continue warehouse 13 has the same vision that the producers of Star Trek had when they canceled that TV series in the 60s. Might even be related to each other. Nevertheless it is extremely shortsighted and hopefully, like the producers of Star Trek, they’ll be around long enough to regret their decision.

  17. Sad to see such a great show being cancelled. looked forward to every monday just for this show.I really hope syfy reconsider their foolish decision to take such a compelling cast and storyline off the air.warehouse 13 will definitely be missed.

  18. Warehouse 13 is a way better show than Defiance. Can’t believe they ended the show they could have done so much more. My kids loved Warehouse 13 I think it was a big mistake. Bring it back next year surprise everyone.

  19. Wearhouse 13 is one of he best shows I have ever watched. And I watch a lot of tv. Syfy is so stupid for taking wearhouse 13 of the air.

  20. I loved warehouse 13 the people were great I watch & enjoy every episode 5 seasons is not nearly enough it’s so much more enjoyable than all these reality shows on the other channels I will watch Primeval though I wish you would put the warehouse back on Arti Pete Myka Claudia Lena Steve Mrs Fredricks Helena I’m sorry you will be missed & I no that I’ve missed names but it’s not intentional Thank you all for bringing enjoyment into my home. SYFY thanks for the 5 seasons though it really wasn’t enough

  21. Just wanted to say thanks to the cast and crew for a great show, I am sorry to see it go. Warehouse 13 was on of the last shows to keep my watching Syfy channel with it gone, I will be looking for never ending wonders somewhere else.

    Funny how attached I got to this show.

  22. I have dishtv just for SyFy so I could watch great shows like Warehouse 13. What a fun show. Yet once again another series that should have continued has been cut short.
    I’ve had it with SyFy so this month is my last month with DishTV.

  23. COMCAST OWNS SYFY. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT COMPANY AND ITS SPONSORS TO BOYCOTT. Idea no. 2: petition Netflix to pick up where idiot Comcast/SYFY left off.

    • I wish I could really boycott Comcast again, but I did that in 2006 and am still boycotting them. (And for those who don’t know the difference, that’s also Xfinity.)

  24. You need to put warehouse back on or goto warehouse 14 every time something good comes on it gets taken off

  25. Iam really sorry to see w13 canceled. I would like to say to all the cast and crew a very fine job. I hate the idea of losing Pete and Mika since they finally found love in there life. Also Claudia and her sister just found each other and you ruining all the good plots you could have. Some series go 7 years befoe they get canceled. It would have been nice to go that long. Really sorry it is gone.

  26. I absolutely LOVED this show. Probably the only reason I looked forward to Mondays and yet SyFy had to go and screw it all up. First they get rid of Eureka, now this?! How Defiance is still around, I will never understand. Looks like I’m done with SyFy now.

  27. They do know that the experiment failed right?

    There may still be people who watch Defiance but the game is already dead with bugger all people on the servers.

  28. This is really sad they always get rid of the good shows and keep the bad ones . Dont even care for deviance or any of the other shows. Will not watch Syfi ever again.

  29. Fck U all for doing this, this was a great series among others, I was living with it , why dont you let poeple decide which series are better, defiance is one of the worst series I ever saw and I never resist watching mroe than 2 episode of it ..
    Fck U all